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Book of Steamy Prompts by Sora-chan

Alpha's Gratittude

I was reading Obeying Ones Alpha by ChaoticReverie and I liked her idea of the alpha of the pack doing whatever necessary to bring wayward packmates in line, and I thought well I wanna see him giving some positive reinforcement.

Plot: As alpha, Sesshoumaru shows Kagome some gratitude.

Hope you enjoy!


The group stopped for the night, the women going through the motions of setting together dinner while Miroku and Shippo looked for dry wood for the fire. InuYasha ran off into the forest around them to hunt some game for dinner. The ramen always went down better with extra protein.

“Rin-chan, could you bring me that pot by my bag?” Kagome asked the young girl plucking at herbs beside her. Said girl sprang up to do as the older woman bade, eager to help in any way. 

Sesshoumaru stood off to the side of the small glen that became their camp, after ensuring that everyone was good, he went off to ensure that a safe perimeter was created around the group, and to locate the hot spring he smelt close by, he knew the women would enjoy it, especially the young miko.

The two groups had combined a season ago, coming together to make the hunt for the elusive evil half demon easier. It wasn’t without its hiccups, as the brothers eventually had to come to an agreement about who was the alpha of their now bigger pack. An agreement was reached after Sesshoumaru beat InuYasha bloody in the agreed upon fight and InuYasha submitted to his older half brother. 

Well the submission was assumed as he refused to speak the words and fell unconscious for a few hours. Once he woke, he didn’t argue with Sesshoumaru’s leadership.

Since then, Sesshoumaru led the group and everyone kind of fell into a role. It was odd to see a youkai leading a large pack of humans, but Sesshoumaru was a good alpha. He did not hesitate to provide reinforcement, whether bad or good, and he didn’t do anything that put the humans in harm's way.

Dinner was served and the pack ate their meals, before Kagome collected the dishes to take to the small stream that InuYasha cleaned their rabbit at. 

“I’ll wash up Kagome, you can take the little ones for their bath.” Sango spoke, taking the pots and dishes from the smaller woman’s hands.

“Thanks Sango!” Kagome smiled, she turned to the little ones only to see them already on the path pointed out by their alpha.

“Last one to the hot springs is a rotten egg!” Shippo cried while Rin screamed in glee. Kagome giggled to herself, aware that she was the rottenest of eggs in the children’s mind.

Collecting her bathing things, she followed along, realizing belatedly that she had company in the form of a silent Demon Lord. A blush rose to her cheeks at the realization that he would be watching out for her while she bathed. It wasn’t the first time, as he often protected her from wayward monks and random demons after both things happened enough times while she and Sango bathed at the start of their journey, but just because it was a fairly regular occurrence didn’t mean that she was used to it. After all, Sesshoumaru was incredibly attractive and she may or may not have developed a sort of crush on their quiet leader.

She was also acutely aware that he could tell when she was thinking specific thoughts, having caught seen him scenting the air enough and once getting caught in a hooded golden gaze after thinking something particularly erotic.

Smiling softly at the demon lord, she continued past him when he stopped at the tree line and alighted a tree. She put her things down and stripped, hyper aware of the demon at her back, once again torn between attempting to catch his notice or hide herself away.

The children grabbed her attention quickly however, both of them already splashing around the hot water. Turning their bath into a game to grab their attention, she was quickly giggling along with them as they ensured their cleanliness. 

She sat on the edge of the spring, wrapped in her towel and she carefully dried and combed Rin’s hair. Marvelling at the length and shine much to the delight of the young girl. Shippo rolled his eyes at the girl and waited patiently for Rin to be ready for their walk back to the camp together while Kagome took a soak as she was known to do.

She stood, ready to drop her towel and re-enter the spring but froze when she saw the gorgeous demon lord walking towards her after he children left the area. Once again very aware of her state of undress, she bit her lip and waited. Unable to keep a fantasy or two from drifting through her brain.

Sesshoumaru stalked the little miko, very aware of the turn of her thoughts as the scent of her heat mixed in with the sulfur in the air. He kept her gaze as he stood in front of her, leaving just a hair's breadth of space between them.

“Sesshoumaru?” she questioned, her voice breathy.

“I wanted to confer my gratitude at how well you take care of the pack, especially the children.” He spoke. 

Kagome swooned, was his voice deeper? She wasn’t sure the last time she was on the end of his positive regard. Not to say he has been negative towards her, but she certainly had not had his personal thanks in a while. She had secretly been wondering if he was ignoring her after he caught her fantasizing about his regal personage.

“Oh? You really don’t have to, I love taking care of the children.” She responded.

“Nevertheless, you have your alpha’s gratitude. Would you allow me to give you a gift?” He asked, molten gaze keeping her still.

She could only nod, captured in his spell. She didn’t even realize when he pulled her towel loose until she felt the light touch of his fingers skimming a pebbled nipple. She inhaled sharply, her blush becoming more pronounced but still unable to look away from the eyes that captivated her. Unwilling to move away lest he realize he was touching her like this.

Feeling his hand venture down to her thighs pushed the butterflies that were congregating in her stomach in a frenzy. He leaned her against the large flat rock behind her, opening her legs to him. Her eyes slid closed and she exhaled a shuddering breath when he cupped her most intimate of places in a way she dreamed he would. His tongue found her neck, dancing in abstract patterns while his fingers continued to stroke along the lips at the apex of her thighs. 

Kagome moaned, her head lolling to the side and her thighs widened, giving him all the space he wanted. She couldn’t help the rolling of her hips against his fingers, wanting to feel more pleasure at his hand. He nipped her collar bone before taking a nipple between his lips and sucking. The young miko could do no more than succumb to the tantalizing pleasure flowing through her, crying the name of her alpha.

“Kagome.” He breathed against her flesh, he found himself delighted at her responses to him and unwilling to stop. He had not intended for their evening to go further than this, knowing the lovely miko would enjoy his touch as he had caught her more than a few times smelling aroused in his presence, and always after her bath. He would admit to finding her beautiful, but he wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to pursue a sexual relationship with a member of his pack. Appreciative gestures in the form of sexual favours he had no problem with, but he knew if he took her here, there would be repeat performances.

“Kagome.” He tried again, and she moaned his name like a prayer, her hands now gripping his hair and scratching his scalp in a most delicious way. “We must stop.” He got out around the mound of flesh still within his mouth.

“Why?” she breathed out, pulling him impossibly closer. She was enjoying this gift goddamnit.

“I won’t be able to stop.” He was tonguing her navel now, nipping at the skin of her belly.

She paused, having a moment of lucidity and looked down at him. “Do you thank everyone this way?” She asked, hoping that her heaving bosom wouldn’t stop him from taking her query seriously.

He tore his mouth from her upper thigh, narrowing his eyes at her in abject disgust. “Do not insult me.” he growled.

It was difficult to take him seriously when he was kneeling at her crotch, still fingering her. But she was sure he probably was finding it difficult to stay on topic with her splayed so open and ready for him.

“Then why are we stopping?” She asked frustratedly, grinding her hips again into his palm.

He faltered for a moment, unable to recall his previous objection.

“Sesshoumaru I swear to Kami, if you don’t fuck me right now, I’ll - “ They’ll never know how the end of her threat went as he plunged his tongue into her weeping pussy so quickly and and deeply that she orgasmed.

They showcased their gratitude in many positions, his gratitude for...whatever it was he was thanking her for and her appreciation for his gratitude.

Eventually he collapsed on top of her, both of them exhausted and satiated in the spring. Sesshoumaru pulled out of her tight snatch tiredly as she rested on the rocks. Slapping her exposed ass he then scooped her pliant form to lay against him while he sat on one of the natural ledges of the spring.

"I need to do good things more often if this is how you thank me." She said hoarsely, wrapping her arm around his neck.

"I seem to have a lot to be thankful for, tomorrow you should show me once more that thing you did with your tongue and should be most grateful." He intoned, nibbling an earlobe and sucking it between his lips.

"Why do we have to wait for tomorrow, there's another thing I can show you tonight." The miko from the future said hotly, already turning in his hold and straddling his lap. He growled slightly, having her above him was a challenge his beast wasn't ready for.

"Now alpha," she kissed his neck, "if you allow me this, I would be most grateful." She punctuated her statement with a grinding of her hips and a licking of his ear.

"Do as you will." He groaned, utterly under her spell.


I think this one would be super easy to continue lol

Much love!



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