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Insert Foot in Pain by Walter205


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 Sesshomaru let out a pained whine of confusion and hurt. For her part, Kagome was crying too, but really it couldn't be helped.

 With a final pull, another toenail was yanked free from the paw, sending a spurt of blood out onto the floor. The whine blossomed into full blown yelping of pain, and he renewed his struggling to get out of her grasp.

 Letting her miko power gather in her hands once again, she calmed his beast down, before going to work on the next toenail. It couldn't be helped really.

 If Sesshomaru hadn't transformed into Fluffy and gone digging into soil that had been contaminated by toxic materials, she wouldn't have to be here pulling out all of his toenails then pouring alcohol onto the jam to get rid of the harmful materials.

 Chocking back a sob, she went to work on the next one as he let out another pained whine....


 I is so mean. =D


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