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Book of Steamy Prompts by Sora-chan

A Beast's Gratitude

Edited for formating issues!

Prompt: Alpha’s Gratitude continued, more thanking and appreciation ahead.

A Beast’s Gratitude

The group had stopped for lunch at the behest of Kagome. The group had noticed that her words seemed to carry more weight lately and the adults were chalking it up to Kagome’s lengthened bath times. No one commented on it as her requests were always for their benefit and Sesshoumaru definitely seemed more mellow. Not that they really could tell, but there was something different about the male.

InuYasha was the only one who had any adverse reaction to the recent developments. He tried to pick fights with Sesshoumaru regularly and when the Demon Lord ignored him, he got into arguments with Kagome.

Sango was gathering the children and Jakken to go catch some fish for their lunch, the toad youkai had been the most surprising change. While he didn’t treat the miko in question badly before, he was still fairly indifferent to her. As of late, he doted on her almost as much as he did his lord, which was just a tad unnerving for the poor girl from the future.

“Sango-chan, how comes Lord Sesshoumaru always does things for Kagome-neechan now?” They heard Rin ask as they walked away, she was referencing how their alpha was visibly doting on the other human woman when before he kept his distance. 

Ever since one-night weeks ago, there had been a gradual change in how he treated the pack as a whole and Kagome specifically. She was always presented the spoils of his hunts, when before he would leave the majority of the hunting to InuYasha. He escorted her anywhere she needed to go, including foraging for mushrooms and herbs for the group and to the well when she needed to go home. 

The children had taken it in stride, especially Rin, since it meant her two favourite people were spending extra time together. But the girl couldn’t hold her curiosity any longer. She had asked her lord one morning as he took her to examine the perimeter of their camp, and he told her that Kagome was the Alpha Bitch. She didn’t know what that meant, and he didn’t provide an explanation, so she thought it prudent to get answers from someone who would explain. And since she couldn’t get her Kagome-neechan alone recently, Sango-chan was the next best bet.

“Because she’s the alpha female of this pack you silly child, Lord Sesshoumaru has bestowed upon her a most prestigious honour!” Jakken was heard butting in, they heard Rin ask another question before the troupe was out of human ear shot.

“She only became Alpha Bitch because she fucked him.” InuYasha grumbled standing by a tree with his arms folded in his large sleeves. He wouldn’t admit it, but everyone knew he was upset that Kagome seemed to have moved on from her little crush on him. There was a hint of it before Sesshoumaru’s pack joined theirs, but it became only more apparent as the time wore on. 

And it only made sense that she would find someone to protect her who held their word

“By all means, you’re quite free to fuck him for the title too.” Kagome deadpanned, waving her hand with a flourish. InuYasha turned red in embarrassment as Miroku failed to hold in his laughter. Sesshoumaru visibly scowled, not liking the path this conversation led.

“He will do no such thing.” Sesshoumaru grumbled, and only Kagome heard, she snorted but said nothing more on the subject.

After the hanyou was put in his place, Kagome got up with a stretch, not seeing the way Sesshoumaru watched her every move. She turned to him with a smile, “Would you like to join me for a walk?” she asked him.

He said nothing but stood gracefully, waiting for her to lead the way. InuYasha snorted in disgust.

“You don’t have to make a show of it wench, we all know you’re going off the fuck.” He said crassly.

“No need to be jealous, InuYasha, I’m sure whatever they do is their own business.” Miroku spoke up, stoking the fire he just started in anticipation for the fish Sango and the children would return with.

“I ain’t jealous, it’s just gross how they can’t keep their hands off each other. And how she’s always smelling like a bitch in heat around him.” The hanyou continued to put his foot in his mouth, ignoring a growl from Sesshoumaru.

“Yeah, no one said anything to you when you were off fucking a corpse. I’m sure whatever I smell like is fine, Sesshoumaru never seemed to have any problems.” Kagome quipped, tilting her head innocently at her friend while he paled and snapped his mouth shut. “Now that no one else has any objections, Alpha Bitch would like to go be grateful to her Alpha in private.”

With that she walked off, holding onto Sesshoumaru’s hand while he followed her in a way that Miroku would consider eager.

“Sesshoumaru, could you find us somewhere pretty.” She requested, stepping into the circle of his arms.

“There is a waterfall to the north of where Sango has taken the little ones.” He intoned, ready to move to her desired location.

“No, we don’t need to go there. Anywhere is fine.” she replied. He raised a brow, normally she insisted on a location with water, wanting to bathe after their dealings, tempering his scent on her and almost exterminating the scent of their coupling on her skin. He never spoke on it, knowing her penchant for cleanliness, but he wouldn’t mind being able to scent himself on his alpha bitch without having to filter through other scents.

“How comes?” He finally asked.

“Well, I always wanted to dampen our scent so that we didn’t offend anyone,” she started, biting her lips as they knew InuYasha was the unspoken anyone, “now, though, it doesn’t really matter because he’s going to be a child about it anyway, you might as well cum all over me to mark your territory.” she finished dryly, completely missing the glint in his eye.

“Very well.” He spoke, after swallowing thickly. His mind obviously already making plans of how to drench her in his musk.

“I was completely joking about cumming all over me. If you do that, we have to find water.” She hedged, noticing the change in him immediately.

“Too late Miko, your alpha is most thankful that you’ve given him leave to mark you in such a way. Would you deny us?” He ran his nose along her neck, taking in a deep breath and she shivered at his proximity.

“N-no.” She whispered.


He whisked them away to a meadow that had Kagome beaming, all around them were wildflowers of various colours. She turned to him, seeing that he had already started to loosen the ties on his armour.

“It is beautiful here.” She was in awe, at the beauty of the place.

“And empty, there is no one nearby for miles, you will scream for me this afternoon.” He purred.

And scream she did, she screamed his name, his title and how much ‘she loved his big demon cock filling her tight miko hole’. He was relentless, taking her in multiple positions in the beautiful meadow. 

He had taken her first on his mokomoko, thrusting deeply and bending her legs over his shoulders. He bent her over a moss-covered rock, as he took her with his demonic speed. She swallowed him whole while he rested on mokomoko, allowing her to gift him with her gratitude as she originally wanted. He rewarded her by shooting his seed down her throat. 

They took a break and he found her lunch, seeing as he kept her away from lunch with the pack. While her rabbit roasted; he took her sweetly, cupping her behind and thrusting into her while spooning on his pelt. One of her legs was raised over his hips, allowing him a deeper penetration and to hit that spot that made her clench him with her walls.

Currently she was wrapped around him, licking and nipping his neck and shoulders with her mouth and scratching her nails down his back and along his scalp while he bounced her in a steady rhythm, pulling and pushing within her in long strokes. She was sobbing her pleasure now, her voice already hoarse from screaming. 

They had been going at it for literally hours and he knew she was tired, but he couldn’t get enough of her. His beast was happy that their alpha bitch was allowing them to mark her with his seed in such a way and wanted to show his appreciation for her.

“You feel exquisite, my hot little bitch. It is little wonder I cannot get enough of you.” he groaned into her ear, nibbling the lobe as his thrusts started to get jagged with his impending release.

“Sesshooo” she moaned, feeling his hot seed fill her once more. He had forgone his decision to mark her outwardly and had been consistently filling her to the brim. She felt very saturated with his seed, having gotten used to the feel of it running down her legs.

He pulled her to lay on top of him, still connected. She got comfortable, entirely used to his wanting to cuddle after their sexcapades. It helped that he was warm, it was evening now, and she didn’t have a blanket.

“You’re definitely trying to kill me.” She yawned, glancing up into his amused golden eyes. “Either that, or your beast is trying to get me pregnant.” The hand that was stroking her hair stilled and she glanced up to see his eyes widen just a little bit. She tilted her head and waited, he seemed to have been coming to some realization.

The Demon Lord opened his mouth then closed it, completely at a loss for words at this potential development. He hadn’t thought anything of it when his beast consistently overrode his want to positively coat his bitch with his seed to instead fill her to the brim. Now that he thought about it, it did make sense that his beast’s way of showing gratitude for their alpha bitch was to pup her. It wasn’t uncommon for the alpha of a pack to sire a pup from their chosen alpha bitch to show her how important she was to him and their pack. 

He was just bewildered that he didn’t notice it before.

Looking back, he never failed to fill her with his seed after he had decided she was the alpha female of the pack. They coupled regularly, and while he never felt the inclination to mark her as his mate, he now cannot deny that he wouldn’t be happy to see her heavy with his pup. He imagined her breastfeeding his young while continuing to take care of Rin and the pack.

A pleased rumble left his throat as he once again regarded the miko laying atop him. The thought of her smelling of their combined scents while she swelled with his seed filled him with a surge of pride and affection, he could feel himself hardening once again, filling her with his length.

Her eyes widened in response and a gasp left her throat as he rolled them over so that he was atop her, laying over her body with his. He nipped her neck and she unconsciously tilted to give him more room.

“It seems you are correct little miko, and It would be remiss of me to not aid in his cause.” she purred, chuckling when her eyes grew wide.

“But!” she cried, and he cut her off with a deep thrust.

“Our Alpha Bitch is perfect for us; we must show her the proper honor and recognition.” He punctuated each word with a thrust, grinding into her when she only nodded in response, too overwhelmed with both physical pleasure and that he felt so strongly for her.

They didn’t make it back to the pack until the next afternoon.


Much love!



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