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Good Intentions by misty

Chapter 1

It was odd. He thought to himself as he slowly turned his head this way and that before sticking his nose in the air again and inhaling deeply of the scent that had managed to catch not just his attention, but that of his beast, before finally seeming to lock onto it and began walking.

His mind and instincts solely focused on finding the female that had left the wonderfully delightful scent behind while his inner beast told him everything that he needed to know about what to look for to help him find the female.

She is young. His beast murmured within the confines of his mind. Between eighteen and twenty four. Healthy. Strong. She smells beautiful... With that, he had to concur whole heartedly. She did smell beautiful. And while that didn't exactly hurt things any- she could have been in her sixties and snaggle toothed and he would still; oddly enough, think her beautiful.

What are the particulars of her scent? What is it based upon? He wondered as he kept weaving his way through the crowded sidewalk. Letting his citrine gaze subtly check every face of every feminine being that he passed before quickly dismissing them.

They were not the one he was seeking. So they did not interest him at all.

She smells like a combination of peonies, lilies, honeysuckles, lily of the valley, and the raw power of a supernova. It is exquisite.

Hn. It sounded more peculiar than anything but if his beast thought it was exquisite then he would simply roll with it.

What do you think she looks like? His beast asked suddenly nearly causing him to trip over his own feet before he righted himself and kept going. His mind supplying his beast with enough information about his home land and the normally almond eyed, dark haired beauties that lived there for his beast to get something of a picture.

Though if he were totally honest with himself and his beast, he would have mentioned that many females in his homeland were so dull looking it was as if they lacked personality and the inner fire that had always drawn him to specific females. Although he wouldn't be totally bummed if this female happened to be a dark haired beauty.

It would just add to her charm in his eyes.

Meanwhile in his mind his beast was going nuts on him, playing mix and match with various images of the female face and anatomy. It was like playing Frankenstein, only his beast was sane. Or at least he had thought he was, right now he wasn't so sure anymore.

I hope she has eyes like this, lips like this, skin the color of fallen snow, hair this color and cut and styled like this- He got a flash of a face in his mind before his beast went back to work. I hope the female is petite, shapely yet has enough curves to worship during intimacies. Do you think she will have decent sized breasts for us and pups to suckle? Our mate has the tits of a prepubescent male. I've always been disappointed about that.

He let out a soft growl of annoyance.

Now his beast was just being a pain in his ass and taking his focus off of what he was doing, and he would not tolerate not being able to find the female he was searching for. Failure simply wasn't an option right now. If he failed to find the female...his beast wouldn't be the only one who went mad.

He'd go mad too. And that was never healthy for anyone.

The last time that happened, he'd demolished a frigging country.

She is near. His beast said as he finally stopped playing dress up Barbie and was paying close attention to his surroundings. If he missed the female, his beast wouldn't.

It was a small assurance. But it made him feel better as his beast told him to stop moving for a moment and he did as he was bid only to find himself standing outside of a corner market several blocks from his work place, staring at the door anxiously as he waited for the female to appear.

And when the doors finally opened and she did, he had to bite back the whimper that he felt building in his throat as he laid eyes on her for the first time ever.

She was beautiful. Stunning really, with her long-ish shoulder blade length bob cut blue black hair, and her- Wait did she have blue eyes? He wondered as he looked at them a little closer as she began to walk passed him carrying her bag of food. Only for his hand to shoot out and grasp her arm, pulling her to a sudden stop.

He heard her gasp as she stumbled back a little bit in her small heels before she whipped her head around to give him the most peeved look that he'd ever seen before on a female of any species. He had no doubt that she was about to tear into him when his beast suddenly began to howl and jump around excitedly.

Found her! Found her! Ours! Ours! As he leaned down a little bit, getting into her personal space as he practically purred, his breath fanning her face. "You'll do nicely as my breeder." The female looked at him wide eyed in shock for a moment before pulling her arm free and rearing back her hand and punching him in the nuts just as hard as she could, causing him to yell out in pained surprise before his face was met by her knee and he went down hard.

Trying to figure out what the fucking hell had just happened while his beast suddenly stopped howling and jumping around and instead simply sat down and whimpered, Bitch upset.

I think that's a safe bet to make. He thought in response to his beasts sudden sullen silence as he heard the female snarl, "Go find yourself a pet whore somewhere else asshole!" Before turning and stomping off.

Bitch is really, really upset.

Yes I know. He thought as he slowly began to pick himself up off of the pavement. I think we'll be pissing blood for a few hours.


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