Let us fall in love by MissTeak

Chapter 1

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A/N: For those of you who have read my other one-shot, "Darling, don't you know?" on the A Single Spark, here's one which takes place in the same kind of office setting. But instead of it being Kagome having a hopeless crush on Sesshoumaru (which is often the scenario we see in other stories), the tables are turned this time round. What happens when Sesshoumaru has a hopeless crush on their company's Miss Popularity? And Miss Popularity secretly found him cute as well? Read ahead and enjoy this light-hearted story! Hope it will be a refreshing change from Wisteria.

Title: Let us fall in love

Chapter 1


The alluring fragrance of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle seeped into the chilly air of the air-conditioned office, floating on the waves of comfortable chill to cast its magical spell over all the breathing males within the vicinity. One by one, they fell into the web of attraction she spun.

Those Kate Spade Caitlyn 3.5" black peep toe pumps clicked seductively against the floor, turning heads and eliciting smiles, waves and admiring gazes with their sensual rhythm.

"Good morning, Miss Higurashi!" Male voices echoing the same greeting were heard around the office as if on cue.

"Good morning." She inclined her head innocently with a saccharine sweet smile in the directions of the voices which she could catch, unknowingly hurting a few hearts as she missed smiling in their direction. Then she would nod politely and greet the senior staff, smiling sweetly the entire time.

"You look amazing today. Then again, Miss Higurashi, you look amazing every day."

"Thank you, Mr. Sawajiri." She smiled somewhat shyly again, unknowingly registering in Sawajiri's mind the need to compliment her again.

The smile made him wonder if it was really as innocent as it seemed. Was she really ignorant of her immense popularity at their workplace, or was she simply feigning innocence and basking in the attention?

"Oh, and Mr. Makita, here's some throat candy for you. You were saying that your throat felt scratchy yesterday, weren't you?" She smiled, handing him the young man a bag of herbal candy.

Makita looked as if he just won a hundred million yen from the lottery. What a pathetic excuse for a man.

Like all the other men in the vicinity, he found himself glancing out of the corner of his eyes after her back. So this week was the girlish, semi-formal Kate Spade Caitlyn...she had no idea how many males were virtually drooling after her when she created an enchanting whirlwind of sensuality with her feisty, unbearably sexy Manolo Blahnik 4" ankle-wrap leopard sandals.

Ever so subtly screaming the word "bondage", if that oxymoronic description even made sense in the first place, Higurashi Kagome literally had all the men at her heels. The Manolo heels did not wear her. She wore the heels, and she made them almost illegal with how professionally erotic they looked. She was not tall, but she was slender and the ankle-wrap heels only made her legs look longer, her ankles super skinny and her feet, unbelievably sexy when set in contrast with the leopard print. In other words, she turned up the heat to sweltering levels in the space they all shared.

She was just sexy as hell, in an innocent way.

Matching the Kate Spade Caitlyn pumps were a black tight-fitting retro pencil skirt, a gently ruffled sweet baby pink sleeveless top, and her classic white Chanel 2.55. A string of virginal creamy white pearls around her neck completed the look. Did she even know that everything she wore was what he looked forward to observing every morning?

He wanted her badly, more than he ever wanted anyone else. But every morning, as he helplessly fell into the vortex of seduction that was Higurashi Kagome, he would snap out of it a few seconds before the average office guy did, and he would realize that he was not the only one who wanted her badly. The main problem was, despite him not being the only one who was obsessed with her, he was the only one who had problems approaching her or getting to know her better.

You see, he was her boss. The others were colleagues, so perhaps that made it easier for them to break the ice with her and communicate.

Following the daily routine, he snapped out of his bedazzled state ten seconds before she entered the pantry area to greet him. See how pathetic he was? He was supposedly the CEO, but in order to catch a glimpse of her in the morning, he chose to pretend to love the overly diluted coffee from their pantry, standing in there feigning interest in the coffee-maker until she arrived.

"Good morning, Mr. Taisho." She smiled alluringly, her eyes crinkling up ever so slightly at their ends to form perfect almond-shaped orbs.

"Good morning, Miss Higurashi." He would reply stiffly, clutching the handle of his coffee mug.

She would continue smiling politely in return, while her Coco Mademoiselle scent attacked his senses and invaded his mind mercilessly. "So how is today's coffee?"

"Good." He lied. It tasted more like lukewarm water with some caffeine stirred in. Then she would smile in a knowing manner and would bow politely as he made his way back to his personal CEO office room. He wanted to speak more to her, about things other than work or coffee, but Taisho Sesshoumaru actually lacked the guts to do so.

Then he would overhear a small conversation between this ethereal goddess and a particular male from his office. He had been trying to convince himself that there was no special relationship between them, but his hypersensitive ears always managed to pick up some evidence to prove otherwise.

"You walk really quickly for someone in 3.5" heels, dearest Kagome. Didn't I just drop you at the main entrance less than 10 minutes ago before I went to park the car?"

She would laugh merrily, before replying, "Miroku, it must have been the breakfast you made. Gosh, if I could eat such lovely blueberry pancakes every day, I would be highly energetic for work." Another laugh that sounded like tinkling silver bells, and her lovely voice was heard again. "Make those for me again, pretty please?"

"Sure, anything for you as long as it makes you happy. I am so honored you appreciate my pancakes-"

Another bout of giggles, and Kagome shook her head in amused, mock exasperation. The waves of Coco Mademoiselle rolling off her grew stronger with her mirth, sucking all the males down the vortex of hopeful desire with its sensual spell. Somehow to some extent, every male in the office wished they were Miroku at that instant.

'Oh, sick. Just listen to how hypocritical Miroku sounded. Wasn't that guy married?' Sesshoumaru thought irritably. His perfect face twisted ever so slightly in a gagging impression, before he shut the door to his office room a little harder than he should have. What an absolutely disgusting conversation...

He did not realize it was not the conversation that he was against, but rather, it was jealousy eating at his heart. Higurashi Kagome did not have an official boyfriend, but she was very close to their married department head, Inagaki Miroku. He was married; so why would she cling on to him? Maybe she did not even know he was married? Was he that attractive? Or maybe he was the one financing the Chanel 2.55, Manolo Blahnik sandals and Kate Spade Caitlyn pumps?

Sesshoumaru stubbornly concluded that if he ever got the chance to, he would buy Higurashi Kagome things that would make the classy Chanel 2.55 seem like an eco-bag.

And as if this closeness was not enough to make Sesshoumaru turn into the green-eyed monster, Kagome was on very friendly terms with almost everyone else except for him. She would never cruelly reject friendly lunch offers, and would instead enthusiastically ask others around and they would go for lunch in a big group; all males and one very attractive female.

He emptied the horrible coffee down the basin in his personal washroom.

On the other hand, Sesshoumaru's lunch was always boring. Given his status, he could not eat with the other employees except for the department heads or general managers without the situation being awkward. On top of that, his social skills, or the lack thereof, had rendered him unable to create or sustain lunch time conversations with his subordinates. It made him a rather dispensable lunch partner, so most of the times, all he had for company was the highly irritating but loyal Jaken, who was the ancient head of the accounts department. And while the popular people ate at some new fancy fusion café down the street, he would eat his packed lunch, prepared by his old housekeeper, in the dining hall at their company with Jaken.

Sesshoumaru found himself glancing at Kagome's ever-growing clique with a sour feeling in his gut. Who wouldn't? Would there honestly be a person who preferred boring, noisy and irritating Jaken to vivacious, beautiful yet kind and funny Kagome?

Then he spied her through the gaps of the blinds in his office, talking animatedly to yet another guy. It was futile, really, when she was so overly friendly for her own good. If they could be so friendly with her, there was no reason as to why he could not.

He would give it a shot.


Minutes later, the phone on Kagome's desk rang.

"Good morning, this is Higurashi Kagome from Taisho Corporation, human resource department. How can I help?"

"Miss Higurashi, Mr. Taisho would like to speak to you. Please press "2" for the extension line."

"Sure, thank you." She replied politely, bracing herself inwardly as a perfectly French manicured nail pressed "2" on the telephone.

"Hello, Mr. Taisho? How can I be of help?"

"I want you to have lunch with me today."

"Eh? Sorry?"

She could not believe what she just heard.

"I want you to have lunch with me today."


"Just the two of us. Do not invite anyone else." His voice was oddly strained and betrayed the nervousness he felt at having to do something like that.

"Oh." Kagome was shocked to say the least. She would have to find reasons to postpone the lunch date she had with Mr. Kouga and Mr. Hojo. "Umm, alright."

He was silent for two awkward seconds.


And the line went dead. Kagome removed the receiver at stared at it for a few seconds.

Did the cutest and most unattainable man on earth just asked her out for lunch?

Then she smiled, extended a "victory" sign under her desk and whispered, "Yes!"


To be continued...

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