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Trapped by sesshou_lover

Pack Dynamics Part 1

I almost didn't separate this again, but I thought, what the hey. Why not.

Pack Dynamics

{Alpha's Duty}

Kagome sat at the table across from Sesshoumaru going over figures for her pack's expenses. She had come, because somehow, what she had written in her expense chart did not match what Sesshoumaru had written in his.

There were some unauthorized purchases made that she had to clear up with the Alpha elect before it was taken to the Supreme Alpha's attention. "I don't get it. I always keep careful notes, but I don't remember anyone in the pack requesting jewelry."

Sesshoumaru handed her a copy of the purchase receipt received from the store, along with a few purchase receipts that had to be reconciled to Sesshoumaru's liking. "I have this on file under your pack's account. Obviously, someone authorized this purchase."

Kagome sighed. The only other person besides her capable of giving authorization for a big purchase was Inuyasha. He would be dumb enough to not give her notice to settle the account balance. She really shouldn't have been surprised that it happened.

"I'm going to have to discuss this with Inuyasha. I'm almost positive he just forgot to mention that someone in the pack purchased jewelry."

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed in thought. "Need I remind you, that jewelry is considered personal purchase? It is not supposed to go on the pack account which means-"

"I know; I have to reimburse the account somehow. I'll make sure the problem is fixed," she said, a slight smile on her lips.

"The alpha should fix problems within a pack Kagome, not you." But they both knew that Inuyasha was too incapable of leading alone. He couldn't stick to the rules of the Inu clan. He could barely make it to a meeting without Kagome nagging at him.

"I'll get the information to you Sesshoumaru. How long will you be here?" Here being his personal office where Sesshoumaru held all his finance meetings. He shrugged slightly.

She sighed. She rushed back to the apartment where her small pack lived, hoping she could solve this problem in a timely manner. She only hoped she didn't have to hurt Inuyasha too badly to get the information out of him. The last time she really hurt her hand doing it and her voice had gone hoarse screaming so many sits. That hanyou was just too difficult sometimes. She'd yet to figure out why.

Lately, it seemed his attitude toward her specifically had worsened. She could understand that he might be feeling a little terribly about more of the alphas coming to her as if she were the alpha of the small pack, but really it was his own fault. She did all the work for him.

She sighed as she opened the door to the home where her pack resided. All she could try to do is work it out with her hanyou friend. If she ever wanted to get the mating over between them she had to find a way of getting back on his good side.

'Maybe Sango will have some suggestions. She's usually good with dealing with demon males.' She smiled at the thought of having girl time. It was the perfect solution, if Sango was home of course.

{Mating the Alpha Female}

Kagome stood at the threshold of the bedroom door in the apartment she shared with the rest of her pack, too shocked to move. Tears fell down her face at the sight before her, at the sight of the love of her life in bed with her best friend.

"Kagome come away from there before you get into trouble," Miroku said from just behind her. She turned to both he and Shippo standing there.

"How long?" she demanded quietly. Miroku looked distinctly uncomfortable, but Kagome did not care. Her future depended on his answer. "How long have they been screwing?"

"They've been mates for months," Shippo said quietly. Kagome closed her eyes in pain. It was as she feared.

"The alpha male always mates the alpha female of the pack. You know that Kagome," Miroku continued to try to calm down Kagome.

"I see." She turned away before anyone could see her tears. She dropped the pack's balance book, leaving the apartment all together. Why had no one told her? Miroku, Shippo, Sango, or Inuyasha, one of the other members of the pack could have said something, but no one told her. They knew. They knew how she felt about Inuyasha and no one said a single word

Her tears dried as her anger grew. How dare they all smile in her face while knowing that Inuyasha mated Sango. How dare they behave as if Kagome were the one who was destined for Inuyasha when all along he fucked her?

Well they were going to pay for making a fool out of her. Kagome was going to make sure that they regretted their treatment of her after all that she did for that pack. She was the one who made sure all needs were met. She made sure that everything worked.

It was Kagome who continued to finish the reports to the greater pack when Inuyasha refused to do his job. She went to the alpha meetings. She went over financial reports for Inuyasha because he didn't want to deal with Sesshoumaru. Well no more. She was done with it. They could do their own paperwork for all she cared.

She hadn't wanted to join the inu clan. She was a human, not a youkai, but it had been Inuyasha who convinced her that it was a great idea for her to join his pack. She had brought in Sango and Miroku. She convinced Kikyou that it was a good idea to join the pack with her mate Naraku. She had been the one to take in a homeless kit when no one else from the Kitsune tribes would.

But what good did spending all those long months in youkai behavioral classes do her just to learn about living in a pack? None. She was supposed to be the alpha female of Inuyasha's pack, which meant that she was supposed to be his mate. She made sure the Inu no Taisho stayed out of Inuyasha's business. And Inuyasha was trying to say that Sango was the undisputed alpha female. Well fuck them both. She had better things to do with her time then spend it on two timing, no good pack members.


"You're angry," Sesshoumaru said as he opened the door for Kagome. He was at the clan's central headquarters working on some business for his father while his father took care of his sick mate.

"Where's your father?" she demanded. It had taken two days of staying in a shitty motel to come up with the courage to face the Supreme Alpha. She was not about to give up now. Sesshoumaru raised a brow in amusement at Kagome's obvious ire.

"I'm standing in for the supreme alpha. All problems are to be brought to me until further notice."

"I want out," Kagome said.

Sesshoumaru sighed. Where Inuyasha had demanded that Kagome join his pack, Sesshoumaru had cautioned her against it. Being part of a pack was too big a responsibility for most humans, who were not born with youkai instincts.

Kagome had only had an easy time being adopted into the pack because she was well known by the Supreme Alpha and his pack from the time when she was a baby. But she still relied too heavily on her human intellect.

Sesshoumaru moved from the door way, finally allowing Kagome into the large office. He glanced at the clock, then to Kagome's blank expression. There was no way he was going to make it home for dinner with his pack members.

He motioned her to sit in the upholstered chair across the desk from his father's very comfortable, Italian leather executive chair, where he chose to have a seat. It took everything within him not to lecture Kagome once more about allowing Inuyasha's foolishness to rule her dealings with the hanyou, but he managed to halt his natural inclination. Instead he said, "Kagome, one fight does not qualify you to leave the pack. I told you, you should have gone through proper protocol to determine where you best fit. You were the one that wanted to stay with Inuyasha instead of looking at every option."

Kagome felt the tears returning. She fought them, determined not to cry before Sesshoumaru. After years of struggling with Inuyasha and his pack she managed to incur Sesshoumaru's respect where no human before had managed it.

She did not want him to think her weak, even if she was. "It wasn't a fight. He mated Sango. He runs off any male that is interested in me. He makes me think I'm his then gets me to join his stupid little pack. And he mates her, calling her his alpha female? None of them told me this happened. Sesshoumaru, I just want to leave."

Sesshoumaru collected his father's file on Kagome in the file cabinets behind him. He returned with the file in hand, glancing through all the paperwork. "You've been in this pack for three years. That is entirely too long for you to simply walk away from the inu clan." He stared at Kagome's crestfallen features thinking of what he could do to help her.

She could be absorbed into another pack since Inuyasha dishonored himself, but it severely limited her choices. As one of the sons of the Inu no Taisho Inuyasha had one of the highest standing positions, even if it was undeserved.

"I can arrange for another pack to take you in."

Kagome shook her head. "You know it's all instincts. The inner beast is going to have to initiate the bonding for a pack member. I have that with no one else but Inuyasha. Just let me return to my human family."

Sesshoumaru leaned forward suddenly, his eyes darkening slightly in anger. "You cannot go," he nearly growled. "I know all about instincts ningen. There is nothing you can tell me about instincts that I don't know." Kagome backed down from the angry alpha.

She sometimes forgot that when dealing with higher alphas of the packs she had to be respectful. Inuyasha lived his life to be rude while his father treated Kagome more like a daughter. Sesshoumaru tended toward tradition. She had stepped out of line, placing her in the wrong.

Sesshoumaru found his eyes attracted to her neck when Kagome turned her head to show her immediate submission. He waited until she drew in the courage to place a kiss at the edge of his jaw to show she was subservient to him. "You will have a pack," he said once he brushed his cheek against hers, accepting her apology. "I guarantee that a pack will take you in, even if you must join mine."


Inuyasha left the bedroom, leaving his mate to continue sleeping. He felt good after finally releasing some of the tension in his body. Good enough that he felt capable of sitting in a meeting with all the other alpha's with minimum fighting.

A slight frown lit his face as he sniffed the scents of the apartment. The only scent missing was Kagome's. She hadn't returned for three days so far. It gave him free reign to sleep with his bitch at night but the kit had been crying the whole time.

Truthfully, Inuyasha figured Kagome must have got pissed about something and went home to her human family. He scoffed. He'd have to go out of his way to get her back where she belonged, wasting his time to placate her. She was part of his pack and he wouldn't let her go for any reason.

"Inuyasha," Miroku nodded briefly. He walked through the front door holding the mail. "There's an official letter from the Supreme Alpha. It's marked urgent."

Miroku didn't stick around to see what the letter contained. Something told him that things were about to change within their little group. It certainly hadn't escaped his notice that Kagome hadn't returned since finding out about Inuyasha and Sango.

A short time later the cry of "What?" rang through the apartment. Sango shot out of bed, running to see what was wrong with her mate.

"Kagome's requested to leave the pack," Inuyasha growled. "That ungrateful bitch. I've done everything for her ass and this is how she repays me?"

Sango had a different reaction. She burst into tears, knowing exactly what would have caused Kagome to want to leave them behind. She found out the truth about their betrayal and was angry.

{Keeping the Alpha Female}

Nine months later

Kagome couldn't say she was unhappy. In fact, she was just down right ecstatic about her life.

Sesshoumaru had taken Kagome around to all of the packs within the greater clan to see where Kagome might be comfortable. There were some packs that she thought she might have been kind of happy living with, but for the majority she knew it wouldn't work.

She'd been right. The alpha's usually had no problems with her, but it had been the other females of the pack. For what ever reason, Kagome did not get along with the youkai females.

Sesshoumaru's solution had been a simple one. He found her a pack where the alpha's will could not be overruled, his own pack. It worked, because the Supreme Alpha had been bothering Sesshoumaru about increasing the strength of his pack with females.

When the Supreme Alpha returned to office, Sesshoumaru had put in for an immediate transfer. To say that the Inu no Taisho was sorely angered by his youngest son's behavior was an understatement. Inuyasha didn't know how close he had been to having his pack dismembered by his father for the insult to Kagome's honor. But Kagome had been happy enough to get over it.

Kagome now had more responsibilities. She helped Sesshoumaru manage all financial reports and managed all his appointments. She took care of Sesshoumaru's ward, his two sons and two younger brothers. She managed the house staff, taking over for the alpha female Sesshoumaru sought to replace anyway and she handled all his personal needs.

That situation was the only thing that she felt strange about. Kagome had felt terrible for the alpha female Sesshoumaru so easily cast aside. It just sort of happened without anyone knowing what happened.

Luckily Keiko hadn't cared. She personally did not have the slightest interest in Sesshoumaru sexually, even with the two pups they shared. They'd been too close friends growing up, so Keiko was very glad when Kagome came along.

"Hey Kagome," Keiko, the former alpha female, said coming to plop down on the couch beside Kagome. It was time for their favorite daytime talk show, The Gossip Corner with Jakotsu.

Kagome was just finishing putting the last appointments in Sesshoumaru's planner for month. He had a couple of new meetings his father insisted he attended next week, so Kagome, as the new alpha female had to make sure Sesshoumaru remembered.

He also had to go over financial reports with all the other packs within the clan. Inuyasha's pack, being the only one she hadn't received an answer from for an appointment, made her shake her head. It was Sango's responsibility to ensure that it got done if Inuyasha wouldn't. So far, she was a disappointment.

"Hey Keiko. I haven't seen you for a while. What happened?"

Keiko shrugged. "Nothing much. I met this really gorgeous red-head down at the café. What about you? What have you been up to?" Keiko waggled her eyebrows suggestively, reminding Kagome of Miroku.

It was no secret that now that Kagome was the alpha female she'd been having sex with Sesshoumaru. It was really all Keiko's fault for telling Kagome to masturbate in Sesshoumaru's favorite chair as part of the initiation to the pack, knowing he'd remember the scent. Apparently, it was discovered, Sesshoumaru's inner inu really loved that scent.

Kagome had thought she'd feel weird sleeping with Inuyasha's brother, but boy could Sesshoumaru fuck. She had no time to think about anything else but his cock sliding in and out of her when they were together. It was better than she could have ever imagined.

But that wasn't the only thing that had been happening in her life. "Members of my old pack contacted me. Somehow they found out where I stay, so I've been avoiding phone calls all week. I'm not mad anymore, but I'll be damned if I just let it go."

Keiko snorted. "I take it everything is not sunny days and rainbows? I know that jackass hanyou. He should have felt lucky that his father was willing to acknowledge him as a pup, especially since he was from infidelity. Hell if it weren't for you his father would have taken away his pack a long time ago."

Kagome sighed. "I'd rather not talk about it anymore. It's over. I have obviously moved on to bigger and better things."

Keiko laughed. "Girl, if that isn't the truth." Kagome had to laugh at Keiko's sizing variation between the two brothers.

"Inuyasha wasn't that small." After only nine months she found she still sometimes lapsed into defending her former alpha, especially against those who were full blooded inu. It was a natural response to all the years she spent by his side.

She finally shrugged off the thought of Inuyasha. She picked up Sesshoumaru's youngest pup, Kiyoshi, from his baby seat at her feet as he began to whimper for attention just as the show began. Today it was all about S/M couples who were abusers.


Sesshoumaru felt it, that tension building in his balls as he neared his home and his pack. His chest rumbled with a heavily aroused growl.

He had never had an occasion before to bed a human and had never thought he'd actually enjoy it when it occurred, but bedding Kagome each night was perhaps the best part of his nights.

He imagined her all spread out before him, ready for him to sink his cock deep inside her drenching wet pussy. His length tightened, strangling in his jeans.

He opened the door, taking instant count of all the members of his pack he was responsible for. His ward and oldest pup were playing a quiet game, for once, with his littlest pup as both his brothers watched over them.

Keiko apparently wasn't home as her scent was missing. A sudden gleam entered his eyes. Kagome was in his bed room.

He ignored his brothers and the pups for a moment as he searched out his bitch. And there she was in his favorite position, bent over with her luscious ass waving in the air.

The towel she wore about her body, lifted high, exposing just enough of her snatch to drive him mad. He closed the door behind him, bolting it so that he was undisturbed with his woman.

He licked his chops, stalking his prey as she remained unaware of his presence in her search for something to wear.

Kagome jumped slightly when she felt hands caressing her inner thighs. A tongue dipped into her, arousing her with just that one touch. She glanced over her shoulder, praying that it was Sesshoumaru behind her.

Sesshoumaru was on his knees, lapping her juices in earnest, his eyes closed in pleasure. Kagome moaned, tilting her hips up slightly to give him a better angle. "I didn't notice you were home," she said.

Her alpha began penetrating her with two strong fingers, teasing her inner flesh into producing more fluid as his eyes connected with his woman. The edges of his eyes tinted pink with his desire as he felt the flood of liquid dripping over his fingers.

He stood in a fluid motion, unbuckled his jeans with his unoccupied hand, releasing his pulsing dick and brought the head to where his fingers played. Kagome sighed as he removed his fingers, replacing it with something so much larger.

Sesshoumaru kept the towel bunched at her hips, using the material as leverage to guide her back against him.

He hissed as her muscles clenched him tight at the half way point. He pushed further inside, pausing every few moments to savor the heat of her body. "I've been waiting for this," he hissed.

Kagome panted breathlessly, spreading her legs wider. One clawed finger reached between her legs, tracing around her exposed clit.

Her knees trembled. Sesshoumaru tightened his hold on her hips, keeping her in place as he thrust long and slow into her wet flesh. He retreated slower, feeling ever single clinging pulse of her grasp.

"Oh," Kagome breathed out. He moved so slow she was almost unsure he moved at all if it weren't for the slight caressing of her inner walls.

Sesshoumaru continued his game, filling her so slow that it drove them both mad with lust. His beast demanded he take his bitch hard, dominate her so that she knew who her alpha was.

Kagome shifted her hips, driving Sesshoumaru's thick cock deep inside her. She gasped, feeling full to bursting. Sesshoumaru felt the faint outline of his member against the skin of her stomach.

She was so small compared to him; with such a tiny little hole he was surprised that she could actually take him all in. She was so perfect for him, his little vixen.

Sesshoumaru stilled as all of Kagome's muscles clamped tightly against him in a massaging motion. She glanced over her shoulder, a smug look in her eyes. Sesshoumaru growled deeply in his chest.

Kagome missed the sudden evil grin taking over Sesshoumaru's face. His beast was right. They had to dominate her. Remind her who she belonged to.

He pulled out fast, leaving just the head to tease her. Kagome tried moving her hips, but Sesshoumaru held her too tightly. When she whimpered He slammed his hips forward, burying himself inside her body all at once.

He covered her mouth as she started to scream. He continued trusting, ramming into her body again and again and again. Kagome held tightly to the edge of the dresser she'd bent over to find clothing.

With every thrust she screamed her pleasure into his hand, at one point biting him. She tried thrusting back against him, taking her pleasure as he gave it to her. Sesshoumaru growled at his bitch in the language of his birth, demanding she give him.

She suddenly dropped her head, her hair sliding forward until his eyes found her exposed next. Without thought he clamped his teeth over her, holding her tightly without breaking the skin.

He wasn't quite ready yet to make her his mate. Kagome's body convulsed, riding her orgasm hard. Sesshoumaru rode the wave with her, continuing to thrust hard and fast against her, searching for his own completion.

One thrust, then two, and three, and then finally he exploded. His creamy come filling his bitch's body as he shuddered. It was simply perfect.

When he slid from her body, Kagome slid toward the floor. Her flesh felt worked. She tingled in satiation for a long moment. While she rested Sesshoumaru fixed his clothing.

He went into the private bathroom for a washcloth to help Kagome get clean. "Sesshoumaru you are going to kill me one of these days," she said as she lay with her legs spread.

He smirked. "You were the one looking too good to pass up."

The sounds of little fists banging on the door interrupted anything Kagome might have said. Sesshoumaru waited for her to dress before he allowed the pups into the room. "Dinner is ready Sesshoumaru-sama," Rin said.

He motioned for his ward to leave the room. "Come Kagome, it's time we eat."


"Sesshoumaru don't forget you have a meeting with your father this morning before the alpha meeting and after it. And remember you agreed to invite your parents for dinner with the pack."

Sesshoumaru sighed. "Why the hell does he always want to meet with me?"

Kagome chuckled. "You are next in line. It is only natural that your father expects to have you by his side. Besides, the Supreme Alpha really has no pack of his own anymore since he gifted your pack with your younger brothers and Inuyasha has his own, so this is the only way he can see his 'pup'."

Sesshoumaru grunted as he finished grooming his hair in the mirror of his bedroom. Kagome lay at her leisure, wearing nothing but his black satin sheet around her body. "What are you going to do today?"

Kagome rolled to her side, watching Sesshoumaru as he dressed. She bit back a grimace. "Kiyoshi has a doctor's appointment and I promised the pups we could go to the park afterward. But I kind of set up a meeting with one of my old pack members."

Sesshoumaru turned all the way around to assess his bitch's face. Kagome never could hide her emotions from him. "Why?"

Kagome sighed, knowing she'd have to be truthful. "Miroku is still a friend no matter what happened. He didn't sound happy so I figured, I should find out what is going on with that pack?"

Sesshoumaru glared into her eyes for a long moment before shrugging. "Do whatever pleases you."

"As long as I only spread my legs for you," Kagome said with a smirk to match Sesshoumaru's. Those were the exact words he'd told her the first time they had sex and so far, it has continued to work for them.


Miroku was desperate. Shippo wasn't getting any better since Kagome had left. He knew that she was angry no one had told her what happened, but he hadn't thought that she'd never want to see them again.

'Correction,' he thought. Kagome did finally agree to meeting with Miroku after much begging on his part. He had to do something, convince her to come back to the pack or at the very least help him to get out of it.

Things weren't good at all at this point. Inuyasha had flown into a rage after Kagome transferred out and he hadn't been told what pack she left for. Sango didn't understand what Kagome had done to keep the pack together. She may have been the strongest physically, but she wasn't able to cope with much else.

Miroku was in such deep thoughts that he was surprised when Kagome finally entered the café, one inu pup, one inu teen, and a human little girl trailing her. In her arms she held a squirming little inu infant.

His brows lowered in question. "Kagome?"

Although she really didn't want to, she had to smile. "Miroku. I trust you know all the pups?" Chuu frowned at being called a pup. Miroku nodded as everyone sat at the table. "I can't stay long since I promised I'd take them to the park."

Miroku created a smile of his own. He understood looking at Kagome's pack. Rin and Kaishou couldn't sit still for a moment. The infant kept picking up the knife at the table, flustering Kagome while Chuu just laughed at it all. "I'm sure this won't take very long. I was going try to convince you to come back, but I guess I need to change my plans."

The teen, who Miroku recognized as Sesshoumaru's youngest full blood sibling snarled in his direction at the mention of Kagome leaving, the other pups followed suit. Kagome shook her head. "You are going to have to change your plan. I'm guessing things are not working so well with the pack?"

"You don't know the half of it Kagome. Shippo won't stop crying because he misses you and blames Inuyasha for not allowing him to tell you. Sango has been a basket case as well. I can't tell you how badly the other members of the pack are behaving. We all miss you."

Kagome felt the youngest pup burrowing into her warmth, reminding her of her new duties. It seemed almost inconsiderate of her that she did not hold the same feelings for her old pack. But there it was. She didn't care about them anymore, not when she had so much more. One thing struck her about Miroku's words, though.

"Inuyasha wouldn't allow you to tell me about his mating?" She heard Chuu snort with laughter.

Miroku nodded. "When we found out, I wanted to tell you. Shippo wanted to tell you, but you know how we all had to take those classes. We couldn't ignore a direct order from our alpha, even if we wanted to. He knew you'd leave if you ever found out what he'd done."

"And the hanyou couldn't afford that," Chuu muttered. It rankled him so that he was born hundreds of years before Inuyasha and yet the hanyou was technically older in human years, thus often making Chuu the considered youngest of the Inu no Taisho's brood.

Kagome cut Chuu a look. He quieted. "What do you want Miroku?"

Miroku turned his eyes away for a moment. He honestly hadn't thought that Kagome would look so happy someplace else. He kind of knew it would happen and understood it, but it hadn't exactly been in his plans to find her tied to Sesshoumaru, the most possessive male of all the alphas.

When he turned back he had a new resolve. "I want to put in a request for transfer for myself and Shippo. The kit should not be forced to grow up in an unstable pack."

Kagome thought about her options. She refused to go back to the pack. She really did not want to bother with anyone from the old pack, but Inuyasha sorely abused his powers as an alpha, so it was her duty to help as the female of the Alpha Elect.

She sighed. She really was too damn soft hearted. "The best I can do is try to get you an audience with the Supreme Alpha. I cannot promise anything."

Miroku understood completely. All he wanted was for her to try.


"Absolutely not," Sesshoumaru said coldly. He and Kagome were in his set of rooms, not exactly arguing but surely not agreeing either.

Kagome held back her huff as she sought to distract her alpha. Really she didn't see what the big deal was. Shippo and Miroku needed a pack. Sesshoumaru's pack still had plenty of room in their huge home, if that was what the Supreme Alpha demanded.

When she'd gone to the park with the pups the idea had come to her. Most of the other packs only had inu pups. Sesshoumaru's pack had a human girl around Shippo's age. And when looked at from the angle of what Miroku confessed her dispute had everything to do with Inuyasha and Sango.

So she'd come to the decision that Sesshoumaru should take in two more strays. He obviously was not as excited about the idea.

She felt his eyes on her bare back as she stood faced away from him at the bed. She wanted to get her way, but she didn't want to simply trick him with sex. If she just happened to bend over, presenting herself as a proper inu bitch she was sure she could get her way once she mellowed her alpha out. It had worked before.

Her body reacted to the thought of his immense length thrusting within her heated depths. Her nipples peaked into hard little nubs. Her nether lips engorged with blood, clenching and unclenching in search of something to hold on to.

She sighed deeply. She couldn't allow herself to get distracted if she was going to do this. She began to unbutton the tab on her jeans, having already released the zipper. She lowered them over slim hips, wiggling her bottom as she finished undressing completely.

His growl of excitement didn't escape her notice. "But Sesshoumaru," she began, "It is the duty of the Alpha Elect to help those in the lesser packs in need. If what Miroku told me is true, then Inuyasha is sorely abusing his powers."

She bent slightly, to begin crawling over the bed to her spot against the wall. She knew that Sesshoumaru watched her. The very thought of his eyes on her body caused liquid to pour from her tight little hole.

Sesshoumaru stalked his prey, not willing to pass up what she so willingly offered him. Kagome held still as she felt his powerful body cover her, caging her in. "What are you prepared to do to have me act, bitch?"

Kagome pressed back against him, feeling the slight friction of his clothed erection against her. "What do you want?"

She felt Sesshoumaru work at the buckles on his jeans, releasing his arousal to slowly tease her wet slit. He began to work his way inside her, using the rough abrasive quality of his clothing to add to her pleasure.

Kagome pushed back against him, taking him in fully, as she knew a good bitch should. A slight whimper worked its way through her throat. This is what she never had with Inuyasha, this great sense of satisfaction.

Sesshoumaru thrust slowly, making sure she felt every single vein of his cock caressing her walls. At this rate she knew she wouldn't last long before she lost complete control over her body.

They were both just beginning to really get into the mood when the door burst open admitting Sesshoumaru's older pup.

"Fuck," Sesshoumaru cursed before helping Kagome scramble underneath the covers so that he could close his fly. "Kaishou, what did I say about when the door is closed?"

Little Kaishou shrugged his shoulders. He was only two after all. Sesshoumaru sighed, deeming it a lost cause. Behind him Kagome began scrabbling into her discarded clothing, both very horny and now frustrated.

"What's wrong Kaishou?" Kagome asked gently.

"Chuu is mean," Kaishou said. Kagome sighed. Sometimes Sesshoumaru's brother got on her last nerve.

"Where is your uncle Takai?" Sesshoumaru asked. The pup shrugged.

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed. He turned to Kagome knowing she would have to go solve this new problem. "I will talk to my father about Inuyasha's pack mates. They will probably just be transferred."

Kagome nodded as she left the room, dragging Kaishou behind her as she screamed "Chuu you little worm come here."


Sesshoumaru held the transfer papers for the Supreme Alpha's approval. He really wished he didn't have to do this, but it seemed the only way to make Kagome happy.

"Are you sure your pack can support more members?" the Inu no Taisho questioned his heir, a slight smirk upon his lips.

Sesshoumaru bit back a sigh. "I can more support new pack members. More so now with Kagome's help."

The Inu no Taisho chuckled. "And how is life with the new alpha bitch? Are things working out between you two? Is a mating finally in sight for my heir?" Toga knew he needn't ask his eldest son such a question. He could smell the answer on his son's skin.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. "Let's be professional father. Just sign the papers so that I can take in two more strays." He thought for a moment, "I think Keiko is bound to transfer out soon."


"She smells of someone not my immediate pack. It is to be expected."

"What of the pups," the Inu no Taisho asked.

"They stay of course." It was the deal he struck with Keiko the moment he accepted her as his alpha female. Besides, his pups had grown attached to Kagome, especially his youngest. 'Almost too attached,' Sesshoumaru thought with a sigh. It was getting harder to find some time to just fuck his bitch with the pups constantly under foot.

Just that night he'd found both Rin and Kaishou had carried Kiyoshi into his bed where Kagome slept. That was the second time in one night that he'd been interrupted trying to release some stress.

The Inu no Taisho nodded his pleasure at such news. He wanted the pups close as they were his bloodline. Of course he held the hope that soon Sesshoumaru would decide to make him a grandfather once more with Kagome, beautiful pups preferably with her eye color. His eyes grew starry at the thought of more grand pups to call his own. Sesshoumaru prodded his father, reminding him of the conversation.

"Well, if it happens then I will gladly sign the paperwork for her." Sesshoumaru didn't deign it worth his time to respond. He watched his father sign the transfer forms, sealing his fate. He sighed. He really shouldn't allow Kagome to have her way.


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