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A Taste Of Things To Come by phishbon3s

To taste, perchance to devour

This is my fic for r0o’s 3rd GM Challenge 2009 Open Theme challenge. It is a Lemon/Lime free drink of GM goodness but still rated MA. No warnings that I can think of. The word count is 1014. This is also my first GM. I hope you enjoy it.




It started simply.


It started with a bottle of edible warming oil.

Lick. Swallow.

All she wanted was a soak in the hot springs.


She had just returned to the Feudal Era after a bizarre Halloween party.

Lick. Nibble.

Her friend Eri decided that since they were 20, they should have a more “grown-up” party. They were given party favors upon entering the house, filled with “treats” geared more to the deviant faire. The bags held suckers and candy in shapes of penises and breasts, glow-in-the-dark condoms, noise makers and various other items.

Lick. Lap. Lap. Swallow.

There were even door prizes which were better not delved into. Kagome had blushed scarlet at the memory of it, as she pulled herself up the well’s damp wall.

Lick. Moan.

The little bottle had fallen from her yellow monstrosity of a bag and tumbled a foot or so. It’s clear plastic reflecting the sun slightly as she plucked it from the ground and held it at eye level. The liquid inside was pink.

Suck. Growl. Lick.

As she walked, Kagome just couldn’t take her eyes off the little bottle with its black stopper. Brows wrinkled in concentration, Kagome wondered what the hell she was to do with watermelon-flavored edible warming oil, realizing too late that the hot spring was occupied.

Bite. Lap. Nibble. Lick.

The yellow pack fell from limp fingers as she gazed upon his perfection. His naked perfection. His naked, wet, glistening perfection. Dear Kami….

Swallow. Grunt. Lick

Kagome’s hands shook as she watched the water trail down his chest. Her knees trembled as the water seemed to cling to his hips. Her tongue wetted her lips as his fine hair swayed with the ripples.

Breathe. Kiss. Lave.

Her hands flexed with the need to explore and memorize his terrain. Her fingers twitched around the bottle. Suddenly she knew what she wanted.

Nibble. Suck.

She wanted to taste watermelon.


She wanted to taste watermelon on him, on his skin.


She need it.


Without another thought, Kagome stepped into the spring fully clothed, intent only on the feast before her.


The cap had been lost to its watery death some time ago. The bottle was now more than half empty, but that deterred her not.


Time had lost its meaning as she knelt there, the demon lord grasping the stones that held him up. His skin glistened with oil and saliva, flushed red with desire and need.


Kagome could think of nothing else but the pleasure of dragging her tongue along his skin, the watermelon oil mixing with his spicy flavor pushing her to her next lick.


The musky smell of his skin was drowning her, the heat under her hands were scorching her.


Her world narrowed down to what she could touch. What she could smell. What she could taste. What she could hear.


She felt only him under her fingers and against her body.

She smelled only him.

She tasted him amid the watermelon.

She heard her own heartbeat mixed with his moans and pants.


She saw nothing but his skin.


Her tongue mapped the contours of his neck and shoulder. She worshiped his inner elbow with her mouth. She nibbled at his hip and dragged her mouth along his abdomen. She cleaned him of all the liquid methodically and reverently, inch by inch.

She traced the veins of him with single-mindedness.


There was nothing outside of him.


Sure hands held him lovingly as she pressed her tongue harder against him, needing to taste more.


He was spicy and salty.


He was burning hot.


All she could do, all she needed was to drag her tongue along him and take him in.


She needed more.


His scent was stronger here.


Her throat worked to swallow the constant flow of saliva and oil.


The bottle was empty now.


Nothing to add to his own flavor. Just him. Just that flavor of male upon her tongue.


It was a drug. His skin, his taste.


She wanted more.


Oh, how she wanted more.


The taste was salty here as well.


Her breath made him twitch against her fingers. A drug. How long has it consumed her?


More. Please, more. I need more of him. Of his flavor.


The smoothness of him. The ridges of him. The softness of him.

Swallow. Twitch.

Inhaling, her head swam with the heady scent. Please, more.


Her saliva flooded her mouth as she worked her tongue more frantically.

Snarl. Suck. Lick.

Her body pressed harder against the firmness of his body, as his hands clutched the rocks under him. Small cracks appeared on the stones.


Throat relaxing to accommodate, Kagome added more pressure behind her tongue’s frantic movement.

Stroke. Lick.

More…. Not enough. More. Harder. Need more of the taste. Please.


Ahhhh….. Again. Give me that flavor again.




Yes, again!


There! Ah. Yes.


Kagome gulped down the salty flavor like a woman starved. She swallowed again. And again. Savoring the taste that coated the inside of her mouth, desperate for more.


Her throat worked to take as much of the salty and sticky treat as possible. She whimpered for more, sucking and licking to prolong it.


He twitched and groaned, as she continued to attend to him with lighter touches, soft sweeps of tongue and feather light kisses.


His scent was so strong. She leaned forward to pull the smell deeper into her body, growing muddled with the heady musk. Her desperate need had lessened and a feeling of contentment settled upon her.


Kagome buried her nose in the hair at the apex of him and nuzzled sluggishly, pleased with herself.


Sesshoumaru gazed upon the petite miko in wonder as Kagome snuggled deeper into his warmth. Squaring his shoulders, he gathered the bone limp and water-sodden woman in his arms, stood and stepped out of the water.





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