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Gundam Woof by Walter205

Woof Woof

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 Eye twitching.

 That was the only manner in which you could tell that Sesshomaru was not a very happy puppy.

 Any other signs were hidden behind the emotionless mask currently set on his face, which in turn was hidden behind the silver and white mask that was a part of his costume.

 At least the costume the winner of the bet had chosen was of a anime character who normally was an outwardly very emotionless person as well.

 The costume was a bit stifling, but nothing the demon lord couldn't handle.

 "Ooh, Zechs darling, how are you holding up?" asked the winner of the bet walking next to him. He turned his head slightly to glare at Sango, hidden under her own costume, smiling up at him.

 "Noin, I am fine," replied Sesshomaru emotionlessley.

 "Brother," came a gasping sound from Sesshomaru's right.

 He turned to see another costumed character standing there, blue eyes shining into his own, through his mask.

 "Relena Peacecraft, I'll be," breathed Sango.

 "Excuse us, we'll need time alone for a family reunion," interrupted Sesshomaru curtly, taking Relena's hand and leading her though the gathering crowd torwards one of the exits.

 "Uhhh...ok," stuttered Relena as she was led outside of the convention center.

 Once they were outside in the parking lot, Sesshomaru turned to lean against one of the pillars, using one of his hands to remove the Zech's mask. He breathed in the cool afternoon air as his eyes refocused without the glass in their way.

 "Hey, Zechs doesn't have markings on his face. Who are you?" asked Relena accusingly.

 Sesshomaru smiled down at her, a predatory gleam in his eye that caused her to blush lightly.

  "I am Sesshomaru Mikawa. Honored to meet you, miss...," as he was about to say her name, his hand brushed through her golden locks of hair, causing them to fall off of her head, revealing a bundled mass of brunette hair held in place with netting under it.

 "...Kagome, Kagome Higurashi," sighed Kagome, finally breaking character as she released the netting to let her hair fall down around her head.

 Sesshomaru looked her over, noting her curves and shapes, traveling up to her face and...

 "You can remove the colored contact lenses as well," he told her.

 Her head snapped up as her cheeks heated with anger and embarrasement.

 "I don't wear contact lenses," she almost whispered.

 "Hmm? Then blue is your natural color?" asked Sesshomaru as he leaned in for a closer look.

 Kagome froze as he invaded her personal space, coming almost skin to skin as his own golden eyes peered into the depths of her blue ones.

 Sesshomaru almost smirked before his tongue darted out, lashing across her lips. Her startled gasp tore open her mouth, allowing him entrance into her cavern. Like an archielogist in Egypt, he explored and explored some more.

 Then, when he was done with the inside, he trailed his tongue outside, licking down her chin, and as she leaned her head backwards to let loose a moan, her exposed neck as well.

 He withdrew then, not wishing to go further without her consent.

 As he drew away, Kagome regained her senses and brought her head back down, her eyes glaring at him for his invasion and boldness.

 He saw her glare and responded to it with a kind smile and a shrug.

 "Sorry, sometimes it is hard for me to resist the temptation of pure beauty," apologized Sesshomaru.

 Her eyes softened at his complimentary apology, as she wondered naughtily what else his tongue was good at.

 "Would you let me make it up to you over lunch?" asked the demon lord curtly.

 "Gladly, Sesshomaru-sama," answered Kagome, adding her smile to his own as he led her, hand in hand, to his car.

 And what of Noin you ask?

 She was standing there at the exit, looking at the two of them move off with something between anger directed at the demon lord, and excitment for him and her friend she knew from work.

 Suddenly, a hand started stroking her bottom from behind. Gasping, she turned around, to see Duo standing there.

 "Oh sorry, fair Noin, my cursed hand sometimes can't just help itself," apologized Duo.

 Glimmering with anger, Noin buried a fist into Duo's face, knocking him flat out cold on the ground.

 "That is so out of character for Duo," muttered Noin, her simmering anger turning into bubbling laughter as she headed back inside to the convention.

 The End


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