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Expressing Thanks by Aurora Antheia Raine

Expressing Thanks

Expressing Thanks |
| Aurora Antheia Raine | Sesshoumaru&Kagome4Ever |

Disclaimer ;; I do not own Inuyasha.

Rated ;; MA for sexual situations and language.

Author's Note ;; This is a response to Nobody's "Thanksgiving" challenge for the week of November 21st to November 28th. The maximum word count is 1,000 but unfortunately, I could not contain myself and I went over by 200 words. Pure smut for the dirty minded. This is only my second attempt at smut, so constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Do enjoy; I know I did.

Expressing Thanks

The illuminating glow of the full moon shone through the curtain-less windows of a particular Taiyoukai's bed chambers, the only source of light for him and his mate that evening.

The pair laid comfortably upon his futon, nude bodies molded together in perfection; soft curves meeting hard muscle. All was silent save for the beat of hearts, intakes of breath, and caresses of skin.

Silence was temporarily disrupted by his mate's soft whisper, light and melodious, of his name, Sesshoumaru.

"Hn," he acknowledged, his clawed fingers running up and down the curve of her bare spine with slow precision.

"I need to go home tomorrow," she murmured, shivering at the sensuality of his touch.

"Whatever for, mate?"

Breathing a deep sigh of satisfaction, she replied, "It is Thanksgiving tomorrow in my time era."

"Thanksgiving?" he repeated, unfamiliar with the term.

"It is a day where we express our gratitude for what we have," she explained, "for example, I am thankful to have you, Sesshoumaru, in my life."

Shifting to wrap an arm around his narrow waist, she brushed a tender kiss onto his shoulder blade, before resting her head on his chest.

Fangs flashed as his lips curved into a smirk, Sesshoumaru suddenly flipped his mate so that she laid beneath him, warm and supple. Burying his nose into the crook of her shoulder, he took a deep sniff of the scent that was purely her- Higurashi Kagome.


"I," he purred in response, "am thankful for the neck in which I have placed my mark." Dropping his lips to the junction of neck and collarbone, Sesshoumaru kissed the mark once, twice, and then a third time. His tongue snaked out from parted lips onto magnolia skin, causing a gasp to erupt from Kagome.

"I am thankful for these breasts, from which our future pups will feed," he continued, taking a rosy peak into his mouth, grazing his fangs gently across her breasts, while one hand simultaneously tweaked her other nipple until it hardened. Mewling in sinful pleasure, Kagome arched her back, pushing her breasts closer to his hot cavern.

"Sesshoumaru," she moaned, tangling her fingers into his moon spun locks, as he traveled his way to the other mound, licking at the valley in between. He nipped and pulled on her oversensitive nipple, hissing in desire as Kagome's dull nails dug into his back, leaving half moons embedded into his flawlessly pale skin.

Trailing downwards, he kissed the skin of her belly causing a pool of fire to ignite as she writhed beneath him. Sesshoumaru flicked his tongue in an upwards motion across her glistening skin, dipping his tongue into her belly button as he continued to sweep his tongue and lips across her stomach, leaving a trail of burning sensations that left her gasping for breath. "I am thankful for the stomach in which our pups will reside when conceived," he murmured, teasing every inch of her exposed skin, savoring the scent of her arousal and the taste of her delectable skin.

"Thankful for these limbs," he continued with a smirk as he moved towards her long legs, "that wrap around me as I fuck you." Gently, he ran his claws in a circular motion on her inner thigh, placing soft kisses on the sensitive area; the wetness of her core glimmering and the scent overwhelming.

Bringing his face closer, he breathed hot air against her core, causing her to jerk up with the sudden sensation. Clawed digits stroking her thigh rhythmically, Sesshoumaru pressed his lips against her bud and sucked- hard. Groaning loudly, Kagome bucked her legs wildly, hands pushing his face closer to her dripping folds.

"Thankful for this gift you have bestowed upon me," he whispered, cupping her sex with the palm of his hand. Sliding his middle digit against her slick folds, he added, "and thankful for the taste of your essence." Finding her sensitive bud, he added two more digits and pleasured her by rotating the pads of his fingers, hard and fast, just the way she liked it. Crying out with the intensity of the sensation, Kagome lashed her head from side to side, pleasure racking through her body. She felt as if her body, limb for limb, was on fire. Breathless and chest heaving, she nearly sobbed as the coil tightened to unimaginable extents before springing free, her juices coating Sesshoumaru's hand.

Drawing his hand towards himself, Sesshoumaru licked his digits clean of her heavenly essence, before placing it possessively back to her core, inserting two fingers into her cavern and pumping. Simultaneously, his thumb rubbed at her bud; the coil in her stomach tightening once more, leaving Kagome breathless and chanting his name like a mantra.

"I am thankful for the lips that scream my name to the Heavens and whisper words of love in the late of night."

Moving upwards, Sesshoumaru placed his lips over hers, his tongue running along her bottom lip before slipping inside to engage in a war of dominance with hers. Pulling away, he placed another chaste kiss upon her lips before sliding down and returning to his treasure.

Replacing his fingers with his tongue, he lapped at her core, gently flicking it against her folds to spread, before burying his tongue deep inside to taste her fully.

Kagome cried out as she rode on waves of pleasure coursing through her body, her hands moving to clutch the sheets beneath her. Whimpering, she thrust her hips towards him eagerly. "Please," she begged. Placing one hand on her hips to keep her still, he gave her bud one last lick before raising his head; his eyes meeting hers.

"My turn," she whispered, making an attempt to move; however, Sesshoumaru stopped her. "No, this is for you, my mate."

Slowly, he slid his hard cock into her warm cavern, both groaning in pleasure as they finally merged as one. "Thankful for being blessed with such endowment as to pleasure you with," he murmured huskily, licking the shell of her ear. He thrust in and out of her slowly, anticipation building with each push of the hips, before picking up speed. Kagome matched him thrust for thrust, until he pounded into her so fast, she could only cling onto him, nails marking his back. The walls of her muscle clenched around his sheath, signifying her near climax.

Sesshoumaru growled, pulling out until the tip remained and thrust his cock to the hilt, entranced by the bounce of her breasts.

Once. Twice. Three times.

And Kagome screamed his name as she came with a shudder, leaning forward to sink her teeth into his shoulder to muffle the sound. At that, Sesshoumaru shot his load into her, howling in pleasure as she milked him of his seed.

Breathing hard, he rested his forehead against hers, feeling the quick rise and fall of her chest. "Finally, thankful that I have you, Kagome, as my mate; Lady of the Western Lands," he concluded, brushing a kiss onto her forehead. Still connected, he moved until they were side by side, his arm wrapped around her waist to pull her close before peaceful sleep befell upon them.


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