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The Harsh Rules of Convenience by TamashaToko

Chapter 1

Alegria meant complications with positive results. It was the simple of Kagome's favorite necklace that she wore around her neck everyday as well as the name of one of her precious children. Would this have any results at all though? Waking up in the middle of the night every night to her newborn son crying all one to help or be concerned.


He'd been gone for about a month now...well it felt like a month. She seen him last weekend when he came through to get a few things. He even kissed her and the kids good-bye, but it almost didn't mean anything. He had that auto-pilot like gaze to him that was associated with work. Something major was going on in the company...something she had no clue about because he refused to tell her never wanting stress from the working world to infect his happy home. 'His Escape' was what he'd been calling his home life, as though now it was too good to be real.

She could simply get on the Internet to discover what was wrong with the company or Sesshoumaru for that matter, but if her not knowing gave him some kind of peace of mind she would let him have it.

"Rin, Shippou, Alegria, and Koinu...I want to you to worry about them and them only," had been one of the last things Sesshoumaru said to her, "I can take care of myself and you like I intend to do no matter what. Don't worry Kagome."

"What is there to worry about?" Kagome asked almost frantically wishing he would slow down the packing process he started after he informed her he had to leave, "and where are you going, China, Korea, where?"

He didn't answer her for a while, but he didn't seem to like the silence as much as he use too, "I'll be close if there is an emergency, but if it's anything else please don't call me during the day."

"'ve never been like this before when it comes to a business trip," she noted, "I don't understand."

"I told you it's not a trip. I will be's just better to go to the sharks than having the sharks come here and doing anything to disturb you. You just got out of the's time to rest Kagome."

"I have four children I might as well learn to never rest," Kagome interjected sitting on the bed where he was packing his clothes so he had to look at her before she put her hand on his empty sleeve, "and where's your arm at?"

He scoffed, "I have no time to put it on. I prefer this."

Of course. They'd spent thousands of dollars on a fake arm that looked and functioned in such a real way, but it still wasn't good enough for Sesshoumaru he always just walked around without it. Soon though he caught her gaze and muttered something about not wanting a 'pity defense' before finally getting the case that held his arm in it.

"Sesshoumaru please," Kagome pleaded.

She remembered that night three years ago...almost four when he refused to take part in his own function, because he'd rather be with her and all he wanted to concern himself was her. That had obviously been thrown out the window. If it wasn't for a few weeks ago when they went out on a date and he talked about securing a deal that he would use to retire and help her raise the children she almost excepted that she would be competing for his attention against his work forever.

"Kagome unless you are an employee of mine it's none of your know I don't want any talk about my father's worthless company in this house. This needs to be taken care of so I can honor my promise to you. Soon I will escape all of this and the family will be my priority again, but I need a little time. I will be back by Alegria's birthday."

"Do you promise?"

He didn't need to say the words. That was the great thing about their relationship. There didn't need to be much talking...things were just understood. Still...that didn't stop him from using his one hand to steal her away and lock her in a kiss.

Yes he promised, or at least she'd thought he did.

He never made it back for his second-born child's birthday. He didn't even call. Instead a generic birthday text message was somehow sent into Alegria's cartoon laptop toy, and what hurt more was that the few exchanges Kagome did share with Sesshoumaru he never asked about Koinu, their son.

He'd been so proud the day Koinu was born. He did favor Shippou as much as the others because to them he was their son now, but the fact that his beloved had given him his first-born son meant a lot to him. He hardly brought the children up now, but that could be her fault. The only times she could call him was way after the kids went to sleep and she wasted his few precious minutes with him begging for him to come home even for a few minutes since he was probably just on the other side of town. She almost convinced him one night, but that night he sounded exhausted on the other end like he hadn't slept in a few days and if he had to go work again early in the morning it made no sense to have him come back.

The worse thing though was when she'd go to the grocery store and she'd see an average family that had two families that obviously loved each other. She was jealous, but she hated admitting it, because by doing so she was telling herself Sesshoumaru didn't love her, which wasn't true. She just had to keep telling herself that everything he did was for them. He would quit pursuing money they didn't need and retire to them. He didn't even have to do all this...they didn't need this big house, or it's decorations, or gourmet food...she just wanted him.

"Koinu," she muttered slowly when she picked up her crying child, "please....mommy wants to sleep."

Damn that Sesshoumaru. Her children expected her to always be happy and energetic, but she'd been sleeping more than usually lately. What was ironic was that when Rin was an infant and wouldn't let Kagome sleep she spent that time with her daughter watching cheesy romance movies not understanding why people in the movies acted like they were on their death bed during a break up. She often wondered things like if losing a love one to death was easier, because you knew that life wasn't continuing for them, that there wasn't another woman they were loving as her life would do nothing more than stand still.

Of course she would never accuse Sesshoumaru of cheating. They'd gotten past that and he had a large family that would always be on his mind.

"Oh Koinu," Kagome almost cried when he let out a high pitched wail. She had to keep reminding herself that this was her house and no one would scream at her for her crying baby like they had in her apartment when she had Rin.

"Selena," Kagome called out going downstairs where the servants enjoyed a coffee and conversation with each other before returning to their private quarters or going home, "I hate to bother you but-

"It's what I'm here for dear," Kagome's personal maid whose job consisted of cleaning up after her while she was busy caring for her children, "don't worry he will be safe with me."

Kagome was nervous. Sesshoumaru had always reminded her that all their servants had been screened and given background checks and everything was fine, but still she never liked handing her child off the moment they became a burden. It was like a limb of hers was missing when she handed Koinu over.

"I am so sorry but-

"I told you it's okay Mrs. haven't slept in days. Oh dear..."

Oh dear what? If Kagome hadn't been keeping her manners up ever since marrying Sesshoumaru she would have snatched her child back the moment trouble was mentioned.

"Koinu's fever is really high," the maid noted, "do you want me to call the doctor?"

Kagome picked up Koinu discover he was really hot and nodded in response to her question. She was such an idiot. She was with her son all day why didn't she think to cheek him at all. She had to have felt him and thought nothing of it but she was too busy worrying about her husband and his stupid problems.

"Just tell them we're on the way," Kagome said urgently heading out to her car, "keep the others in bed."

The moment Koinu was secure in his baby seat she said Sesshoumaru's name so her car phone dialed his number and put him on speaker. No answer. This was an emergency though, so she said his name three times before there was an answer.

"I was in a meeting Kagome," Sesshoumaru's tired voice filled the car, but it was almost hard to hear over Koinu screaming.

"It's 10'clock at night," she breathed before getting on subject, "Koinu is sick. He has a fever."

She almost wanted to stop the car and scream when his response was, "So?"

"Sesshoumaru his sick and you're not here! You could be here and don't want to be!"


How could he speak so calmly right now like he was doing.

"You could be right next to the hospital for all I know!"



"Koinu has a fever. The doctors will just give him antibiotics and what ever other medicine he requires. If that doesn't work they will treat him until it does."

She couldn't respond. He had a point that once she got to the hospital everything would be fine, but she didn't care. She didn't like how he was responding. He could have at least told her that she should calm down, or that he wanted to be there but was about to collapse from exhaustion. What was it with him lately? He'd left her in a loving he was trying to push her and her sanity away.

"Sesshoumaru," she whispered.

"I have to talk to my lawyer Kagome."

"I'm sorry I guess-


The only sound there was then was the sound of Koinu crying behind her.

Was it her? Has she done something to make Sesshoumaru so angry with her that he would rather move out and be swamped with work than be with her? What could it be? He hated the fact that bought and ran a burger joint for kids rather than staying home to give every aspect of his life her full attention. That could be it, or the fact that she wasn't exactly a lot of help around the household other than taking care of the children. After all she did nothing when he packed his clothes with one hand.

He didn't need to treat her this way though. Making it so she had nightmares every night about life without him, and fearing she would make a wrong move to offend him to call off their arrangement of actually being a husband and wife who loved each other.

Maybe that was it. He could just walk all over her because of this. It was hard to remember back to when they were married in a courtroom and lived together as roommates. If it was true and he didn't love her anymore could she go back to that existence she came from? Would they still be husband and wife.

"He loves me," Kagome had to keep telling herself, "I know he does."


"What was that?" Sesshoumaru's lawyer asked when his client hung up his phone.

"None of your business," Sesshoumaru shot back, "is there anything else?"

"Nothing else. It is late so I thought that maybe you need a day to think on our next strategy as well as what we talked about."

"It's your job to know about the law and your other sleazy lawyer friends. Is this really my best option."

"Yes," the man said before handing Sesshoumaru a few papers, "it's what's best for you and your children."

Sesshoumaru didn't need to look at the papers because he was very familiar with what was written on it. After all he'd been the one who'd written it and got his wife to sign it right away in passing after their make-shift wedding they had. It was a contract about how their marriage was suppose to work.

"None of this benefits me in the slightest, but I will think on it."

"Make sure you do. What time should I pick you up tomorrow?"

"Seven," he growled before collapsing on his hotel bed as his retainer drove off in a nice car that Sesshoumaru probably paid for from just one of these hearings.

He was so tired, but it was hard to sleep. So many things on his mind. The trouble he was in now, but what hurt him the most was the way he just treated Kagome on the phone, but he had too...if he acted otherwise he might become a little sentimental.

Now was not the time to feel anything. Not now that he had made a decision on what needed to be done with his recent problems....

Tomorrow he would have to make sure his beloved and mother of his children was served with divorce papers.


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