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Is momma okay?

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 A sliver of light.


 Another sliver of light, growing.

 Whiteness. Light.


 Blinking, Kagome stared at the wall in front of her. Thoughts came into her head.

 She tried to move.

 Pain, throbbing pain.

 Coming from her head.

 "Oooh," came the slight whine from between her lips.

 Her dry lips.

 What happened? Where was she?

 What...happened to the others?

 "Sango...Miroku...Inuyasha...Shippou...," she muttered as she tried again to move.

 This time, she managed to at least make it to her knees in a kneeling position.

 Something plopped onto her head. Then another drop, and another. Yet one more.

 The drops pooled through her hair before running down her face. She saw red at the edge of her vision.

 Without thinking about it, one hand came to her face before withdrawing away.

 Red liquid stained the index finger of her left hand.


 She looked up. Blood was dripping from the ceiling overhead. There was a crack in the roof.

 Pain in her head forgotten, Kagome stood onto her feet. She could hear noises now, coming from the roof.

 Breathing. Gnawing. Growls.


 Kagome looked around the room, and for the first time noticed not a door, but a stairway ascending upwards behind her. She started to take a step forwards, but staggered as a sense of wrongess permeated her mind, warning her not to proceed further.

 But the voices of the singing, sounding like a group of seven year old girls singning for the church choir, filled her with a peace that allowed her to dispel the caution and move forwards and upwards.

 She reached the top of the staircase.

 There was a door barring her way. The voices grew louder.

 She opened the door, and entered into the beyond.

 The singing voices faded, until there was only one left.

 Her eyes were drawn to the voice. It was Rin.

 The child was sitting in the corner, arms wrapped around her drawn in knees, rocking back and forth slowly, while looking at something in front of Kagome. Turning her eyes, Kagome saw what the little child was looking at. She froze into horrified silence.

 Sango was on the ground in front of her, the slayer's head resting against the far wall. Blood trickled from her mouth as she smiled at Kagome in a pitying glance. The smile turned to one of gasping pain.

 Kagome's eyes traveled down the slayer's body to her stomach, where the padding and black tunic had been ripped away. Body parts, intestines, were all laid to bare. As she was watching, a pair of hands reached inside of her dear friend, and pulled out a length of intestine. The hands pulled up, and a mouth met the body part, clamping down onto it, a small squirt of blood and something else coming from the mouth.

 Kagome's eyes traveled from the mouth to the face. The silver hair. From there to the body. The robe of the fire-rat.


 But, his eyes were not yellow and black. No, they were black.

 But only black, and nothing else. No whiteness, no yellow, just an empty, forever blackness.

 He growled as he finished his latest 'treat' and dove back in for some more. Blood pooled on the floor around the demon-slayer and dripped through the crack in the floor.

 A grunt, a growl. Another pair of hands battled for the right to feast. Kagome's eyes traveled to those of Miroku, his eyes also pure black, hands reaching in and pulling at the liver of his bride to be.

 Kagome was pulled out of her horrified silence and frozen shock by a tugging at her leg.

 She looked down, into the pure blackness of Shippou's eyes. The fox kistune looked up at her, licking his lips.

 "," muttered the kitsune in a strange and unfamiliar voice to her.

 Her sense of danger finally kicking in, Kagome backed away.

 Right into someone standing right behind her.

 Kagome froze again into horrified silence, slowly glancing upwards.

 Sesshomaru stared down at her, the blackness of his eyes peering right into her soul.

 She turned away from him and started backing up in the opposite direction.

 She forgot about Shippou, and tripped right over the fox kistune to fall torwards the ground.

 Her head came into contact with the wall behind her. Pain exploded from her skull and radiated around in her head.

 Kagome brought up both of her arms to her head, massaging her skull as the pain continued to hound her.

 So preoccupied with this, she didn't notice what was going on in front of her.

 Sesshomaru knelt next to her, and proceeded to use his one hand to pull down her skirt, until it was around her knees. With the slice of a claw, the skirt was ripped apart and fell to the ground.

 She started when he proceeded to do the same thing with her shirt, and the coldness of the room invaded her now bare skin, her bra and panties the only articles of clothing remaining on her body.

 The pain in her head went away. Kagome opened her eyes to stare at Seshomaru kneeling on one side of her, and Shippou standing on the other side of her.

 "Come, eat," whispered Sesshomaru to the fox kistune. He raised his hand above Kagome, and clamped all four of his fingers together, claws extending. They were pointed downwards, torwards her stomach.

 She whimpered, turning her head to stare upwards. She focused on his hand. One second it was there hovering in the air, and the next second, it had disappeared.

 A great agony erupted from her stomach, and a scream was torn from her throat, revebrating around the room in great force, startling everyone who was contained within.

 The pain continued to course up and down her body, until it started to turn into a strange numbess. Liquid trickled down her panties and down the sides of her waist.

 She glanced down, her eyes settling on her once pale and nicely flat stomach, as a warm liquid trickled up her throat and through her lips. She saw her adopted Kitsune son, reaching a small hand inside of the now bloody mess of her stomach, body parts heaving upwards with every ragged breath she took. He grabbed hold of a trail of intestine, pulled it out and biting into it, sending a new wave of agony, although more quickly dulling this time, through her body.

 Sesshomaru reached in as well, pulling out an intestine himself and eating it. Having finished it quickly, he looked to the kistune.

 "Eat fast, food will cold," he stuttered before going back to his meal.

 Kagome, her vision started to fade, tried to focus on something. Anything.



 Little Rin, sitting in the corner, signing.

 Kagome looked in her direction.

 Rin was staring right back at her with black eyes.

 Kagome closed her eyes, letting the blackess take her vision.

 She could still hear the singing.

 "Hush little baby, don't you cry..."

 "Momma's going to be all..."

 The voice faded.





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