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Desperate for a familiar face (redone)

Note: I have added a few new things to this chappy*

The light burned again late into the night and into early morning, it was like this all week. A young woman sat in a hard chair at a simple table with a desk lamp shining. Long black hair was spread everywhere on the desk and on top of her blueprints and plans, with incoherent mumbles coming from underneath the mess of black inky hair. 

There was a tentacle speeding straight for her, she had thrown her hands out to try to purify it but nothing came from her hands, her reiki had been depleted, she stared, rooted to the spot she stood in, the only thing she could do was stare at her impending doom.

Suddenly she was splattered in the face by something warm and sticky, she blinked, there stood Sesshomaru hunched over with the tentacle that had been meant for her sticking through his shoulder. His arm around her waist as if he was trying to get her out of the way but didn’t quiet make it. His claws were piercing through her shirt around her waist. She let out a gasp,

“Sesshomaru.” Kagome breathed out his name, he stumbled a little, a he coughed a bit as a burst of blood came spewing out of his mouth, Kagome could hear him taking a breathe in,

“Purify this filth Kagome.” Sesshomaru growled low as he spoke in a harsh tone and dragged in breath with every word that slowly came from his mouth, she could see his blood staining his fangs.

The inky black tresses came to life as the head jerked up, 

"Sesshomaru!" Kagome exclaimed, her breathing was labored, she quickly glanced around and found herself in her bedroom. 

"Of all the things to dream about the past, why do I wind up dreaming of that battle with Naraku?" Kagome asked out loud. She ran her fingers through her hair as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, she remembered how they had met at his castle to go over battle plans to take Naraku out for good but it hadn’t happened that way. He had snuck up on the group when Sesshomaru wasn’t around, she had been thankful that she had gotten a little bit of practice with calling her reiki out.

~What would have possessed Sesshomaru to intercept that tentacle that was meant for me?~ Kagome thought to herself, as she thought about it she stared at the collage of photos of all of them on her wall.

~Maybe he finally figured out that if I died there was no one to get rid of the jewel. Just because we somewhat became allies doesn’t mean he would suddenly become my protector or savior for that matter.~ Kagome thought as her eyes traveled over her notes and blueprints for her project that she had thrown herself into ever since she had been back.

 “Kagome are you nuts?” she spoke out loud to herself and in the third person.

“I miss them so much.” Kagome running her fingers through her hair, as her eyes glazed over with tears.

“It will all be worth it in the end. I know it. I will make you proud Dad.” Kagome whispered as she touched a photo of her dad and mom together. She shook her head to clear her thoughts on the dream.

“Coffee, ugh, coffee.” Kagome groaned, she needed sleep and a proper meal.

“When this is all done, I can hopefully rest a little easier.” Kagome groggily making it to the kitchen.

“You should be asleep Kagome.” a older woman appearing in the kitchen,

“I need coffee.” Kagome grumbled. A nearby coffee maker suddenly turned on,

“Thank you, Sakura. What do you suggest as a meal this morning?” Kagome asked as she walked through the older woman, the sink water turned on by itself, as Kagome started to make coffee.

“I suggest at the early hour cereal and milk with toast on the side.” Sakura explained as Kagome walked back over to the water running and cupped her hands into the cold water and splashed the water onto her face.

“Hm.” Kagome nodded as she walked through Sakura again, since she was just a hologram. Kagome grabbed the milk and the cereal and a bowl and fixed a light breakfast.

“Honey, you really need a proper night sleep and a full meal.” Sakura the lifelike woman explained.

“I will, once all of this is up and running.” Kagome mumbled, the coffee maker alerted her that her cup of black caffeinated coffee was done.

“Your mother would not want you to get ill.” Sakura explained,

“I have to see Sango and Miroku again, even if it won’t be the same, I need them.” Kagome explained as she hesitated on putting the spoon to her lips.

“I need to not feel alone in this era.” Kagome whispered,

“You have your mother, your brother, and your grandfather. You are not alone.” Sakura the AI hologram woman explained. Kagome stayed quiet as she thought about her family. Her own blood relatives had grown to be strangers to her from the family she had in the feudal era. Besides, her grandfather and brother would want to hear more adventures of hers in the feudal era and they would not understand how painful it was to think about the memories of those who were long gone.

Her mother would hide herself in the kitchen cooking as she cried over the pain she witnessed every time gramps and Sota dredged up the well stories. She missed her mother and little brother, even gramps but her heart longed for her other family, she would even welcome the cold and stoic lord and even consider him a friendly face at this point.

Kagome shook her head, she couldn’t think about any of that now. She was on a mission though, perhaps a nice homecooked meal would be welcomed, if gramps and Sota could keep their questions to themselves. Later she would call her mother and inform her that she would have dinner with them. Ever since she came back to the modern era she was living at their old place, the place before their father died.

Kagome couldn’t bare to stay near the well and living on false hope that it would reopen. Besides it was close to her father’s old business that they still received the proceeds from, and she could go and bounce some ideas around with the nerds like her.

When Kagome was younger she would sit with her father at work and he would tell her the process of everything he was doing to create AI systems and holograms. From her photographic memory and his journals of keeping step by step processes of creating AIs she was in the process of combining the two like no one had every seen before.

Her mother hadn’t really cared much for it in the beginning but she was coming around to the idea, since Kagome was living with their old AI now.

“Perhaps you should shower before you get back into your project, hm?” Sakura suggested,

“Hm, that sounds like a good idea.” Kagome giving the AI a small smile. While Kagome walked up to the already running shower she thought of changing the AI into a familiar face, it was already set up to handle a different appearance anyway. Though she didn’t want to start with the ones that were still fresh wounds. She would start with the one who never really had much to say back then.

“It will be real conversation stopper.” Kagome spoke out loud as she giggled. After her shower she came downstairs wearing an oversized t-shirt and shorts, she tinkered with the computer software that held the AI hologram. She had a photo of Sesshomaru, all of his body in his old era clothes, she gave him modern clothes, a nice black turtleneck and some jeans.

“Not bad.” Kagome thought out loud, she changed Sakura out with Sesshomaru, and there he was, Kagome couldn’t really tell the difference from the real Sesshomaru and the AI hologram.

“If only you were really here.” Kagome taking in his appearance, his long moon-silver hair, the regal markings that showed his high importance in the demon society, his chiseled cheek bones, and his perfect gold irises.

“Do you approve Kagome?” a voice that almost sounded like his but without the monotone coldness.

“I guess it will do, at least I have you in this form. You have no idea how much I miss even you.” Kagome walking up to him, she wished more than anything she could reach out and touch him and feel his warmth that he had actually shown to one other person, Rin, she was a lucky girl, she had gotten to see Sesshomaru behind closed doors. Rin could see how much he had cared at least for her, she wondered if Sesshomaru was ever lonely, why hadn’t he took a mate?

“I have made you into Lord Sesshomaru. Do you know who that is?” Kagome asked,

“Hm, yes, he was the Inuyoukai you spoke of. Why not change me into one of your other friends? You did not grow fond of the lord when you spoke of your tales.” the AI confused.

“It is still a friendly face, I want to ease into all of this. Even if I create my friends, it’s not like I can hug them or that they actually hold the memories of me and what we shared. In the end they are still dead.” Kagome turning away and left to go grab her notebook. The AI that now carried the appearance of the cold lord looked up the stairs to where she disappeared to.

“This girl is beating herself to death over her lost family. Why does she torture herself so?” Sesshomaru whispered out loud to the empty living room. He walked over to the large window seat and watched the sun rise slowly.


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