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Letdown by Walter205


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 Another tear slipped down his cheek as he finished tying the rope around his neck. For one last fleeting moment, he reconsidered his options, but found none but his current choice of action. Poor Rin would be an orphan, but she would have uncle Jaken to look after her.

 He walked to the edge of the cliff and gazed down into the depths of the Grand Canyon. The swirling white water rapids of the Colorado river beckoned to him. Closing his eyes, he leapt off of the edge...and into eternal slumber.

* * *

 The anchorman shuffled his papers, giving his mind a mental shake. People these days, it just amazed him really.

 Looking up into the camera, he proceeded to report the latest most stupid reason for someone to commit suicide.

 "New leads today into the investigation of the suicide of local millionare Sesshomaru Meiji. A note on his computer, confiscated as evidence, revealed to authorities that the millionaire was distraught over a fan-fiction story posted online," the anchorman paused briefly as the camera changed angles.

 "Apparently the fan-fiction's author, one Kagome Higurashi, had updated her story six months ago with an exciting chapter that ended in a cliff hanger. Distraught that the next chapter was taking so long to be posted, it seems that he went insane until deciding to hang himself from the cliff," finished the anchorman before letting his colleague continue with sports.

 The End


A/N: This story was inspired by a discussion currently raging about cliff hangers in the off topic section of the Dokuga forums.


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