Blood, Milk, and Sky by BeautifulSilentDeath

Blood, Milk, and Sky

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Blood, Milk, and Sky

This is the only song fic I ever did.  I am a little peeved that I can't get a hold of all of my old one shots.  And that sucks.  I had some that I really loved.  Oh well.  I am not going to redo this one just yet.  It isn't as bad as some of my older ones.  But, I will so get those on here too.  

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 Kagome could see a full moon over head as she leaned against the windowsill. She now resided in an old mansion. At one time, it was beautiful. Now, it being hundreds of years old, no longer had such beauty. She is a paranormal investigator. Her and her team hunted the abnormal; the things that go bump in the night. This was one of them. Inuyasha and Miroku went home. The night was long and slow, showing no sign of anything strange. Kagome sent them on their way. Telling them she would keep watch. She really just wanted the solitude.

The moment she walked into this old plantation-style home, she felt like she once belonged. She still felt it now. Walking down the halls, Kagome felt welcoming chills on her skin. It was like a person giving sensuous kisses on her neck and back. She received them stronger when standing in front of Mr. Sesshoumaru Samuel's grand painting hanging in the main entry of the house. He had unearthly long silver hair and golden eyes that seemed to penetrate the soul. Miroku and Inuyasha said the picture creeped them out. Kagome thought it hypnotized her. She was staring at the picture now. His eyes seemed to follow her wherever she moved. No. Nothing about this picture scared her. It only entranced her, made her want. She turned away and decided it was getting stuffy in the old mansion. She turned back to the window and opened it up. A cool spring breeze flowed past her. It felt nice. She looked at all of her equipment. The best money can buy. All of it was state-of-the-art. If she were to see anything supernatural, it would be caught by these machines.

She studied the main entranceway again. There were giant statures along the base of the stairs and long-lost beautiful velvet drapes hung from the windows. An old oriental rug led from the door to the beginning of the stairs. The stairs themselves narrowed and opened up more in a shell design. It was beautiful. She locked eyes with the painting again and admired the way it hung over the fireplace, commanding attention. She wondered what he was like. From the stories told, the man was brutal. He had wealth and power. If not for the civil war, he would have lived a lot longer. He died a brutal death. Sesshoumaru fought for his land, nothing else. When the Yankees came, he fought them all he could. It only resulted in him being doused in lamp oil and set on fire. They all watched as he burned to death. He left behind a wife and two children. They were taken away and no one knows what happened to them. Now it is said he wonders this plantation, wanting revenge only to never have it. 'A wondering soul...' she thought. Much like herself.

The woman was beautiful. Inuyasha startled her when he said it looked like her. In a lot of ways, it did. She had long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. The only difference was her appearance. She appeared to be happy. Kagome couldn't remember the last time she actually smiled like that. After the death of her parents, she never smiled much. Being the only child orphaned at a young age did that to her. The woman in the painting also disturbed her because of her name. She shared the same first name. Kagome Samuel. Miroku got a funny thought. He actually had a running belief she could be the reincarnation of this happy woman. She only scoffed at him. Really, what was he thinking?

Kagome found it to quiet in the old house. She wanted some noise. Walking over to her small CD player, she pulled out her CD collection in the yellow bag beside it. After thumbing through it, she pulled out a White Zombie CD. She hadn't listened to this CD in a while. It would fit the old house and the mood she was in quite well. She popped in the CD and pressed play. It was getting dark in here and she lit some candles resting in various places. The old house had no electricity. She needed light somehow. Kagome couldn't use the battery pack made for the machines. It would take up too much battery life. So candles it is. She then sauntered over to her chair and took out her note book, writing what she had observed so far. She glanced at her watch and noted it nearing midnight. That was supposed to be when the haunting fun started. Well, she would wait. Hopefully it wouldn't be another boring night.

Almost an hour past midnight and the CD started to come to the last song. In her boredom, Kagome started to get up. This had to be her most favorite song. She couldn't help but smirk in her playful mood while she started to dance. Her short-fitting shirt and small skirt shifting with her movement. The cool breeze from the window rushed over her skin and gave electrical shocks over her while she got lost in the beginning of the song. Kagome found herself drawn to look at the picture again while she danced. She couldn't help but make her dance more erotic as she envisioned herself dancing for the stoic and cold looking man. It was fun until the first lyric started of the song, making her think maybe this wasn't a good idea.

*The siren sings a lonely song... of all the wants and hungers...*

She felt as if her body had been taken over, like someone else possessed her. Her movements became more fluid as she arched her back and ran her hands over her body. 'What is wrong with me?' she wondered. Kagome should have been frightened but instead she felt free. She noticed a glowing around her when her wondering hands were joined by second pair.

"I have waited so long for you, my love." Came a low voice in her ear.

Kagome felt chills run down her spin as the cool second pair of hands became visible. She turned her head and gazed at the beautiful man from the painting. Only this wasn't a painting, this was real. His hands wondered over her body, touching her in all the right places.

*The lust of love a brute desire...The ledge of life goes under...*

Sesshoumaru ran his hands under her shirt, removing it with fluid motion. Her bra was relinquished from her body next and she could feel a cooled mouth on her heated flesh. Where Kagome should have been running and screaming, her body betrayed her. The tall ghost gave her feelings of sinful pleasure with just the touching of her skin alone. He removed her skirt and panties with just one swift movement, now standing naked before him. She felt no shame, only the feeling of belonging here, with this man who glowed with a urethral shine.

*Divide the dream into the flesh.... Kaleidoscope and candle eyes....*

The candle light in the room danced around and made his eyes flicker from sunny to dark in an appearance of a shinny golden necklace twinkling in the sunlight. It hypnotized her, made her want him with a fevered heat she could feel at her warmed core. His lips met hers with coolness to her fire and she realized he was naked as well. Sesshoumaru pulled back and peered at her again while she studied his sculptured body. Kagome should have been blushing, instead she felt the belongingness she felt upon entering this worn down mansion. Her head spun as the dark music played on in time with his cool caresses and strong hands.

*Empty winds scrape on the soul.... But never stop to realize....*

He laid her down on the old Oriental rug. Despite its dustiness, the rug retained the softness. He settled between her legs and rained kisses down her body, leaving a burning sensation that seemed to sear her soul in its wake. She felt a light breeze at her heated core and realized he now rested at her nether lips. Kagome watched as he studied her patch of curls with a longing of only a shattered soul would when separated from his one true addiction.

"I have waited so long for you to return to me," he whispered and then delved into her hot depths.

Kagome let out a loud and long moan at the feel of his tongue brushing against her swollen clit. With his strokes becoming faster, matching his hunger, her cries were synchronized with his movements. Soon she exploded with a soul shattering scream. Her orgasm washing his tongue with her lustful juices. Sesshoumaru made sure not to miss a drop.

*Animal whisperings intoxicate the night....hypnotize the desperate slow motion light...*

He slowly crawled up her body and kissed her again with a wild fire, threatening to burn her lips in its wake. She could taste herself on his lips and it only fueled her own growing passion for him.

"Sesshoumaru...," she moaned when he pulled back from her lips.

"Yes, my love. I have waited for this time. Tonight you will belong to me again. No one will separate us this time." His words made her understand his true meaning. He never wanted revenge for the killing of him; he only wanted his love back. They took away from him the one thing he protected. Not his land, but his wife. He wanted her back.

*Wash away into the rain.... Blood, milk, and sky...*

He positioned himself at her hot sheath and pushed in, making her shiver in the promise of the best lovemaking she would ever experienced. Sesshoumaru hesitated at first, wanting to savor the feel of her hot, tight channel. Kagome's whimper of need made him start a slow rhythm. He grabbed her wrists and pulls them over her head as he pumped into her with sure and strong strokes.

Kagome flushed in her want and desire as he made love to her. A light sheen of sweat started to appear and she met him with every motion he made. Her body felt hot as he lightly started to kiss her neck and place gentle nips where he saw fit.

*Hollow moons illuminate and beauty never dies....*

Kagome moaned his name as he picked up the pace. She looked upon her ghostly lover and noticed how the moon lighted his body, giving him more of a glowing appearance. Soon they were both meeting each other with a fiery pace. Both never seeming to get enough of the other. He removed his hands from her wrists and wrapped them around her waist. He brought her up to rest on his lap as he slammed into her with a speed most humans couldn't fathom.

*Running wild... Running Blind... I breathe the body deep...*

She brought her fingers to his shoulders as he rammed into her. The nails digging into his cold, dead skin. She met him halfway into a kiss that promised her soul as they continued the lustful dance, never breaking the beat. Kagome could feel her body building for an orgasm she never felt before. She could vaguely see the glow that only resided on him started to bleed onto her own body. Both now shined bright in the candle lit room and the feeling was indescribable as she moved against him in a hastened pace.

*1,000 years beside myself...I do not sleep...*

"It is soon, my love," he breathed out between pants, " We will be together again."

A part of her was scared, but her soul longed for him to keep his promise to her. "Yes," she moaned, "Make me yours..."

*Seduce the never screams-dead water lies..*

Kagome screamed as her body rocked with an orgasm. Her insides cried as she washed away on the feeling of it and suddenly she felt the sorrow of her life disappear. She leaned forward on her lover and felt his now warm arms surrounded her. She opened her eyes and looked around. Everything looked new again, like nothing ever aged. She had a flood of memories hit her at once. All the memories of her past life came washing back, making sure they were never forgotten. She knew now. The soldiers had drowned her outside in the pond after she was forced to watch her lover die. Her children shared the same fate as she did. It is a horror she would never have to experience again. Kagome was now reunited with her soul mate.

*Ride the only one knows....Beauty never dies...*

"My love...," she whispered as she touched the side of his face. Sesshoumaru smiled at her and held her close to his body.

"Come," he said, "Our children await us."

He helped her up and suddenly she was dressed in a beautiful ball gown. Her old life forgotten as she walked up the stairs of her home, holding Sesshoumaru's hand. 'I am home again....'


Inuyasha walked into the old mansion the next day with Miroku tagging along behind him. Both wondered what had happened overnight. They hopped something good.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called out as he noticed her missing in the main entrance. He heard nothing and turned to Miroku with a worried glance.


Nothing again. Miroku walked over to the equipment and noticed a red flashing light. Something was caught on tape. He pressed the rewind button and turned away from the screen with a blush. The quickened images showed something he would only see in a porn movie.

"What it is, Miroku?" Inuyasha questioned as he walked over viewed the rewinding take. He pressed the play button to slow down the images and watch it in normal speed. Kagome lay there, in what looked like bliss, as a glowing apparition slowly moved over her. Both grew frantic as they looked all around the mansion for her. Both could be heard calling out for her. They finally looked at the tape again and noticed she disappeared from the screen. Not traces of her clothes or anything left. She just.... disappeared.

"What are we going to do, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked. He was worried for his friend, but nothing could be found of her. The only thing they had left was a tape showing her doing things both guys really didn't want to show to anyone.

"We pack everything up and file a missing persons report with the police." He picked up the tape and looked at Miroku. " No one is to EVER see this."

Both men shared understanding glances and got ready to leave. Neither of them wanting to stay in the place longer than needed.



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