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Confetti Sparks by Walter205

Foolish Imp

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 Kagome skipped near the edge of the lake, humming a christmas carol as she went about. In her left hand was a small bag which contrained a few firecrackers for a new years celebration. It would be getting dark soon, and the rest of the gang would be joinin her as soon as they finished exterminating low level demons encroaching upon the local lands.

 Feeling a small demonic aura nearby, she stopped humming and came to a stop, head turning around as she scanned the local area. The brush between her and the forest parted for something small making it's way in her general direction.

 She was about to prepare herself for battle, but stopped when she saw the staff of two heads poking up out of the reeds. Recognizing the aura then, she quietly settled her miko powers into standby mode.

 A few moments later, the reeds parted to reveal Jaken waddling torwards the lake with a bucket in hand. He stopped when he saw her, and raised his staff in an unsure defense of himself.

 Kagome had to smile at his reaction to seeing her. An idea suddenly occured to her. Perhaps she could start the celebration a little early.

 "Hey Jaken, would you like to see something amazing?" asked Kagome in a happy chirpy voice.

 "Hmph, puny human, as if something you could do would amaze me," gruffed out the little toad demon.

 Kagome pulled out three little plastic bottles with paper bottoms and strings attached. Her smile grew even further, into something almost mischevious, not unlike how his lord was when he smiled. Sensing that something was wrong, Jaken raised his staff further.

 "Ta-da!" yelled Kagome as she pulled the strings, the three popping sounds and strands of confetti raining out of the bottles startling the toad demon into a defensive reaction.

 "Fool, you'll not trick me with your miko magic. Now I'll show you who your messing with. Staff of two heads!" yelled Jaken back, planting the staff on the ground as fire gathered at it's mouth.

 Kagome's mouth opened wide in sudden shock at the toad demon's reaction, and she started to fall backwards as her miko powers rose to her defense.

 A wall of flame enveloped her, then dissipated, leaving the grass where she had been standing scorched. Kagome was sitting on her bottom along the shoreline, staring in shock at her burned hands as her miko powers welled down again and dissipated, the hastily erected barrier around her body disappearing.

 "Ha Ha! Foolish human, count yourself lucky that I did not fry you alive!" said Jaken triumphantly.

 The staff was then plucked from Jaken's hands. Jaken looked up, into his master's narrowed eyes, and his own widened considerably in sudden fear.

 Without a word, Sesshomaru held the staff torwards Jaken, mouth wide open. Before the toad could even so much as gasp, another wall of flame came forwards, enveloping the toad within fire. He ran around Sesshomaru, screaming for help.

 The demon lord offered him none, instead lowering the staff torwards the ground. For a moment, he looked like an expert golfer measuring his shot, looking down range before lifting the staff around and behind him, poised to strike. The moment Jaken came around in front again, Sesshomaru released the swing, connecting perfectly with Jaken, the sound of wood hitting scorched clothing cracking through the local area, as the toad demon went flying up into the distance.

 Only the well trained eyes of a demon could have seen the splash and small puff of smoke on the far shore of the lake. Throwing the staff to the ground, Sesshomaru walked over to Kagome and took a knee in front of her. The miko, still staring at her now shaking hands, finally took notice of his presence.

 "I...I just wanted to show him something fun...I didn't mean to...make him think I was...attacking him...," she stammered as little tears started to form at the edges of her eyes.

 Instead of answering her, he reached out with his hand, and grabbed her right arm around the wrist, lifting it to where it almost touched his face. The burnt flesh invaded his nostrils with a putred scent, and he had to force himself not to snort it out.

 "What...what are you doing?" asked Kagome in an almost whimper as a single tear escaped her eyes and ran down her cheek.

 He answered her by opening his mouth and extending his tongue to lick her burnt hand.

 Too stunned by his action to register the pain that his tongue caused, she just sat there totally frozen as he finished coating one hand with his spittle and switched to the other hand. When he had finished, he dropped her arm, and looked into her still unmoving face.

 "The saliva of a powerful demon lord does wonders for healing burns," he explained in a flat voice.

 "Oh...uhh, thank you, lord Sesshomaru," stuttered Kagome as redness flooded her cheeks. Indeed, her hands had stopped hurting, and the blackness was even starting to disappear.

 "hnn," he replied, turning and walking away into the forest, retrieving the staff and water pail as he went.

 Darkness fell as he arrived back at his camp, young Rin and a scorchy wet Jaken sitting around a campfire. A booming sound echoed through the forest, drawing his eyes back torwards the lake where fireworks exploded into the night sky in brilliant colors.

 For once, Sesshomaru's smile held no malovelent intentions.

 The End


P.S.: I hope the grammer and spelling errors weren't too numerous. I haven't written anything in a while, and I did this one a little quickly.


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