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Lady by phishbon3s



This chapter is for Skye's Weekly Challenge Theme (September 27, 2009): Secret. Word count = 1971.

Be warned, this is going to contain fetish/roleplaying (puppy play) and some bondage. If this is squicky to you (squick = beyond your comfort level), there is no shame in turning back now. There will be lemon in the second chapter. My first lemon. Yay!

Be sure to check out the definitions and further explanations of the fetish terms used in this fic, if I end up confusing you.


Now on with the story


Thoughts - italic



Practically humming with excitement, Kagome tried to contain her joy. She just got her paycheck and had enough left over to buy a few new things for her dog, Lady. Walking up and down the aisle, she looked at the selection of various chew toys and ropes, some for big dogs and others obviously geared toward little lapdogs. Her eye was caught by an end cap display, bedecked out for Halloween. Dog costumes, themed treats and decorated bowls, but what drew her eye was the toys. Specifically the plastic candy corn. Kagome picked it up and gave it a squeeze, enjoying the cheerful sqeeeeeeee sound as well as the cute happy face on its front. Testing it, she found it wasn’t a hard plastic like the fake t-bone stakes were made of, but a softer one that was more pliable. Better for teeth of smaller or senior dogs. Nodding to herself, she headed to the checkout all giddy about the candy corn squeaky toy in her hand.

Hopping the bus to her next stop, Kagome stepped into the market. It was more of a farmers and traders market than anything else, many vendors huddled into one place selling everything from fresh organic produce to high end chocolate truffles. Wandering from vendor to vendor, she was nearly done with her grocery shopping before heading to the butcher’s counter.

Looking over the selection, she gave her order of chicken to the man, as well as a packet of the jerky morsels and grabbed her wallet to pay.


Jumping nearly out of her skin, Kagome turned and came nose to nose with a wall. Or more accurately a chest. She looked up into the citrine eyes of the her friend’s older half-brother, Sesshoumaru. He was an Inu Daiyoukai of immense power and skill, a killer in the business world and out. He was also apparently waiting for a reply.

“Good evening, Sesshoumaru. How are you?”

“This Sesshoumaru is shopping, as you seem to be as well.” He gave her bags a cursory glance before focusing on the one from the pet store.

Seeing what drew his gaze, Kagome smiled as she gathered her newest acquisitions. “Yep. A bit of shopping for me and my puppy before I catch the bus home. Lady just loves the jerky morsels from here. I use them to train her, but I don‘t seem to be getting anywhere”, Kagome chuckled in self derision.

Eyeing the aforementioned treats, Sesshoumaru narrowed his gaze on the woman before him. “Hnn.”

Turning on his heels, he tossed a commanding “Come”, over his shoulder at the woman before striding toward the front entrance. Stunned, Kagome followed without hesitation, or thinking really.

“Umm, where…”

“To your apartment.”



“Thank you for giving me a ride home, Sesshoumaru. I appreciated it.” Kagome grinned happily as she searched for her keys in her purse. ‘Where the devil were they?’ Intent on digging around for the blasted things, she nearly missed what Sesshoumaru said.

“… the training of your dog.”

Blinking, Kagome focused on him again. “Huh?”

“This Sesshoumaru is offering his help with the training of your dog, Kagome.”

Wetting her suddenly dry lips, Kagome waved her hands in front of herself trying to ward off that idea. “Eh, th-thanks for your offer but that w-wouldn’t be a good idea. Lady is very shy around strangers. She might be harder to train if she is nervous.” Kagome stammered.

Eyebrows raising nearly to his hairline, Sesshoumaru looked disbelievingly at the woman before him. “Kagome, this Sesshoumaru is a dog demon.”

Kagome laughed nervously before resigning herself to her fate. This could not end well. Sighing, she unlocked the door and flipped on the light. “Let me put away the groceries first. Then I’ll bring out Lady.”

Sesshoumaru sat on the couch as Kagome busied herself in the kitchen, putting items away and washed the new dog toy. After drying it she went to the cupboard and grabbed a large dog bowl to fill with water. She placed it on the floor, atop of a decorative placemat and dried her hands. Looking to her occupied couch, she tossed the jerky morsels onto her coffee table and headed down the hall.

Sesshoumaru waited patently while Kagome retrieved her pet. ‘Dog, indeed.’ He mentally chuckled, before licking his lips in anticipation.

Fifteen minutes passed before soft footfalls heralded her return.


She was dressed in a pair of loose black cotton pants ending in white socks, which had a light fluffy tail sewn on the back along her spine. Sesshoumaru, was pleased to make out the shape of knee pads, which she appears to be wearing under the pants. ’Good.’

A white top made of a light weight cotton, accented with black sleeves and patches of black on the sides and back. The sleeves had tight mitts on the ends over the hands, which caused her fingers to bend upon themselves to form ‘paws’  and limit the dexterity of said digits. A bit of fluffy white fur was sewn upon the front of her shirt, resting upon her breasts to create a ruff effect. She had a stocking cap in black and white upon her head, floppy ears shaking with her tremors, while her raven hair was bound in a braid trailing down her back. To complete the outfit was a leather collar and lead held between her shaking “paws”.

Rising from the couch, Sesshoumaru slowly stalked around ‘Lady’. “A border collie, it would seem. That is a hard breed to train. Very excitable and full of energy.”

He knew Kagome had been hiding something, for the smell should have been on her clothes or person. ‘She thought to lie to a youkai nose.’ Sesshoumaru gave a mental snort. Sweet little Kagome was into puppy play. The humor in that a dog demon was to train a human ‘puppy’ amused him on a several levels and excited him on a most base one as well. But first he would satisfy her needs before satisfying his.

“What signal do you use it get into your ‘puppy head space‘? What is the signal to return to yourself?”

Shocked, Kagome could only stare at him open-mouthed. “Uh-h--h… I-I usually start by putting my collar on before I play with my toys and get into the treat bag. I usually take a nap at the end of playing, so I guess I stop being… puppy-ish when I wake up.”

Taking the collar from her hand, he looped the leash around his hand slowly. “What else do you have?”

Turning with tail swishing, Kagome rushed to her bedroom and gathered her bag of doggie items then ran back to the demon in her living room. He careful picked through the bag and selected a clicker device. “This will do.” Placing the bag on the low table and pocketing the morsels, Sesshoumaru turned back to his newest source of entertainment.

“Now, Kagome, let us lay some ground rules. I will be training you, performing correctly will earn you treats and misbehaving will result in punishment. I will be using the clicker to gain your attention. I will call you Lady keep you in the moment. However, when I believe it is time for you to come back to me, I will call you by Kagome. Does this sound adequate to you?”

Kagome couldn’t believe her ears, she finally would have a handler and trainer! Biting her lip, she bounced on the balls of her feet, eager to start playing. She stilled under Sesshoumaru’s stern gaze and presented her neck as best she could, paws pulled up to her chest. Sesshoumaru rubbed his thumb over along the surface of the collar, admiring the soft leather. The make and design suggested she must have bought it from a bondage shop but the leash was clearly made for use on animals. Judging by the missing handle and the strength of the leather, it seemed to be suited to an equine rather than canine. ‘Clever girl.’

Sesshoumaru walked behind Kagome and moved her hair onto one shoulder. He slid the collar around the front of her neck and buckled it with enough room to fit two fingers comfortably. Circling to the front of her. Sesshoumaru unhooked the leash and stepped back.


Lady’s eyes popped open and she dropped swiftly to all fours. Right paw raised slightly, she shifted from paw to paw as she looked nervously at the demon before her. Whining and woofing shakily, she started to back up.


Lady’s ears perked at the sound. Looking wildly around her, she tried to locate where it came from.


His hand. His hand made the noise.

Sesshoumaru held the clicker loosely in his left hand as he slowly dropped into a crouch. He extended his right hand slowly at the nervous animal in front of him, crooking his fingers in a beckoning manner.


Lady looked confusedly at the gesture and noise the demon made. When he repeated the gesture again, she inched closer. He seemed pleased with her response so when he did it again, she stepped closer still.

Reaching into his pocket, Sesshoumaru took a treat and palmed it while she was looking intently at his right hand. When she was within a few feet of him, he opened his left hand to reveal the morsel of dried meat for her to see.

She cocked her head at him, not sure what to make of it until she came close enough to see what laid in his opened palm. Lady moved quickly to snatch the bit of meat from his hand with her mouth and back a safe distance to enjoy the treat.

Sesshoumaru was thoroughly enjoying this play. Kagome seems to have studied the mannerisms and reactions of actual dogs and pups to make her ‘head space’ as actual as possible. This was truly turning out to be entertaining.

Licking her lips, Lady looked eagerly to the man again who held his hand out to her once again with a treat. This one was not gobbled greedily at a safe distance but eaten leisurely from his hand. Sesshoumaru  took this chance slowly run his hand over her back as she licked the spicey flavor from his palm.

Sesshoumaru stood up slowly and headed toward the bag still on the coffee table, rummaging around in it.

Extracting a ball, he tossed it up only to catch it and repeat the action again. Lady’s head mirrored the ball’s movement as her whole body wiggled with over-flowing excitement. Smirking, Sesshoumaru tossed the ball down the hall with a command of "Fetch".

Lady shot after it like a bullet.



Two hours later, Lady was lounging on her huge pet pillow napping. She had played hard and mastered some basic tricks; sit up, speak, beg, heel. However, he had just a few more tricks he had to teach this ‘puppy’.

Sesshoumaru cleaned off the toys before putting them back in the bag and into her room. The nearly empty water bowl was also seen too, before he swaggered toward the sleeping girl and kneeled down.

He drew his tongue languidly across the exposed portion of Kagome’s neck, along her collar. Kagome moaned sleepily as he nipped gently at her earlobe.

She rolled onto her back and stretched, muscles shaking with the effort. A breathy pant escaped her as a tongue slide across her lips before being replaced by own.

The sound of a metallic click caused her eyes to shoot open in surprise to stare at the man before her.

“Now that Lady has been seen to and training went quite successfully,” Sesshoumaru’s voice rumbled huskily. “It is time for Kagome’s training to begin. You have learned to heel, but soon you will learn to ‘come’ when I call .”

To be continued...


Explanations - Here is a basic run down of what this fetish or role-playing is, generally speaking. It can and usually does, differ from person to person. A good place to start and get more in-depth is the NEPups website and click the Puppy Play 101 section on your left. Here’s their brief rundown:

What is puppy play?

Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog and another takes that of the handler or trainer. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological pup.

It's not necessarily a sexual play, though it can be. For many it serves as a release of the animal part of them.

It is not is bestiality: real animals are not involved.

What is puppy headspace?

Headspace is hard to describe. It's the mental state you put on when you are doing puppy play. Dogs live in the moment, they do not think about the past or present. They act on instinct rather than rationality. Dogs are pack animals and seek attention from the other members of the pack. They look to the other dogs for leadership and guidance, and will assert their own if they do not find it. Maintaining headspace is about putting aside the human thoughts and desires and thinking instead about a pup's thoughts and desires.

For more information on the what, why and how of puppy play, please see the above website. Or just pm me.


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