Waitin' on a Woman by Sereia

Chapter 1

Sesshoumaru checked his watch for the fifth time, then his phone in succession. There were no new alerts, and the date from their original conversation was still the same, but for some reason, the miko was over half an hour late.

Being forced to abide by mere minutes when years went by in the same amount of time for his kind was a modern inconvenience he was not fond of. He longed for the feudal era when even humans relied on the moon phases and changing seasons to keep track of their daily activities. But with time came technology, and if he wanted to remain at the top of his company, he was required to abide by human standards.

Coming across the miko had been another inconvenience he was forced to deal with, but only because she was intent on taking over so many facets of his life all at once. She insisted on being called by her name instead of her station and had stolen his phone in order to procure his phone number.

She'd then lured him into personal conversations. They never happened during business hours, so he supposed she'd gained a little common sense in the years since the jewel had forced her back through the well, but she was impatient when it came to his replies. He'd attempted to ignore her initially, but the constant buzzing of his phone with single words and then emojis was too much to bear, and he'd been conditioned to respond as soon as her name showed up on his phone.

How she'd managed to coax him into an actual outing was beyond him, yet here he stood, on the curb of a restaurant of his choosing, waiting for her to arrive.

Checking his watch again, he clicked his tongue as another minute ticked by. Had it all been a ruse? Why had she bothered in the first place if she wasn't going to show? Finally fed up, he slid his thumb along his phone and punched in Jaken's number.

He would not be made a fool of.

Jaken answered on the second ring, his surprise evident when Sesshoumaru ordered him to return with the car. There was a stagnant pause on the other end before his vassal cleared his throat. "Sir, if I might speak freely?"

"Only if it is brief."

Jaken let out a nervous chuckle. "It is my opinion, sir, that Miss Higurashi is not the type to be flighty or vindictive. If she is running behind, it is likely due to an emergency. Especially if she hasn't contacted you."

Sesshoumaru lifted his head, looking toward the entrance to the parking lot. "Her intent is clear."

"Is it?" He growled into the phone, and Jaken let out an uncharacteristic sigh—something he'd picked up in the modern era. "Forgive me, but considering how long it took you to agree to this meeting, I doubt she would've worked so hard to convince you if she planned on standing you up."

"She is almost forty-five minutes late—"

"Humans measure time differently. Rin is the same, especially when it comes to something she is excited about," Jaken said softly. "It is likely Miss Higurashi already feels more time has passed than actually has and will arrive panicked." The muscles in Sesshoumaru's jaw clenched, but he couldn't deny Jaken's claims.

Even after mating a dragon youkai from the southern kingdom, there were still instances of her retaining her childlike enthusiasm and impatience, though she'd lived through almost five centuries. Ending the call and sliding his phone into his pocket, Sesshoumaru ran a hand through his hair. He wouldn't be so agitated if he wasn't actually looking forward to the meeting, but he wasn't about to admit such a sentimental thing out loud.

Sighing, he went to the host stand, asking for an extension on the reservation. The restaurant wasn't full by any means, but the host reminded him there was a time limit on holding a table, and he gave her a curt nod before returning to the curb. He was just about to call the miko himself when the harsh clicking of stilettoes against concrete had him turning around.

He had the feeling her hair had been tied up at some point, but several curls had come loose, bouncing around her shoulders as she half-skidded to a stop. "I'm so sorry!"

"You specified six o'clock."

She adjusted a strap on her shoe, wincing at the raw skin underneath. "I know. But then Mama couldn't find the popcorn machine, and Souta had lost the dice again, and for some reason, they were set on playing turn-based games tonight." Sucking in a long breath, she finally straightened. "You'd think after having game night on the same day every month, they would've thought of these things ahead of time."

Sesshoumaru stared at her as she attempted to fix her hair, finally giving up and twisting one side behind her ear. "You are choosing to be here instead of adhering to traditions with your family?"

A slight blush tinted her cheeks. "It's fine. This was the only night you were free. And Mama understands." By the way her blush deepened, Sesshoumaru could only assume she'd spoken of who her date was to her mother, along with her excitement, and been given her blessing.

The notion was humbling, and had his arm wrapping around her waist, pulling her close before dipping his head. Kagome squeaked but didn't protest, her mouth quickly moulding against his. She tasted of citrus and honey, his tongue sliding along her bottom lip before he deepened the embrace.

Her eyes were half-lidded by the time he pulled back, and it took her a moment to refocus. "I apologize for being impatient," he said.

She misunderstood, offering a sultry smile. "Not that I'm complaining, but isn't that supposed to come at the end of the date?"

"You will be given another one, should you wish for it."

Her smile widened, and she toyed with the knot of his magenta tie. "I'm not sure I'm patient enough to wait that long."

"Then perhaps we should sit on the same side of the table. I would hate for you to ruin such a lovely ensemble by leaning over your food."

She stepped out of his arms, twirling around for full effect, the hem of her dress lifting above her knees. "I was hoping you'd like it." She grabbed his arm. "Come on; you've had me curious about this place since you mentioned it." His phone buzzed as they got to the entrance, and he answered it as Kagome spoke to the hostess.

"Do you still require a swift pick-up?"

Sesshoumaru glanced at the miko chatting eagerly with the host about the specials. She smiled up at him when he placed a hand on the small of her back, guiding her toward their table. "Do not wait up."

There was a warmth to Jaken's tone as he replied, "Very good, sir."


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