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Super Bowl - Dokuga Style by tenchi no mai

Setting Up

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media.   Only the plot to this story and my original character, Shun, are my own intellectual property.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Authors Notes:  Most of the characters from the original anime are in this story.  The background from the Feudal Era to the present time will be told in flashbacks.  This story is a threesome.  If this is not your style, or if you are underage, please do not read any further.  You have been warned, any flames will be ignored.  There is also a challenge connected with this story.  Please see the Challenge Forum for the details. 

Chapter 1 - Setting Up


Kagome was busy arranging the buffet for the Super Bowl party Sesshoumaru was hosting.  The main reason, Inuyasha's constant begging, or groveling, whichever you wanted to call it.  The second, and the reason for said hanyou's pleadings, the new 120" flat screen tv with surround sound system her mate recently had installed in the home theater.  Sesshoumaru wasn't overly thrilled with the idea, but reluctantly acquiesced after Kagome interceeded on Inuyasha's  behalf.

As to the attendees, they were the regular group of guys, all old friends who worked with Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in their various business ventures.  'I think they all like coming over here because it is one of the few places they can completely  remove their concealing spells and just be themselves.  Everyone that will be here either is a demon, or knows about demons.'

She was dressed casually this morning in black stretch knit capris, a leopard print big shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and black flip flops.  One of the bib aprons from the cooking school completed the outfit.  

'Stupor Bowl, it  bores me to tears and makes me want to scream.  Though it is vicarious, at least it gives the guys an outlet for their seemingly inborn violent tendencies, without them resorting to  outright physical brawls.  That's a good thing, right?'  She hadn't had to patch up anyone from a fight within the pack in a long time, but several of them had appeared  with some unusual injuries lately, along with the lamest of excuses.

Besides, she needed something to keep their attention away from her if she wanted her plan to work.  Kagome was more than determined to have some time alone for one of her more forbidden pleasures.   'I just hope Sesshoumaru doesn't find out.' 

The home theater was beginning to resemble a private sky box at the stadium.  There was a small kitchenette with more than enough room for the several folding tables being used as the buffet and bar.  The walls were painted a dark blue, the lighting was subdued.  The sofas and recliners faced the tv, while  the black out drapes were closed over the windows so no reflections spoiled the viewing of the game.   'There is enough technology in here to satisfy even the security branch of the government.  If it's high tech, it's somewhere in this house.  Sesshoumaru wouldn't have it any other way.'  She made sure the coffee tables were pulled far enough away from the sofas so the guys wouldn't have to squeeze between them.  'Inuyasha should enjoy watching the game, it will be like looking at a live game through a picture window.  I can just imagine Inuyasha or Miroku wanting to watch porn videos on it.  Ewww!  Larger than life size porn.  Don't even go there!'

She had made sure she prepared more than enough food for an army of demons, hanyous and humans.  With duplicates of all, as well as triplicates of some of the other more popular dishes, there should be enough.  Potato chips, tortilla chips, several kinds of crackers, and of course Inuyasha's favorite, pretzel rods, were all arranged in containers beside the hot and cold dips.  The barbequed ribs and chicken wings were in the chafing dishes, and there were labels taped to the duplicate trays in the refrigerator so Jakotsu could heat them up then replace the trays as they got depleted. 

'Rin, Kagura, Ayame and several other of the girls have a spa day planned for today.  They did everything in their power to talk me into going with them.   It might have been enjoyable, but I can go to the spa any day.  I do feel sorry for poor Sango, being pregnant and due in a few weeks, she can't seem to enjoy anything right now.  She could certainly use a day of pampering at the spa.'

She had been making lists as well as stocking up for a few weeks now, but couldn't think of anything else they could possibly need.  Inuyasha was bringing beer, while the rest of the guys would most likely bring along their own favorite drinks.  She already had a table set up as a bar with the glassware, some mixers, several ice buckets, along with any other fixings they might require.  'Thank Kami the guys aren't too into mixed drinks.  The beer mugs, pilsner glasses and several different sizes of cocktail glasses should do just fine.  Anything else they want could be easily found by Jak or Inuyasha.'  A tub with ice held several different kinds of soda pop as well as bottled water.  'If anyone wants tea or coffee, they can just ask Jak for it, or fix it themselves!'

Once that was done, she headed back to the kitchen.  Passing the library, she stopped for a minute to stand in the doorway admiring the recently hung portrait of Togaou Inu no Taisho.  Sesshoumaru had it commissioned from a small painting done shortly before Togaou battled the dragon, Ryukotsusei.  'The Dog General certainly was an impressive looking demon.  You can very plainly see that both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha are his sons.  There is absolutely no mistaking the family resemblance.'  It was a very large portrait, proudly hung over the fireplace.  He was standing on a hill, at sunset, with the sky as a background.  His arms were crossed over his chest, white pony tail blowing in the breeze, Tetsuseiga and Tenseiga sheathed in his sash, with the hilt of So'unga as well as his double tailed mokomoko-sama visible over his shoulder.  'Well, at least a father's desire has finally come to fruition.  His sons are no longer fighting over the swords.'  With that, she returned to accomplishing her mission.

Entering the kitchen, she double checked to make sure the old yellow backpack to go to her office was stocked with everying she could want for her much looked forward to, interruption free, long afternoon to partake in sinful pleasures.  This didn't happen often enough, she intended on taking full advantage of every minute, making all the planning worthwhile.   'I have an itch to scratch, and no one is going to disturb me.'  Knowing Sesshoumaru didn't approve made it all the more exciting.  The fact that her office and workshop were on the other side of the compound, next door to the dojo, close to one of the outdoor hot springs was going to make this easier to accomplish.  Yes, it should be far enough away from curious, as well as sensitive, demon ears and noses. 

The musical tones of the door bell rang out just then, so Kagome went to greet the first of the arrivals.  It was unseasonably warm for the beginning of February.  'I may be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt this afternoon.'  Inuyasha was at the door, wearing his signature red t-shirt and well worn blue jeans, with a  couple cases of beer.  It looked like a combination of several kinds of Samuel Adams, some Dogfish Head Brewery, including Chateau Jiahu as well as Pangaea, and, of course, a case of Fosters.  'I'll have to grab a bottle of the Chateau Jiahu to take with me.'  Bankotsu and Jakotsu were walking up to the door, with more food along with a case of Dos Equis.  She could hear Kouga coming up the road.  The roar of his motorcycle was unmistakeable.  'Hmm, either Sesshoumaru didn't get the security gate problem fixed yet, or he already gave out the new access codes.' 

Sitting the beer down inside the door, "Hey 'Gome.",  Inuyasha gave her a big hug along with a quick kiss on the cheek, picking her up and swinging her around in a circle several times.  "How is my favorite sister-in-law?"

"Yasha, there is a table set up for the bar, with a tub full of ice for the beer.  Did you bring enough with you?  Let me have one or two of the Chateau Jiahu for my picnic bag.",  Kagome kissed him back, wiggled out of the bear hug then grabbed two bottles.  "Favorite sister-in-law?  I'm your ONLY sister-in-law."

"Keh... Can you ever have enough beer?  I figured I would bring enough and stock the fridge in the tv room, that way I won't have to bring any more over here for a while.",  he said, picking up the cases of beer again.

"Don't let Sesshoumaru hear you call it the 'tv room'.  It is the home theater.", admonished Kagome, giving him a swat on the butt.

"Jak, can I drag you to the kitchen, so I can show you where everything is?",  Kagome giggled, after more hugs and kisses.  She always enjoyed seeing all the guys, but often felt overwhelmed and somewhat manhandled afterwards.  "Is Suikotsu going to be here too?"

"He'll be here after he's done his shift at the hospital at three o'clock.  He really wanted to take the day off to see the pre-game show and the entire game this year, but couldn't find anyone to switch shifts with him.  He asked Sessh to record it.",  Jak said, settling his chafing dish trays on the black granite countertop, watching Inuyasha as well as Bank disappear to go put the beer on ice and so Bank could check out the new television. 

"Ohh, did you bring my favorite casserole?"  Kagome started lifting lids and sniffing.  "I may have to take some with me.  You know, I could eat that hot, warm or cold.  It's delicious any way it's served." 

"No problem, Kags.  I made one for my special girlfriend, with extra shrimp, just how I know you like it."  Jak grinned, handing her a small insulated carrier.  "I figured you weren't going to spend your time watching the game when there is something much better you can be doing."  He leered at her, reminding her very much of Miroku at his most lascivious.  "I would love to join you if I hadn't already promised to oversee the festivities here."  He winked at her, then added, "I also brought pencil points with meatballs, as well as roast pork in gravy for hot sandwiches.  I called  Shippo, he's stopping to pick up the rolls."

"Jak, you know me too well.", Kagome blushed, adding the casserole to the backpack of stuff to get taken to her office.  'I can't believe he wore that pink flower print shirt.  He must have done it just to get a rise out of Inuyasha.'

"Only because it takes one to know one.",  Jak laughed, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, his girly sounding giggles making Inuyasha stick his head into the kitchen. 

"He's not going to wear THAT is he?" Inuyasha asked pointing to Jak, who was tying a bib apron around his waist.  The words "Kiss The Cook - Gourmet Cooking School" along with the logo was embroidered on the bib. 

"Inuyasha, it's the same apron Jak uses at his cooking school, so stop complaining - besides, I've never seen you turn down food!"  Kagome stated, taking off her apron, "Or do I have to use the 's' word?"

"No, Ma'am!"  Inuyasha replied, slinking back out of the kitchen to go answer the doorbell and let a wolf at the door inside, along with his cohorts, Ginta and Hakkaku.  Kouga was also supposed to be bringing some of the ookami with him, at Sesshoumaru's request.  'I hope the stupid bastard remembered.'

"I see you finally have him semi-house broken.", sniffed Jak, not really upset.  They had all been friends, allies, and business partners for way too long now.  If they didn't totally approve of, they at least accepted each others baser proclivities.  "Don't worry honey, I'll keep the beasts under control."

"Yeah, I finally got around to reading 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Dog Demons'.", joked Kagome.  "I have something special for you, Jak.", she cooed in a sultry tone as she pulled him over to the refrigerator, opening the door, to point out the key lime cheesecake.

Jak's eyes widened, "Is that your Mother's recipe?"

"Just for you!"  Kagome grinned, knowing it was not easy to tempt Jak's taste buds, unless it was with something tall, dark, and handsome, preferably, but not exclusively, male. 

'I still don't understand what he ever saw in that  Naraku Kumo guy.  He was good looking in a way, with all that long, wavy black hair and violet eyes, but such hidden depths of depravity.  He always gave me the creeps!  With that long white mink coat that he liked to wear, he reminded me too much of the Naraku from the Shikon no Tama disaster.  Hm, I wonder if he could be the originals reincarnation?  Whatever,  I'm just really glad Jak finally stopped seeing him.'

By now the noise level was beginning to rise along with the level of testosterone.  'The game must have started.', Kagome reckoned, listening carefully, 'No, it's just the pre-game show.  Who's playing again?  Oh yeah, that's right, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.'

Crossing paths with Jak again, Kagome bent down to get some more fuel cans for the chafing dishes out of a bottom drawer.   'I'll really have to give some serious thought about working part time with Jak at the cooking school instead of just helping out occasionally.  I really enjoy it, and he is like my best girlfriend or big sister.   He is the only one that truly  understands my addictions as well as accepts the fact that it is a mere digression, nothing to come undone about, unlike Sesshoumaru.'  She shuddered, remembering the scene after her mate had first found out about it.

 She was really, really glad Sesshoumaru had steered clear of the kitchen this morning, what with all the cooking and setting up.  'He would have me driven to distraction by now, then I would have had to go to Plan B, and gotten Inuyasha or Jak here earlier to help.'  Some things she liked to do herself, and cooking, unless planned otherwise, was one of them.  Besides, he had been involved in every step of the planning.  Kagome had made sure of that.  From previous observations, she knew he would be tired of all the "fussing", as he called it, by the time Sunday morning rolled around.  Also the problems with the security system have helped keep him busy the last few days.  'Then there was what we had done earlier this morning.  That should keep him satisfied for at least a little while.'  Kagome blushed thinking about the wake up call she had gotten this morning.

Kouga came swaggering into the kitchen with one hand behind his back, his black leather pants and form fitting grey t-shirt showing off his well muscled physique.  Grabbing Kagome in a one armed hug, he lifted her to his chest, then growled in her ear, "How's my woman today?", knowing it would rile up Inuyasha if he was nearby to hear it. 

He sat her back down on her feet, pulling a bouquet of flowers from behind his back, "I think they got kind of squashed from being in the saddle bag of the bike.", while giving her a lopsided grin and a a shrug of his shoulders.  As he leaned back against the counter, he became involved in one of his favorite pasttimes - Kagome watching.

"Umm, thanks Kouga, they're beautiful.", Kagome went to find a vase, hoping that some fresh water would revive the flowers.

Miroku, in a purple silk shirt and snug black jeans, along with  Souta, sporting a Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt and sweatpants, came waltzing into the kitchen just then, with blue corn tortilla chips accompanied by home made super hot salsa and two six foot subs, respectively. 

"Hey, Sis, give me a big hug.", Souta exclaimed.  "I don't get to see you too much anymore since the new semester started."

"My little brother!", shouted Kagome, giving him a big hug and kiss.  "I didn't think you were going to make it here this weekend.  Are you behaving yourself at school?"

"Yeah, Sis, but it's hard to live up to your academic record.",  mumbled Souta, getting in one more hug.  "Besides, do you honestly think I would miss this party?  You always have the best food, and now with the biggest tv, where else would I even think of going?"

"Let me get you one of the large bread knives so you can cut the subs into sections.", Kagome said as she reached around Kouga for the knife block and a cutting board.

"I'm next!",  proclaimed Miroku, spreading out his arms expectantly, as he waited for Kagome to hug him.  He gave her the once over, liking the way the stretch pants showed off her long shapely legs.  'I just wish the shirt was shorter, maybe a crop top, so I could admire her derriere, it surely would be worth it.  Of course, if it was short enough Kouga could enjoy some Australian cleavage.'  This was one of his favorite mental games, redressing Kagome.  'Nah, Kagome never wears anything that suggestive.'  He quickly brought his eyes back up, trying to look innocent, as Kagome turned around.  "I don't like feeling left out."

"How is Sango doing?  I haven't spoken with her yet today.",  said Kagome, wrapping her arms around his neck, giving him a kiss on the cheek.  "And keep your hands where they belong."

"She is feeling extremely fat and very unloved today.",  he said, waggling his eyebrows at Kagome, reluctantly keeping his hands above waist level.  "She is sitting with her feet up, watching movies.   Her ankles were quite swollen.  Thank Kami this pregnancy is almost over." 'Oh, it feels like she isn't wearing a bra!'  He pulled her in for a closer hug.  'Damn it, she is wearing a bra.'

"Now, Miroku, you know you brought this on yourself.  Sango didn't get pregnant on her own!",  Kagome said, smacking him on the shoulder.  "Besides, you've been looking forward to your firstborn for like, forever.",  she reminded him.

"I know, it's a monks penance.  I just can't wait to hold the baby in my arms, then be able to kiss Sango again without the beachball in between.", Miroko grumbled.

"Don't worry houshi, she will be smacking you again soon enough, if she ever stopped to begin with!" yelled Shippo, dropping the bag of fresh sandwich rolls Jak had requested on the kitchen counter.  He always brought rolls, bread, or desserts since he lived just down the block from the best bakery in the city.  "I'm sure you're planning on doing more than just kissing her, you've been a hentai as long as I've known you."

Miroku had the decency to blush, retorting, "I've been trying to keep my cursed hand more under control, especially with all the pregnancy hormones flying at our place.  It's going to be nice to spend an afternoon with all the guys."

"Here, Kagome, these are just for you, don't let Inuyasha get them.", Shippo whispered conspiratorially, shoving a bag that smelled suspiciously like fresh oatmeal raisin cookies into her backpack, while giving her a wink.  She came over to give her grown up "son" a big hug and kiss as well as ruffle his long red ponytail.   Shippo wrinkled his nose at the scents of all the other guys on her, it always annoyed him when they covered up her own natural scent, which he adored.

"Thanks, Shippo, you know they are my favorite.", Kagome winked back at him.  'The guys can really be sweet.  One or the other of them is always going out of their way to do something special for me.'   

"Unless you're going to help, get out of the kitchen.", said Jak trying to herd them out towards the other room.  "Remember to see me after the game, Miroku.  I have some frozen meals for you to take home with you, I'm sure Sango isn't feeling up to cooking.  I made plenty for the poor woman."

Just then the phone rang - again - another wrong number.  'What is this - the fourth or fifth time today?  Plus several hang ups'.  Kagome quietly hung up the receiver, frowning slightly. 

"Kags, are you ok?", asked Jak watching her expression as she hung up from answering the phone. 

"Yeah, sure.", replied Kagome, then proceeded to tell him about the wrong numbers and hang ups from earlier, plus the ones from the day before.  "The last time this happened was when the new 24 hour pharmacy had just opened with a phone number one digit off from ours.   Sesshoumaru made them change it real quick."

"I don't even want to begin to imagine that conversation.", quipped Jak, holding up two fingers on each hand like quote marks as he gave special emphasis to the word conversation.  "Have you told the big guy?"

"No, not yet, Jak.  Let me see if there are any more before I bother Sesshoumaru with it.  It could just be kids making crank calls.", Kagome flung over her shoulder from inside the pantry as she searched for one more tray, some more paper plates and napkins, as well as the heavy duty trash bags she had purchased yesterday.

"Alright, if you say so.", said Jak, mentally making a note to let Sesshoumaru know as soon as he saw him.  "Let me answer the next call.", he added.  He didn't like the sound of this.  He took Kagome's safety very seriously, just like the rest of the guys.  He may be somewhat effeminate looking, but was just as fierce as Inuyasha or Bankotsu in a fight, and like the rest, would protect her with his life.

Not even a few minutes later the phone rang again.  Jak sprinted across the kitchen grabbing the receiver before Kagome could even leave the pantry.  "Taisho residence.  May I help you?", he squealed, raising his voice several octaves, so he sounded even more like a female.  No answer, but just before the disconnect he heard "Some bitch answered, but not the same one.".  'This is so not good.  It sounded more like someone casing the house or stalking someone, not a wrong number.


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