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Meeting with Kagome:lawyer or maid



Hello everyone this is my first fan fiction. I am trying my best to write it nicely.

Thank you.


        "Was it 30-D or 31-D? Oh I guess I am not late to my interview, this is my first time please god help me!" said a worried and confused Kagome. A mop of red hair was passing by deciding to ask her, "Excuse me miss! I have come for my interview for the assistant of Mr. Kouga Takahiro. Is his address 30-D or 31-D?"

"Well! I am Going to 31-D to work as a maid. So, the lawyer's address must be 30-D. All the best for you interview." "Thank you very much," said a happy Kagome.

                      Kagome pressed the doorbell. Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

"Come in! Have you come for the job?" asked Sesshoumaru. "Yes sir!" said a blushing Kagome. "My boss is so hot. Surely, Ayumi would have said me. If he wouldn't have been my boss I would have been be drooling by now," thought Kagome. "Can you make tea for me; kitchen is in front of you, to the left row of the cupboard you can find all the ingredients to make the tea. Go ahead," said Sesshoumaru. As Sesshoumaru looked up he noticed that his maid was very beautiful, if she would be doing any other profession he would surely have asked her to date him.

                   "Three teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoon of tea leaf, and one cup of milk I prefer." Kagome made the tea and wondered that why he was asking her to do this. Maybe he is testing my patience. Well, I will do it. Kagome gave the tea to Sesshoumaru. "Hmm! You make nice tea. As I was saying....." "Sir Shall I go with you to assist you in your law cases? I couldn't see any law books in your house," said a bewildered Kagome. "I assumed her to be a maid and turns out that she is a practicing lawyer. That means I can date her. Whoopee!" thought Sesshoumaru.


             "I want to test your skills, so, I am going to give you a problem. This is the situation: My friend Sesshoumaru wanted a maid. When a girl came to his house he assumed her to be the maid, but when he knew that she was a lawyer. He was very happy that she was not a maid, he wanted to date her. But he was scared to tell her that he likes her. If he tells her he wants to date her. What should be the reaction of the girl or shouldn't he tell and pretend that he is a lawyer. I want the answer solved this evening I am going to bring some law books from my friends. Almost all of my books are shifted to the office. Sesshoumaru rushed to his friend's house and brought some law books. "Mr. Takahiro I will find a solution to this problem. Thank you for giving me a chance, "said Kagome.


Constructive criticism is welcomed. I would be very happy if I get reviews. I will try to give you the best. NEXT CHAPTER: THE SOLUTON TO THE PROBLEM.


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