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One Night to Find You by SesshysTrueMate1

One Night to Find You

One Night to Find You (Kagome and Sesshomaru):

Kagome ran, ran away from the hell she became accustomed to once the well closed at first it wasn’t bad, then Inuyasha started to drink… at first it was only at celebrations, then it became every two days, soon he drank almost every day, and he slowly started to beat her, and tell her that Kikyo was better than she’d ever be.

Kagome soon couldn’t take it anymore, yes her Miko powers were completely trained, and her best friend, Saphera, turned out to be a demon who fell for InuTaisho, who was resurrected by Naraku, and soon Saphera’s magic, gave him his life back, but Saphera wasn’t always there, with being the new Lady of the Western Lands, and being the Princess of the Eastern Lands, and all…

But back to The point: Kagome ran, and ran, until she found the one person she knew wouldn’t care- Sesshomaru. She ran over to him, and embraced him around the waist. Blushing slightly, as she tried not to remember she secretly fell in love with the demon she was embracing…

He did nothing, he didn’t push her away, nor did he pull her closer.

“Miko why do you feel the need to defile this Sesshomaru’s person?” Came his cold voice,

“I-Inuyasha… He’s changed…” Kagome said between sniffles,

“Hn. What do you want me to do about it?”

“Please… Kill me… I can’t take it anymore…” Kagome sobbed, as she released Sesshomaru, and fell to her knees at his feet. Covering her face with her hands,

Sesshomaru was silent, before he knelt before her and he pulled her Miko robes open to reveal dark bruises marring her perfect tanned skin, along with red scratches, from his disgusting Half-brother’s claws.

“Mother was right,”

“Mother…?” Kagome asked, as she looked up at Sesshomaru, “Your mother or Saphera…?”

“Saphera, she had a vision, that this would happen, and she was right. She never felt that Inuyasha’s destiny was to be with you, she felt that another would be his soul mate, then she sent me out patrolling,” Sesshomaru said, Kagome looked at him with confusion,

“What do you mean?”

“You are to powerful to be the whelps mate therefore he is unworthy…” Sesshomaru said, as he stood, and pulled Kagome to stand with him.

“I don’t understand…”

“What do you feel for Inuyasha now…?”

“He’s my friend and nothing more, I had a crush on him yes but now it’s passed, when he asked me to be his mate I said, no.”

Sesshomaru smirked, knowing that the Miko was telling the truth, as he released her arm, and he undid the straps keeping his armor, in place.

“What are you doing?!” Kagome asked, blushing a little, her mind soon going onto the gutter, showing rather erotic positions that her and Sesshomaru could be in… Sesshomaru discreetly sniffed the air, and his beast was satisfied to smell a hint of Kagome’s arousal.

“Removing my heavy armor, what does it look like?” Sesshomaru, asked, as he pulled the chest plate over his head, and he dropped it to the ground, where it made a loud clang, as the two pieces hit the unforgiving earth. Then he removed the armor from around his waist, and that joined his chest plate on the ground with a loud thud.

Kagome stared at his white silk covered lean, yet muscular chest now that his armor, no longer obscured her view, he sat next to her, she sighed, as she leaned against his side.

“Who is my soul mate…?” Kagome asked in a whisper, a blush warming her cheeks while Sesshomaru looked at the top of her head.

“Do you truly want to know…?”



“Who is he…? Where is he…?” Kagome asked,

“He is sitting right next to you: I am you soul mate Kagome…”

“Really…?” Kagome asked, as she looked up into Sesshomaru’s golden orbs, instantly getting lost in them, a blush appearing on her cheeks a bit darker than the last time, as she pulled her Miko robes closed, to keep out the chill, of early autumn.


“Good…” Kagome whispered, as she noticed Sesshomaru’s face coming closer to hers,

“I agree…” with that said, their lips met, and a jolt of electricity shot through Kagome, causing heat to pool in her belly, Kagome moaned into Sesshomaru’s mouth, then he pulled back, and smirked. Kagome looked up at him dazed, and she smiled innocently.

“Do you wish to become this Sesshomaru’s mate…?”

“Hai, I do…” Kagome said, as she stroked Sesshomaru’s cheek, Sesshomaru leaned into her hand, and growled contentedly.

Kagome smiled, as she trailed her other hand down his neck to his haori, and his thin under haori. She pulled them from his hakuma, as he removed Tenseiga, and Bakususaiga, and he placed them with his armor.

She pushed them from his shoulders, as she enjoyed the view of his bare chest, and she ran her hands down his chest feeling his muscles bunch, and flex under her fingertips. She felt Sesshomaru’s hands on her bare skin, of her collarbone, as he started to push her white haori off her shoulders, she let him, the cotton of her robes sliding down her arms with Sesshomaru’s sword-calloused hands following the garment down her arms made sparks shoot through Kagome’s body, making her shiver in pleasure.

Sesshomaru picked up his mokemoke-sama and he wrapped it around Kagome’s shoulders, she blushed, but she smiled in thanks, as Sesshomaru’s hands trailed down her sides being careful about the bruises and cuts on her skin, as his beast growled, wanting to rip the pathetic half-breeds head off, for physically hurting the Miko who has always been a loyal pack mate even with the way Inuyasha treated her- Sesshomaru felt Kagome’s hand on his cheek again and he nuzzled into her palm.

“Let’s not think of him,” Kagome said, as she ran her other hand down Sesshomaru’s neck to his chest and she continued down, successfully distracting Sesshomaru, as he pulled her closer. He untied Kagome’s red hakuma and he pulled them off her. She blushed again, as Sesshomaru set her down in his lap, and she felt his erection, through his hakuma, and her last pair of panties from the future.

Sesshomaru looked at Kagome’s strange breast binding, and he raised an eyebrow at Kagome, “What do you call this…?” Sesshomaru asked, as he hooked his finger under the material and to his surprise he heard a little snap,

“Its… um… called a bra…” Kagome muttered, as she watched Sesshomaru, unclasp her bra, and he grabbed her right breast. “Oh… More…” Kagome moaned as he squeezed a bit,

Sesshomaru, started to kneed both of Kagome’s breasts as her bra fell to the forest floor, forgotten, he pulled her close for a kiss, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and tangled her hands into his long silver hair. He growled softly in pleasure, as he pulled back from her lips, because she scratched behind his ear. Kagome smiled, as he nuzzled into her neck,

“Take me…” Kagome whispered, as Sesshomaru licked her neck, he shredded her panties, as he started to suck on her nipple, while his other hand played with her other nipple. His other hand going down to her clit and rubbing gently, while being mindful of his claws.

Kagome moaned, loudly, as she bucked into Sesshomaru’s hand, and he nipped her nipple. Soon he felt her hands on his purple and gold obi, she struggled to untie it. Sesshomaru placed her down on his haori and he stood, removing his leather boots smoothly. Kagome watched his muscles ripple as he moved his arms, to untie his obi; one tug on it, and the bow came undone. Causing his hakuma to slide down his legs and pool at his feet, as Kagome’s eyes stopped on his erection, ‘He’s HUGE!’ Kagome thought with a blush, as she watched as Sesshomaru stepped out of his hakuma and he crawled over her, her blush darkened a bit, as he hovered over her, she tilted her neck to the side as Saphera and Sango instructed her on InuYoukai’s submission behaviors. Sesshomaru moved to nuzzle her neck, she let out a breathy moan as Sesshomaru kissed her neck.

“This will hurt Kagome,” Sesshomaru said in her ear, Kagome nodded, as Sesshomaru nudged her legs open more with his knee,

“I know,” Kagome whispered, as Sesshomaru, positioned himself at her core, he lifted her hips a bit for better entrance, before he started to thrust into her slowly, Kagome gasped in slight pain, but she knew that this was nothing compared to the pain that would come after Sesshomaru took her virginity.

“Are you ready Kagome…? To become my mate for eternity…?”

“Hai, I am Sesshomaru,”

“Once I start, I won’t stop…” Sesshomaru, watched Kagome nod, and he kissed her on the lips, as he gave one hard thrust of his hips, and he buried his erection completely inside her core. Kagome screamed in pain inside Sesshomaru’s mouth, Tears of pain sliding down her cheeks. Sesshomaru pulled back from Kagome’s lips to lick away her tears, and to growl soothingly to her, ‘Damn! She’s tight!’ Sesshomaru thought using all his control not to just pound into Kagome, until she couldn’t walk the next day…

Kagome stroked Sesshomaru’s hair between her fingers, as he purred to calm her, and she felt Sesshomaru’s hips shift a bit.

“Ah! Sesshomaru… I’m ready…” Kagome said, her eyes closed, and her blush darkening another shade, Sesshomaru nodded, as he slowly started to thrust into Kagome, causing her to moan in pleasure, and as his beast growled in pleasure.

“So… Tight…” Sesshomaru muttered as he moved his hair falling around Kagome in a curtain of silver, She pulled his head down, and she kissed him. He kissed her back, as he moved harder, and faster inside her. She pulled back and moaned loudly, as Sesshomaru started to lick and suck on Kagome’s neck, over the spot where he was going to mark her.

“Harder! Faster!!” Kagome yelled, as Sesshomaru obeyed, and she wrapped her legs around Sesshomaru’s waist. Sesshomaru growled as he felt Kagome’s nipples rubbing against his chest, as he fucked her hard, and she moaned clearly enjoying herself. Sesshomaru growled in pleasure as he felt Kagome’s muscles start to contract around his dick,


Sesshomaru bit where Kagome’s neck and shoulder meet, marking her as his, as her climax washed over her, and he howled out his climax as Kagome’s contracting muscles milked his shaft.

“Kagome… I love you,” Sesshomaru muttered, Kagome smiled, and stroked Sesshomaru’s cheek.

“I love you too,”



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