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Speaking Without Words by sesshou_lover

The Elevator Ride

I'm finally posting this story here because I figured that people really wouldn't want to start reading again until I found some focus to write new material and this way I can actually slow down and not have all my stories all over the place and feel so thinly spread.  I'm only rating this an M instead of my usual MA only because I don't remember the sex being X-rated.  It's more of an R.

Disclaimer:  I don't own Inuyasha, although I would love to keep Sesshoumaru tied to my bed.  Ah, I can only imagine what I'd do to him.

The Elevator Ride

 Everyday for the last four years Kagome had ridden the elevator of her exclusive condo complex with the same silver haired demon.  He was strange, yet absolutely gorgeous.  He bore these maroon stripes, doubled on each cheek.  Above his brow, bordered by bangs, he possessed a blue crescent moon.

             This demon was regal in every fiber of his being.  He exuded wealth beyond belief.  Kagome knew this to be true because she remembered well his first day in the complex. 

             He silently ordered the servants around like a seasoned pro.  None dared disobey his orders.

             On that day Kagome returned from work early.  She always took the train home, her favorite form of transportation to date.  It gave her a chance to catch up on her reading, which made her feel very good.  Also she liked being able to relax, not deal with the stress of crowded streets.

             Her job at Taisho corp. paid her decently.  Most people would never expect her to be able to afford a luxury condo, but she did very well with saving money.  Her grandmother died, leaving her a large sum of money that she split with her brother.  That money helped to give her a sizable down payment.

             She sighed happily as she rounded the corner to her building.  For the nicety of feeling safe she paid an exorbitant about of money.  She never suffered the fear of being mugged for her money; there had been no rapes in her area, no burglaries at all.  It felt amazing.

             A large moving truck blocked most of the small street.  Climbing out were large workers, carrying a very large piece of expensive furniture.  Kagome saw no sign of the owner of such fantastic furniture.

             She decided then that the person must have fabulous taste.  In her rush to get to home she only noted one point of reference.  Whatever piece she saw, it was made of dark wood, one of the most beautiful she had seen to date.

             She pressed the button for the elevator, waiting patiently as she watched the movers.  The first person she saw who could not be a mover was this small toad demon, a noisy little creature who immediately grated on her nerves.

             She wanted to grab hold of its ugly green beak to get it to shut up.

             She decided against that creature being the owner, though he carried himself with arrogance, swinging a staff around.  The creature had servant written all over his pimply face.  Kagome knew the type even if she had never viewed such a type up close.  She remembered some of the other occupants of the condo with their servants.

             "You girl, move out of the way for Lord's things," the creature screamed to her.  Kagome looked around, looking for some other girl in the way.  When she saw that the thing had in fact been speaking to her she smiled.

             "I don't think so.  When my elevator comes I will be glad to climb in then.  Until then, you have no right to demand I move in my own building."  She knew how to speak with arrogance when she needed it.

             The creature's eyes bugged out of its head.  Kagome watched fascinated as the creature raised its staff as if he were about to strike her.  "You foolish human girl.  I will have obedience out of you-."

             Something struck it on the side of the head.  Kagome eyed the paperweight, a beautiful rounded oval.  Inside the heavy glass she saw the figure of a white dog; obviously a demon for it looked to be demonic in appearance.

             A pair of dark dress shoes, expensive in appearance, came into her line of sight.  She lifted her eyes to take in the dark trousers, leading up to a white dress shirt clad torso.  Her eyes immediately noticed the hair, the beautiful silver hair she wanted to play with.

             Further inspection brought her to the perfect face, belonging to the god before her.  Piercing citrine eyes stared deeply into her soul, capturing her with their beauty.  Before she fell into the god's gaze the elevator indicator chimed.

             Kagome broke the gaze, flushing in embarrassment.  She hoped that the new tenant, for who else could he be with such a countenance, did not step onto the elevator with her.  Demons had incredible hearing and she knew her heart beat soundly at his presence.

             Fate decided she was to begin this epic journey with this strange demon.  According to its will he stepped into the small confined box.  Before the door closed he nodded to his retainer, the only indicator that he expected anything.

             Kagome did not say a word.  Under normal circumstances she always introduced herself to new people.  She enjoyed being friendly, for by nature she was an extremely friendly person.

             This male made such normal behavior seem out of place.  He said nothing.  He moved not a millimeter from his place.  He barely seemed to breathe.  For all that she knew he could have been a statue, made to move by some chance spell.

             In that moment, Kagome never forgot him.  How could she forget him?


 Kagome stepped into her building.  Today was a hot day, stifling hot.  She felt sticky with sweat; her clothing clung to her skin as she fanned herself with her current book of the moment.

             She was almost afraid to admit that she enjoyed romances.  Most of her friends found it too silly for a girl in her position.  Kagome Higurashi still wanted to be swept off her feet.  After a string of bad relationships, she wanted a knight in shining armor, or a prince to make her swoon.

             She never knew when this obsession began.  Perhaps it was because of all the relationships that failed.  Her worst, which should have been her best, involved Hojo her high school sweetheart.

             Kagome dated Hojo because her friends thought him to be the sweetest male on the planet.  Only Kagome learned of his possessive nature.  Hojo used to abuse her when other males looked at her.

             She had been committed to him all the way.  In his insecurity he caused the split.  For a while Kagome thought she might have to start a whole new life.  In a way she did.

            During the biggest fight Hojo raped her, nearly broke her spirit.  She had an instant miscarriage.  Strange as it seemed it didn't bother her as much as it bothered other people.  Kagome knew something very important; something that saved her a lot of heartache and pain.

             It had nothing to do with her.  Whatever happened did because of Hojo's fucked up mess.  Kagome did not ask for other males to speak to her.  She did not condone it and truthfully, she was an independent woman who should have decided her own path.

             She cried over the innocent life of her child though.  The babe had done nothing wrong.  But Kagome soon forgave her ex his transgressions for her own sake.  To move on she had to allow herself to heal.

             It was then she moved into the condo, where Hojo had no business visiting.  Her friend Sango forced her to at least inform the police of the situation.  Hojo might not have spent time in jail, but the restraining order against him worked.

             After him she dated other losers, like Naraku Oni, Koga Wolf, and Hiten Kaido.  There were some moments she felt like she might never find someone, so she turned to books instead, steaming romances that left her panting.

             Kagome collected her mail from her mail box as she waited for the elevator to arrive.  She knew the silver haired stranger would be inside already, having come from the parking structure.

             She sometimes wondered what sort of car he drove.  His every outfit had to cost more than her salary, so she expected him to drive something ultra sleek.  He never had a female with him, only his briefcase.

             He never showed the slightest expression, so she never knew what to think of him.  She knew he stared at her.  After that first day he always stared.  She admitted to herself that she liked his stare, though it made her feel strange.

             There was something about him that defied understanding.  She figured his mind to be some complex entity she could never fathom should she even want to.  He never spoke a word to her so she did not know his name.

             He defied the need for intimacy.  His very behavior deemed him deficient in that area, not that she really sought anything from him.  It just became sort of a comforting routine to spend time every day in the elevator with him.  Always at the same time.

             Often she wondered what he could be thinking when he looked at her.  His eyes hid his deepest thoughts, obviously thinking something very private.  His face, that angelically demonic face of his presented a cold front to everyone.

             The door opened.  There he stood in all his glory, leaning casually against the rear of the car.  Somehow, as stiff as his nature seemed, she often caught him relaxing.  Over the years Kagome learned not to acknowledge the demon.  He never acknowledged her other than to stare.

             She felt his eyes on her as she turned to face the doors.  She reached over to the control panel to press the button for her floor.  He lived floors above her.  She knew that much since he usually was the only person in the car before she arrived.

             Their building seemed strange.  A daily routine unbroken by anyone.  At the fifth floor, the same couple always entered the car, pushing Kagome back toward her stranger.  On the seventh floor the same old woman from every day would step in with her cat, further pushing Kagome into the car until she almost touched the stranger.

             Kagome always felt the heat radiating off him.  She felt where her skin nearly touched his body; further bring a strange heat to her body.  It never failed to keep her distracted, for her awareness of the stranger was solely focused.

             She tried to ignore that he stood behind her, tried desperately as she did everyday to ignore the flush taking over her face.  His magnetic being constantly pulled at her attention.

             Everyone else in the car held conversations as they continued to gain more people.  Kagome used to wonder why so many people traveled on floors not their own.  She gave up as she drew closer to the stranger when another occupant entered the elevator car.

             This time Kagome found her back pressed against his chest.  She mumbled an apology, not daring to look into the stranger's eyes.  In her mind she imagined that he was a loving person, the love of her life, that electricity traveled through his veins at her touch.

             She tried to imagine that the breath she felt on the back of her neck came from her lover.  Imagine her surprise when she felt his nose suddenly pressed to her hair.  She held her breath as her body stiffened.

             This was the first time ever they made contact like this.  It felt really good, especially when she felt his hands on her hips.

           Oh she knew she should push him away.  They never spoke before.  They knew nothing about one another, except for the fact that she found him enticing.  Obviously he must find her enticing as well considering the small kisses he lay burning on her skin.

             She found if she tilted her head just so that his lips brushed a very sensitive place.  Lucky, or unlucky considering, for her they reached her floor before that happened.  She shot out of the elevator not caring if she ran anyone over.

             'I'm a good girl' she kept repeating silently to herself.  She was a good girl.  Yes she often dated losers but she herself had not changed.

             Yet as she looked back at the elevator, to the stranger standing tall above all the others, she knew that if he were to walk off that elevator at this moment to press his desire for her, she would not refuse him.

             He seemed to know this as well, for as the doors finally closed, she caught his smirk.


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