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Unexpected Allies-How to Train a Taiyoukai by Striking Falcon


{Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, but I am slowly falling for Sesshoumaru. If anyone would like to give him to me, please e-mail me and I'll come get him.}

Unexpected Allies Trilogy

Part One

Submissions, Table Manners and Scent Recognition: How to Train a Taiyoukai

By Striking Falcon

Chapter One:


Two figures raced for the old well, the girl on the iron chariot slowly losing her lead. The young hanyou ran faster, his white hair whipping past him, the folds of his gi flapping in the breeze.

Neither seems to realize that someone is watching them.

"Inuyasha, I have to go!" Kagome yelled as she hopped off the bike. She dashed for the well, almost reaching it.

Almost there....

"We have better things to do!" Inuyasha growled as he landed in front of her, arms outstretched to grab her. Kagome dove between his legs and rolled to the edge of the well. She yanked herself up and swung a leg over the ledge. Inuyasha yanked her down, tossing her to the grass. Kagome stood up irritably, brushing the dirt from her skirt.

"Please? I'll bring you back some extra Ramen."

Inuyasha faltered, but refused to move. "You'll have to do better than that, bitch."

Kagome sighed. "Chocolate?"


"Please, Inuyasha!" she whined, her hands clasped together. "I have to go. I have finals to take!"

"Is that just like those tests?"

"Yes, except they're more important." Kagome glanced at him curiously. "Will you let me by?"


"Ahhh!" Kagome cried, throwing her hands in the air. "For the love of...look, I've got to go! I'll only be a week!"

"A WEEK?!"


Kagome mentally groaned. 'Way to go, Kagome. Now he'll never let you go.' Inuyasha continued to fume, glaring at her viciously. "A WEEK?! You never said anything about a week, bitch! There's no way NO WAY you're staying for that long!"

"But that's how long the finals are! Please? Don't make me say the 's' word."

Inuyasha flinched, but refused to relent. "You wouldn't dare."

Kagome sighed. 'It can't be helped, can it?' "Sit, boy."


Inuyasha grabbed her leg as she dashed past his sprawled form. "I said no."



"I'll only be gone a week, Inuyasha. If an emergency comes up, come get me!" Kagome called as she dropped in the well. A bright flash of light and she was gone, leaving one very pissed off hanyou behind. Inuyasha stood up, glaring at the well. 'I should seal it so she can't come back. That'll show her.'

"Keh! Stupid girl and her stupid tests."

He whirled around suddenly at a faint rustle in the trees. Nothing. Inuyasha sniffed the air delicately, then shrugged and walked the path to Kaede's village. 'Stupid girl. Now I'm hallucinating.'

A figure watched in silence as the two teenagers argued, amazed when the girl finally reached the well and disappeared. He waited until Inuyasha was gone, then peered into the well.

'I smell a strong magic. Well, she said she'd return in a week. Then I shall wait as well.'

The figure darted through the trees, leaving the well behind.

One week later....

"Mom, please pack some extra Ramen," Kagome called down the stairs. She yanked an extra pair of jeans from the pile on her bed and another sweater, shoving them under her arm. She tugged at the neck of the turtleneck she wore casually, mentally ticking off her list of things to get.

"Let's see, I have at least two weeks of clothes, plus all essentials like shampoo, conditioner and underwear. Mom's packing Ramen, Shippou's chocolate and some suckers are in there as well. What am I forgetting?"

Something green glittered in the sunlight on her desk.

"Oh yeah! I forgot all about those!" Kagome yanked it off her desk and shoved them under her arm with the clothes. She dashed down the stairs two at a time and slid into the kitchen.

"Thank you, Mom."

Her mother smiled at her, dropping the last pack of Ramen and a new kettle into the oversized yellow pack.

"No problem. Do you have everything?"

"Yes, Mom," Kagome groaned as she shoved the extra clothing in the bag.

"Good. Kagome, could you sweep outside the shrine before you go?"

"Mom, I have to go. Inuyasha's probably mad right now. I'm late, you know!"

Kagome's mother smiled good-naturedly and waved. "Go on then, though how you expect to earn your allowance I'll never know."

Kagome kissed her cheek, heaved the pack to her shoulders and ran out the kitchen door. She darted across the courtyard, yelling goodbye to Souta and her grandfather as she slid the well house door open. She slammed it shut with a loud bang and leaped from the steps into the well. The purple swirl of magic engulfed her a moment before setting her gently to the well floor. Readjusting her pack, (and trying to ignore the bones of Mistress Centipede) she raised herself to climb out. A clawed hand reached down and grabbed her wrist, yanking her out of the well. Kagome sighed irritably as arms wrapped around her waist, fingers hooking into her belt loops.

"Inuyasha put me down," she commanded as they bounded through the trees. He didn't respond.

"Inuyasha, didn't you hear what I said? Put me down."

No answer.

Kagome started to struggle. "Inuyasha, what's wrong? Why are we not going to the village?"

"What makes you think I am Inuyasha?"

Kagome gasped, the blood draining from her face as she focused on the voice. 'Oh no. Please, don't let it be who I think it is.' Kagome looked over her shoulder, into the face of a demon she feared more than Naraku.

"....Sesshoumaru," she whispered as he sailed over the trees.

"I wouldn't scream. Inuyasha wouldn't arrive in enough time to catch you."

Kagome shuddered, but nodded in understanding as Sesshoumaru flew further away from the village.


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