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Clumsiness Does have Its Rewards by AmIOtaku

Clumsiness Does Have Its Rewards

Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights for the characters in this fan-fiction. All characters mentioned are property of Rumiko Takahashi.

A/N: This is my first fan-fiction…ever.  So, don’t be harsh. If you don’t like something, I would appreciate reviews that give constructive criticisms. If you do like something, those words are much appreciated.

Clumsiness Does Have Its Rewards

Kagome never fully understood this era’s fascination with her lack of “proper” clothing until she came around the mighty Inu Lord.

In other circumstances, whenever the group came into a village or passed travelers, she got looks, comments, a few moments of outright pointing and snickering and rude remarks (fewer and farther between that she would probably have suspected). But, something about him and that damn arch of his brow set her to reanalyze her wardrobe. Who would think that such a simple, minute, gesture could do so much to unravel her resolve to wear what she wanted.

Being a girl of the 20th century, where most people she knew wore clothes that covered as much as hers did, and some dared to wear way less, she thought her wardrobe, this uniform in particular, exhibited at least a decent amount of modesty. The people here should see what she has to wear for gym class. That would be some priceless moments!!!

Sure, she could have worn longer skirts or even a nice pair of shorts while traveling with the small group, or maybe carried a long wrap of some sort for when she entered the villages, but most of her time was spent in her uniform so that is what she was comfortable wearing. Also, she made habit to return to the Sengoku Jidai right after her classes, only stopping in her home to give her love to her family, stock up on supplies for their travels, and maybe switch out some books if a test was coming up.

Suffice it to say that not only was her wardrobe out of place, but as practical as it was for movement, those movements usually led to embarrassing situations.

Kagome’s sporadic lack of elegance and balance landed her in situations that had scrapes on her palms, knees, occasionally a shin- honestly unavoidable when you found yourself fleeing or fighting; traversing the countryside and mountains; fording streams and shallow rivers- scrapes happened.  Unfortunately for her, she also suffered the inevitable flash of underwear. Sometimes she thought that she was part of one of those manga or anime where they thrived on drawing the all-important “panty shot”.

Today was one of those days where she happened to be less than poised… in front of the intimidating Inu.

InuYasha had been, for lack of a better word, a bastard about something. Kouga had come through. His usual spiel about “My woman" this. “ Stupid dog" that. “ Take care of my woman". Blah, blah, blah.  Half an hour later, after much nuzzling on Kagome (as usual, against her wishes), Kouga whisked away. InuYasha had done his little huffing and puffing bit, during the visit. Did some more after Kouga left, but was basically quiet afterwards. She swore he was moping about letting the filthy wolf hold her as long as she had let him.  She didn’t know why or when he got his pants in a bunch, nor did she really care. As far as anyone else was concerned, since knowing Kouga, this was how he normally acted.  She was too distracted with keeping Shippou’s little hands out of her pack and away from their snacks to pay attention to his grumbling any further. She often questioned during his little rants why he so often thought of her as a complaining child when he had tantrums more than she. At least she could compromise.

As usual, InuYasha’s ire afterwards was directed towards the two "weakest" beings of their group- her and Shippou. Of course, most attention was aimed towards her. For once, she knew she had done nothing to receive his displeasure. A mumbled “wench” followed by some other expletives had her tensing her shoulders and clenching a fist. A small twitch began under her left eye. She did not have the patience for this today. She’d just come back from an extremely hard test that, though she was actually prepared for, left her drained and her mind exhausted. Compund that with Kouga's visit and continued grumbling and... and...

She lifted Shippou from his perch, placing him on the ground. Sango and Miroku, having noticed her pause, stopped also, looking to Shippou, whose face was knit in confusion and worry. Understanding dawned as they looked from Kagome to see her scowl directed towards the hanyou’s back.

As juvenile as it was to do, especially when it was not for a life or death situation- just irritation, her mind supplanted - she said that word that activated his be-spelled beads.

“WHAM” he went into the ground. Stomping, she left into the thick of the forest, pausing only to yell (maybe more growl) over her shoulder to not follow unless she screamed bloody murder.

She found a nice thicket to sit, basking in the waning sunlight as the evening progressed.

Shippou had come to find her a little while later, as messenger. The group found a nice resting area no more than half a mile away, if that much, from her location and InuYasha was off pouting somewhere. He specifically gave her directions so that when she was ready to return, she’d know which way to go. He gave her a reassuring hug and left her to her devices, promising to come as quickly as possible if needed.

She sat, silently observing the tranquility around her. Relishing the nature around her in this time, bemoaning its loss in hers.

Kagome decided that she had to return back to the others before the evening set too far that she would have a difficult time finding her way. She moved to rise.

Unfortunately, she’d sat in an awkward position. She was as such for so long, favoring one particular leg, that it was completely asleep.

Losing balance on her unfeeling leg, Kagome toppled sideways and back, unceremoniously flailing her arms about, to land in a position where she was mostly supine, but slightly on her side. Knees bent and arms out to her sides, Kagome did what any girl would do, she laughed at herself.

Only me, she thought, rolling her eyes under closed lids.

Holding back tears of joy at the scene she must be presenting to any who would happen to pass.

She laughed off her clumsiness behind puffed cheeks.

For a moment, she has glad that she was alone.

She’d never hear the end of InuYasha talking on and on about her lack of balance. Nor would she feel like Miroku getting hit upside the head for his unabashed glances and comments about this day’s particular choice of underwear.

As fate would have it, her amusement at her own expense was short lived. She was not alone.


That was all she heard above her head. Instantly, her silent giggles ceased. The little air remaining behind her cheeks puffed out between pursed lips.

Had Kagome been a stupid woman, she would assume it was Kouga coming back to talk with her or steal her away, with InuYasha none the wiser. He always found her at odd times anyway. This would be no different. Problem was, she didn’t sense shards.

Kagome was not stupid.

Had she been naïve, she would have believed it was InuYasha. Sometimes, when he knew he was wrong, he would just grunt something or mutter some monosyllabic word, usually a ‘Gome, to get her attention or to say, in as few words as possible, I’m an idiot. I’m sorry. Come back, please. Then again, he did it when he was irritated as well, so it was kind of a toss- up unless she could see his face or read his posture. She could admit to herself that she was sometimes naïve…

This was not one of those times.

No, her mind supplied, there was only being she has ever been in contact with, who could so stealthily approach upon her, never signaling InuYasha to his location, and was monosyllabic in nearly all his verbal communications.

Eyes still closed, she ventured to speak.

He cut her attempt with a curt “Miko”.

Suspicions confirmed, Kagome remained on her back, the chill of the late evening wafting over skin still left exposed from her haphazard descent. A small piece of something, perhaps a petal, touched her thigh, and she suspected that her skirt rose higher than she imagined. She was aware that her shirt had un-tucked and was resting halfway between her belly button and the tip of her sternum. Grass that shifted with the air tickled along her ribs. She felt that she should fix her clothing not only because he was a male, but also this was Sesshoumaru. In fact, her mind demanded she do so, but she couldn’t move to do anything to remedy her situation. She found her limbs would not cooperate.

Damn inactive motor skills, She woefully thought.

The most she could muster the strength, or will, to do, was open her eyes towards his voice and meekly respond, “Lord Sesshoumaru”.

Great Kagome! Sound any weaker why don’t you? Stupid intimidating Inu. She grumbled in her mind.

Gorgeous, but intimidating.

From her vantage, he was looking down his nose at her. Of course, in their current positions, it was unavoidable, but Sesshoumaru’s visage always made things, especially looks, a level higher than anyone else. More could be deduced from his simple actions than others show with higher amounts of emotion. Usually it was signaling death or possible dismemberment, always with this air of being… aloof.  Sometimes it was calculation just through staring.  A twitched brow usually meant something along the lines of, “I grow tired of this” or “You will explain.”  That brow.  It was remarkable. That one eyebrow lift alone gave him the market on intimidation as expressed through brow.

He was devoid of his armor. The pelt he adorned remained upon his shoulder. Companions were nowhere to be seen, and probably nowhere to be heard as Rin had a habit of greeting her rather animatedly.

Kagome watched as he languidly perused her small form. Save for her small breaths and finally moving her arms and hands to readjust her skirt to provide some modesty, she remained motionless in the grasses.

Maybe he didn’t really look there earlier to notice.

Even if he did not- though she highly doubted he did, as Sesshoumaru never missed ANYTHING- the way he looked at her, left her uneasy.

It wasn’t that he could kill her, or maim her, or even kidnap her in some sort of weird trade for InuYasha’s sword, but something about the way he looked at her, though guarded, was different than he’d ever looked at her before.

Moving his form to her right, he unexpectedly knelt next to her prone form.

Slowly, Kagome rose upwards to rest her torso’s weight on her forearms. Two sets of eyes looking towards each other. One golden. One mocha.

Reaching towards her, his hand ghosted over her chest. Deftly closing the widened lapel of her shirt that bared a small dip signaling the beginning of her cleavage. A single claw lightly touched just above the crest of cotton that made her bra. A sprig of Pappas grass was plucked from somewhere in the confines of a fold in her shirt.

He moved lower to the waistband of her skirt, apparently removing yet another piece of grass, before lightly twining it between his thumb and forefinger and releasing it into the breeze.

He studied her intently, his eyes unblinking, hair barely wavering in the light breeze.

Placing his hand back at her hip, he moved upwards, claws grazed the flesh of her stomach. Her breath hitched. She quivered, still staring at him as intently as he stared at her.

Something settled there, within her, as he slowly trekked towards her small waist. His golden eyes darkened and his nostrils slightly flared.

He moved his hand around her waist to her back, guiding her up to stand as he moved to do the same.

Nimble fingers worked up her spine to grasp at the cloth and pull the remaining bit of her blouse to cover her back.

His hand moved away from her body as his gaze drifted up and down her body once more, to land back to her eyes. As if appraising her now properly placed attire.

Kagome was again speechless.

First, he didn’t kill her. Second, she had been felt up… by Sesshoumaru.  Sesshoumaru!!! Third, she liked it. Really liked it. Heavens above, she must be dreaming. Maybe she stayed out in the field too long and fell asleep?!?

Sesshoumaru leaned over her, nose coming to meet nose as she craned her neck. His breath warmed her lips, smelling slightly of fresh citrus.

She peeked her tongue to wet her lips, but he swiftly caught hold between his own fangs, flicking his tongue along her own trapped. 

Eyes widened, Kagome didn’t protest, only stood still as he raised a hand behind her head, moving them closer.

No, I don't think I'm sleeping. I never dream anything like this!

Her hands moved to place themselves upon his chest.

Silk softness.

Steel like hardness.

Lips touched.

His moved, sensuously, slowly.

Her lips moved. Curious. Tentative.

Hand gripped her tighter, demanding, repositioning.

A growl was heard.

A rumble felt.

A sigh.

He pulled away, surveying her face.

Lips wet.

Cheeks blushed.

Eyes half closed.


Her eyes fully opened.

He had a small smile upon his lips.  What wonderment!

She blushed more.

She looked down, fixing her hands along his top. Readjusting creases from her tightened hands. A touch to her cheek brought her out of her musings to look him in the eyes once again.

A shade darker, again, both in his eyes and on her countenance.

A small kiss was placed upon her brow, lingering just a second before he turned and walked away.

Before disappearing, she heard him speak.

“That parting kiss was chaste. When next we meet alone, my lips... will embrace where you have quite visually shown you desire.”

She drew a blank.


Where I’ve visually…shown…Oh.

Her gasp of awareness was followed with a little smile.

“They were just something comfortable.” She replied. “Besides, I didn’t think anyone would see… especially you.”

“With you miko, I will see everything.” Final parting words before the forest engulfed his form.

Kagome touched where his lips last met her skin. A small tingle still resided.

Go figure. She thought. A small pair of cotton undies, with silkscreened lips on them, got Sesshoumaru to kiss me… and suggest more than kiss.

Stooping to pick up her pack, Kagome shouldered the weight and went off to locate her group before anyone got too worried.

Maybe a little clumsiness can be good.


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