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Mating Mayhem by Walter205

What do I have to do?

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 Kagome glanced around nervously, seeing one hundred and four pairs of eyes staring at her through the darkness of the room. She kneeled there, hands and knees on the fur mat below her.

 Honestly, when she had agreed to become Sesshomaru's mate, five years after meeting the guy who had at first tried to kill her, she had no idea what she was getting into. But this, this was a little too much. I mean sure, he had mentioned a mating ritual, but this? She was sure it was going to feel so good and so wrong at the same time, and parts of her mind yelled that it was wrong, from a modern point of view. But she was comitted now, and her honor and love and devotion for her soon to be mate would prevent her from backing out.

 The pitter patter of paws scuffling across the fur mats signaled the beginning of the ceremony. As instructed by Sesshomaru earlier if she was feeling queasy, she closed her eyes as one hundred white inu dogs approached her from all directions, each dog about the size of a full grown bassett hound. As it turns out, being the new Lady of the West meant that she would have to become a full blooded demon, and this was but step one of the mating ritual to ensure that it would happen.

 Sesshomaru, being one of the dogs, having used his incredible demon powers and control to shrink to a smaller true form, was the first one to reach her. Placing his nuzzle right into the heat of his bitch, he extended his tongue and started licking. A shudder ran through the body of his soon to be mate, followed by several more and warm heat gathering at her core as the other dogs reached her and started licking. Her sudden moans of pleasure were accompanied by laughter as some of the dogs began licking the ticklish areas of her body.

 Honestly, what she had done under the privacy of her own bedsheets, and what Inuyasha had done with her, felt nowhere near as good as what these dogs were doing to her right now. Starting with one dog licking her pussy, other tongues had come from all sides, licking her buttcheeks, inner thighs, outer thighs, legs, feet, sides of her torso, stomach, back, breasts, neck, just about every part of her body except for her face and hair. An assault of one hundred tongues sent her nerves into overdrive, electrifying her body and making it feel as if her very essence was afire.

 Her first orgasm came a mere minute after the licking began, the second was a mere thirty seconds after the first. The third one came about three minutes later, as her body began to tire. Although he enjoyed tasting his bitch, it was time to commence the second part of the ritual. Pulling his head out of his bitch's heat, he woofed once into the air, then circled around Kagome to stand in front of her.

 Taking a cue from his woof, the Lord of the Northern Lands, Kouga the wolf demon, stepped forward to commit his part of the ritual. Although he had long wanted to do this to Kagome, he was now mated to Ayami, and so would do this only out of need for the ritual to be completed. Settling into position behind Kagome, the other dogs still licking away, he placed his member against her rear entrance and waited for the signal.

 Sesshomaru licked Kagome's mouth, causing her to open her eyes in suprise and her mouth as well. Using the distraction, he plunged his snout into her mouth, his tongue licking her own as well as exploring the cavern of her mouth.

 Hearing Kagome's gasping sound, Kouga drove into her from behind, breaching her barrier and stretching her to the fullest. Kagome clamped down on Seshomaru's snout as pain wracked her poor body, but soon the licking reduced the pain to more wonderful pleasure. Sensing the change in her, Kouga pulled out then shoved back in again, continuing in this manner until, with her next orgasm, she sent him into one of his one, the wolf demon lord howling as his seed spilled into her.

 Kouga backed out and away from Kagome as the Lord of the Southern lands settled in behind her. Again, the same procedure was repeated, and again with the Lord of the Eastern Lands.

 Finally, it was Sesshomaru's turn. Settling once again into position behind his bitch, he rammed in and started a quick and furious pace. Snarling at the dogs, he barked at most of the them to backoff, leaving the two latched onto her nipples there to provide his bitch with the needed pleasure to send her over the edge two more times as needed for the ritual.

 Sliding in and out of his bitch, Sesshomaru panted, using his one good arm to rub her clit. The combination of fucking, rubbing, and licking sent Kagome into another orgasm, shuddering until she was about ready to collapse. Finally, the eight orgasm came, sending Sesshomaru boiling over the edge as his seed spilled into Kagome. His penis enlarged into a knot as the last two dogs withdrew and fled into the shadows. No longer able to support herself, Kagome collapsed onto the pile of furs, taking Sesshomaru with her.

 Sesshomaru stroked her hair, admiring her stamina for being able to go through with the ritual. Already he could smell the change that the combined seed from the four Taiyoukais during her infertility period was causing to her body, transforming her into a demon. The saliva from the one hundred dogs, spread across her body, along with his own seed, would ensure that she came out as an inu demon.

 A small smile graced in his lips as he joined his bitch in a blissful slumber.

 The End


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