I Super Like You by LadyDaniTar

Part One



Kagome sipped her wine and glanced down at her watch. She had been sitting in this fine dining restaurant for over an hour, and her date had yet to ask anything about herself. So far, she had learned that her date, Katashi, worked in finance, only wore designer brands, had traveled to over 50 countries, and had an obsession with his fancy sports car. From how he talked about his new Porche, she thought he’d rather have dinner with his expensive ‘baby’ than her.

“The standard horsepower for a Porche 911 Carrera is 378. But the 911 Carrera 4 GTS has 473! My baby can do 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds!” As Katashi gushed over statistics, Kagome downed the last half of her wine.

Finally, their waiter returned to the table, “Are you ready for the bill?”

“Yes!” Kagome practically yelled. She needed this night to end so she could take off her tight black cocktail dress, kick off her pumps, and have a long soak in her bathtub.

The waiter quickly returned with the check and waited a moment to collect the payment. Kagome’s Tinder date had suggested dinner at this five-star restaurant, so naturally, she assumed he would handle the bill. Unfortunately, Katashi made a big show of patting down all his pockets only to reveal he had forgotten his wallet. Of course, he did.

“I got it.” Kagome pursed her lips and handed over her credit card. Now, she was stuck fitting the bill for this date from hell.

“I must have left my wallet in my other Dior jacket. Don’t worry, I’ll get dinner on our next date.” He winked, and Kagome wanted to break the wine bottle over his head.

They went outside to the valet and waited for someone to retrieve Katashi’s ‘baby.’ A hand found its way to Kagome’s lower back and started to rub small circles, occasionally grazing her butt.

“Let me make it up to you by going back to my place for a nightcap? I have a new espresso machine that was imported from Italy.” As his car pulled up, she felt him apply pressure to her back, urging her over to the passenger side door.

“I think I’ll just get an Uber home. I’m not feeling well; too much red wine upsets my bowels.” Kagome made a show of holding her stomach and covering her mouth in a mock gag.

“Bowels? As in…,” Kagome nodded vigorously and held back her grin at Katashi’s look of disgust. “Probably for the best if you aren’t feeling well. I’ll call you?”

Kagome’s date could not get away faster as he sprinted to the driver’s seat and sped off. She sighed in relief and pulled out her phone to order a ride home. This was her third lousy date in a row, and she was ready to delete the dating app for good.


As Kagome entered her cozy Tokyo apartment, she quickly kicked off her heels and undressed while going to the bathroom. She was eager to wash away the day's stress and forget it like a bad memory. She lit some scented candles and opened a new bottle of wine, preparing for a relaxing bath.

Leaning back in the bubbles, Kagome sipped her sweet wine and thought about how she ended up here. It had been ten years since the Shikon Jewel sent her back home after making a selfless wish. She struggled to get her life back to ‘normal’ and had to retake her last year of high school to graduate. Afterward, she took some classes at a local community college and ultimately decided against attending a four-year university.

While Kagome had managed to get parts of her life in order, she still suffered from major depression. She had days when it was a struggle for her to get out of the apartment, let alone her bed. That's why she decided to pursue a career that would allow her to set her own schedule and workload. She became a remote editor and writer, which may not have been the most lucrative job, but it was enough for her to meet her needs.

Once a month, she still met up with her old school friends, and they had convinced her to go out more and join online dating. It took Yuka almost a year to get her to create a profile and another six months to talk Kagome into ‘swiping’ on matches. Kagome had relented to prove to her friends that she still wasn’t hung up on her ex, Inuyasha, or anyone else from her past. No matter what she said, her friends didn’t believe she was over her first love.

A notification from her phone echoed in the bathroom, and she groaned. She had come to dread that chime assigned to her Tinder app. Looking over, Kagome glared at the device, silently wishing it would melt into the floor. Instead, the screen flashed again, signaling a new match. The damn thing was mocking her.

Reaching over, Kagome unplugged the tub and let the water drain before blowing out the candles. Slipping on a red robe, she left the wine glass, grabbed the bottle and phone, and collapsed on her couch. She took a long drink and opened the dating app.

Oh no! Katashi unmatched her! Whatever will she do! Kagome blew a raspberry at her phone and clicked on the new notification box. Huh, someone had Super Liked her. That had never happened before. Clicking around, Kagome learned she would have to pay for a monthly subscription to see who Super Liked her.

“Well, that’s bullshit!’ Taking another mouthful of wine, she tossed the phone onto the coffee table.

Who would be desperate enough to pay money to see who liked them anyway? Men in this era were all the same; they only cared about finding a homemaker or getting laid. In the Feudal Era, there were at least a few demons and men she knew who were straightforward with their intentions. Now, a girl had to jump through hoops to impress a guy only to be strung along until he grew bored or found someone better.

Huh, the bottle was now empty. Stumbling off the couch, Kagome staggered to the fridge to pull out a new bottle of Moscato and a pint of cookie dough ice cream. Returning to the living room, she grabbed the TV remote and pulled up Netflix. There was a new season of Bridgerton that was calling her name.


Two bottles of wine, one pint of ice cream, and three episodes into her show, Kagome had come to a decision. Grabbing her phone only to drop it drunkenly, she picked it up again and opened Tinder. If they wanted her to pay her hard-earned money to see this ‘Super Like,’ then by all means, take her money! After several clumsy clicks, she successfully subscribed to the premium monthly plan.

“Let’s see who was stupid enough to waste their Super Like on me.” Opening the new icon, she finally got a look at her admirer. The image that greeted her nearly caused her to throw her phone at the TV.

This guy only had thirst trap pictures on his profile, and none showed his face. There was the typical bathroom mirror shot from the neck down with no shirt on, a photo of them at the gym doing deadlifts with their back to the camera, and another photo from the neck down of them wearing an expensive-looking suit. From what I could tell from the pictures, they had toned abs, an incredible physique, thick thighs, and long blonde hair that was styled in a low ponytail.

Scrolling up a bit she took in the rest of his profile.

Taisho, 36


6’ft 5in

Lives in Tokyo

10 kilometers away

About Me:

Not looking for anything serious.

I spend most of my time working and don’t have time to cater to gold digging females.

I am very selective and if we match, I intend to take you out to a nice dinner and if we connect, we will spend the rest of the evening at my place.

Must like dogs.

Kagome let out an unattractive snort. This guy’s profile screamed red flags all over the place! Who in their right mind would swipe right? He probably thinks he’s god’s gift to women! If he assumed it was that easy to get into her pants, then he had another thing coming.

Without a second thought, Kagome contradicted her thoughts, swiped right, and didn’t waste time sending him a message. She was determined to give him a piece of her mind; Kagome Higurashi was done taking shit from cocky assholes.

K: So, Taisho, why did you send me a Super Like? Do I look like some bimbo who’ll fall for your sexy pics? Well let me tell you I’m not! You must think highly of yourself huh? Whatever you are probably a catfish anyways. You wasted that like on me so jokes on you!!!

That will show him! Kagome stuck her tongue out at the message screen and hit send. Lounging back onto the couch she started the next episode of Bridgerton and considered placing an order for some more ice cream.

As a new article from Lady Whistledown made its way into the hands of the high society women, the phone laying on Kagome’s stomach chimed. Lifting the screen to her face she saw a new message from Taisho and opened the app.

T: Catfish? No, I am not some bottom feeding river monstrosity.

Kagome rolled her eyes, “Seriously? I wasn’t being literal… Moron.”  She saw ellipses appear under the text indicating he was typing another message.

T: I assure you, Kagome, I have no interest in any ‘bimbos’ as you call them. You seem like an intelligent woman. Do you find me attractive? It would seem we both have impeccable taste. 

Was this guy for real? Looking at the time on her phone she saw it was already past one in the morning. He must be searching for a body call or fishing for nudes, what a creep.

K: Oh please. Lines like that won’t work on any respectable woman. You hide your face and expect to find someone desperate enough to still want to meet up with you? I bet you’re married or have a girlfriend you scumbag that’s why you hide! Pathetic.

If he wasn’t a catfish, then he was hiding something or from someone. Men like him were disgusting and not worth wasting her time.

Kagome turned off her phone and dropped it to the floor. The two bottles of wine she had at home mixed with the one from the restaurant were taking their toll on her. Heavy lidded eyes watched the Regency Era inspired show as she felt herself drifting off to sleep.


The following day, Kagome woke up due to the bright afternoon sun shining on her face. As she opened her eyes, she groaned in pain from the light that was coming in through the curtains. She slowly sat up, looked around, and had to adjust her robe, which had fallen open. At the end of the couch, she noticed wine bottles clinking together. On the coffee table, a half-empty container of ice cream had melted and spilled out. The TV remote and her phone were on the floor, and Netflix on the TV was asking, ‘Are You Still Watching?’

Reaching down, Kagome grabbed her phone and fought back the nausea caused by the action. Sweeping her onyx locks from her face, she turned the device back on and dragged her feet to the kitchen. While she chugged a bottle of water from the fridge, notifications on her phone began to ping one after the other. She glared at the noisy thing, picked it up from the counter, and switched it to silent mode.

The previous night's events started to come back like a bad taste in her mouth. There was a gaudy Porche, tiny dinner portions, and a two hundred dollar charge on her credit card. With a groan, Kagome snatched up the phone and another water bottle and headed to her bedroom.

Flopping onto the lilac comforter covering her queen-sized bed, she clutched her phone and summoned the courage to look at her messages.

The group chat with her friends showed over thirty new text notifications. Before she could open the chat, an incoming video call from Yuka popped on the screen. Not caring about her appearance, Kagome accepted the call.

“Kagome! Where have you been?! We’ve tried calling you all morning!” Yuka’s high-pitched voice shot straight into Kagome’s ears like a needle, and a migraine started to set in.

“Please, Yuka… lower your voice.” Rubbing her forehead, Kagome sat her phone against a nightstand lamp.

“Wow, you look terrible, Kagome. The date did not go well?” Ayumi’s head popped up beside Yuka’s.

“No. The date was bad. Everything is bad.” She knew she was being dramatic but didn’t care. Rubbing her makeup-smeared face into her pillow, Kagome grumbled incoherently to herself. During her late-night bath, she neglected to wash her hair or face.

“Geez, Kagome. You know how to pick them, huh?” Eri’s appeared on Yuka’s other side and received a glare from Kagome for her remark. “What? It’s true! It would help to start going out with guys you normally swipe left on. Change it up, try something new!”

That suggestion triggered another memory from last night. Flipping over onto her back, Kagome grabbed a pillow and covered her face. The image of a dating profile with an air of arrogance came to mind.


Was she foolish enough to have spent money on that terrible app? Her brain flashed a picture of washboard abs and low-rise jeans. Yup. She was an idiot.

“Hello! Kagome?” Yuka’s squeaky voice sent another jolt of pain through her skull.

“Okay, I’m hanging up now. I’ll call you guys tomorrow when I’m feeling less… homicidal.” The last thing she saw before clicking the end call button was the shocked faces of her three friends.

Kagome just wanted to burrow under the covers and fall back to sleep, but after seeing how dreadful she looked on the video call, she decided to shower and face the rest of the day.


There were numerous couples in the park the next day. Kagome sat beside the small coffee shop window, watching as lovers held hands or embraced each other on benches. She yearned for the same kind of love for herself, but at the same time, she was afraid that it would never happen.

Kagome met someone during her time at a local college near her family's shire. They started as friends and eventually became more as they spent almost every day together. After three years, they decided to move in together. Because of limited space in the small apartment they would share, Kagome sold most of her belongings. However, as time passed, her partner kept delaying her move and avoiding the topic whenever she brought it up. 

Then it all came crashing down. He decided it wouldn't work, that they should remain friends. He finally gave in after her begging and pleading to know what had changed his mind.

"I love you, Kagome, you know that. But this isn't going to work between us. It's just that sexual attraction isn't there for me. The few times we've had sex, I couldn't finish, so I don't see how things will work out if I can't do that."

It was like he had ripped out her heart in that moment. She never cared about sex, just that she was with someone she loved and loved her back. Kagome took over a year to get back on her feet. In that time, she realized how foolish and blind she had been.

At the start of their relationship this guy had nothing. He was recently divorced, had no job, no place of his own, and no ambition. Kagome was fortunate enough to have a good paying part-time job and a tiny apartment on her own, so he would frequently stay with her. But by the end of three years, she had given up so much of herself so that he could succeed.

She found him an affordable apartment in the city, a high paying government job she wrote cover letters and CVs for, and a car she co-signed with. Kagome broke her lease, sold her possessions, quit her part-time job since the commute would be too long at the new apartment, and was flunking out of her college courses while helping him pass his.

In the end she had been left alone again. She did not ask for anything but instead gave all she had. She was left with nothing.

When Kagome finally did crawl her way out of her deep depression, she found out he had moved on and had a new girlfriend a month after their breakup. Was she that unattractive.

Thinking back on those awful times only brought up more insecurities from when Inuyasha would compare her to Kikyo. Maybe she wasn't meant to be loved.

Finishing her latte Kagome left the café and decided to head back home. She had initially gone out of the apartment to buy groceries but the combination of her lingering hangover and so many people in love was making her feel ill again. She really was pathetic.

This could be why the few guys she chose to date were average-looking, had stable jobs, and lived comfortably. They didn't need her and could take care of themselves.

But who would take care of her?

As she stepped into the entryway and slipped off her shoes a notification went off on her phone. She sat on the couch and saw it was a new message from Taisho and frowned. Did she really want to deal with this man right now?

Deciding it was a distraction from her own personal pity party, Kagome opened the app.

T: I am currently unattached. Monogamy is very important to me, and I wouldn't be engaging with you if I were married or had a partner. 

At least he seemed to have some morals… but men tend to lie to get what they want.

T: I have made reservations for two at Narisawa this Saturday under my name. Will you join me for dinner? 

Laying back on the couch Kagome squinted up at the tiny screen. This was definitely the type of guy who liked to remain in control of every situation. She was not going to make this easy for him.

K: Narisawa??? Oh no, I am not meeting up at some five-star restaurant just to be stuck with the bill again! If you really want to have dinner, then you'll have to let me pick the place.

That will show him! There is no way this guy would ever agree to her terms. Kagome's small victory did not last as she saw Taisho's response.

T: I had no intention of doing something so dishonorable, Kagome. But, if it means you agree to meet me, then yes, you can pick where we will dine. I look forward to hearing your choice of venue by Saturday.

Well, shit.


By Friday, Kagome had yet to accomplish any work that week. Each time she began a task, she would quickly lose focus, search for affordable and safe restaurants in the area, realize her mistake, and then return to bed. Only to repeat the same process again the next day.

Did she really want to meet up with some random guy who doesn’t even show his face? Was she that desperate to be loved? Sometimes, that’s how she felt. What if she goes through with this date and he changes his mind, leaving her to sit alone waiting? 

Kagome was overthinking things again. 

She took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm the anxiety that was starting to build up in her chest. This feeling of panic and the urge to run always happened before a date, which is why she had only been on so few. The little confidence she had managed to build back up over the years quickly dissipated.

Sitting down at her work desk in the living room, Kagome came to a conclusion. She would go through with this date, and after that, she would delete the dating app. Men only complicated things, and she was happy with her simple life.

She was happy, wasn’t she?

Blue eyes darkened and drooped down to stare at her keyboard. No. No, she wasn’t happy. She was barely even living. 

A chime from her phone brought Kagome from her gloomy thoughts. 

T: Have you decided on a location for tomorrow?

K: Momo’s Café and Bar. I’ll be there at 8 pm. 

She did it. She set a time and place. Now, all she had to do was keep her promise to herself and get through tomorrow evening. Another notification got her attention.

T: Acceptable. I look forward to seeing you, Kagome. 

They had exchanged no personal information, hobbies, interests, cringy pickup lines, or typical pre-date banter. Yet somehow, this dinner felt like it held so much more significance than any date she had been on. 


“What kind of cheapskate picks a hole in the wall café for a first date?” Yuka relaxed on Kagome’s bed as she watched her friend get ready.

“He didn’t pick the café; I did,” Kagome replied while applying a thin line of eyeliner. She didn't feel the need to impress someone whose appearance she didn't know. "He originally made reservations at Narisawa, but I shot that down.”

“WHAT?!” The girl nearly fell off the bed. She sat up so fast. “You turned down dinner at the best restaurant in the city?!”

“Sure did.” Popping her lips a few times, Kagome began to pack away her makeup. “I could barely afford the bill I stuck with on my last date, and I don’t plan on it happening again.”

“Ugh… you are nuts. I’d kill to have a guy want to take me to Narisawa…” Yuka plopped back on the bed and began to fantasize what that dinner would have been like.

“Well, if this guy doesn’t turn out to be a total creep, I’ll pass on your contact details.”

“Please do. Even if he is ugly or a catfish, I want to eat at Narisawa so badly.” Looking over, she saw Kagome pulling on a knee-length black skirt and a light blue blouse with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves. “Dang Kagome. I’d think you were dressing for church if it wasn't for the cleavage.”

Kagome smoothed out her loose, wavy hair and checked her watch, seeing it was already half past seven. “Are you going to stay here until I get back?”

“Nah, I picked up a shift at the hospital, so have an early morning.” Yuka got up and followed Kagome to the front door. “Text me when you get there and get home, okay?”

“Sure thing. I don’t see this taking very long anyways.” Kagome grabbed her purse and slipped on her most comfortable pair of four-inch heels.

They headed down to the lobby of the apartment complex and parted ways. The café Kagome picked was only a ten-minute walk from her home, so there was no need to waste money on a taxi or bus.

Pulling out her phone, she checked to see if she had any new messages from Taisho. There were none. If he didn’t show, she could at least get dinner and enjoy a meal at home in her pajamas.

Before she knew it, the small café came into view. It was on the second floor above a now-closed hair salon. With her purse strap clutched tightly, Kagome took a deep breath and ascended the stairs.

Kagome was about to open the door of the café when it suddenly flung open, hitting her hand and causing her to stumble backward. As she tried to regain her balance, she realized she had stepped on nothing but air and was about to fall down the stairs. A young couple standing in the doorway gasped in shock at the sight.

Slamming her eyes shut, Kagome waited for the inevitable pain that would come when her body tumbled down the stairs and made contact with the ground. But it never came. Instead, a pair of large hands appeared from behind and grabbed her shoulders. The stranger managed to halt her fall and steady her back on her feet.

All Kagome could hear was her heart pounding as the couple in front of her repeatedly apologized. The feeling of strong hands tightening their hold brought her back to the present.

"Cease your rambling. Make sure to be more aware of your surroundings in the future," spoke her savior's deep, cold voice from behind her. He used his hands to move her aside so that the frightened couple could leave.

When large hands let her go, Kagome felt her body sag and fought the urge to slide down the wall to her right. “T-thank you. Are you alright? Did I hurt-“ As she turned to thank her rescuer, she was stunned into silence.

The man was drop-dead gorgeous.

He was quite tall, towering over her, and his narrow honey-brown eyes seemed to look right through her with intense focus. She noticed his sharp jaw twitching, drawing her attention to his full lips firmly pressed together.

“I should be asking if you are alright, Kagome.”


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