Appropriation by thetroll

Chapter 2

Kagome did not even hesitate. "No." 

His lips thinned, and she knew why. Sesshomaru had a commanding presence, the one people readily acquiesced to rather than refusing. "It was not a request."

"Good." Kagome shrugged. "Then I don't feel rude for ignoring you." She wanted nothing to do with InuYasha, Sara, or anyone else from before. No one had believed her then, so why bother with anyone now? She wasn't going to get on a podium and proclaim her innocence until her voice gave out. What could would it do, anyway?

As she turned to leave, he rumbled, "You are innocent of the crimes lain at your doorstep."

It was not a question. It was a statement of fact, one that left no room for nuance nor misunderstanding.

Someone believed her. Tears rose in her eyes then as she blinked them away. Even if it was Sesshomaru, someone finallybelieved her.


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