Teasing the Future by Flamethemightydragon

Teasing the Future

Author’s Note: I have been in a very dark place recently and needed something a bit more fluffy than my norm while I finish dragging myself back into the light. I’m also trying to work on periodically creating one-shots between 3-5k so I can try to enter some writing competitions with some of my original works. So you should be seeing some one-shots sprinkled in with updates of Dreaming of You. Speaking of, the next chapter is 1/2 way done! Thank you in advance for any favorites, follows, kudos, and reviews.


Disclaimer: InuYasha & Final Act are all owned by Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Viz Media & Madmen Entertainment.

Teasing the Future

Sapphire eyes blinked down at the rather large black box blocking the front door. It hadn’t been fifteen minutes since she returned home from school; just enough time to switch backpacks and say her farewells to her family. No one had knocked on the door, leaving the sender a complete mystery. Had it been a gift from Hojo, he would have certainly made his presence known. A roughly torn paper flapped in the gentle breeze, the bold kanji sending chills down her spine.

Caution: May Bite.

Prior to her time in the past, Kagome may have laughed off the warning as a joke. Now she knew better. There was something alive in the box, something that could be a danger to her family. She squared her shoulders, reiki pulsing around her at the silent threat. It seemed harmless enough, but so did the Shikon.

The box shook, the creature inside attempting to get out. Her eyes hardened, watching the package, prepared to defend her family. A high-pitched whine, muffled by the box, reached her ears and her heart pounded. Dread filled her as she scrambled to free the creature, the distinctive whimpered sound forcing her to act.

Nails clawed at the thick cardboard, forcing bright sunlight inside the dark cage. Silver fur glittering in the light, wet tongue hanging out of a mouth lined with sharp teeth. Kagome collapsed in horror as a large puppy barked up at her, happiness shining in its bright blue eyes, tail hitting the side of the box as it wagged.

The puppy leaned up, large paws on the edge of the box, and licked her cheek. Instinctively, she reached a hand up, running her fingers through the silky fur at the puppy’s neck. “Who left you here?” She mumbled to herself. The puppy cocked its head to the side before barking at her, as though answering her question.

Kagome blinked, the intelligence shifting in the puppy’s eyes unmistakable. She hadn’t felt anything unusual when her reiki flared, but she was still learning. It would be easy for her to miss something, especially if it was hidden. How many times had she missed Sesshoumaru’s approach until Inuyasha reacted?

The door opened behind the pair moments before the soft gasp of her mother pulled the puppy’s attention away from her. “Oh my… Where did you come from?” Kagome’s mother knelt beside them, a hand reaching to stroke the pup.

“I have no idea.” Her mother hummed, her long fingers running down the puppy’s back. “The box I found them in says they bite.” She frowned at the clearly happy creature before her. The puppy had yet to show any signs of violence; could the warning have been wrong? “I think someone abandoned them here.”

“What a shame.” The elder Higurashi sighed before standing. “I’ll make some calls to find him a good home while you’re in the past.” The puppy whimpered and Kagome’s heart twisted. As much as she would love to keep them, it was too large a responsibility for someone hardly ever at home. It wasn’t fair to her family nor the sweet pup.

“Just promise not to leave them at a shelter.” She scratched behind a floppy ear before standing. From the corner of her eye, she saw her mother nod. Readjusting the straps of her backpack, she patted the puppy on the head. “Mama’s going to find you a wonderful family, don’t you worry.”

The puppy cocked its head to the side as she turned away. She was late enough as it was, and if she didn’t get going soon, Inuyasha would come and collect her. Which would put him in a foul mood she’d rather not deal with.

Barking followed in her wake as she reached the wellhouse. Squaring her shoulders, she ignored the twinge in her heart as the barking shifted to a howel. Raven hair floated behind her as she jumped in the well, the panicked shout of her mother the last thing she heard of the future.

Brows furrowed, she landed in the past. Had the warning proven true after all? Had the puppy bitten her mother once she turned her back? Frowning, she gripped the thick vines along the wall of the well, pulling herself up. She needed to go back, needed to make sure her mother was safe. They didn’t know anything about the puppy, no matter how intelligent or sweet it seemed to be. Shippou looked sweet and innocent and she knew firsthand the trickster he truly was.

Splintered wood met her fingers as she reached the top of the well. Taking a breath, she was about to let go when a bark reached her ear. Blinking, she looked down, wishing she could rub her eyes to confirm she wasn’t seeing things. Her mother hadn’t shouted from the puppy turning on her.

At the bottom of the portal to her home, the puppy stood, tail wagging and tongue lolling from the corner of its mouth. “How…”

“Oi! Wench!” A clawed hand gripped her wrist, pulling her from the lip of the well. The puppy growled as she disappeared from its view and her best friend placed her on the ground. “What the hell took you so long?”

“Well,” she glanced at the well. “There’s a bit of a problem.” The two of them leaned over the lip of the well, staring down at the beast below. Blue eyes narrowed on the two of them, tail thumping against a wooden panel. With Inuyasha already irritated, she was certain he would argue about her returning the puppy back to her time, regardless of how quickly the trip would be. “Can you pull them up?” Inuyasha jerked back, staring at her like she grew a second head.

“Have you lost your mind? We don’t have time for this.” Kagome rested her hands on her hips, glaring at the hanyou.

“You either pull them up or I go back to take them home.” The two glared at each other, the small meadow humming with the growl of the puppy trapped below.

“Keh, we don’t have time for you to go back.” Inuyasha snorted before jumping down the well to collect the puppy. Kagome’s shoulders slumped, relieved she didn’t need to resort to using the kotodama. Inuyasha cursed as he and the puppy cleared the well.

The pup wiggled free from his grasp, standing between them, hackles raised and eyes trained on the hanyou. Chills ran down her spine as the puppy barked moments before teeth sunk into her best friend’s arm.

Inuyasha yelped, jerking away from the pup, snarling back. The puppy barked again, sitting at her feet, eyes refusing the leave the hanyou. Inuyasha snorted before turning away from the pair, bite all but forgotten.

Kagome blinked, unsure of what had just occurred. Why hadn’t Inuyasha lashed out at the pup as she expected? It couldn’t be the age, not with how roughly he treated Shippou. Could it be he could…

“Inuyasha?” The question laced her voice, the need for words between them unnecessary. The hanyou’s shoulders sagged as he sighed.

“Don’t worry about it.” Her eyes widened, shifting between the two inus. So they could understand each other.

“Can you ask where they came from?” Inuyasha just snorted before barking at the puppy. Kagome watched in fascination as the two conversed in the mysterious language of inus.

“He won’t say, but he wants to help.” Inuyasha rolled his eyes before turning back toward the village.

“He? What’s his name?” She reached down, fingers stroking the silky pup, unconcerned over getting bit herself.

“Daisuke, now can we please get going? We’re late enough as is.” Inuyasha ran ahead, giving her no other option. She sighed before scratching the puppy behind the ear.

“Well, Daisuke, it looks like we’re going on an adventure before we can find you a new home.” The puppy barked as the two of them traveled through the forest and toward the village.


Daisuke was welcomed to their group with open arms. Kirara got along well with the puppy, something Kagome had been worried about. The nekomata took one look at Daisuke and purred. Shippou fell instantly in love with the pup, choosing the ride on its large back.

Though their first introduction was less than smooth, Inuyasha didn’t seem to mind the puppy following them. They gave each other a wide berth, only conversing when Kagome needed to know what Daisuke could eat or other necessary information. Sango and Miroku enjoyed watching the new dynamic settling within the group. Daisuke was quite protective of Kagome, much as Kirara was with the taijiya. The houshi often amused himself with jests of her winning the hearts of all canines that came into contact with her.

The sun beat down on their group, a gentle breeze cooling their sweat damped skin just enough to keep the day pleasant. Daisuke padded beside Kagome, her fingers dangling to run through his fur every now and then. She’d become quite close to the little pup in the short time he joined them and dreaded the time to return home. Her mama would have found a good home for him while they were away, and the thought of separating from the puppy made her heart ache.

Inuyasha stopped, hand on Tessaiga’s hilt, growl spilling from his lips. Daisuke cocked his head to the side, a curious whine of his own floating around her. “Inuyasha smells something coming.” She whispered, used to explaining some of their group’s more interesting dynamics to the pup. After he’d nearly bit Sango for seeming to attack Miroku out of nowhere, it had become vital.

Dust kicked up as a whirlwind approached them. Kagome sighed, head already aching from the upcoming argument between the two. Daisuke’s hackles rose as the small dust devil came to a sudden stop before her. Clawed hands wrapped around her own, her raven hair whipping back as the dust around them settled.

“My woman! What a surprise to see you here!”

“Hello Kouga.” Kagome smiled, attempting to pull her hands from his grip, to no avail. “How have you been?”

“Wonderful, now that I’ve seen you.” He smirked, the hint of a fang peaking out from his lips. “When are you-” He yelped, the two of them shifting their gaze lower. Blood dripped down Kouga’s leg, Daisuke’s teeth firmly embedded in the flesh of his thigh. Kagome gasped, Inuyasha’s full-bellied laugh drowning the sound for all but Kouga and the puppy.

Kouga growled, hand slipping away from hers and into a fist.

“Don’t you dare.” She seethed, grabbing Kouga’s wrist. “He’s just a puppy.” Said puppy growled, igniting the ire within Kouga’s electric blue eyes.

“All them more reason to teach him manners.” She glared at the wolf, the promise of retribution in her eyes. They stared each other down, neither refusing to back down. From the corner of her eye, she noticed Daisuke pull his teeth from Kouga.

“I think you should leave now, Kouga.” In all the time she’d known him, she’d never asked him to leave.

“Kagome…” Hurt bloomed in his eyes before he huffed. “I’ll be back.” He glanced down at Daisuke, and she shifted her stance to place herself between the two. Kouga wouldn’t hurt her, but she didn’t trust him not to hurt the pup. He frowned, turning away, running back to where she assumed his two pack mates waited.

Swiveling on her heel, she glared down at Daisuke. “Kouga is a friend. You don’t bite friends.” The puppy whimpered, licking her knee before barking. She glanced toward Inuyasha; all amusement on his face whipped away. “What did he say?” He scratched the side of his face, eying Daisuke carefully.

“He said you’re not the wolf’s, and he shouldn’t touch.” Her cheeks heated as she once again looked at the pup. It was no secret she let Kouga get away with far more than she should. Though after this encounter, she suspected he would finally accept the fact she wasn’t interested and would stop pursuing her.

With a sigh, she turned her attention back to the road ahead of them. “Lets keep going.” They would need to make camp soon, and she wanted to get as far from this place as possible.


Fire crackled in the center of camp, the aroma of cooking fish floated through the air. Kagome flipped the page of her textbook, devouring the knowledge after a long day of travel. Daisuke lay beside her, head resting in her lap, her fingers mindlessly stoking his fur. Shippou lay on her other side, attention focused on the drawing of Daisuke biting Kouga he was creating.

The soothing swipes of Sango cleaning Hiraikotsu across the camp kept all of them at ease. With Inuyasha lounging in a tree and Sango so relaxed, there was nothing for the group to worry about. Miroku returned to camp, arms full of wood they’d need for the night.

They stopped a bit earlier than normal. With Kouga in the area, Inuyasha wanted to keep everyone within his sight to ensure their safety; not that he said as much. He just announced the end of traveling for the day, and no one argued with him.

Inuyasha leapt down from his tree, shoulders tense and hand on the hit of Tessaiga. Kagome looped up from her text, anxious butterflies filling her stomach. It couldn’t be Kouga, could it?

Daisuke sat up, nose twitching before his tail began to wag. It couldn’t be Kouga, not with how excited the pup seemed to be. Kagome stumbled to her feet as the last person she expected appeared through the trees. Fading sunlight glinted off long silver hair as Sesshoumaru stared at Daisuke.

“What do you want, bastard?” Inuyasha snarled, taking a step closer to the daiyoukai. Daisuke barked, running up to him before Kagome could react or pull him back to safety.

“Daisuke,” Kagome hissed, trying to coax the pup back to her side. He simply looked back at her, tongue lolling from his mouth before turning his attention back to Sesshoumaru, continuing his barking conversation.

Inuyasha jerked back, eyes wide as he stared at the puppy. Sesshoumaru’s own eyes glanced toward her before growling at the pup. Daisuke’s tail lowered, a whimper escaping him, a knife to her heart.

“Hey!” she shouted, stomping over to the brothers, putting herself between Sesshoumaru and Daisuke. “What’s your problem? Daisuke’s just a puppy. How can you be so mean to him?” Sesshoumaru lifted an eyebrow, golden eyes boring into her.

“Kagome…” She ignored the plea in Inuyasha’s voice, holding up a hand toward him. She didn’t care that Sesshoumaru was one of the strongest youkai to walk the earth. He didn’t have the right to pick on Daisuke.

“What did he say that was so offensive you had to punch down on a child?” She snarled, tentative licks against her hand fueling her ire. Daisuke was a sweet pup, bitting aside, and didn’t deserve whatever Sesshoumaru said to him.


“Kagome.” She folded her arms across her chest, narrowing her eyes at him. His own eyes narrowed before glancing behind her. She shifted, blocking his view of Daisuke. His unwavering gaze returned to her, the command in his eyes meeting the challenge in her own.

“The pup needs to return home before he and his brother get into any more trouble.” She blinked, looking down at Daisuke. The pup sat beside her leg, head turned away from her. Lips pursed, she took a deep breath to calm her rising temper. She knew there was something special about Daisuke; this only solidified things.

Her lips parted, prepared to ask Sango to borrow Kirara. She could only imagine the panic Daisuke’s parents must be in, not knowing where he was. Sesshoumaru took a step closer, pulling her attention toward him. “Come, This One shall take you.” His gaze shifted back to Daisuke. “To ensure you return without delay.” She blinked, not expecting the offer, and certainly not expecting the silence from Inuyasha.

Her best friend stood in the same spot, bangs covering his eyes. He wasn’t pleased with how everything was turning out, but he wasn’t saying anything otherwise. She bit her lip, wishing she understood what Daisuke had said to change the brother’s dynamic in such a short amount of time.

Youki flowed under the feet, her own reiki pulsing in response. Strangely, it didn’t lash out. Her brows furrowed as it swirled around the youki, pulling it closer, as if welcoming it. Blinking, she looked up at Sesshoumaru. He was much closer, thick lashes framing the heated look in his eyes, summoning a blush to her cheeks.

Daisuke barked excitedly as the youki solidified into a cloud, lifting the three of them into the air. She stumbled, hand resting on a solid, cool breastplate for balance. His chest rumbled beneath her fingers. She lifted her gaze to meet his own. Long gone were the days the two of them faced each other upon a battlefield. Though not friendly, she liked to think they were at least allies. The spark hiding in his eyes told a much different story.

She was his.

The fire burning deep in his eyes was the same as the day she cracked the very breastplate beneath her fingers. She had assumed it was fueled by the audacity that a human dared attack him. But now… Chills ran through her. Only in her deepest, most secret fantasies had she dreamed of seeing that fire in this context.

Cheeks flushed, she looked away, gaze focusing on Daisuke. The pup made himself comfortable, lying on the youki cloud, tongue flapping in the wind. A hand curled around her waist, resting innocently on her hip.

“Relax, Kagome.” His husky voice in her ear sent shivers down her spine.

“That’s easy for you to say.” She muttered, more to herself than anything, yet he still heard her over the wind whipping about them. Damn his heightened senses. His resulting chuckle did things to her she’d only fantasized about. “Do you even know where to go?” She wouldn’t look at him, knowing he would see the yearning and secrets within her gaze.

“Hn, the pup has informed This One.” She sighed, leaning into his heat, determined to enjoy this while it lasted.

“I wish I could understand him.” Sesshoumaru hummed, claws pulling her closer. The deep, soothing growl rumbling through his chest settling her. If she could understand him, would she still find herself in the arms of the youkai that haunted her fantasies?

Their flight to the well was far too short for her liking. With each passing moment, she grew more and more comfortable in the daiyoukai’s embrace and never wanted to leave. Daisuke’s tail slowed from the near constant wag to a standstill the moment the well came into view. His whine floated around them as they descended, Sesshoumaru’s answering growl rumbling through her.

Silver hair twisted around raven tresses as the youki dissipated and their feet touched earth once more. Head lowered, tail between his legs, Daisuke approached the well. Kagome pressed her lips together, glancing back at the stern faced Sesshoumaru. “Do you really need to be so hard on him? He’s just a puppy.” A single raised eyebrow was his response.

With a single leap, the pup cleared the well, a flash of blue and pulse of magic filling the small meadow in his wake. Kagome sighed before approaching the well, leg swung over the weather worn wood, prepared to follow.

“Hurry back, Miko.” She turned to glare at him, admonishment for his refusal to use her name on her tongue. That fire was back in his eyes, sending a thrill of excitement through her. “We have much to discuss.” His molten eyes roved over her form and she swallowed thickly. Words stolen; she simply nodded before leaping into the well.


Kagome pulled herself from the dark portal, panic rushing through her. Daisuke was nowhere to be seen. Rushing to the opened wellhouse door, she nearly tripped over her feet. Barks echoed across the shrine, followed by giggles and an all too familiar growl of displeasure.

Blinking, she stumbled out of the wellhouse. Daisuke was running around a small child, barking with more joy than she’d seen from the pup since she freed it from the box that morning. The boy paid her no mind, nor paid any attention to a much older Sesshoumaru growling at them to leave.

A gentle breeze passed through the shrine, Sesshoumaru’s gaze instantly meeting hers the moment his nose twitched upon catching her scent. His eyes widened briefly before his shoulders slumped and he sighed.

“Daisuke, Koshiro, enough.” Sesshoumaru snapped. “It is time we take our leave. I’ve had enough of a lecture from your father, and I care not to repeat the experience.” The child, Koshiro, turned to give her a big grin, waving before running down the shrine steps.

Kagome’s heart clenched as Daisuke turned to look at her, tail wagging. A pulse of youki filled the shrine, the edges contained by a glimmer of reiki. She had seen Sesshoumaru transform into his true form once before; there was no mistaking what Daisuke was doing. In a few heartbeats, another boy, younger than Koshiro, stood before her. His short silver hair, the same color as his fur, was identical to the two inu brothers. How had she not noticed it before? Was it the deep blue of his eyes that thew her off?

Daisuke ran up to her, wrapping his small arms around her waist in a hug. Instinctively, she returned the embrace. “Thank you for playing with me, Grandma.” Her mind froze, static filling her ears as Daisuke pulled back, running to the elder Sesshoumaru’s side. “Grandpa, you won’t believe who I got to play with!” Kagome blinked, head slowly lifting to meet Sesshoumaru’s soft gaze.

His hand rested on Daisuke’s head, fingers running through his hair, lips twisted in a near smile. “Go, Miko.” He jerked his head toward the wellhouse. “Do not keep me waiting long.” Breath catching in her throat, she couldn’t speak as the two of them left the shrine to catch up with Koshiro.

Slowly, Kagome turned back to the well. Butterflies exploded in her stomach. He was right; they did have much to discuss… Squaring her shoulders; she marched back toward the well, determined to let her dreams become reality.


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