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Visions by Mujitsu


Beta'd by the ever wonderful Wiccan


Chapter One



There was no time to scream as the fear clawing up her throat choked off any sound she might have made.  She could just barely hear her gasping breath and the faint sound of sinister laughter echoing through the darkness over the rapid pounding of her heart.


Something was stalking her.


Something, someone, far more advanced than anything she had ever dealt with before.  It frankly scared the living shit out of her.

She knew where she was.  She knew that, physically, she was safe.  Safe, save for the pounding headache and lingering nausea she was sure to face when she woke up.


Kagome Higurashi was having another vision.


She had been having them for the past twelve years, ever since she was ten.  People had thought her an abomination, scared of the power she possessed.  But it wasn’t power; power she already had, being one of the youngest High Mikos in history.  No, the visions were a bitter curse.  Her visions were not what the normal mikos experienced, so unlike the vague dreamlike quality that allowed a miko to see a foretelling of future events.  Kagome was unique.


She was cursing that uniqueness as she felt another shudder tremble through her body.  Why did everything have to feel so damn real when she was having a vision?  She could feel the icy chill of the darkness, smell the tangy, rotting stench of someone’s dinner decaying in the dumpsters of what she was sure was a deserted alley.  She winced as a cat howled in the night, the sound particularly loud to her ears in the now suffocating silence.  She was on her knees, cold water from a puddle soaking through her nicely pressed khaki pants.


Somebody is rich, she noticed distantly as she looked down at her wrist and saw a watch made from one of the finer jewelers in Tokyo.  She noticed that this time she had a slightly muscular frame, and deduced that she was a male this time, her mind working on the details so she could use them later even though the clawing of her fear, the man’s fear was growing stronger.  It was also in this way that Kagome was unique.  When other mikos had visions, they were like spirits standing on the outside looking in, observing the events happening from a third person view. 


Kagome had no such luxury.


Because Kagome’s visions in themselves were not normal, neither was the way she experienced them.  Apparently whatever was stalking her, or perhaps it would be better to say the man who’s body she was currently inhabiting and whose emotions she was currently feeling, was tired of waiting for its prey to try and run away.  Kagome tried to block out the panic that she was feeling due to the fact of her temporary possession, but it was impossible.  She felt everything the man did, moved the way he did, and reacted the way he did without any conscious on her part.  She had no control over anything in her visions, she just had to watch.  And feel.


That was the worst part.  And all because of that damn uniqueness, the curse she was gifted with.  Kagome’s visions never had happy endings, and she could not just store it away in the box.  Her normalcy was ripped away from her with her first vision.  She was told that the neighbors could hear her screaming on that night.


Because in every vision, Kagome died.


Kagome’s fate was to watch, to feel, as others died, to witness their last moments on Earth before they were ripped away from it.  And every time, it was a violent end.


She braced herself mentally as the body she inhabited suddenly sprung into action, trying to run away from the unknown predator.  She felt a change in the presence pursuing her, one of wicked amusement and spiking bloodlust.  She knew this was going to end painfully for her.


Seconds later she was proven right as she saw a clawed hand rake across the belly of the man, of her .  The man cried out in pain, and so did she.  She felt the warm wetness of blood sliding down the nice khaki’s the man had worn as she fell to the ground, landing with a hard thud.  The man was in a state of shock now, staring at the grimy bricks of the alleyway as whatever had maimed him began on his back.  However, the pain was still there, and every rip, every bite, every bit of flesh torn resulted in her mental cry of agony.


Such was her curse.


She saw her vision waver in front of her, and knew that it was almost over.  The man was almost dead, and then she’d be free.  But then, that would only be the beginning.  Before her last vestiges of consciousness left her, she saw the measured tread of someone walking towards her and the beast that was still feasting on her flesh.


Expensive, polished shoes , she noted, and shivered as his aura brushed the area.  The beast wasn’t the true source of evil.  He was just a lowly minion, with barely the mental capacity to set a trap.  No, it was this new arrival that had set fear into Kagome’s heart from the beginning.  But she could not glimpse his face, or even lift her eyes from his feet, and she damned her curse once more.


The body she was in gave a gurgle as the last shreds of life were torn away from him.


Vision dimming, she heard the voice of the newcomer; silky, smooth, and altogether dangerous slide over her consciousness.


“Feast well my friend.  We hunt my dinner next.”








“Fuck, Sesshoumaru, how many does this make in a month?”  Inuyasha asked, holding a hand to his nose, trying to block out the disgustingly familiar scent of human death.  “If we don’t stop this soon, the humans will be in a panic.”  He didn’t expect Sesshoumaru to answer him, knowing that the TaiYoukai was already aware of the growing media investigating the rise of these human killings.  But as he glanced towards his half-brother, he could practically see the waves of rage radiating off of Sesshoumaru, even though the older demon kept his face a perfect mask of stoic perfection.  Inuyasha snorted to himself at the thought.  Just under that mass was a seething beast, just tugging at the chain of the Inu demon’s control.


“Sesshoumaru-sama?” a woman dressed in black with her hair up in a high ponytail strode to where Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were standing, her eyes spitting with annoyance.  “There’s no obvious trail leading away from this site.  Bastard covered his tracks completely.  Kouga couldn’t sense anything either.”


“Jeez, Sango, I thought you and wolf-shit specialized in tracking and you can’t even get one single clue?” Inuyasha broke in with disgust.  He watched the demon slayer straighten her back, and his ears pinned to his head as he realized he was getting himself into trouble.


“If you don’t think that we’re all a little frustrated by whoever is targeting these humans, you better get it into your thick head, Inuyasha, that this is not something we’ve ever dealt with before,” she said in a slow, tight voice, addressing him as if he were a five year old.


“Tch, I know that, woman, you don’t need to point it out,” Inuyasha fired back.  “This is eighth human this month, fifteen in total since the killings began, and so far guess how much evidence we have?  Nothing!  Not one measly little footprint or scent to go on!”


“Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru’s deep voice spoke up for the first time, the coldness of it causing everyone to stand at attention.  “This is getting us nowhere.  If you have something useful to contribute, by all means, but if not, keep your mouth shut.”


Inuyasha bristled at his half-brother’s high and mighty attitude, but didn’t really feel like challenging him right now.  These were Sesshoumaru’s lands, no matter how much the government tried to claim it was theirs.  Sesshoumaru just let them think that so he would gain a little peace.  However, since these were his lands, and some unknown demon was murdering innocent humans right under the Taiyoukai’s nose, his territorial instincts had to be going into overdrive.


“Fine,” Inuyasha huffed, smart enough to back down for now.  “We need to regroup anyway at headquarters.  The police are jumping down our throats on this one.  They want to know when this rogue demon will be caught.”


“Those insignificant little pests have no right to demand anything,” Sango exclaimed heatedly.  “They deal with the human who prey on the innocent and we hunt the demons.  That’s how it’s always been.  They should know not to doubt Sesshoumaru.”


“They will hear of my displeasure,” Sesshoumaru said, his voice still infuriatingly calm, but a wicked glint in his amber eyes that make Sango grin mentally.  Poor people.


“In the meantime,” he continued smoothly, “It’s time to regroup and meet back at headquarters.  I will join as soon as I deal with the police.”


“Miroku is coming to town today,” Inuyasha stated bluntly. 


“I care not about humans who are idiotic enough to befriend you, half-breed,” Sesshoumaru replied, already beginning to walk back to his car.


“He’s a holy man, asshole,” Inuyasha shot back, baring his fangs at the insult.  “If you get over that damn pride of yours, maybe you’ll realize that he could be a help to us.  At this point, I’m willing to try anything.”


He waited in silence as he stared at the broad back of his half-brother.  Oh, it would chafe on the full-demon, the hanyou realized this well enough and it gave him a sadistic glee to know that Sesshoumaru would have to resort to using outside means to curb the threat to his territory.  Protection of his land and people was of top priority, even if the Taiyoukai hadn’t seen humans as worth protecting until two centuries ago.  However, his instincts would demand justice and prod him to exterminate this new threat as soon as possible before more lives were lost.


“It might be a good idea,” Sango said softly.  “It couldn’t hurt to at least try.”


The only answer the two got was the retreating back of Sesshoumaru, but it was enough.  All that mattered was that he hadn’t forbade it.


Sango and Inuyasha exchanged identical grins before they went to go collect the rest of the team.  The day was looking better already.








“Kagome are you sure you’re okay?”


Kagome sighed, resisting the urge to rub the nape of her neck, where a vicious headache was throbbing at the base of her skull.  “For the last time, Miroku, I’m fine.  It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.  I’m just sorry that you were unfortunate enough to witness it last night.”


“Don’t,” the monk said in a surprisingly hard voice.  “For God’s sake, don’t apologize for that.”


She watched, dumbfounded, while he got up to restlessly pace the small hotel room she was currently housed in.  “Miroku?”


“Kagome,” he said, and then dropping down on a knee in front of her and taking her hand, a rare serious demeanor surrounding him.  “Kaede explained to me what your visions did to you last year.”  He ignored the stiffening of her body and continued on.  “You can’t keep this burden to yourself.  Every time someone’s malicious aura is around you and it spikes, you are caught in the crossfire.  You only feel the claws of powerful demons and I can’t imagine the torture that they put you through, every night.”


“It’s not every night,” she protested.  “Once a demon’s aura hits the danger levels and I have a vision of them, I only see them when their aura spikes, and only then.  I guess I just…stay with them until they are exterminated.”


“Which you take upon yourself,” Miroku said, his eyes flashing in anger.  “How many more can you take down before you collapse?”


“I happen to be stronger than I look,” Kagome bit back frostily, trying to snatch her hands away halfheartedly.  “I don’t have the title of High Miko for nothing!”


“I know that, and as a monk, I respect the fact that you are powerful, more powerful than me, but as your friend I worry for you!”


He watched her blue eyes soften minutely.  “Thank you, Miroku, but you have to trust me when I say I can handle this.  The pain is sometimes unbearable, yes, but only in that moment.  Once the body I’m in dies, that’s it.  I’m back to normal.  It’s something I’ve had to learn how to do.  I’ve built up a very high pain tolerance, so it’s not that bad.”  She refrained from telling him about all the times she hadn’t died immediately.  Some demons liked to play with their prey, dragging out their death for their own enjoyment.  She’d been tortured more times than she could count, but she’d already accepted her fate.  But that’s not to say she didn’t take special pleasure in purifying them for their crimes once they’d been found.  And Kagome always found what she was looking for.


“I want to take you out of the city,” Miroku said suddenly, causing her eyes to harden once more in stubbornness.  “I invited you with me for this visit so you could get out of the city you were in and take a break.”


“Evil doesn’t take a break, Miroku,” Kagome said in a final voice.  “You can’t just lock it away in a closet until you’re ready to deal with it again.  It’s everywhere.  And now that I’ve made a connection with someone here, I’m not leaving until I catch him.”  Even if his power disturbs me…’ she thought.


“You don’t have to catch them!” Miroku said, his voice tightening.  “Why is it your responsibility?  It’s bad enough that you feel the pain of them killing you, but then you have to face them every time afterwards.   Let someone else deal with it this time!”


“It’s not someone else’s burden,” Kagome finally snapped, standing up and pacing around the room while Miroku took her place in the small chair she had been sitting in.  “There is only one miko in every millennia that has the visions I have, and our purpose is to exterminate the demons whose aura and bloodlust have gone out of control.  Kami was the one who saw me fit to carry the burden of them, and it’s my responsibility to do my job.  Why can’t you understand that?”


“Because it causes you in pain,” he said quietly, and she paused in her pacing.  “The screams I heard coming from you last night were not of just terror, they were of excruciating pain.  It was all I could do not to knock down your door and try to wake you up.”


“You wouldn’t have been able to do it,” her voice said wearily.  “My powers react to anyone who is interrupting the vision and freezes them.  You would be stuck that way until I woke up and the vision was over.”  She went over to the bed and sat down on the edge, and watched as he joined her, his voice calm and sincere.


“I would have risked it to stop your pain.  Kagome, you are one of the best friends I have, and one of the best mentors as a High Miko.  I don’t know why you were the one the Gods cursed with this, but isn’t there a way to ease your pain?  Even Kami should know that any human put under this stress will break eventually.”


“Of course the Gods made a way to ease the miko’s pain.  They are not that cruel.  But no miko has ever found what they needed.”  The Chosen One.  “I’m not going to consider myself lucky enough to find it either.  I will deal with the visions as I see fit, and right now, that means finding the bastard.”


“We’re in a different city now.  You don’t have your usual resources.”


“No,” she said, her smile lighting her face, but Miroku’s dropped, knowing that look and glint in her eyes.  “We’ll just have to use your resources.  Didn’t you say that your friend Inuyasha was on the task force for exterminating demons?  What better way for them to make another catch than to stop this demon?  I’m sure they would be willing to cooperate.”


“If only it were that easy.  Inuyasha is not the head of the taskforce, however.  His brother, well, half-brother, is.”




“Kagome, Inuyasha’s brother is Sesshoumaru.”


He felt her pause and smiled.  Every miko has heard of Sesshoumaru, the last remaining TaiYoukai in existence.  No other demon possessed his power, speed, cunning, and control.  Perfect in every way, although Kagome had never had the pleasure of seeing the demon.  “Sesshoumaru, huh?  I don’t see how that’s going to be a problem.  He would want to rid himself of the threat.”


“Kagome, you don’t understand.  I know that you will insist on working closely on this case, but Sesshoumaru only works with a select few.  Inuyasha is one of them, and there are a few others I haven’t met yet.  He will not appreciate your interference.”


“He will if he wants to catch the demon.  The visions aren’t going to go away until we catch him, so the sooner you want them to go away, the sooner you’ll ask Inuyasha to let us look into it and if they know anything.”


Miroku looked at her in amused exasperation.  “You are one tricky woman,” he said, slinging an arm around her shoulders and squeezing affectionately.  “All right, I’ll ask them when I go today, although I don’t know if it will do any good.  You will stay here and rest,” he ended sternly.


“Fine fine, but before you leave I have to tell you the details of the vision so you can see if Inuyasha knows if the victim has been found yet.  I can describe what I saw to you,” Kagome said, hugging him back.  “You’re the best!”


A lecherous grin came over his face as he realized his oppourtunity.  A second later he was sprawled out on the floor, a goofy grin on his face, hearing Kagome yell, “Hentai!”


Some things never changed.










“Miroku, long time no see!”


“Inuyasha, it’s good to see you too.  Has life been keeping you out of trouble?”  The two males exchanged a firm handshake, realizing that it had been five years since each had seen each other last.  Both had been picked to work together to stop a hanyou, Naraku.  It had been one of the toughest battles both had fought, the two of them coming close to death a few times.  But in the end, they had beaten the hanyou and rid the world of his existence, and formed a lasting friendship over it.  Miroku looked his friend over, realizing wryly that he had always been envious of a demons ability to never age, and while Inuyasha was a half demon, he still didn’t look more than eighteen, even if he was over five hundred years old.  He remembered that Sesshoumaru was centuries older than that and didn’t look a day over twenty-three.  It really was quite unfair.


“Keh, trouble finds me, not the other way around.  But lately it’s been getting worse.”


“A new case?” Miroku asked, drawing his brows together.  If Inuyasha and his team were already working on another case, Kagome’s plan to have them work together might be destroyed.


“One of the worse,” the hanyou sighed.  He lifted his clawed hand to scratch behind his ears, the very picture of frustration.  “That’s kinda why I have to ask you something.  Miroku, this bastard is leaving nothing behind for us to track, and we are at our wits end trying to get anything on this guy.  He’s killed fifteen humans so far, and will kill much more if we don’t stop him.  I’ve gained Sesshoumaru’s permission to have you give us your input and opinion on this if you were willing.”  The hard tone in his voice suggested that Miroku better be willing.  The young monk hid a laugh behind a cough at the tough persona the hanyou was trying to put on.


“Of course I’m willing to offer my meager expertise to help you.  I don’t know how much good it will do, but I’m willing to try.”


“Good, we’ll go by headquarters now and get started on this case.  He doesn’t say it, but I know Sesshoumaru is about ready to rip off heads over this case.”


“A raging TaiYoukai is never a good thing.  Where is he now?”


“At police headquarters dealing with the incompetent fuckers there.  He’ll meet us at our headquarters later.”


Miroku winced.  “I feel bad for the police right now.”


Inuyasha grinned, a hit of fang glinting.  “It’s not anything that they don’t deserve.”







Sesshoumaru was fighting the instinct to just rip the humans to shreds.  The feel of blood on his claws, the satisfaction of ripping flesh and the smell of his poison would bring him a vicious satisfaction right at this moment.  Instead, he was staring stoically at the chief of the puny force they called the police, being lectured.  Lectured!  It was almost too much for his status as Alpha to take.  But he let it continued, knowing that if he killed these humans, the government would gather every available resource together to take him down.  Not to mention the Human/Demon Compromise reached three centuries ago that forbade any demon or human to kill each other.  Right now he was wishing that law had never gone into effect.  When the chief had paused in the middle of his lecture, Sesshoumaru let a little of his youki leak into the room, effectively silencing the man and making the others stand to attention.  The feeling was not very pleasant, feeling as if there were a suffocating presence in the room, the smell of just raw power stopping the humans in their tracks.


Sesshoumaru smiled a little in satisfaction and had the pleasure of seeing the humans pale.  He withdrew his youki, and watched as the human tried to regain their breath.  “Gentlemen,” he began softly, his voice causing many backs to straighten in wariness.  While Sesshoumaru was known to have the most control over his demonic instincts, there was only so far one could push an Inuyoukai and live.  They were testing that control right now.  “Even though I shouldn’t have to explain myself to the likes of you, I’m willing to be generous so your human minds can comprehend.  The demon that is attacking the humans will be caught and will be dealt the punishment according to his crimes.  There will be no more media covering this case, blowing it out of proportion.  Is that understood?”  Many heads nodded vigorously.  “Many of you are now taking granted my protection.  Any more doubt in my abilities, and I will have no qualms whatsoever of letting these demons have free reign to this city and watch in amusement while you try to combat them.  My pride as a TaiYoukai is the only reason why my services are being offered to your kind.  Is that understood?”  More nods.  “Good,” he said, turning around and walking away, only the swish of his knee length hair being the sound of his departure. With him, the sense of power, of demonic intention faded, letting many men breath easier.


One of the newer men, unaware of just how much Sesshoumaru was capable of demanded, “Why doesn’t the government just kill the arrogant prick?  He should have no right to talk to us like that.”

His chief looked at him sharply.  “Fool, would you like to try being the one to take him down?”


No reply.


“That’s what I thought.”



Meanwhile Sesshoumaru was clenching and unclenching his claws, the only sign of his temper showing as he methodically calmed his temper.  He wanted to tear into something, to ease this damnable rage inside of him, but he was not a TaiYoukai for nothing.  He had tight control over his instincts, no matter how much they screamed at him.  In the past, before he had gained his icy control, he let his instincts have free reign, rutting whatever bitch was willing and hot, showing affection for them by nuzzling and cuddling, challenging any fool who was unlucky enough to insult him (although that part he was still struggling with), and letting his temper get the best of him.  Looking back, he realized how foolish that all was.  Loss of control would get a demon killed faster than anything, and affection should only be reserved for the select few who deserved it, such as a mate and family.  However, Sesshoumaru had no such mate, and probably would never find a mate worthy enough for him, so he contented himself on gaining power and more control as the centuries passed.  And now those imbeciles doubted his ability to stop one measly little demon.


His temper drained completely away as his mind latched onto the new problem that this demon presented.  There was no scent left behind, which was not so unusual as the more powerful demons were capable of masking their scent, but what was odder was that there was no trace of an aura left behind.  At least none that he could detect, and that bothered him.  There should have been something that he could go on, but there was nothing.  He secretly hoped that the monk, Miroku, would be able to help with something, anything that would give them a clue as to where to go next.


Later, when he entered the sleek penthouse on one of the buildings Sesshoumaru own, which doubled as their headquarters, he could smell the monk already and nodded in approval.  They were not wasting any time.  He could smell that the rest of the team had gathered and was pleased.  He opened the doors, and five sets of eyes turned to face him.  Both the monk and Inuyasha were standing by the table, while Kouga, Sango, and Shippo were all sitting, listening to Inuyasha describe the cases to Miroku and bring him up to date.


“Sesshoumaru-sama,” Miroku greeted.


“Monk,” Sesshoumaru nodded, and took his seat at the head of the table, allowing Inuyasha to continue the discussion.


“When was the last killing?” Miroku asked, already brought up to date on the members of the team and the killings that had been going on.


“Last night,” Sango said grimly, reaching into a folder and pulling out a few photographs to show the handsome monk who had come in to work on the case.  Shaking those thoughts out of her head she showed him the grisly aftermath of the demon’s latest victim.


Miroku froze as he saw the photographs, and Sesshoumaru’s attention was caught, as well as everyone else’s.  “What’s up, Miroku?” Inuyasha asked.  “It’s not like you haven’t seen a dead body before.”


“No, it’s not that,” Miroku said, his mind whirling.  “I need to make a quick phone call.”  Whipping out his cell phone, he pushed the speed dial for Kagome.  Everyone in the room was paying attention now at the phone conversation that unfolded.  “Kagome, there’s been a development in the case you’re working on.  Apparently Inuyasha’s team has been working on it for the last few months….No, I’m looking at what you saw in your vision last night….Yes, I’m positive.  Everything you described, right down to the watch and khaki pants and the wounds.”


There were a few more generic remarks before Miroku resignedly gave directions to the headquarters to whomever was on the phone.  Once he had turned the phone off, he faced a few confused faces.


“Miroku, what the hell was that all about?” Inuyasha was the first one to get to the point.


Miroku gave a sigh as he sat down at the table.  “I’m afraid things have gotten a bit more complicated.  You know of the High Miko’s, right?”


Everyone nodded, knowing that those who have attained the status of a high miko were some of the most powerful women in the world.


“Kagome is the only High Miko in Japan, and she is a dear friend of mine.  She joined me on this little trip to see you, but last night she had a vision.  Last night, she saw this man being killed.” He tapped the photograph of the grisly remains of the unfortunate soul.  “She will have another vision the next time your little demon kills, and won’t stop having them until he is caught.  So, like it or not, she’s one of your only leads.  I was going to bring up this very case to you later, Inuyasha, but now I see that I don’t have to.  She wants to catch him just as much as you do.”


“Why?” Inuyasha asked.


“Besides the fact that she has to see someone being killed?” Kouga replied sarcastically, gaining a growl.


“Kagome is…unique,” Miroku said carefully, and all attention was once returned to him.


“Unique how?” Sesshoumaru asked before anyone.  Miroku looked surprised at being asked, but tried to put Kagome’s visions into words.


“Kagome is not an ordinary High Miko.  She was blessed, or maybe better put as cursed, to experience everything the victim is feeling.  Including the pain.  In essence, she dies every time she has a vision.”


“How horrible,” Sango said, and Shippo nodded.


“It’s very…hard on her,” Miroku said, “But she’s learned how to deal with it.  She’s exterminated every demon that has caused her visions, but now she’s having them about your killer here.  She one of the only people who could help you now.  She should be here in a few minutes, since our hotel is right around the corner.”


“I never said we would use her services,” Sesshoumaru spoke up again, and Miroku gulped.  Before he could reply, Inuyasha said, “You heard him yourself, Sesshoumaru.  She may be the only one who could give us a clue.”


“If she is a worthy enough miko, I will consider it,” he said, knowing that if she was less than that, she would end up getting killed.  And if she got killed, the monk would fall into despair, which would cause Inuyasha to be a pest for the rest of his life.  Which was eternity.  He felt the beginnings of another headache.


“I’m surprised you’re hanging out with a High Miko, Miroku,” Inuyasha smirked, changing the subject while they waited.  “Usually you go for the young ones, but now you’re stuck with an old biddy.”


“Kagome reached the status of High Miko when she was sixteen, idiot,” Miroku said, and even Sesshoumaru was shocked.  Usually Mikos don’t receive a high status until they are middle aged.  This miko must be special indeed.


Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and it opened to reveal a woman.


Miroku stood up to greet her and introduce her.


  “Everyone, meet Kagome.”







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