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| Fantasy|

| Aurora Antheia Raine | Sesshoumaru&Kagome4Ever |


 Disclaimer ;; I do not own Inuyasha.

Rated ;; MA for sexual situations and language.

Author's Note ;; This is a response to R0o's 2009 3rd Quarter GM [ GutterMarble ] Challenge. The minimum word count is 1,000 and I have surpassed that by far. I have very little experience with writing smut and PWP so any constructive criticism will be appreciated. Everything I write is based on pure imagination. With that said, do enjoy! ;3





Sesshoumaru leaned back in his chair and tossed his pen carelessly upon his desk with an aggravated growl. It was late and he wanted nothing more than to simply go home, have some tea, and relax in the comfort of his own home. Perhaps even have a romp in between the sheets with his current bitch, Kagome. But no, there was simply too much to do for the catering event that was taking place in just two days.

He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, willing himself not to think of Kagome and the very likely chance that she was waiting for him in their bed, in her sexy night attire. Or perhaps, with nothing on at all. Maybe she’ll be in the mood for role playing or maybe she‘ll want to get rough. It was always a surprise where she’s concerned, one of the many aspects of her that caught his interest when they met.

His cock twitched just thinking about her and how their relationship came to be. Once his thoughts went astray, there was no going back. Admitting defeat, Sesshoumaru sat back comfortably in his chair, pulled out his now stiffened cock, and relived the memory of the night he and Kagome got together.

Sesshoumaru was verifying inventory for each catering department; an easy but time consuming and boring task. The sun had set below the horizon long ago and the moonlight illuminated the halls for him to walk through. Clipboard in hand, he strolled to the last department, eager to finish and leave for the night. 

He started from the back office and verified his way past the walk-in refrigerator when he spotted a movement from the corner of his eye and promptly stopped. Eyes narrowing, he moved slowly back towards the walk-in and peered inside. The sight before him made his eyes widen and his cock harden.

There she was, Kagome in all her curvaceous glory, bent over on her knees with her firm delectable ass in the air. The short skirt was riding higher with every movement she made, revealing her red g-string. His cock throbbed with need, with want, with the sudden urge to bury itself deep inside of her and give her the best fuck of her life. Carelessly tossing his clipboard aside, he unzipped his trousers, letting his thick cock spring free. Stroking himself with one hand, he opened the walk-in door with the other silently, stalking his prey slowly.

As he stepped inside, the blast of cold air didn’t faze him, but her soft moans did. All at once, everything was clear to him. He could smell her thick, musky arousal. He could hear her breathy groans of pleasure. He could hear her calling out his name in passion. He could see her head thrown back, eyes closed, and chest heaving. He could see her hand, underneath the scrap of cloth, on her clit, rubbing.

His cock twitched with excitement, with anticipation, swelling with pride as his name continued to fall from her parted lips. He moved swiftly, the predator hunting his prey, until he came to a stop behind her, watching her pleasuring herself. He was so close, he could feel her body heat; his member close enough to almost touch the bare skin of her ass. He groaned mentally, images of sinfully erotic acts flashing in his mind.

In one quick moment, he yanked the thin string keeping him from his destination aside and brutally impaled himself into her slick passage with one hard thrust.

A scream left her throat as her eyes flew open in surprise; her sapphire met his gold in a cloudy haze of lust and passion. Her cheeks flushed a further crimson at having been caught red-handed, but she did not stop him and he did not relent. Immediately, he pulled out and then thrust himself deep inside of her, setting a rhythm to a dance made solely for them.

Each smack of his flesh against hers pushed her forward and she had to brace herself with both hands firmly planted to the ground, slicking the cold floor with her juices. Seeing his opportunity, he pushed his fingers against her swollen clit and stroked, the sensation of it causing another scream to leave Kagome’s lips. Lowering her front half closer to the ground so one of her hand could maneuver, she covered his hand with her own and they moved together in unison within her panties.

“Yes,” he hissed, pounding into her tightness, his balls smacking against her with every thrust.

“S-sess… Sess… Oh, oh… yes,” she groaned, eagerly pushing herself backwards against him in unison.

His other hand gripped her hips tightly as he continued to thrust wildly into her from behind, groaning at the sensation of her dripping wet pussy. The friction of skin against skin was so intense, it was like being struck by lightening. The way they fit together so perfectly, his big cock inside her warm, tight cavern, was so spine tingling, it left her breathless.

Her nipples hardened as she shivered and trembled at the passion coursing through her veins, passion so intense, she had to embed her nails deep into his wrist to keep from sobbing her pleasure. Lust consumed her like fire, unlike anything she had ever experienced.

“Fantasies just can’t compare to reality, can it?” he whispered, his hand leaving her clit to swipe her blouse open, causing the buttons to pop and bounce unnoticed on the floor. Reaching his hand inside, he pinched and twisted a nipple through her thin top.

“Ugh,” she gasped in response, arching her back from the sharp stab of pain at his ministrations. Growling in annoyance, he shredded her top with a few swings of his claws and he marveled at her perfect, flawlessly smooth skin.

And suddenly, before her mind had the ability to process the change, he had lifted her up off the ground and pushed her against the wall. He smirked at her quick intake of breath as her heated skin came into direct contact with the frigid interior of the walk-in.

Wordlessly, he pulled out of her, scrapping his fangs upon her shoulders slowly. She shivered and bared her neck for his ministrations, feeling her juices, mixed with his pre-cum, running down her inner thighs. He slowly kissed his way up, licking the shell of her ear sensually.

He could feel her panting for breath. He could hear her heart beating erratically. His fingers gently ran up and down her sides, teasing her.

“Please,” she begged, grinding her ass into him, wanting him to take her, to fuck her.

Chuckling darkly, he inserted the head of his cock back into her pussy and she moaned.

“A fantasy cock can’t fill your tight pussy like this, can it?” he growled, slamming back into her viciously for emphasis.

“Oh god,” she gasped, “yes… oh yes…”

“Yes,” he groaned, “you like this big demon cock, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” she screamed, “fuck me harder, Sesshoumaru. Oh god.”

Eyes bleeding red, he brutally pounded himself in and out of her, using so much force her feet rose up and off the ground with each thrust.

“Ugh… ugh… ugh… just like that, yes!”

“Yes, bitch, take that cock!” he roared, gripping her hips so tightly, he drew blood.

The fire within her was so strong, the coil in her belly was wound so tightly, she could barely breath. The intensity of what he was doing to her body, strumming her like an instrument, left her sobbing.

“Yes, Sesshoumaru, yes,” she cried, writhing wantonly against him and against the wall, “I-I’m… ugh… I’m so close…”

“Scream for me,” he growled, pinching her sensitive clit, “scream for my cock.”

“Sess-sess-Sesshou… maru…!” she sobbed loudly, her knees weakening.

Holding her up as he continued to pound his hard cock into her with demon speed, he tilted his head back and snarled.

“Cum for me, bitch!”

“Oh yes!” Kagome screamed, bucking wildly as she experienced a climax more earth shattering than she ever thought possible.

Sesshoumaru continued to pump himself in and out of her drenched pussy, grunting with the need to join her in ecstasy. He was close, oh so close, and he thrust into her wildly, his skin glowing with a light sheen of sweat.

Then, with one final thrust, he erupted, his release so intense, he almost had to grasp onto the nearby shelf for support.

For a long moment afterwards, both of them stood there, panting and attempting to regain their breath after such powerful orgasms.

Sesshoumaru growled as he pumped his cock ferociously, seeking for release, for completion, but his hand was nothing compared to the tight, hot pussy he could be pounding into. With a sigh of frustration, he released his cock and took a deep breath.

“Work can wait,” he muttered, stuffing himself back inside his pants before rising. His erection still evident, he gathered up his things and left, eager to get home and fuck until he was content.

After all, fantasies just can’t compare to reality, can it?


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