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He Who Lives on Avalon Hill by TamashaToko

Field Trip

The score in the soccer game was tied, and it was a big deal to the crowd and players since this was the first game of the play-offs for the small high school. Kagome Higurashi had never liked sports, but this last goal made tonight was going to effect her in more ways than one. Not only was her boyfriend Hojo star player on her school's team, but she was going to use this goal to decide if tonight she would break up with him or not.

It was going to be difficult, because next week she and Hojo would have been dating for three years now. Everyone would be talking about it more than their school's advancement towards the finals, her parents would be devastated, since they often talked about how their daughter's wedding would be, and the chances of her ever finding love again were slim to nothing.

When they first decided dating in middle school they were perfect for each other. Back then when they were so young, he was an amazing soccer player as well as student body president, while she was on the cheer leading team and active in student council. They were both really popular, but they weren't the stereotypes that were often seen in high school movies. He wasn't with her because she was a cheer leader, and she wasn't with him because he was a jock. They both enjoyed each others company and loved having long discussions about books and movies.

Things had changed when they went to high school though. He continued on to be very popular with the whole student body while already being offered scholarships, and she was nothing more than the girl he was dating. Her family and friends still didn't understand why she gave up cheer leading, and as for volunteering for the school and socializing she just let it all slip away from her preferring to be alone. It wasn't that she didn't love Hojo...she just felt as though she was taking up space when there was a lot more attractive girls yearning for him that wouldn't pretend to be asleep when he called or keep status 'offline' whenever she logged into her computer.

It all depended on this goal. If he made it then she would just break the news to him at some party someone was probably planning. If the team lost then she would wait a bit longer not wanting to leave him on the night his team lost a shot at the championship by one goal. She could already hear the rumors people would pass around about that.

Everyone on her side of the field quickly stood up cheering, so that was it then? She wasn't even paying attention and the fates had decided she would break up with her longterm boyfriend.

"Does Hojo know you'd rather look at the paint job on your nails then witness his winning goal?" a snide comment came from behind her.

She didn't even turn around, "My nails aren't painted Inuyasha."

"What's distracting you then?" he asked, "another guy?"

"I don't like sports," she was cold in her school uniform she headed away from the field deciding to meet up with Hojo later, he was used to her not meeting him after games anymore.

"Hey where are you going?"

"Inuyasha," she finally turned around and stared at the idiot, "why can't you just leave me alone?"

Kagome tried to get along with everyone, walk in their shoes before judging them, but she'd decided along time ago that she didn't get along with Inuyasha Murashu and never would. They'd been in the same classes since they were real little when he was the class clown during recess eating worms, but now he was just an idiot who probably wasn't going to even graduate high school since he did nothing but sleep and annoy her.

"Fine," he scoffed turning around acting as though he had no intention of following her, "I try to be nice and escort you back to your car and you turn around and be a bitch."

He always had a war of turning things around and making her out to be a bad person, but maybe she was. Break up or not because of how hard Hojo played their school was going to get a lot of attention and he was going to be able to go to a good college, and she couldn't even watch him or congratulate him. If she lost him as a friend then she had no one by the way she kept to herself all the time.


Too late to turn around now. Hojo had caught up with her by this point with that charming smile of his putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Congratulations Hojo," she smiled at him as he hugged her close.

"It's no big deal," was all he said as he usually did more concerned with her than any game he played, "we're you on your way home?"

"Maybe. Is there a party or something tonight?"

"A few, but I know you don't want to go so I-

"I will go."

At first he looked surprised at what she'd just said. Her, Kagome Higurashi, the high school junior that preferred to sit in the back of a classroom nose stuck in a book, actually wanted to attend a party where there would be sex, drugs, and booze. It was hard to believe, but a public setting would be the best place. That way she could make her escape into crowds of people and always hear the chattering in the background for it was just the two of them alone she wouldn't say anything in fear of that awkward dead silence.

"Alright then let's go," he smiled putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Ah I'll just follow in my car," she said, "I want this to be your night. That way if I get tired you be with your friends and I can turn in early."

"Okay I guess," he said taking her hand into his,"Oh that reminds me are you going on that field trip on Monday?"

"Yes I'm going with my Geography class. Avalon Hills I think it's called. We are going on a hike or something."

Once Kagome learned she would have to go this place and hike she had no intention of looking into it anymore then she had to. She wasn't exactly the most coordinated person and hated the woods.

"You don't have to go do you?"

"It's not mandatory, but there will be a lot of extra credit activities on the trip and an improved GPA wouldn't hurt me."

"Oh cause it's a half day that day and I wanted to see if you wanted to go out to lunch. You know some place fancy, you deserve it."

She smiled before remembering she was not that type of girl anymore. She would not be swayed into this romantic stuff, "We'll talk about it later."

"Kagome," he then spoke very suddenly stopping in his track, "your hands. They are shaking."

"I'm freezing."

He quickly got into his gym back and pulled out a testing kit, one that he'd bought to use just when he was round her.

"Give me your finger," this was the only time his voice ever sounded demanding as he took her hand and tried to calm her down before it poked her and let her blood flow on to the test strip.

Kagome shuddered when she heard that familiar beep coming from the tester indicating that it had a result.

"Kagome," he spoke worried before digging in his bag again, "how could you. Your blood sugar is you know how worried you make me."

He quickly ripped upon a chocolate bar he had put away just for this occasion. It was one of those bars that was made up of many smaller bars and he quickly broke off three for that was the right amount to bring her to where she needed to be.

"I was distracted," she told him slowly eating it now recognizing how horrible she felt her body beginning to sweat as she was becoming light headed.

"Well never be distracted again. What if you fall into a coma? You never bring your insulin with you so you would be screwed!"

"It's never usually this bad," she tried to argue but he wouldn't listen.

Though Hojo's fate was to be a soccer star part of him had always wanted to be a doctor, so he always tried to decide what was best for her, which another reason they weren't doing so well together. Ever since she was diagonised with Type II diabetes in her last year of middle school all he ever talked about was things scientist were doing to find cures and the diet she should be in.

"Okay I'm fine," she told him after eating the chocolate and recovering a bit, "let's go."

"No Kagome," he kept his hand no her, "I think it's best that I take you home so I can keep an eye on you."

"You're not going to let me go this party are you?" she asked.

He simply shook his head.

"Well then drop me off. I do have a mother you know Hojo, oh and I'm a big girl. I don't need you watching me. I want you to have fun tonight. You deserve it okay?"

"Are you sure?"

She nodded as Inuyasha once again was behind her, "the party is at Kagura's tonight Hojo, and I was wondering if I could drive Kagome home. She shouldn't be at the wheel until she's more stable. I'll keep an eye on her, no one would want the guest of honor to be late to his party."

Hojo thought about it for a moment before nodding, "Okay Inuyasha thank you. Just keep an eye on her until she gets home to her mother please."

"Will do," he smirked walking with Kagome to his car quietly.

Kagome just grimaced at him for the longest time before he put the car into drive.

"Why are you always near me Inuyasha?" she then asked, "I mean you use to hate me."

"Feh," was his response as he went speeding down the country road, "of course I use to. You were a cheerleader after all. You have no idea how much it can piss a person off when they walk into the school half an hour after waking up and some little girl like you is in their face talking about school spirit week."

She almost cracked a smile at that thought, "Was I really that bad?"


Kagome simply played with her testing supplies a little relieved to see her glucose levels were normal again. If she had it her way she would just have her sugar remain high all the time rather than dealing with the effects of being low, but eventually her body would become toxic from doing so.

"You're not that way though anymore."

"Huh?" she asked looking at the white haired teen who managed to keep his eyes dead on the road.

"I don't know...well I mean since coming to High School you've changed. Instead of being in everyone's face you're kind of like me. You don't need anyone's approval...."

"Well I realize that now I guess."

She wasn't against things she used to love. She just felt no desire for them anymore. It was hard to concentrate on cheer competitions when Hojo kept going on and on about how she needed to check herself before every dance and how diabetes would never be cured because then all the companies that made testing supplies would lose millions. It become too much of a stress so she dropped it, and after a while she began to feel like a freak around her friends who tried hard not to notice her injecting her stomach with insulin.

"We're you going to break up with Hojo tonight and I ruined things?" he asked.

It was so unusual to hear Inuyasha having a normal conversation and not being loud. She thought it was a joke. He was dead serious though.

"Who said I was going to break up with him?"

"It's written all over your face and people have been predicting it for years now."

"Well it's no ones business but my own, and especially not yours, and since when do you care about gossip and rumors."

Inuyasha was trying his hardest not to look at her now as he answered, "Since I started to notice you more and more Kagome."


"I-I," he began to stumble before his voice turned to it's gruff normal self, "never mind. Why would a preppy girl like you care? You can't even pay attention to a winning goal afraid that the excitement might break a nail."

She smirked, "First off what you said doesn't even make sense in the slightest, and second I have told you over and over again I don't paint my nails."

He laughed before looking at her seriously again, "So I hear you are going on that field trip."

"Yeah," Kagome stretched feeling more comfortable now, "Avalon Hill. Doesn't your family live near there?"

"They haven't lived there since I was in elementary school. One day I came home and they told me they had to migrate elsewhere. They left me with a babysitter in town and a full enough bank account to keep me alive."

"That explains why you are such a spoiled brat," she tried to joke thinking about all the nice cars and clothes he had.

Inuyasha didn't respond to it as he pulled in front of her house, "Kagome?"


"Go eat lunch with Hojo even if you two have broken up by then," he spoke in a low husky voice, "don't go to Avalon Hills. Stay away from it."

"I don't want to go," she said, "but I need the-

"It's boring and stupid Kagome do not go there," he almost spat out before she opened the door, "please take care of yourself."

She just rolled her eyes not giving an answer as she returned to her family. They didn't seem to understand anything about her disease except how insulin was costing them too much, and were more concerned with why she wasn't having fun on a Friday night. How could her mom carrying on a conversation about how lucky she was to be dating someone as handsome and talent as Hojo as she flinched from jabbing a needle in her skin and waking up every night really low on sugar?

She couldn't handle it anymore. Her parents wanting her to have the perfect life, Inuyasha's strange behavior, and Hojo always worrying about her. She just wished everyone could act more like adults and stop worrying about such frivolous things.

As usual she did nothing during the weekend and just ignored Hojo like she always did, and she would listen to him a million times before she ever took any advice from Inuyasha. She boarded the bus for Avalon Hills early in the morning before the sun was even up and everyone else was too half dead to attempt to start a conversation with her.

"All permission slips in?" the teacher asked, "okay good. When we get there it's important all of you stay together okay? We will leave once it starts getting dark."

"Of course," Kagura said to a friend next to her, "I can't believe we are actually allowed to go up there. There has been so many murders there after dark."

"You think it's a serial killer?"

"Yes. One that only kills those who wander off from the group at night. I guess because his never killed during the day they think it is okay."

Kagome tried to ignore them by plugging in her ear buds and turning on some music. She already felt guilty enough by taking this trip she didn't need them scaring her. It was just a hiking trip nothing more, so why did it feel like there were forces at work trying to keep away from there? Her allergies started acting up, her feet were unusually sore today, Hojo's offer, and Inuyasha's warning.

Of course being in this area after dark was really dangerous, for the whole area itself didn't get any sun with such tall trees covering up every part of it. It was beautiful though. Large green hills everywhere with a large waterfall in the middle. The moment she'd seen the rainbow created by all the water and mist that surrounded them she felt better about her choice.

Their instructor gave them all a certain extra credit assignment. Some had to go on a hike and identity different plants, some got to go bird watching, and Kagome soon discovered she would get the least impressive of all of them. She had to go look for rocks.

"Kagura," her teacher than snapped, "you have the same project. I want you to team up with Kagome."

"I'm fine by my own," Kagome said always use to getting her way when it came to not having partner work since she was a good student.

"Kagome you and Kagura will by fine together."

"What you think your too good to be associated with me?" Kagura shot out the moment their teacher started organizing a few others into groups.

"No," Kagome said, "I just like to be alone."

"Teacher probably wants to make sure you don't die before he gets you back to school where insurance covers you," she glared at the testing kit that Kagome was playing with.

"I don't need it," she quickly argued not wanting to be seen as weak and fragile, which was all anyone knew her as anymore, "I'm just bringing it to keep a promise to a friend."

"Oh that soccer boyfriend of yours. Didn't realize that was still going on."

Kagome just sighed as she followed Kagura into the dark forest. She kept tripping of course over and over again on the rocks falling right into her partner's back.

"Will you quit it," Kagura sighed finally pushing Kagome away.

Kagome quickly grabbed on to the rope of the hanging bridge they had been currently crossing, "Oh no."

Her testing meter had flew out of her hands and into the long river below them. The water here was pretty shallow so she could see it traveling across the land pretty quick.

All Kagura could do was laugh as Kagome's eyes got very big, but she did help her up.

"Better go down into the valley and find it," she instructed before putting her extra-credit sheet in Kagome's hands, "who knows you might find a few rocks down there."

At first Kagome seemed disgusted as she tried to catch up with Kagura who went running after her friend from earlier, but stopped. Her teacher wasn't around she was finally given her chance to go work alone, and going down into the valley would be her best option since everyone else had been on the bridge making their way to the canyon instead.

Yes, maybe it would be a lot more pleasant to stay on the ground.

If it wasn't for Kagura being such a bitch Kagome might thank her one day before it wasn't long before she happened upon a really beautiful area with a lot of shade, grass, and small bank next to the river. She slowly began to identity a few rocks before rolling up her jeans and playfully skipping a few and then got distracted when she seen a white rabbit run by.

She enjoyed it here. Away from everyone who knew about her sickness and thought they knew what was best for her. Here she was in control finally feeling like an adult for once instead of helpless, though some would disagree if they seen her playing around so carefree.

Eventually she had to take respnosiblity though and begin a search for her glucose meter. She had eaten about two doughnuts for breakfast and she needed to see how she was doing, but what she was most worried about was Hojo visiting her and discovering she didn't have it. It would be impossible to cut him loose if he thought she was really that careless. Her journey to follow the river to find the black pouch that carried the stupid meter soon brought her deeper into the forest where it was getting really dark. The only thing that stopped her from falling in the river was the few pieces of light that escaped the trees and danced on the water.

"This is stupid," she told herself kneeling down on the rocking bank where there was a little more light shining through than most areas, but it was still impossible to see her feet or beyond the trees.

She just stared down at herself in the river. What had she become? She use to be everyone's friend that everyone could lean one, a good girlfriend who wanted to talk more about her interest than cause drama, and a good daughter? Now she didn't blame for Kagura acting the way she did...locking herself up making everyone else feel unimportant in her world.

Seeing a glint of white and red dance across the waters surface was the only thing that broke her from her thoughts for a little bit. Strange that the very first thing she thought about was Inuyasha because of his odd hair and he always wore a red jacket.

She had been so quiet at that moment. Even with her breath that she thought she heard a dead leaf crunch, but it was so faint. The colors in the water were really easy to make out though.

"Inuyasha?" she questioned turning around really fast, but found nothing there.

"Duh," she laughed at herself, "Inuyasha isn't even in this class what would he be doing here. It's just my mind playing tricks on me."

Still she stood up and walked a little more. She needed to get back with her classmates before getting in trouble and this trip would have been all for nothing, but for a moment she could have thought she seen the outline of something before it quickly disappeared.

"Hello?" her small voice said just to make sure it really was nothing, "stop it Kagome you're going to drive yourself crazy. It's just really really dark is all. Ouch!"

She tripped over another rock when her hand been using a tree as leverage and a piece of bark broke the skin on her finger that was already weak from being pricked so many times before.

She defintley heard something else this time as she looked at her finger and examined the blood that was slowly running her down her soft white skin. The few seconds it took for her bleeding become obvious she defintley heard something that sounded like someone breathing in.

"Hello," she asked again, before being frightened and falling to the ground again she heard something that sounded like a hiss, was it an animal?

No it defintley was not an animal. She watched as the outline got bigger and eventually she could see the shape. There wasn't anymore luck than that since there was no light here, but it indeed looked like the shape of a man. No it couldn't be, because there was the glint of what looked like yellow eyes searching her in this vulnerable state.

Kagome was forced to second guess herself once again as the creature spoke in a very shaky breath, "Do....not.....move."

The voice, though very weak at the moment was too appealing not to hear. She almost obeyed it just sitting their for a few minutes as the creature attempted to leave, but the thought of an identified man there just screamed DANGER in her mind. What if this was the killer.

With a shaky breath she quickly got up to run, and that's when the figure turned around. She thought she had a chance, but the wind was knocked out of her when the enemy came out her in the blink of an eye and wrapped his hand around her neck forcing her to look into his eyes.

It was indeed a man with bright gold eyes, eyes that glared with murderous intentions, but she couldn't move. He began to loosen his grip on her, but she couldn't move...and didn't want to move. Right here in his dangerous gaze her eyes met his and she started to feel safe. Safe and warm. Why would she ever want to leave?

"I told you not to move," the creature growled slowly as his cold hand grabbed hers.

He seemed to be in pain struggling. He wanted to leave it looked like, but he was trapped here just like she was, but did he feel as wonderful as she did stuck there not a care in the world even as he brought her bleeding finger to his lips.

He began to lick the blood before sucking it out of her looking as though his mind wasn't there and only his body was, but he gave a dangerous hiss as he tore his face away. He looked really disgusted, but before his trance over her could break he came back and began sucking again, before the pattern repeated.

He wanted so badly to consume her, but something disgusted him. Whatever his gaze was doing to her she was paralyzed for she felt nothing but light headed. A few more times he drained blood from the injury on her hand before being repelled, and then tore a new wound on her chest and was quickly disgusted again.

"I will not apologize," she heard him say in a low breath before he made one final attempt on her neck ripping open her flesh and sucking away her life that he couldn't finish off in one setting.

Finally as her vision of his beautiful gaze began to fade and everything was turning darker than it had been before he dropped her body on to the cold ground before disappear into the forest from where he came.


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