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Broken Innocence by MuteShadow

Chapter One

Broken Innocence - MuteShadow|MuteAngel


Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha; it is respectfully owned by Rumiko Takahashi.

Warning: This is an Alternate Universe fanfiction.Warning:  Adult themes (violence, language, sexual/erotic scenes)


 Author's corner:

 Welcome to my new fanfiction. I will be posting all my fanfictions and fanfictions of my friends who have pased away/retired (SilentAngel, Kurai no Zetsumei, BlueAngel_InuMiko) on here soon. If you haven't figured it out yet then yes it is I; MuteShadow. I finally came to this site and am ready to begin my new writing here. Enjoy my new story! It is loosely based off of BlueAngel_InuMiko's/SilentAngel's Innocent Eyes with a few more twists.

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Sheets rustled as a hand crept from underneath the tangled blankets, pulling them off the drowsy head of a young girl. Her sapphire eyes bleary with sleep, Higurashi Kagome stared up at the cieling of her room. She had to get up, get ready, and go to school. Her stomach turned unpleasantly at the thought getting up and going to what she deemed as Hell on Earth. She glanced at the clock on the night table to her right, staring at the neon green digits that flashed 7:22 am. Rubbing her still warm forehead, the teenage girl reluctantly sat up and placed her feet on the cold carpet, rubbing her left eye with the back of her hand and yawning.

 A soft knock startled her.

  "Kagome, are you up?"

 Kagome looked up to see her mother standing in the door way, a hamper of laundry resting upon her hip, her brown eyes warm and loving. She smiled at her mother, her young face becoming beautiful and less withdrawn.

 "Yes, Momma. I just woke up actually. Is Souta up yet?" she asked as she then stood and stretched out her back, yawning.

 Ms. Higurashi watched her seventeen year old daughter with concern when her pajama top sleeves fell down her arms as she stretched thus revealing small bruises, Ms. Higurashi felt her stomach twist and her chest tighten. She stared at the profile of her beautiful daughter, suddenly feeling old and useless. She could not help Kagome with school. She could not interfere - it was not her place. Her gentle face swiftly losing its pained look and lifting into a warm smile, the older woman nodded, turning to walk down the stairs to the laundry room.

  "Yes, he is downstairs eating breakfast with Grandpa. Come down and grab your lunch before you go."

 Kagome watched her mother leave and heard the creaking of the wooden stairs as the woman headed to the kitchen. Walking towards the door, she carefully shut it and entered the washroom adjoined to her bedroom. Turning the taps, steam rose from the hot water that flooded from the faucet. She splashed the water on her pale face and began to wash herself. Hurriedly, she rinsed her face, brushed her teeth and combed her long tangled hair, her hands almost a blur in the routine she had performed now for four years.

 Going to her closet, Kagome pushed aside the sliding doors to look for her school uniform. It would probably be somewhere in there, ironed and pressed by her mother as it always was. It was a requirement at her school to look clean and tidy since the students were allowed off school grounds and into the public during their breaks and lunch. If a student was untidy, the school's reputation would be tarnished since all school uniforms required you wear the school's badge on the right of your chest. Finding her garments, the girl withdrew from the closet and headed to her radio and turned it on, setting it on the radio station that was popular in the morning.

"Ohayo Tokyo-to! Today is going to be a sunny, warm day of a high of +40. The polution and humidity will be high so the frizz look will be in style today!"

 Kagome glared at the radio as if it was the cause of the horrible heat. Throwing off her pajamas and tucking them underneath the pillow on her already made bed, she pulled on the checkered brown and green skirt, brown blazer and black loafers that was her school uniform. Clipping on the shiny golden badge on her chest that read Futsuuka High School, the young girl looked into mirror in front of her, eyeing herself carefully. Her long black-blue hair hung down to her waist in a mixture of soft waves and straight pieces, creating a flawless beauty. She frowned when she noticed the dark creases underneath her eyes.

 'I haven't been sleeping much. Maybe I should put some make-up on to hide my racoon eyes...' 

 Looking for her school bag, a simple brown shoulder sac, she opened it and found the small Hello-Kitty make-up bag. Quicky she applied concealor, hiding her dark undereyes and ran some black mascara through her long, thick eye lashes thus widening her large blue eyes that were stil a bit drowsy from lack of sleep. She studied herself in the mirror once more, satisfied with her appearance when she noted she looked awake and fresh.

 Grabbing her bag and tucking a binder underneath her left arm, Kagome jumped down the stairs and entered the small kitchen. Souta, her younger brother by three years, sat at the kitchen table eating his breakfast as her Grandfather sat across from him, sipping on some green tea and reading the Japan Today newspaper.

Her mother stood in front of the stove stirring a large pot of hot water with dish rags in it, cleaning them in a mixture of boiling water and chemicals.

 "Good morning everyone." Kagome greeted her family cheerfully as she grabbed the cup of hot chocolate her mother had made her as was her custom.

 Souta glanced up from his tamago kake gohan and smile at her. "Ohayo, Kagome-nee-san. Ready to go yet?"

 "Just about. Were you waiting for me?"

 Souta frowned. "Didn't 'Ka-san tell you?"

 Kagome blinked in surprise. "Tell me what?" She then looked to her smiling mother. "What am I missing here?"

 "Well your Grandfather can't drop Souta off at school today and I was hoping since InuYasha was going to pick you up as he always does, you guys could drop him off at school." Ms. Higurashi explained, a dirty rag on the end of the wooden spoon she now held in front of her.

 Kagome sighed. "Why cant Jii-chan bring him in?"

 An old voice boomed from behind the newspaper. "Because, my oblivious, naive granddaughter, there is a very ominous spirit about the shrine and it demands my immediate attention."

 Grandfather Higurashi lowered the newspaper a tad bit, revealing his narrowed eyes and furrowed brows. "Unless you wish for the spirit to feed off from the spiritual energy of the shrine and thus materialize and haunt us?"

Kagome felt herself begining to sweat-drop, a disbelieving smile twitching on her lips. Her shoulders slumped, her left eye twitching, the teenager stared at her more then serious family member and noted he was wearing his priest clothes. She brought up her hands in front of her in a placating gesture, shaking her head.

 "Jii-chan there's no-"

 "If you think for one moment you are going to tell me, me, there is no evil spirit in this area then you are very ignorant! I have spiritual powers Higurashi Kagome! I can sense its forbidding spirit. It seems you haven't inherited the Higurashi talents."

 Her grandfather sniffed disdainfully and then turned to Souta. His eyes shinning like two stars, he grabbed his grandson to his breast and began to ruffle his black hair with adoration.

"But you, Souta my son, have inherited it more then likely! You are still young and have yet to show us your talents but I do not doubt their presence for a moment!"

 Souta gave the old man a pitying, bored expression. "Grandfather for the last time-"

 "And since we're on the topic perhaps you should miss school today and help me exorcise this vengeful monster! In fact I've been waiting for this day!" Suddenly, out of thin air, a pair of priest robes exactly Souta's size materialised in the old man's wrinkled hands, his eyes twinkling and bright with unshed tears.

 Souta gave Kagome and his mother a pleading look, his bottom lip thrust out. Pitying her brother, Kagome stepped forward, a nervous smile on her face, fearing she would instead be forced to carry around the small bowl with the burning ashes of a dried lizard or something for interfering.

  "Jii-chan... mid-term examinations are going to be starting for Souta and I very soon. Besides, he must get ready for his examination to enter high school!"

 Souta nodded quickly as if he were a bobbing-head figurine. He even had the deceny to look disappointed."Sorry..." He sighed dramatically.

 Grandfather Higurashi fowned, appearing to be a child who had found out Santa Claus wasn't real. Staring down at the priest clothes he had sewn Souta himself, his bottom lip quivering, he waved his gnarled hand and looked away, sniffling. "Bah, next time then my boy, next time." The elder muttered as he then shuffled out of the room, mumbling about candles, bottles and scrolls.

Souta released a held in breath and cast Kagome a grateful look. "Thanks. Sometimes, I really like you."

 Kagome felt an eyebrow begin to twitch, twerking upwards on her forehead. Walking over and throwing her arm around his slender shoulders, she playfully pinched his cheek and winked at him.

"Sometimes eh?"

 Ms. Higurashi stepped forward, smiling at her two children warmly. "Ignore your grandfather children. He is just nervous since it is fall and the autumn festival will be taking place in a few weeks as is custom at the shrine."

Turning to the counter, she grabbed the two small purses she had filled with money earlier this morning.

 "Here you go. Your allowances for this week. Enjoy some food from the cafeteria."

 Souta pumped the air with his fist, grinning and practically dancing on the spot wildly. "I can finally pick up that new game I saw! Zentou Keraishi here I come!" He looked down at the wallet that looked like a frog and went starry eyed.

"Ah froggie you look much nicer when you're filled with money!" He cooed to the frog-wallet and snuggled it to his cheek.

 Kagome watched her brother silently and inwardly sighed. For someone on his way to manhood he certainly was still a child sometimes. Placing her money purse in her bag, she leaned forward and kissed her mother's cheek.

"Thank you, Momma I-

 Ring ring. Ring ring.

 A vibrating ring interrupted the moment. Looking down at her skirt pocket, Kagome withdrew her cell phone and saw the name Nakugawa InuYasha flashing on the screen. Souta peered over her shoulder, curious.

 "InuYasha-nii-san?" he asked, hopeful.

 Kagome nodded. "Ya. We have to go. You know InuYasha. He gets impatient. Bye Momma!" Waving goodbye, Kagome ran out of the house, Souta close on her heel. Seeing a red convertible parked in front, Kagome waved at the young man at the steering wheel.

 "InuYasha! Ohayo!" she yelled, a smile blooking across her face.

 A pair of golden eyes widened then narrowed. A disgruntled boy glared at her and huffed. "Yer late."

 Opening the door and allowing Souta to jump in the back, Kagome sighed. "Sorry my grandfather cant drive Souta to school. Can we drop him off?"

 InuYasha eyed the smiling Souta in his mirror and nodded. "Keh. Whatever. Whats up with you brat?" he asked as he then jammed his foot down on the gas pedal, the tires screeching.

 Grabbing the door, Kagome sighed. InuYasha always drove like a maniac. Her hair whipping around her from the speed they were zooming at she watched buildings and people fly by. Seeing the familiar roads leading to her high school pass by her, the unpleasant in her gut increased. Her anxiety heightening, she crossed her legs and tapped her long, clean nails along the side of the car, trying to ignore the sense of fear and anxiety growing in her.

 All too soon they were in front of Souta's school that was only a few blocks away from hers. Stepping out and pulling the seat back, Kagome watched her brother get out and thank InuYasha. Giving his sister an encouraging smile, he turned when he heard his name called. A group of boys his age waved at him, shouting to come look at the new player cards they had bought at the drug store. Completely forgetting about Kagome, Souta turned and dashed towards them, eager to see if they had managed to get any new characters he had yet to collect.

  "Oi, you ok Kagome?" InuYasha's gruff voice pierced her.

 Turning and staring at InuYasha, she tried to ignore the focus of those large golden eyes of his on her so intently. His tanned face was masculine but beautiful. He had short silver hair and two large forelocks that framed his face. He had sharp fangs as eyeteeth and his body lean and muscular. Kagome admitted InuYasha was attractive but he was her friend. Besides, he was a half-demon. Part human, part dog demon, he was one of the most hated in their school for being a half-breed. Kagome and her group of friends had welcomed him in their circle when he had transferred halfway through the school year last year.

 "Hey you gonna answer me?" InuYasha demanded.

 Kagome gave him a gentle smile and shrugged. "Nothing's wrong. I-"

 InuYasha gave her a suddenly soft look, uncommon for him. "Get in wench. Nothing is going to happen today."

 Blinking in shock, Kagome licked her lips nervously. How had he known her fear? Glancing up to see his golden eyes so large now narrowed angrily ahead of him, his claws gripping his steering wheel tightly, his knuckles white, Kagome felt her stomach twist except this time pleasantly. She sat in the seat and felt the car begin racing towards the school. Chewing her bottom lip, she closed her eyes and feverently started praying.

 'Please, God, not today.'


Futsuuka High School was a large, old building. It was a school meant for the gifted, human and demon, ranging from intelligence to the arts. It was a school of prestigous reputation for being the harvester and producer of students that became influential figures in Japan and the world. The sakura trees and Japanese lilacs planted around the grounds were in full bloom, their scents luring the students into calm moods. All around the school students were outside waiting for the school day to start and, as it was unspoken, waiting to see if anything interesting would happen before the morning bell and classes began. Suddenly the loud sound of a massive, expensive engine caught the entire school's attention. Hundreds of pairs of eyes quickly turned to that street and fixed on the silver Nissan Skylight that then smoothly turned into the parking lot. 

 Girls eagerly perked up, patting their hair, fixing their clothes, checking their make up in mirrors they hid in their pockets. Boys became nervous and pouty, eyeing the car and its owner with envy. Parking in a reserved spot for the student committee, a tall boy stepped out from the driver's seat. His hair was white with silver highlights, his skin smooth and perfect, his face cold and so beautiful it seemed to be a mask of an angel. However, the face was cold and detached, a pair of frozen amber eyes eyeing the school dispassionately. The passenger door opened and out stepped a gorgeous girl, her lush but slender body eagerly devoured by male students in their lustful gazes. Her slanted black eyes, long onyx hair, lush red lips and white skin caused more then one boy to harden excitedly.

"Sesshoumaru-kun, I loved this morning. Perhaps at lunch we can drop by the house?" she murmured in her husky, seductive voice, her black eyes flashing red, gleaming hotly as they raked the boy's powerful, lithe frame.

Sesshoumaru placed his delicate but strong claws in the checkered pants of his school uniform, his beautiful face blank. "Perhaps. I will make no promises, Kagura." He murmured in his deep, monotone voice.

 The demon watched in cool detachment as the demoness eyed him angrily.

"Yes. Understood." She said stiffly, apparently displeased. Sesshoumaru looked at her coldly, his eyes like two frozen topaz jewels, so alike to wastelands due to their inanimate quality. 

Kagura eyed her dangerous boyfriend thoughtfully and shivered when he turned his back to her and walked elegantly torward the school. Anger flared within her at his ignorance of her and yet her lips stayed firmly closed. She was no fool to try and butt heads with Nakaguwa Sesshoumaru for it just wasn't done and if it was it did not end pleasantly for the idiot who attempted to do so. Suddenly the roar of another engine caught the high school students' interest. A red convertible drove into the parking lot, parking a few spaces from Sesshoumaru's car. A tense atmosphere settled over the students, their eyes widening in interest and fear. They watched Kagura and the car carefully, knowing something was going to happen.

Silently the teenagers walked forward, whispering to each other, unknowingly grouping around the parking lot. Sesshoumaru paused and turned to see the red car. For once his impeccable mask faltered. His golden eyes narrowed and his pale, sensual upper lip curled in disdain.


The name caused his claws to clench tightly into fists in his pockets, his dangerous diamond-hard claws releasing dangerous poisin from their tips. His golden-amber eyes slanting lethally, he walked to the parking lot silently, oblivious to the looks of awe and terror being directed towards him. He was known as 'the Prince' in the school. Why? For he was the prince. He ruled as a supreme being and everyone, including the teachers and even the chairman, were his inferiors. Watching a pair, a girl and boy, exit the car, Sesshoumaru focused his deadly glare on InuYasha. If looks could kill the boy would have instantly burst into flame. Kagura looked behind her shoulder at Sesshoumaru and noted the calmness and serenity that was common on his stunning face. However, knowing him since she was a child, she could see the minisucle hints that betrayed his loathing of the half-breed. His eyes were narrowed, more like two icey pools yet with a dangerous fire deep in them, his pale lips slightly tightened around their corners, his usually smooth body alert. 

Going to his side, she sneered. "Disgusting aren't they? Have they no shame?" she hissed. 

Sesshoumaru stared at his half-brother who now placed his arm around the young human girl's shoulder protectively. His face becoming void of all traces of his hatred, he said coldly, "How can those who are disgraces know of their meager status unless those who are better remind them." 

Kagura nodded, her red eyes narrowed on the girl Kagome. "Yes. Very true, Sesshoumaru-sama." The demoness then settled her spiteful gaze on the girl beneath InuYasha's protective arm.

"Higurashi." Kagura called out to the human girl.

Kagura watched in satisfaction as the girl's body tensed under her her scutiny. Stopping her stride, InuYasha tense and ready to fight at her side, Kagome turned her sapphire eyes to those glowing black pair that now were rimmed with crimson. Her body shook and trembled, sweat pooling down her back. Trying to form words, she found she couldn't. So suddenly, her throat had turned dry and her tongue too heavy to form words. Biting her bottom lip, Kagome calmly faced the demoness. 

"Kagura." Her soft voice answered back.  

The students were all on the alert, their eyes shifting from the two girls who had been rivals since elementary school. Kagura's delicate claws were fisted, her lush red lips pulled into a scowl, her eyes narrowed and her beautiful face revealing her hatred. All the while Sesshoumaru watched from the sidelines, silent and unmoved like a beautiful statue, but observing intently, his golden eyes not missing one blink of an eye, movement of hair or possible threat revealed in their faces. Eyeing the girl, Higurashi Kagome, carefully, Sesshoumaru deduced she was nothing but a weak mortal. What disgusting things humans were. Lowly filth that he had to put up with in his school.  To the Heir of the Nakaguwa Corporations and the Western Lands of Tokyo, Sesshoumaru was the Prince and had the right to pass judgement on all those who came before him.

He observed the stiff, silent human again and emotionlessly decided she was of no value. Yes she was nothing but a weak, frail human ruled by her emotions. What was her purpose other then to be a stepping stone for her betters?

 Kagome's blue eyes became harder then steel. "Back off, Kagura."

 Kagura sneered at the girl who she despised more then anyone. Seeing the girl's beautiful face, the demoness felt the longing to tear into it become greater by the moment. Stepping forward, her claws itching to wrap around that slender throat, she felt a strong iron grasp on her wrist. Looking over her shoulder at Sesshoumaru, seeing the silent command to stay where she was in his steely glare directed forward at the pair, the wind demon stopped her pursuit. She looked back at the girl to see InuYasha had stepped in front of her, his handsome face grim, his golden eyes burning as he raised a tightly clenched fist. 

"Back off whore. Dont make me tear you a part." He hissed, baring his fangs.

Kagura flushed red, her body trembling with anger. Sesshoumaru suddenly stepped forward, his emotionless face initimidating in its stoicness.

"Would you repeat that, dirty little-halfbreed?" he demanded icily, his deep voice silky and dangerous. 

Kagome watched the tense scene in horror. The Prince had steppewd forward! Never had she seen Sesshoumaru speak so... threateningly. In fact, now that she thought of it, she had never heard him speak before. His voice was deep, silky but so cold. Seeing InuYasha's fists tighten, his jaw clenched and his fangs visible due to his snarl on his lips, she stepped beside him, her little, soft hand wrapping around his wrist. Feeling the heat and fury from his tanned skin, she caught his glazed, furious eyes with her gentle, sad ones.

 "Ignore it, InuYasha. Class starts soon." she whispered softly, her musical voice gentle. I

InuYasha stared down at Kagome and felt his heart calm and the dangerous blood-lust singing in his body fade. Sighing, he glared at his older half-brother. Seeing that stoic face completely void of any thought or feeling, InuYasha resisted the urge to punch him just to see if any sort of reaction would cross those perfect facial features. Grabbing Kagome's hand, InuYasha walked by the pair, his eyes trained forward. Stopping beside them, he turned and glared at Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru stared back at InuYasha, undisturbed, unphased. Golden amber and bright gold clashed in a silent contest and an understanding passed between the two brothers. One day, one of them would fall to the other's claw. Knowing the challenge had been noticed by his older brother, InuYasha pulled Kagome a long with him, entering the school and leaving his enemy and his bitch behind.

  Watching the two swiftly make their way to the school, Kagura stood beside Sesshoumaru stiffly, her gorgeous face taut and furious. Looking at her boyfriend who remained silent and still void of any emotion on his stunning face, she moved closer to him, her body shaking with fury.

 "Something has to be done about those two." she stated coldly, her eyes burning with hatred.

 Sesshoumaru stared at the school doors InuYasha and the wench had disappeared through, mentally agreeing with Kagura. His golden-amber eyes flashing dangerously, he suddenly walked forward, intending to go to class and meet up with the rest of his group and discuss what had transpired. Kagura quietly followed him, knowing to be silent. Looking from the corner of her eye, she noted he remained impassive yet there was a light in his usually dead eyes. He was thinking and the thoughts twisting in his highly-intelligent mind were not kind. The thoughts in his mind were entirely focused on InuYasha and that Higurashi girl and they were not pleasant.

Kagura calmed. If anyone could find a way to destroy those two and their annoying group, Sesshoumaru would. Nakugawa Sesshoumaru did not feel for he did not allow himself to have emotions. He held no pity, no remorse, no guilt... he was ruthless and cruel. He despised weakness and loathed inferiority. He viewed feeling as a weakness.

 'Bonds are unnecessary ties. They weaken you and leech off of you. You can only be strong through power and hatred. There is no need to handicap yourself for somebody else. What have they to offer? Can they give you strength?'

 Kagura shuddered. She remembered too well when Sesshoumaru had said that. He had literally shut her down when she had proclaimed love for him.

'Love is a weakness; a disease. It feeds on your body, heart and mind and leaves you inept and useless. I have no use for such troublesome things. I do not need others nor these things called 'emotions'.'

 Glancing at her boyfriend again, his cruel, cold words still echoing in her head, Kagura shook her head. It did not matter if he did not love her. They were good together and even he realised it. She did not need love either. She had never felt it nor did she intend to ever. The couple continued silently to meet with their group, both in their own thoughts.

All the while, InuYasha and Kagome still hurried into the school, InuYasha dragging a panting Kagome beside him. Gasping at the speed, her legs trying to keep up with his much longer ones (he was almost a head talle rthen her), Kagome frowned at the tenseness reflected in her friend's rigid body.

"InuYasha... are you okay? Slow down!" Kagome asked.

She had finally managed to keep up with the hanyou and had withdrawn her hand from his so she could gently tug his sleeve to try to catch his attention.

InuYasha continued walking, silent and strangely cool. "We need to find the others."

Kagome nodded, looking at the ground. Something ominous was in the air and she knew things were about to get worse at Futsuuka High. It was bad enough their group consisting of seveal friends and the popular group with Sesshoumaru Kagura as leaders frequently clashed. The school always sided with Sesshoumaru and Kagura for he was the Prince and she was his girlfriend. They were unstoppable forces individually but together they reigned supreme.

"Kagome-chan! InuYasha!" A young girl the same age stood at the end of the hall, a young man beside her.

Kagome felt a smile spread on her face and waved. Miroku and Sango walked down the hall, meeting InuYasha and Kagome half-way. Saying morning to their friends and discussing their homework, they noticed the tense atmosphere. Miroku, a priest in traning and gifted at taijutsu, stepped forward, his violet eyes concerned.

 "I sense an uneasiness with both of you. Did something happen outside?" he asked calmly.

InuYasha shrugged his muscular shoulders, suddenly interested in the plain white cieling of the hallway. "Not particularly. Just Sesshoumaru and Kagura doing the usual." he said evasively, hinting in his cool tone to leave the topic alone.

 Sango frowned and would have persisted but Miroku gave her a quick silencing look and shook his head slightly. Stalling her questions, her insides burning with the need to question and have answers, she reluctantly nodded and left the subject. She then looked up at Kagome and noticed the concern and fear in her gentle friend's beautiful blue eyes. Seeing Kagome stare at InuYasha so intently, her stunning face pale and strained, Sango looked down at the floor, her hands fisting.

They had to do something. They had to unmantle Sesshoumaru and Kagura and tip the scales of power in their favor! Too long had the two demons ruled the school ruthlessly. Too long had they caused fear, hatred and disgusting fights to break out in their group. Shippou, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, Rin, Kikyou, Miroku, Sango, InuYasha, Kagome... they were at the ends of their leashes. They all knew something was stirring between the two groups but what? Kagome suddenly giggled, catching everyone's attention. Giving the three people she loved most a bright, sunshine smile, she laughed.

 "Why are we all standing here? Dont we have class? Miroku you have Math with InuYasha and Sango and I have some History to get to." Leaning forward, her pointing finger pointed at the cieling, she winked at all them.

"There's no need to worry! Together we can do anything, ne?"

Sango felt her nerves clam and laughed, shaking her head. Only Kagome could lighten such a dark situation. Looping her arm over her friend's dainty shoulders, Sango flicked some of the silky black-blue hair behind Kagome's ear and smiled.

"Of course. We were just remembering we have mid term examinations soon!"

InuYasha and Miroku suddenly froze. Their eyes wide with disbelief, they both screamed in unison, 


Kagome and Sango looked at their friends horrorified expressions and inwardly sighed. It was obvious they hadn't studied or had taken the time two months to mark the date of the examinations. Glancing at one another, they heard the school bell 'ding dong' and the front doors open, allowing clusters of students to swarm inside. The group dismantled, all leaving to their lockers and agreeing to meet up at lunch at the usual place outside on the school grounds.

 Sango walked beside Kagome quietly, her books held under her arms against her hips, her pretty face and chocolate-brown eyes glazed over as she pondered the events. InuYasha and Kagome were upset and the air in the school was tense. The girl scowled. What was happening? There was a threat; a promise. Someone was going to be hurt. If it was a single person in their group or the entire circle itself, she knew not, but still sensed the horrible predicament that was going to unravel before her soon.

 'Hopefully when I tell Miroku he will be able to help me understand and decode this foreboding feeling.'



Ohayo: Morning

'Ka-san: Mother 

Nee-san: Sister

Nii-san: Brother


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