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Easy Distractions by BeautifulSilentDeath

Easy Distractions

Easy Distractions

A/N:  Just a little something to have fun with...

"Wind Scar!"

What followed the gruff war cry were three bright lights of unleashed power that dug deep into the earth, leaving deep wedges into the ground.  It was in vain though; his most hated opponent easily dogged it. 

"Really, Inuyasha, is that all you can do?  Swing around your big sword and scream?" Sesshoumaru taunted.  His claws smoothly ranked down his long silky hair.

"Fuck you, you pretty bastard!" The younger brother heatedly replied.  Any other response was lost as he rushed forward in speeds almost too fast for the human eye to see at his other brother in an attempt to fight him in more sword combat. 

A few yards away, careful to keep clear of the any stray blasts, five occupants surveyed the duo.  Some winced when swords collided, some even made noises of approval or 'aw' when one would do a move that impressed or looked particularly painful. 

The day was a pleasant one.  The sun shown bright, air wisped around them feeling warm and clean.  The mismatched pack going on with their normal events of looking for stray shards, or checking to see if a rumor was true or not.  It has been this way for three years.  Well, it hasn't always been this way.  Things had changed.  They formed allyances and made new enemies.  Even they have changed along the way.

Shippou was no longer so small.  He seemed to hit a growth spurt and was nearing Kagome's shoulder.  He started practicing his fox powers more and to everyone's surprise, started growing a second tail.  A sign that he will be a strong fox demon. 

Sango lost her brother to Naraku, and even though it hurt more than anything to lose her last blood relative, she found that her friends were there, and though not bound by blood, were just as much of a support system and family.  When they buried her brother six months ago, she cut of her hair at the nape of her neck to lye upon her brother's grave.  So, do to her show of respect, she now sported shoulder length hair.  It had grown some, but Sango told Kagome more than once the shorter hair did some good for her in keeping it up.

Miroku seemed to have tamed down some.  He didn't grab women as often, or ask them to bare his children as often.  In fact, he seemed to have directed all his efforts to someone else entirely.  Sango.  The slayer swears it is just a small relapse, but she isn't complaining about the extra attention she is receiving. 

Kagome, though, probably improved out of all in the group.  She grew taller, only four inches, but hey, it is growth in her book!  She let her hair grow longer as well.  It settled past her firm rear and now kept in a low pony tail.  Her powers grew more out of any kind of growth.  She didn't have to have any kind of outlet for her spiritual power.  She grew to where she could just blast light from her palms.  It is kind of hard for her though.  She instead perfered what Sango introduced to her...a sword.  It wasn't easy learning it at first.  Kagome, with her strong slender form and upbeat self, was just naturally clumsy.  But, she did learn her new weapon of choice, and has benefited from it ever since.   

Kagome sighed as the brothers fought for now two hours.  While most were entertained at first, it started getting old.  The brothers started this game; yes it was a game, about a year ago.  Sesshoumaru came into the clearing with all his glory and might and pretty hair and started challenging Inuyasha.  Then, when his little brother got too tired or too beat up, he would just smirk or have some kind of biting remark and go on his way.  Then, about a month later, he would seek out their group and the game would begin again.  The down side to the game... it got longer and longer.  The last one ended after five hours. 

The eighteen year old priestess surveyed the group around her.  Sango took to polishing her large demon boned weapon, having lost interested a little bit ago.  Kirara dosed on the slayer's lap, not giving them a second of her time.  Shippou started reading a book that Kagome brought him to help in his current reading level she had been teaching him.  Miroku seemed to really be the only one giving the two brothers any attention. 

'Just like a man,' Kagome thought with a degrudged sigh.  Really, there was so much more they could do then sit here and watch two hard headed males beat the crap out of each other.  She studied the two.  Inuyasha, strong with his wild and untamed self, fought with brute strength and little strategy.  Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, calculated his every move and used either his or his brother's strength against the half-demon.  Both were good fighters, each with a strong point.  Both were pleasant to watch. 

Sesshoumaru Especially.

Kagome would admit it.  The dog demon was just too hot!  And when he fought...he was like a god.  'Yes', she mused with a small smile,' he could almost be considered sexual when he graced any kind of battle field. '  The demon lord ran many chills down her spin in past.  Just thinking about it caused her to prettily blush.  Oh yes, there was no denying it, he was H.O.T. hot!

But that didn't mean the two could waist away her mortal life in their little 'game'.  So, Kagome decided to express this. "Come on, Inuyasha!  Let's go and finish this already!"

Like she had committed some crime, both brothers glared at her.  "Geez," she mumbled.  If looks could kill.

Miroku gave her small smile.  "They are just going to do what they want until one of them gives in, Lady Kagome."  He glanced back and winced again as Inuyasha got a nice blow to his cheek. "But as it is, Sesshoumaru always wins, it just takes some time until Inuyasha decides to give in." 

Kagome rolled her deep blue eyes.  This wasn't anything new.  It all depended on if Inuyasha got exhausted enough for the fight to end.  They all knew Sesshoumaru bore more strength and skill then his younger brother.  In temporary defeat, she slumped back and continued to watch them.   There had to be some way to speed this up.  Something to get Sesshoumaru to stop his sparing with his brother early.  She just needed a plan...

Then, it hit. A mother of all plans.  Yes, Kagome was going to end this 'male bonding'.  "Hey, guys?" She got to her feet, brushing some grass from her rear.  "I am going to go, I got to go find a bush."

All nodded in brief understanding and went back to their previous activities.  Kagome smiled and made her way to another part of the clearing, not really in sight of the others, or Inuyasha.  No, she wanted to be visible to Sesshoumaru only.  For Kagome really didn't need to go to the bathroom.  She was a woman on a mission. 

She snuck along and peered around a chosen bush, making sure it was in an angle that would work with what she had up her sleeve.  After some choice adjustments with her clothing she kneeled low and waited.  'When he lands in that spot, I will commence with 'Project End Pointless Fight'.  I just hope I don't get killed for it...'  To Kagome, though, desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Just then, Sesshoumaru landed on the predicted target.  "Now!" She breathed to herself.  She jumped from the bush and lifted her shirt up.  Her firm, bouncy breast, stood out, catching the demon lords amber eyes.  You see, if Kagome knew anything, it was men.  She traveled with them too long not to know what would distract them.  And the only thing that would distract this seasoned warrior, was something unpredictable.  With Sesshoumaru, that is like pulling rotten teeth.

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened slightly, effectively taking in Kagome's act.  It just wasn't something you see.  Females with their right minds do not go around exposing their selves.  It just wasn't expectable.  But then again, when was the priestess that traveled with his half-brother anything but expectable.  He honestly couldn't deny the sight though.  She had very pleasant breasts. 

Examining her pleasantries wasn't the smartest thing the great demon ever did, though.  Being distracted the few seconds he was, caused him to be struck.  Inuyasha knew the moment his brother wasn't paying him attention.  At that second, he attacked, cutting deeply into his left leg. 

"Ha!" Inuyasha roared triumphantly.  He was immensely proud of himself.  After all this time, he finally  won one over his brother.

Kagome quickly jumped back behind the bush and hurriedly clipped her bra back on.  She would glance over at the field on her rushed way back to the others.  It wasn't lost on her that Sesshoumaru watched her move back to the group the whole time. 

"What happened?" She breathlessly asked as she met up with the others.

"I don't know," Sango offered in a hushed tone.  "Sesshoumaru all the sudden faltered and Inuyasha cut him."

"Wow, really?  I guess the fight is over then." Kagome whispered back.  She tried her best to look completely innocent. 

Miroku eyed her.  Something wasn't right about Kagome.  She was him?  The way she appeared right now resembled something he sometimes does..."Yes, it appears to look that way.  He isn't making a move to  continue."

They all turned their attention to the two brothers out on the field.  One hoping beyond anything a certain act ended this day's spar. 

"Well, asshole, it looks like I actually got ya!  Getting old, Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha taunted.  He couldn't believe it!   Finally, he got his brother.  Maybe these monthly mini fights were sharpening his skills.

Sesshoumaru didn't mind him though.  Instead he spared his brother a small glance before going back to the sly priestess.  He couldn't believe he fell for it.  But he couldn't be upset at her.  It was smart thinking, although very...different.  Instead, he felt himself needing to commend her for it.  So, he did something he didn't  grace anyone but a few.  He smirked at her. 

Kagome visibly paled, taking the action for a different meaning.  'He is going to kill me.'

Instead of ending her life, he simply turned to his brother. "I believe you actually won, Inuyasha." He did a purposeful glance over at Kagome, slowly lowing his gaze from her eyes to her full breasts.  "Take pride in it now.  I will be ready for it next time."  With that, Sesshoumaru sheaved his sword and gracefully left. 

"Feh, whatever, asshole." Inuyasha stuck his chest out, put away the demon blade, and made his way back to where the others waited.  He looked at the others expectedly and continued past them, spewing pride all over with his supposed win. 

Kagome just picked up her stuff along with the others and smirked.  Hey, she got her way...'At least I didn't die!'



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