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The Tale of Lord Sesshoumaru and the Blonde Shape Shifter by TamashaToko

Chapter 1

Author's Note: This short story is labeled by the author as a Dokuga Exclusive, which means that if this work is found on any other fanfic site, including someone is reproducing it without the author's permission and should be reported to the author. Thank you for offering a great website for Sess/Kag fanfiction fans. Oh and this is also my first one shot, and I haven't written anything in months so please be kind.

The Tale of Lord Sesshoumaru and the Blonde Shape Shifter

She'd rubbed her eyes about twenty times by this point, but no matter how many times she stared into the puddle the horrific image wouldn't cease burning her eyes.

Kagome Higurashi, the girl who'd risked her life over and over again in her journey through time despised her own reflection at the moment. It was odd, because there was one thing that really separated Kagome from most girls and that was that her appearance almost never disgusted her. Never had she thought altering her look with cosmetic surgery or risk scarring her body with a simple piercing. Today, unfortuntley, all that had changed, and she hadn't even done it on purpose.

"Next time Hojo offers me anything," Kagome clenched her fist in anger, "I run."

Kagome was now a blonde, and a miserable one at best. Not only was she cursed with this bright corn yellow hair after using a special shampoo Hojo offered her, but Inuyasha was starting to make due on his threats. The hanyou, getting tired of her constant tardiness, warned her that if she took too long this time they were leaving without her. She had tried to hurry once she realized what time it was, which was why she didn't notice her hair until now, and yet she was still left behind.

"Sometimes I really hate you Inuyasha," Kagome whispered before walking back towards the well.

They would return for her eventually. She needed to track the jewel shards, but until that time came she would work on dying her hair back. Not only did she look strange as a blonde, but it made her stick out too much in this era.

"The hanyou will not be tricked that easy," a familiar, yet terrifying, voice remarked.

"Sesshoumaru," Kagome gasped not daring to turn around. She was done for.

This young blonde creature that was before him was terrified, as she should be, but unaware of his intentions. He had come here to seek out his brother for information on Naraku's whereabouts, but there was another task at hand that needed to be completed soon. This female could possibly help him kill two birds with one stone.

"You will look me in the eye when I address you," he spoke coldly, tiring of her back.

He was going to kill her, this Kagome was sure of. That, or use her as a hostage against Inuyasha, which would somehow result in her death once the transaction was complete. She didn't usually put much trust in those that had attempted to kill her in the past.

Well, he had saved her twice this past year, but it meant nothing to her when she heard the dangerous edge in his voice.

"I said face me," he repeated.

Finally she turned around and attempted to look into his golden orbs. Seeing as how the ground equaled death she at least managed to keep her head up.

"What is your name shape shifter?"

"Kagome," she spat out before processing the rest of his question, "shape shifter?"

"Don't play games with me Kagome. I know what you are and what you intend to do, and it will fail."

"What will fail?"

For a moment he appeared to be disgusted with her, but he shook it off.

"I can care less about your plan to sabotage my brother by looking like his wench. I have decided that you shall become my mate."

This was like a bad twisted joke being made at her expense. If it wasn't for Sesshoumaru's extreme dislike of Inuyasha she would almost suspect that someone put him up to this. Because of her current hair color he honestly believed she was some sort of changeling bent on manipulating Inuyasha, but what did any of that have to do with becoming his mate?

"I think there is some kind of misunderstanding," she began, "I'm not a-

He interrupted her, "I understand why you won't admit the truth or change back into your true form. Your abilities are quite impressive, and you wish not to be compromised."

"I don't understand what you are getting at. I am human. I am Kagome."

"And everyone else will be easily fooled by your deception. You're the only shape shifter i've come across who has a believable scent, unlike Naraku, and if my heir were to inherit such an ability my estate would gain more power. Despite whatever you were planning to do this day your future has been decided for you. You shall bear me a son, and in exchange you will be known as the Lady of my estate."

Finally Kagome's trembling stopped. Normally when she was in a state of obvious fear it was because she was worried for her life, but also because it was her only way of showing a hidden respect towards those who were more powerful than herself. Sesshoumaru was their enemy, but he was different from Naraku. Whereas Naraku used manipulation and dark magic, Sesshoumaru had trained and earned his power.

However, Kagome was beginning to feel different about the level of respect this taiyoukai deserved.

Somehow the only factor about her that had changed was the hair color, and based on this she was going to get no say on being imprisoned and bearing his children. She'd only encountered him a few times, but never had she pinned him down to be the kind who made assumptions off of one hunch. Dogs mated for life, so this was going to be more than just a little assumption.


She glared easily annoyed by her defiance. For years bitches had thrown themselves at him wanting to give him children and take care of his household, but yet this changeling, who no one had ever heard of, was refusing his offer.

"Whether you like it or not Kagome I am taking you back to my castle for our mating ceremony. I will use force if I must. Those under this Sesshoumaru have their free will cancelled out."

"The Hell with that," she snapped in a very Inuyasha-like manner, "why would any self respecting female youkai want to submit to that?"

"For the honor of creating a heir to a powerful land as well access to anything they desire."

"Honor and things? Sorry but I'm looking for more in a man than that. How about happiness and love?"

"You will be happy."

"But without love?"

He shook his head, "Love? Most youkai now agree that love shouldn't be a factor in deciding mates. Not only is it an emotion that forces its victims into making quick reckless decisions. Many youkai have made that mistake and wound up despising their mates a few years later with no escape. Love doesn't last, but a relationship based on equal goals, respect, and honor brings happiness to those involved and the children."

Kagome frowned, "You talk about love like it's a disease that destroys demons."

"Isn't it?"

"It's not like people just fall out of love. They let it happen, and if I lived like that I wouldn't be happy. Women need love."

"Then allow me to show you differently. You don't need love. Already I can see you are intrigued. If it weren't for me coming around you would have intercepted Inuyasha's group like you were planning to do and be bothered by all his incoherent mumbling. Already we know how to communicate."

It was odd. Sesshoumaru had always been a demon of a few words, which usually consisted of 'Die', 'Tetsusagia', and 'Jaken', but now they had begun an interested conversation. A very two sided conversation, but still interesting nonetheless.

Did love ever have a long life, or was it a drug bringing only temporary happiness?

As much as she wanted to she couldn't compare her parents because her father had died not long after Souta's birth, and with that ruled out she really couldn't find any other examples. Sure she had friends with non-divorced parents, but she could tell on sleep overs and other events that their parents most likely weren't sleeping in the same bed.

No. Sesshoumaru couldn't be right, because if he was Kagome was just wasting her time pursuing Inuyasha's affection. Would it be worth it to do everything for him and risk her life several times just to have him reject her?

"Speaking about Inuyasha...isn't he proof that love works? He is still in love with Kikyo despite all that Naraku has done. Doesn't that count?"

"They are still in love because in realty they've never been together. They are more intrigued by what they could have had than each other, and if it were the type of deep love you'd use to pick a mate with my brother wouldn't like at that wench he travels with twice."

As enlighting as this conversation was that comment brought Kagome back to realty.

"My name is Kagome, Inuyasha's wench as you call me. I'm not a changeling just the same human I've always been."

He growled, "Stupid female. You won't reveal your true identity because your stubborn, and perhaps if you'd transformed correctly I would have assumed you were her, but you got the hair color wrong. I believe her hair is black."

"It's just hair color. You hate humans, and you're talking about mating me just because of my hair."

She went silent as she felt his cold slender fingers cup her chin forcing her to look into his eyes. Her body felt paralyzed as she was unable to move or think just stuck in his gaze. One by one his fingers traveled to her forehead when-


She rubbed her scalp surprised her hair was still there after he'd painfully yanked at a lock of her bangs. Sesshoumaru didn't seem to think he did anything wrong as he turned his back and walked a few steps away.

"To make sure I wasn't mistaken. That hair on your head is real and isn't black therefore you are not the human bitch. So I assume Kagome is the name of Inuyasha's bitch? What shall I call you?"

"Kagome!" she shouted, "and my hair was black. I guess I got a messed up shampoo bottle and my hair got dyed blonde. Basically a potion changed my hair color."

Sesshoumaru shook his head rejecting her answer, "Any potion that is capable of changing hair is too dangerous for human use."

"Not where I come from. Everyone changes their hair color all the time. They put it in, it bleaches their hair, and they wash it out before it burns their scalp."

He still just ignored her statement. He was a male dominant taiyoukai therefore wouldn't listen to her correction and was close to using his toxins to know her out and drag her off already. Well, at least when she wasn't calling him a liar she was a little interesting. He'd never really talked this much, or even answered to so many statements. This female would be his mate for the rest of his life it would be pleasant to get off on a good start conversation wise.

"I will call you Kagome for now," Sesshoumaru glared, "since obviously you have no intention into changing into your true form."

"I'm not a changeling," she narrowed her eyes, "there has to be a way to prove this to you. Come on there is a hot spring near here. I can try to wash this stuff out of my hair and prove it to you that it's just dye."

Perhaps he could use a bath.

"Very well," he responded following her up the hill to the familiar bathing area, "I will be joining you."

She quickly blushed. The day was not turning out as she planned. First getting left behind, a change in hair color, learning that she would become the lady of the western lands, and now her enemy was going to get to see all of her.

She was going to go through all of this embarrassment just so he could find out she was human and probably end her life.

"Why? You look very- clean."

"I'm not like my brother or most barbaric youkai," he noted walking past her able to smell the sulfur, "I am aware of good hygiene, and I hope you are as well. I will not have an unorganized or odd smelling mate."

She sighed following him, "I just like my privacy."

"I am giving you this chance to prove your identity. If you are indeed a changeling the second I am not looking you can transform to the right hair color, but if it is a certain 'dye' I should be able to see it be cleaned out."

She remained silent as they traveled down the hill towards the spring. She prayed this gunk would come out of her hair, because there was still the question of her life remaining intact. Was Sesshoumaru reasonable enough to not kill her when he discovered the truth? She wasn't lying and was willing to bathe in front of him to prove herself. She had no say in what he was going to do with her. Running would do her no good and Inuyasha was nowhere near. Obey was the only option, and she didn't feel guilty or victimized by it, because when he wasn't trying to pull her hair off of her head he'd been civil so far.

"Just do it," she told herself when they apporached the steam from the hot water, "everything depends on this."

Sesshoumaru still didn't believe her. If he and those who worked under him never heard of dye for hair it didn't exist. He still didn't know what to think about her refusal to change into her true form. Obviously his Kagome was female, because all her mannerisms were feminine. Though right now she had the form and scent of a human he had no problem with her appearance. Inuyasha was foolish having feelings for a weak human, but at least his bitch was good looking.

His smirked as he had another thought. Though often times he could care less about his brother he did wonder if this would anger him. He had no intention of getting near his bitch, but yet in a way he would get to see her body. It would be only a matter of time until he would be able to see his intended mate's true form, but he actually preferred her remaining in one form. He could imagine retiring to bed with that body next to him, and the thought of being able to finally have something that Inuyasha, so far, had been unable to acquire brought him some satisfaction.

"Will you be getting in?" she was asked by him when he got bored with the scenery, "and don't try and escape through the mist to change your appearance. I am faster."

"According to you I'm a powerful youkai...if that were true I could run."

"I am faster," he spoke it as though it was fact written in stone.

She sighed as she turned around and slid her skirt down to her ankles. It was heard removing her top knowing that his eyes were on her this whole time, but than she heard the rustling of clothes as well...he was planning on joining her.

Within seconds Kagome had her top and bra off, and threw it to the side. She was hoping he was distracted with his own clothing so now she had time to jump into the water and go to the murky side.

When she attempted to sprint she forgot about the article of clothing still being around her ankles therefore tripped on the ground and was laying before him naked and scarlet red.

Sesshoumaru walked past her not sparing her a glance as he went into the water, because ignoring it would be the only way to stop himself from cracking a smile. At least his mate would not bore him.

Unfortunately he could not do her the courtesy of keeping his eyes away as her lovely body slowly walked into the spring. He wasn't wrong about her, and she wasn't going to give her the chance to change her hair color and slip away from him.

She was the one he wanted.

"My eyes are on you," he spoke not even blinking, "now wash your hair and prove me wrong."

She nodded reaching for her huge yellow backpack that she left resting on the edge. While searching for some good shampoo all she came across was the bottle that Hojo gave her that had put her in this position in the first place?

It wasn't long before a wicked grin came across Kagome's face.

"Does my intended mate find something amusing?" he simply asked.

She nodded as she swam over, "Can I wash your hair?"

He rose an eyebrow not understanding. This had to be some sort of trick.

Still, he moved a little allowing her to go behind him with the strange bottle. If she attempted to attack him or escape he was positive that he was quicker, and he planned on her being his for the rest of their lives. It was probably best they began their relationship with trust.

Kagome couldn't contain her grin as she rubbed the shampoo in his silver locks. If her plan failed and the blonde didn't come out he would eventually realize that she was telling the truth this whole time when he took a gander at his own reflection.

"Now to let it set in," she whispered to him leaving his hair soapy for a moment as she just rubbed her scalp hard with spring water hoping the blonde color would fade a little.

"Little liar," Sesshoumaru muttered almost with a smile a few minutes later.

Kagome looked up confused before almost crying at the sight of her reflection. She really hadn't hoped that the blonde would come out in her hair without proper product...but this?

Not only was her hair a complete frizzy mess now thanks to the humidity, but it had gone from a bright blonde to a nasty sickish green color. Obviously these chemicals weren't meant to be mixed with spring water.

"So you are finally showing me your power," he whispered pulling her naked form into his lap.

Kagome's face still remained pure scarlet as she stumbled over her words, "Listen Sesshoumaru I swear-

"Save it," his silky voice teased her ears as she felt his kisses over her shoulder, "This Sesshoumaru is never wrong, and you are the perfect mate for me."


"And to prove it..."

That was the last time she heard his voice, before she felt the painful bite of his fangs on her neck. He'd marked her as his own and had done so quickly to prove that he was correct about her race and would no longer stand for her lies.

He might have though differently if he could see himself right now, embracing the limp body of a human girl while his long beautiful hair was slowing turning bright green...


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