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His Slap, Her Moan, Their Shaping by Walter205

Stew stands no match for clay

 Sesshomaru arrived at the village just as the sun was setting at mid-day. Almost before he had even landed, Jaken was scurrying away torwards the old miko's hut. Inuyasha, seeing the toad coming, quickly scampered off into the forest, not wishing for a repeat of what he had seen with his poor virgin eyes last time.

 Out of the hut the two of them shared came Kagome, dressed in her red and white miko garb, dazzling smile nearly blinding him with her white teeth. His own feral grin in return nearly caused said miko to die from suffocation on the amount of blood filling her head from the deep red blush that spread over her face.

 "Come miko, we attend to buisness. Then, perhaps pleasure later," said Sesshomaru with a stoic face, knowing even as he said it that both matters were one and the same thing.

* * *

 Kaede turned her attention away from what she had been doing when she heard the tell tale prattle of little feet that heralded the arrival of her lover known as Jaken. Although their affair had spawned only one night so far, Kaede was more than welcome to give it a second go and let it keep on going.

 "Ye little Jaken, ye've come to see me again?" asked Kaede in a tender voice.

 "Ah yes, for although the all powerful Lord Sesshomaru commands my respect and loyalty, only the fair and abject beauty of the miko known as Kaede commands my love and spirit," confessed Jaken happily as he planted a little slimy wet one on Kaede's cheek.

 Not content with just a cheek peck, the old miko turned about and using one hand, drew Jaken in for a full french kiss, her tounge barely managing to wiggling inside of his beaky mouth to taste all of the slimy almost moldy but sweet in an odd way wetness that was the toad's essence. Trying with all his might, Jaken managed to manuever his own small tongue to taste the old and frail but still strong and powerful Kaede's mouth with a molten vengeance that had the older miko sighing in content and pleasure as she melted, but was careful not to melt right on top of him and crush his small frame.

 Realizing the old girl needed air, Jaken drew away first, and with a startled squawk, just noticed for the first time the tall chunk of molding clay sitting on a spinning wheel.

 "Busy are you Kaede love?" asked Jaken, not wishing to interrupt anything.

 "Oh, it's nothing that we can't yet do together. My sister's body is cracking and growing weary with constant souls entering and leaving, and so I have promised on Inuyasha's behalf to craft her a new clay body," said Kaede.

 "Hmm, I have an idea," said Jaken, whispering conspiritally into Kaede's ear.

 The old miko lit up in a brilliant blush, before nodding her consent. Quickly the two of them set about to remove their clothes.

* * *

 Sesshomaru and Kagome however were already far ahead of their comptetion, if they could be called as such, in the art of love.

 The miko was already down to her bra and panties, and Sesshomaru was already one hundred percent naked.

 "You know," said Kagome huskily, "I've been a naughty girl lately, not attending to the good lord's needs like a proper lover should,"

 "Mmm, what to do about it?" wondered Sesshomaru out loud.

 "Perhaps I should be spanked, as a suitable punishment?" asked the miko in wonder.

 Eyebrows raising in suprise, he didn't give her time to re-think her decision. Opening one clawed hand wide, he brought it down onto her plump derriere, targeting her left cheek. A resounding smack sounded through the village, followed by Kagome's sharp intake of breath and choked cry. Thrice more did Sesshomaru spank her as such, until her cheek was left throbbing....along with another part of her body...down there...

 "Too hard...," whined Kagome as real tears entered into her eyes from the throbbing pain.

 "It seems I need to be punished now for my lack of restraint," said Sesshomaru, as he rolled over and present his backside.

 Now it was Kagome's turn to do the eyebrow raising. But she was even quicker in her actions following that Sesshomaru had been in his.

* * *

 Kaede sat there, as the wet clay representing her soon to be sister's body spun around and around. Behind her, Jaken sat on the floor, reaching around with his oddly long toad tongue to caress her aged and saggy breasts and nipples, taunting the hardness and making Kaede's concentration at the task at hand much more difficult as she moaned out her pleasure.

 Taking her moan as a sign that she was ready, Jaken quickly slipped his slimy pecker into the folds of her ancient ass, sliding in and out at a frenzied pace as his size, or rather, lack of meant that friction would be his best friend to helping his lover feel the maximum pleasurable effect from his love making. He could've swore he heard a squeaking sound as he slid in and out at a frienzied pace, coming from her joints, but he shook it off as blasphemy.

 Clay began to spatter everywhere as Kikyo's body took form, the excess splattering around the room, and onto the naked Kaede, although Jaken was shielded from most of it by her body, sitting behind her such as he was. He did reach out, grab a hunk of flying wet clay, and massage it onto her left breast with her hand, playing with her nipple while the friction of him rubbing the clay warmed it, doing marvelous things to her body and it's lower portions....

* * *

 Once again though, Sesshomaru and Kagome were leagues ahead of their competition. Now divested of all clothing, Kagome was being pummeled into by Sesshomaru's hard length, the miko gasping and panting on her arms and knees as the Lord of the West approached his release. She was already on her way to her third and biggest release yet...

* * *

 The Kikyo clay body having long ago been finished and left off to the side, Jaken and Kaede laid to each other, the toad having spilled a prodigious amount of green sticky setoadmen into her body, and also spraying it into her mouth when he couldn't control his aim. Idly Kaede wondered what about the toad's biology that made the setoadmen have a candyish flavour, sort of like the candies Kagome brought back from her time called Pocky.

* * *

 A couple of days later, Kikyo claimed her new body, and prepared to settle down for a long night of rutting with Inuyasha. As she stripped off her clothes, and he his, his nose wrinkled.

 "Why does your body smell of Jaken, and Kaede,," a look of utter horror crossed Inuyasha's face as the answer to his question settled within his mind.

 Kikyo would never understand men as Inuyasha lay on the ground before her, sobbing uncontrollably as tears of pain and fear ran down his face...

 The End


A/N: This story is basically a sequel to the story "His Pet, Her (something-or-another), their stew. And as always, I don't Inuyasha nor will I profit from it. And reviews are appreciated.


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