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The Hall of Mirrors by SunsetMiko

The Hall of Mirrors

I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does. I make no money from these fics.

Warning: Not my usual kind of lemon. This fic includes bondage and perceived non-consensual sex. My first time poking my head into this little corner of the dark side. Hope you enjoy it. Written for the Dokuga Halloween Challenge, held by Rikayu and D.S Anno. Also, unbeta-ed at this point in time.

Kagome jumped and then giggled at her own nerves. The Haunted House she was helping out with this year was creepy when she went through it alone, even though she knew where everything was. As she activated yet another motion sensor scare and a disembodied head popped up laughing she fought to calm herself. Her heart was beating so fast and hard she could hear the pounding in her ears. Why was she doing this again? Why in the world had he wanted her to check the place over all by herself?

Sure, she got the point. They had to make sure no one lingered behind before they locked up for the night, ensure that no one was lost inside or had hidden themselves away to make mischief. Still, he had his powerful senses on his side. He could have checked the place over in a second, but no, he wanted her to do it. Kagome fought back the urge to mutter complaints under her breath. His ears were too good for that and she hated when he caught her whispering.

She turned another corner in the mazelike setup and frowned. Something wasn’t right. Things were off slightly and she was certain she’d never seen that mannequin before. She shook her head at her silliness. Sesshoumaru must have added it at the last minute and forgotten to mention it. Still, something felt wrong.

Her skin began to crawl as she extended her senses, assuring herself that she was completely alone and entirely safe. She turned around, ready to haul ass out of there before she embarrassed herself by acting like a frightened school girl, a hand came out of nowhere and covered her mouth.

Kagome tried to scream as she struggled against the strong grip of the person that held her but nothing but a pathetic muffled sound made it past his hand. She could feel herself being dragged backwards and she dug in her heels, refusing to go down without a fight. Before she knew what was happening, a piece of fabric had been tied around her head, pulled tightly between her teeth, effectively gagging her. A blindfold followed and Kagome knew she was in trouble.

Fighting was useless as her attacker tied her hands together before lifting her arms over her head, hooking them over something so that she had to stand on her toes just to touch the ground. She was practically handing from the ceiling and she hadn’t been able to do a thing to stop it. Whoever had her was just too strong.

Kagome gasped against her gag as hands roughly groped her breasts before yanking the top of her costume down. She struggled to get away from his touch but found movement of any kind nearly impossible thanks to her position. If she scooted too far to one side or the other she ended up with her entire bodyweight pulling down on her arms and she had to return to where she was and strain to push up on her toes to relieve the pain.

As cold air and warm fingers touched her now bare breasts she began to regret her costume choice. Sesshoumaru had warned her before they left the house that it would attract the wrong kind of attention and now she wished she’d listened. He squeezed her soft milky white orbs before rolling her already tight peaks firmly and giving them each a hard tug, ripping a grunt of pain from her.

Next the bottom of her short dress was pulled up so the entire thing was bunched together around her waist and she knew the freak was getting a nice show, remembering the little panties she’d chosen this morning. She jumped when he ripped them forcefully from her body and she tried to press her thighs together to protect herself as much as possible, breathing heavily in her fear.

“Relax. If you behave yourself I won’t have to hurt you… much,” he hissed in her ear, leaning in close as one hand slid up her outer thigh before moving towards the inner. When she refused to let him between her legs he chuckled and slapped her bare ass hard before grabbing behind one knee and pulling her leg up.

She was unable to fight it due to her position and in seconds he had three long digits buried deep inside her sopping wet pussy. “I knew you weren’t the innocent little thing you pretend to be. Dirty little whore likes it rough,” he taunted as he fingered her ruthlessly, holding one leg up off the ground so she was fully exposed to his attentions and abuses.

Though she tried to hold it back, her moans gave her away, unable to fight the incredible feelings he was invoking. As soon as he heard her sounds of pleasure, however, he pulled his hand away, bringing it back to swiftly smack her slick lips, making her cry out through her gag. He slapped her again and then dragged his slippery fingers along her slit teasingly, surprising her when he shoved two into her tight little asshole. He chuckled again at her sound of shock, pumping his digits in and out several times before withdrawing completely.

He dropped her leg and stepped back, leaving Kagome feeling completely in the dark. Only her ears could tell her where in the room he was and they weren’t doing a great job. Suddenly he had both her nipples between his fingers pinching and twisting and then he was gone again. She jumped as his hand collided with her ass, catching her off guard before he disappeared from her senses.

Kagome tried to scream as a buzzing sound started around her and then something was pressed against her pussy, vibrating at high speed. She couldn’t help but moan and squirm as she tried to escape the powerful sensation. He ripped the gag out of her mouth as he rubbed the vibrator against her clit.

“Cry out as loud as you want. No one can hear you.”

Though she tried to think of words, nothing but moans and cries of pleasure came out as he pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. She could feel him now standing beside her, one hand holding the vibrator while the other smacked her ass repeatedly, the pain only making the pleasure that much stronger.

His fingers dipped into her pussy again before sliding into her ass, three at once this time, and he fingered her tight hole as she came hard. He never slowed his attentions, his fingers and the sex toy keeping her in a state of constant orgasm for several minutes. Sweat poured down her face and she cried out and screamed for him just the way he wanted.

When he finally got bored with this, he turned off the vibrator and tossed it to bounce off the floor, slowly pulling his fingers from deep in her ass, smirking at the expression on her face. She was entirely exhausted from her ordeal and yet he wasn’t done with her. Before Kagome knew what happened, he’d hooked his elbows under her knees, lifting her completely off the floor and lowering her still twitching pussy on his aching hard cock.

She couldn’t do a thing; neither try to stop it nor help it from her position. She was totally at his mercy as he fucked her at his pace, moving her entire body as he pleased. Every time he thrust up into her, he brushed her oversensitive, abused clit and it didn’t take long before she was in the throes of orgasm again. She moaned and cried out for him before catching him completely off guard.

“Oh, yes, Sesshoumaru!” she screamed as she hit an especially high peak, unable to censor herself.

He stopped mid-thrust and pulled her blindfold off with a pout obvious on his face. “How long have you known it was this Sesshoumaru?”

She smiled at him, unable to do much of anything else. “I know what your hands feel like on my body,” she said seductively. “And if I hadn’t been able to tell before, I would know now. Trust me, your dick is something I’ll never forget.”

Giving up on pouting, Sesshoumaru resumed slow strokes as he leaned closer to kiss her passionately. “You knew all the while and yet you humored this Sesshoumaru?”

“Of course,” she said with a laugh. “But what in the hell were you thinking? Why here of all places?”

He looked around at the view she’d not yet noticed, drawing her attention to their surroundings. “Did you not say you wished to have sex in the hall of mirrors? I must say, it was a wonderful idea. I am considering purchasing some mirrors for the bedroom.”

Kagome threw her head back with a moan as his thrusts sped up, feeling that his end was closing in on him. She looked around, taking in the sight the two of them made in all the mirrors, seeing them so intimately entwined from all angles, and smiled until her lips formed another scream of pleasure in the form of his name.

His back tensed as he pulled her body close to his, filling her with his seed with a snarl of orgasm. They stayed perfectly still for a moment until he regained the ability to move. He slid out of her slowly, carefully lifting her up off the hook he’d installed just the day before, and gently cradling her tired, sore body in his arms.

“That was incredible, Sesshoumaru, and a few mirrors wouldn’t be a bad idea,” she said while rubbing her sore wrists once he’d untied her. She fixed her dress with his help and yawned.

“Happy Halloween, my love,” he whispered in her ear as he carried her through the maze of the haunted house and out to their car, ready to take her home and put her to bed. “I hope it was a memorable one.”

“I’ll never forget it.”


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