Lost & Found by Sereia

Chapter 1

Kagome sighed as she looked down at the bonds around her wrists. All she'd wanted to do was check up on Sesshoumaru, as he hadn't been to the den in over a month. She knew he'd had some travelling to do—he'd told her as much before he'd left—but she couldn't stop worrying, especially with how often the nightmares happened, so she'd ventured west, hoping they'd crossed paths.

Kohaku had just returned to the village to visit Sango and his new nephew, so he'd offered up Ah-Un to cut down on the time she'd spend walking. Kagome had planned on making the trip on foot, especially since Jinenji's farm was on the way, but he wasn't expecting her, so she'd accepted the help, more focused on seeing Sesshoumaru than anything else.

She blushed slightly at the thought of suddenly showing up on his doorstep, but it wouldn't be completely out of line considering how often they slept together, right?

However, those thoughts had quickly been dashed after Ah-Un had set her down along the edge of the citadel, and she'd immediately been seized by three soldiers. They'd demanded her name and station, claiming every visitor required special clearance to enter the village.

She'd told them all they'd wanted to know but had still been bound like a common criminal, Ah-Un muzzled and dragged in the opposite direction after both heads had snapped the soldiers' spears in half. She'd tried to calm them down, but the beast had been inconsolable, huffing fire as a slew of guards wrapped ropes around their body and tail.


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