Betrayal by LibraCourt

First Meeting

“Kagome are you read yet?” Her mother called.

Kagome grumbled as she double checked her self in the mirror. Simple green laced dressed. Check. Just a little make up, but not too much. Check. No perfume because it stinks. Check. Hair done in a french braid. Check. Yes, she was ready to go and quickly made her way downstairs where her mother, grandfather and brother were waiting.

 "You look beautiful dear” her mother complimented “let’s go”.

Her mother drove the family to a large mansion where they were escorted to a ball room where many humans and youkai were. Some were dancing to the music that played while some stood by the food as they conversed and ate. She rolled her grandpa mumbled about all the youkai and heard her mother remind him that they were at peace and to relax. Looking around, Kagome spotted a few people she knew and excused herself from her mother’s side.

“Kagome!” A male wolf youkai cheered

“Kouga!” She cheered back and gave him a quick hug and smiled as she greeted his pack brothers in the same fashion “where’s Ayame?”

He shrugged “this pregnancy has been a little tough in her so she took early maternity”.

She frowned, “poor Ayame”.

“Yeah, I was actually going to call you and see if you could fill in for a bit” he wondered “we have one to cover Ayame for when she was originally going to start her leave and she couldn’t start sooner so I’ve had this other temp in, but she’s been horrible”.

Pulling her phone out of her purse she checked her schedule “I am free Monday till Friday then I have to work at Sango’s office for a week". 

“Alright I have you for that week and the other woman will be starting shortly after that” he said gratefully “thank you”.

“No problem” she smiled.

Ginta frowned at her “still no luck finding a permanent place?”

She sighed at the reminder “no, plenty needing temps here and there, but none looking to hire full time”.

“I wish we had something in our building right now” Kouga commented “I’d hire you in a heartbeat”.

“Keep an eye out for me” she replied, seeing her mother waving her over “see you Monday!”

Approaching her mother, Kagome noticed 2 male inu youkai with her. Both were good looking, but one was clearly younger and he was gorgeous. He looked like a model out of a magazine, his silvery white hair made him look like an angel, and those molten yellow eyes seemed to burn anything they looked at.

“Kagome, come meet some old friends of mine,” Hitomi ushered her over.

Kagome smiled as she stood next to her mother and gave a small bow, “a pleasure to meet you, I’m Kagome”.

The older male bowed in return “nice to see you again as well” seeing the confusion on her face he chuckled “I don’t expect you to remember, you were just a baby. I’m Inu no Taisho, but for modern conveniences just call me Taisho” he then patted the younger youkai on the back “and this is my son, Sesshoumaru, been back in town for 15yrs helping me run my business”.

“Hnn” the youkai said as he looked else where.

“Forgive him” Taisho excuse,d “he’s not much of a talker…or a social person for that matter”.

Kagome waved it off, “that’s alright”.

“Taisho, Sesshoumaru” Kouga greeted as he approached.

“Kouga, good to see you could make it,” Taisho acknowledged with a handshake.

The wolf chuckled “well unfortunately I have to go already, but I wanted to at least say hello before leaving” he gave the young woman a pat on the back “see you at the office, Monday morning and thanks again Kagome”.

“Any time” she responded as the wolves walked out of sight and turned back to see the older inu eying her curiously “I am currently working as a temp secretary and go where I’m requested”.

He seemed intrigued by this information “do you work for Kouga frequently?”

“Whatever department he needs coverage for” she answered “I have a few regular companies I deal with, Kouga’s being one of them”.

“Kagome has been trying to find a permanent secretary position for a couple years now” Hitomi commented “even though she’s top choice and highly requested, she can’t seem to find a company to sign her on”.

Taisho stared at her a moment then the daughter “when are you free?”

“Uum” startled by sudden question as she quickly pulled out her phone and looked “I’m busy for the next 2 weeks and then I’ll be free, however my time does usually fill up quickly”.

“Block off a month” he ordered “you’ll come work at my company. My secretary happens to be taking a month off then and I could use someone. If I feel your as good as everyone seems to think then I’m going to have you work for my son for 3 weeks as a trial run. We’ve been trying to find a capable secretary for him, but haven’t been succeeding”.

She blinked in surprise, “uuh, sure, thank you for the opportunity”.

“You’re welcome,” he chuckled as he held out his arm for her mother to take, “now you two get to know each other and Hitomi and I will go find where her father got to”.

Kagome watched the two disappear before glancing at the taiyoukai, “sorry, I’m not sure if this is something you even want”.

“I’m used to my father doing as he pleases,” Sesshoumaru spoke as he turned to look at her “besides he did not lie. I have been searching unsuccessfully for a capable secretary that can keep up with the pace of our work. If Kouga’s had you work for him it means you are at least somewhat decent and worth the chance”.

She wasn’t sure if she should feel insulted over being called somewhat decent or praised over being worth a chance. Deciding to ignore the comment all together she just gave a nod and a thank you. They fell in comfortable silence as they watched others dance and converse. She saw her mother and Taisho had found her grandfather. From the scolding it looked like he was getting she had a pretty big assumption that he had tried sealing up youkai even though he had no power to do so. She groaned and couldn’t stop herself from doing a face palm at the embarrassment her grandfather caused.

“Does your grandfather usually cause issues?”

Kagome turned to the inu, “where ever youkai are, he’s sure to be trying to seal them away,” realizing how that sounded she immediately tried to reassure him, “but he doesn’t have any powers or abilities, so he isn’t a threat”.

He smirked at her, “that is easy to tell, however I sense powers from you” he moved closer to her till he was right in her personal space “are you a threat?”

She released just enough of her power to give him a little shock “only to those who piss me off or threaten me”.

“You know how to fight?” He asked, curious.

“Not so great with hand to hand combat, but I’m pretty deadly with a bow,” she replied.

Sesshoumaru found for the first time in a long time his beast was stirring and he wondered if it was because of this girl. His more primal side had been quiet for centuries, but now he could sense it was awakening. She was beautiful and dressed sensibly. The little Miko smelled nice. No perfumes, she was all natural and pure. She didn’t know the touch of a man and he found his beast purring at the idea. He wanted to remind his primal side that they had only just met her, but it seemed it didn’t care. It wanted to dominate and show her who was alpha.

“I am interested to see that,” he admitted.

She couldn’t help, but blush “perhaps someday” she saw her mother wave her over and knew they were leaving because of her grandfather. She sighed “well, it was a pleasure meeting you Sesshoumaru-sama”.

He blinked at the honorific and then realized she knew his status among youkai. He smirked “and you as well Miko, I’m looking forward to see how capable you are”.

“You’ll learn I’m quite capable,” she stated confidently as she turned and walked away after a quick farewell. Trying to keep her body from becoming a tomato. How had they gone from him barely saying a word to basically flirting in such a short time?

Taisho noticed how the young woman seemed flushed and a tentative sniff. Aroused. His son was quite good looking, but if a female was to become aroused by him it was usually at first sight. This woman hadn’t been, but was now. He glanced to his son to see the red flash across his eyes, his son’s beast was active? He turned to the female, just what happened in the short time the two were left alone? Still, he figured it was a positive sign and gave a small bow “a pleasure meeting you again Kagome. Your mother gave me your information so I’ll be giving you a call to confirm you coming to work with us for the month”.

She gave a nod, “sounds good, Taisho-sama”.

Taisho’s eyes widened in surprised and it was then he realized what happened. She was intelligent and clearly perceptive. He had no doubt she had peaked the beasts interests with whatever they said and then managed to rile it further by addressing him by his status. He smiled at the woman as she left with her family and then approached his son.

“Enjoying your evening?” He asked.

“Hnn,” the pup responded, seemingly bored.

Taisho could see his offsprings body was tense, “what did you think about Kagome?”

“She seems interesting,” he stated, sounding uninterested.

The elder chuckled, “it would seem so, just try to not let your instinctual side hinder both of you while working”. 


The moment Kagome stepped into Kouga’s office and found a mountain of files on the desk stacked hazardously on the secretary desk. She paled as she stared at it while slowly approaching. Why weren’t these filed away? What was the temp doing while she had been working? The miko gave an internal scream for idiotic people as she dropped her stuff in the corner and signed on to the computer. She was truly thankful Kouga had registered her with the company with her own log in so she could always get right to work instead of waiting to be set up. Once she was in she could find what all the previous secretary had done and clean up the remainder. Looking at the top folder on the desk and searching the files in the computer for it, she paled more when she found the previous temp hadn’t even entered the data into the computer. She checked a few more…same thing.

“Are you kidding me?!” She yelled, uncaring if anyone heard her. This temp had only done the setting up of meetings, retrieving needed files and reports, and entering the data that was absolutely needed over the period of time that she was there while letting the other ones stack up. There was also a few days where no work had been done at all.

“Hey Kagome,” Ginta greeted.

Kagome shot him a glare, “where is Kouga?”

He felt a chill down his spine as he felt her miko powers flare, “umm, he should be here soon, problem?”

“Yeah I’d say so,” she huffed as she pointed at the desk, “he failed to point out just how bad that temp was! Why was another, more capable, temp not brought in before it got to this?”

“You are the more capable temp we got after this mess,” he answered nervously.

The miko flared her powers for all the youkai in the building to feel “you tell Kouga not to enter this building unless he agrees to me doing over time to fix this mess, someone to help me, and brings me a large fruit smoothie!”

“You got it!” He said hastily as he pulled out his phone as fast as he could while trying to get as far away from her as possible.

Meanwhile, Kouga was just entering the building when his phone rang. He took a quick look at the caller I.d before answering it. As he greeted his pack member on the phone, he went to push the elevator button and froze when Ginta let him know about the angry miko. He had assumed she would have been a little upset with him, but he suppose he took their friendship for granted and thought it would spare him from her full wrath. Clearly he was mistaken and his life was on the line if he didn’t do something quick. He had a meeting this morning and it wouldn’t do well to have it in the lobby because he couldn’t even enter the floor of his office. The wolf groaned before telling Ginta to get the meeting room set up and to have the staff stay clear of Kagome until he could get her demands to calm her down. Hanging up he dialed those he had his first meeting with. He only hoped they could help him out.

“Taisho speaking”.

“How far away are you?” Kouga asked desperately.

“About 15minutes, why?” The taiyoukai asked, “is something wrong?”

“Kind of,” he answered, “this is going to sound like a strange request, but you’d literally be saving my life if you could get a large fruit smoothie”.

Taisho was silent a moment “that is a strange request, but that won’t be a problem”.

“Thanks” he said gratefully.

20 Minutes later, Taisho and his son entered to find Kouga chatting with security in the lobby. It was an odd sight and as they got closer, they saw the wolf eye the fruit smoothie cup like it was the holy grail as he took it with up most care. The old inu wondered what was going on since he knew the wolf’s mate was gone and the miko was suppose to be there for the week. No one commented about the wolf’s behaviour, but as they rode the elevator, they began to sense hostile pure power. The daiyoukai couldn’t get over the strength of it as it made even his skin crawl and his own power rise in defence.

“What on earth is going on?” Taisho finally asked.

“The previous temp wasn’t very good and I knew Kagome would be annoyed when she saw the work she’d have to fix” Kouga answered nervously as he held the smoothie like a precious treasure “but I didn’t realize just how much this temp made a mess and it’s made Kagome more pissed off then annoyed”.

Sesshoumaru smirked at seeing the wolf near shaking, “afraid of a little miko?”

Kouga glared at him “you might be able to survived a battle with her, but I know my limits and I’m not stupid enough to push my luck”.

“Is this a normal behaviour from her?” Taisho wondered; is this the reason she couldn’t find a permanent position as a secretary? The woman seemed to have a bad temper.

“Only when someone pushes her pet peeve button” the wolf explained as the elevator stopped and they got off “she absolutely hates people who can’t do their job properly and she absolutely despises cleaning up after them” he froze as the topic of discussion rounded the corner with murder in her eyes and immediately held out the smoothie as a peace offering. Before she could give him a tongue lashing, he spoke up “Hakkaku is going to help you today and I’m still finding someone for the rest of the week, but if I can’t find someone, I’ll give you Ginta for the rest of the week”.

Kagome’s eyes never left his as she took the cup “I called the temp agency and let them know about the huge unprofessional mess the previous temp left behind and demanded they send her back here to help clean it up”.

Kouga balked and shook his head “now wait, I’m not paying this temp for work she was already supposed to have done”.

“You’re not” she answered after taking a sip of her smoothie, feeling herself calm down “the temp office didn’t want to agree, so I messaged the ceo of the temp agency and stated that I would spread the word to every multi billionaire company I ever worked at about what happened and they would lose precious business contracts till they’d be lucky if a gas station wanted them….they agreed that what she did was unprofessional and are sending her back at no cost to you until she fixes this mess. Seems she’s had similar complaints before, so she’ll be let go after this”.

Damn this woman could be ruthless when angry, not being able to argue, he just gave a nod and turned to the inus, “well let’s go to the meeting room to talk gentlemen” he then glanced at the miko, but decided to forgo asking her to supply them drinks. She was finally calm and he really didn’t want to set her off again by asking for more then she had to deal with currently.

Sesshoumaru admired the entire display. Kouga was weak in comparison to himself, but strong as far as youkai go and seeing her put fear into him, to have him openly admit he wouldn’t take her on in a fight, he could feel his instincts screaming. He could smell the fear of every youkai on this floor and noticed how they calmed when she did. She was an alpha and could easily take hold of a room. His cock twitched, but he quickly tried to calm his excitement down. Now was not the time as he was there for work and it appeared she had much to do as well. He caught her sight, her cheeks blushed, and he could smell faint arousal coming from her. Giving her a nod, he turned to follow his sire.

Kagome ended up making eye contact with the taiyoukai. Those amber eyes felt like they stared into her soul and were burning her from the inside. It was clear he felt attraction towards her and she would be a fool if she denied she didn’t feel the same. A part of her did wonder if he was interested in her only physically or if there could be more than just lust. As he gave her a nod and turned to leave, she couldn’t help but wonder where this attraction could lead. However, she then remembered she was going to be his secretary soon and frowned. She did not want to be a part of the classical stereotype of the secretary that sleeps with her boss. Sighing, she decided she would just have to hold her hormones in check.




Author note: I'm Back! Sorry I've been gone for so long. This story took me a lot longer to write, plus covid, husband been gone for months with work so living like a single mom here without the worry of having to pay bills, my mom taking me to court for a 3rd and final time, kids in school then at home then back in school, and sadly my 18yr old cat passing away put me in a large depression. Now we have a puppy, I'm doing better and ready to write again. 


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