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Starfish |
| Aurora Antheia Raine | Sesshoumaru&Kagome4Ever |

Disclaimer ;; I do not own Inuyasha.

Rated ;; MA for sexual situations and language.

Author's Note ;; This is a response to Nobody's "Fishing" challenge for the week of March 11th to March 27th. The maximum word count is 800. Without the extra information I placed here, the story itself is exactly 800 words- no more, no less. Purely coincidental too. Smut. PWP. To an extent. Very short. Enjoy!


Strong, masculine arms wrapped itself firmly around her petite waist, a hand skimming over her pert breasts and flat stomach before making its way down to her womanly folds. A mere centimeter away from his mouthwatering destination and his hand was stopped by a firm hold.

"What are you doing?"

"You should be well aware of what I am doing."

"Not tonight, I'm tired."

With that, she rolled over and proceeded to sleep without another thought, leaving him flabbergasted and speechless for a long moment. Not one to be deterred; however, he scooted closer to her naked form and allowed his hand to travel slowly to the apex between her legs once more.

Slapping his hand away, she sat up and glared at him with anger, "Sesshoumaru, what the hell are you doing?"

Pausing in thought to contemplate what to say, he suddenly smirked, "Why, my darling miko, I'm fishing."

"... Fishing?"

Suddenly seizing her by the waist, he kept her in place as he rolled on top of her, now looking directly at her with flashing eyes, "I just caught myself a mermaid." Rubbing his thumb slowly in sensuous circles upon the flesh at her hip, he repressed the urge to beam with pride as his miko mewled at his simple touch.

Trailing his hands up to her breasts, he cupped both in his hands and gave it a firm squeeze, teasing her already erect nipples. "And now, I've caught two jellyfishes by the head," he whispered by her ear, his breath tickling her soft skin. Unable to resist the temptation, he leaned down and took her mound in his mouth, suckling on it until she cried out, before switching to the other one. After giving it the same attention, he released her with a satisfied pop and smirked at her flush appearance.

Running his fingers across her skin, he finally stopped at her arm, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Lifting her arm up, he traced the faint appearance of her veins with a finger, while his other hand occupied itself in parting her folds and teasing her sensitive nub.

"And this here, are sea corals," he explained, as he continued to trace her veins, letting her arm rise up higher over her head before cuffing her wrist to the edge of the bedpost where a pair of furry handcuffs laid. When she began to object, his other hand plunged into her warmth and all was forgotten as she gasped at the pleasure his fingers were bringing her. "This, vixen, is the sea," he purred, moving his fingers in and out at a steady pace, the all too familiar coil tightening in her belly.

While she was distracted, eyes closed and gasping, he took the opportunity to raise her other arm and cuff it to the other end of the bedpost where yet another furry handcuff was located. Still, he continued his ministrations on her womanhood, circling her bud with his thumb as three fingers filled her core, driving her higher and higher. As she writhed and begged him for release, on the brink of ecstasy, he stopped and she groaned with disappointment; her skin flushed with beads of sweat glistening.

She waited eagerly for his next movement, her exhaustion completely forgotten, believing he planned on impaling her with his hardness. But no, what he did next puzzled her.

He left.

He got out of bed and left the room, leaving her handcuffed to the bed, sexually frustrated and throbbing with wanton needs. Whimpering, she tugged against the handcuffs but to no avail, she was stuck on the bed until he came back.

Closing her eyes, she envisioned him caressing her, teasing her, penetrating her with soft touches and long strokes; with gentleness then with recklessness; slowly then roughly, each thrust harder and deeper as he fucked her into oblivion. Her imagination running so erotically wild, she could feel herself becoming so wet she was dripping and oh, how she longed for him to fill her completely.

She felt something then at her ankles, a piece of material so soft it made her sigh. Opening her eyes, she noticed him, Sesshoumaru, tying her ankle to one edge of the bedpost with a silk scarf and then the other ankle to the other end.

"I plan on having my way with you tonight, my starfish."

"S-starfish?" she asked, suppressing a moan; she loved it when he talked to her like that.

"You look like a starfish right now," he explained, crawling back onto bed to her, "with you in that spread eagle position."

He smirked at the pool of liquid that dripped from her core and without warning, he thrust into her in one swift movement, set on having his way with her all night.

Kagome had no objections.


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