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A Woman Scorned by Somewhere in the Middle

Hell Hath No Fury

A Woman Scorned


Chapter 1

Pictures, pictures, they all flew at her at an alarming pace. Lies, lies, realization finally kicked in. The unexplained bills for expensive jewellery that was not hers, the hotel bookings for two that she did not know about, the strange perfume that emanated from him after work. He was cheating on her, and she had no clue.

“Mrs. Takahashi??” the private investigator called to her.

Her eyes were far away, staring at the pictures of her husband and his secretary, one of her best friends, passionately kissing each other and doing other suggestive things.

Sapphire eyes flashed with rage as she said, “Just call me Kagome.”

“Kagome, I know this is all hard for you to take in but just try to be calm,”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Takaha, but I am calm. That will be all for this evening. Same time tomorrow afternoon.” She replied, dismissing him.

As soon as the PI exited her home, the tears of hurt and rage that she had been holding back, were suddenly let loose.

“Kagome??” the voice of her sister Kikyo called as she entered the house.

“In here,” her broken voice replied.

“What’s wrong??” Kikyo asked, genuinely concerned.

“H-h-he’s b-b-been ch-ch-ch-cheating on mewith Sango!!” Kagome managed out.

Kikyo laughed.

“Kags, don’t you remember what grandma told us?? The only reason she never worked a day in her life was because she was a woman scorned without a prenup, just what you are.” Kikyo said with a wicked grin.

“So dry your tears honey, we’ll get back at him, plus mom is on her way. You wouldn’t want her to see you this way right??” Kikyo gestured to Kagome’s running mascara, her red, puffy eyes, and her tear stained blouse.

“Of course,”


Kagome, Kikyo and Yuuki, their mother, all sat around the dinner table with drinks in their hands.

“So, Kagome, how are things with you and Sesshoumaru going??” Yuuki asked her daughter with suspicious eyes.

Kagome’s body went rigid.

“Things are great, Mom,” Kagome replied, taking a gulp of her Moët and pouring herself another glass.

Kikyo shook her head.

“Inuyasha, don’t you ever let that happen again. Hiro almost saw. Now imagine what would have happened if he went and told mommy that daddy was-” Sesshoumaru’s smooth baritone voice boomed as he entered the dinning room with his brother, Inuyasha.

“If Mommy knew what??” Kagome inquired with a raised eyebrow??

“It’s a surprise dear,” Sesshoumaru replied smoothly.

“You bet it is,” Inuyasha muttered.

Sesshoumaru sent him a death glare and excused himself to go freshen up.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha were very similar looking. Both had unusual silver white hair and golden-honey coloured eyes. They greatly resembled their father, the famous Toga Takahashi, business tycoon.

It just so happened that Kikyo was married to Inuyasha.

“Where are the twins??” Kagome asked Inuyasha as he went to sit down next to his wife.

“They’re with Dad. He wanted to spend some time with them so Sesshoumaru told him to bring them back tomorrow,” Inuyasha explained.

Kagome nodded in understanding.

Kagome and Kikyo shared a look. Both sisters were strikingly beautiful and shared a large resemblance to one another. They were often taken to be twins. Both had long midnight black hair, stunning sapphire eyes, flawless ivory skin and pouty red lips.

“How was your day, love??” Sesshoumaru asked Kagome as he took his seat ext to her.

“Eventful,” she replied curtly, taking another gulp of her drink.

“You know what, Kags; I think you’ve had enough. We wouldn’t want anything to slip out if you were drunk would we??” Yuuki said picking up on the situation.

“Your right Mom, I’m going to bed. Goodnight everyone.” Kagome announced standing up.

“No, no, we were all leaving now,” Kikyo explained giving her mother and husband meaningful looks.

They both agreed and left together.

Kagome stormed up to her and Sesshoumaru’s room and slammed the door.

“Kagome,” Sesshoumaru said tenderly, “what is the matter love??”

He said the words with such love and caring, but she knew it was all a charade. He didn’t love her any more and it was clear to her by his actions with her best friend.

“Nothing,” she replied harshly pulling the covers over her head as she settled for bed.

“I was thinking that maybe, since the kids are with my father, that we could….” He trailed of in his seductive voice.

“I’m not in the mood,” Kagome answered. It took all of her will power to tell him no and even more will power not to slap him multiple times for destroying and disrespecting their marriage.

“Give me the cold shoulder why don’t you,” Sesshoumaru muttered as he took the hint and crawled into bed beside her.

Kagome began silently crying when she was sure that he was sleeping. Never before in her life had she felt such pain. She had went about her life thinking that it was all perfect. She had the perfect husband, the perfect best friend and the perfect children. But she was wrong. Her life was not perfect. It was exactly the opposite. It was a lie. She would allow herself to cry for him tonight, but starting tomorrow, Sesshoumaru Takahashi would experience the fury of a woman scorned.


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