DORMant Dynamics by imjaneees


The first time Kagome saw her dorm mates, she was in awe. She was warned that they weren’t completely human—heck one of them didn’t have a single drop of human blood in them. They told her that their name were Naraku and Sesshomaru. Huh, youkai gave such strange names to their children.

Naraku, true to the name, had dark hair and eyes the colour of blood (Kagome thought they looked like pretty rubies). Sesshomaru was a stark contrast with moonlight silver hair and golden eyes (they were like her parents’ wedding ring), emphasized by magenta stripes on the cheeks and an indigo blue crescent moon on the forehead.

Squaring herself, her mother said that the best way to make new friends was to give them sincere compliments. So, giving her best smile, she greeted, “Wow, you’re the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen!”




AN: Yes, I screwed up big time and now have to repost everything XDD I should probably start with the disclaimers here now, and say that the only thing I own in this story is the plot and if every I make an OC, the rest belong to their respective owners ^^’ I'll get to posting everything again soon, when I finally get the time to finish all the previous ones before I continue as I regularly did.


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