Envision by Sereia


The dreams had started again.

She shouldn't have been surprised—it happened every time she drank—but they were so vivid it had taken her several minutes to realize she'd finally woken up. Dragging a hand down her face, the room spun as she slowly sat up.

At least she'd made it to her bed this time.

After the well had closed, Kagome had spent three gruelling years avoiding her friends' questions about how she'd barely made it to high school and her 'crazy, two-timing boyfriend'. She'd tried to tell them Inuyasha was only a friend, but they'd created their own narrative at that point, so she'd focused on her studies in the hopes it would die down if she ignored it.

How wrong she'd been.

They'd needled her constantly, wanting to know the details about the break-up, refusing to let her wallow in the melancholy of being forced back to her time—the wrong time—without so much as a goodbye to those she cared about.

Being inside the meidou had initially eaten away at her self-confidence. The whispers within the shadows had slowly become louder, their claims of how she'd been forgotten almost convincing her to make a wish.

The wrong wish.

But one voice had cut through the darkness, guiding him to her until he'd burst through the jewel's deceit in a cloud of sparks, pulling her close to reassure her of his presence. She'd found the right words then, wishing the foul trinket out of existence, and had been in the midst of claiming her reward when she'd been ripped from his arms, his snarl echoing in her ears as she'd lay at the bottom of the shrine well.


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