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Love in the time of Kimora by Yanaristocrat

Chapter 1


Men ogled the young woman getting out of a black limo. Her long midnight tresses flapped in the wind as she placed her shades on. She avoided their gazes as she walked toward the school in front of her. A tall sentry walked beside her, his red eyes scanning the crowds. The guards opened the gate and she stopped at the entrance to look at the school. She'd never noticed how big it was. The white brick edifice looked more like a mansion than a place of academia. She sighed. It seemed it was weekly now that she had to come down to the school.

"Lady Kagome?" said the guard. "The headmaster is waiting for you."

"Right." She said as she broke away from her thoughts and looked at her sentry. "Haji, I will go alone from here. Wait for me outside." He abided as she followed the man as the gates closed behind her. She removed her shades once they got inside and smiled at a few people who bowed their heads at her.

"Lady Kagome…" greeted a man as he opened the office door expectantly. He rubbed the back of his neck and led her inside dismissing the guard immediately. He brushed the fuzz on his head with his hand and pointed to a seat in front of his desk. "It is always a pleasure."

"Have you contacted their father, Headmaster Cho?" she flicked her gaze toward him with a scowl as she sat down.

"Well…" he lowered his head and nodded. "I did but he said he couldn't make it."

"Of course." Kagome muttered under her breath.

"Lord Sesshomaru is a diligent man."

"I am as well, Headmaster Cho. I had to cancel a meeting with a judge because of this so let's just get to the point. What has Kimora done now?"

"You know, having two hard working parents may have a great effect on a child's behavior. It may be a cry for attention."

Kagome smiled. "Headmaster Cho. Though I work hard, I am always home by the time the girls get there. So there is no need for attention."

"It is just speculation, Lady Kagome. I have the utmost respect for the both of you but I also consider the well being of my children here at Inutaisho Academy."

"Did Kimora get into another fight?"

"Actually, Lady Kagome, Samara got into a fight."

"What?" Kagome couldn't help chuckle. "Samara?"

"Yes." He said, unsure why she would find this situation funny.

"That's insane. Samara doesn't get into fights. Who did she get into a fight with?"

"Kimora." He said after a long pause.

"What?" Kagome's smile faded into disbelief. She blinked a few times taking it in and leaned back into her chair. "They fought with each other? This makes no sense. The girls are so close. What exactly inspired the fight?"

"Not sure yet. The both of them remain quiet but when I entered the classroom, I overheard Samara yelling 'Halfbreed, it's your fault.' Do you know what that is about?"

"Samara said that?" Kagome looked hurt. She stood up from her chair and walked toward the window. "I have no clue what it is about. I don't believe this."

"I don't either but I saw it with my own eyes. May I interject an opinion of mine?"


"The girls are almost ten years old. Perhaps they are beginning to notice the differences between them."

"No." Kagome said. "We've explained it to them already. It never really mattered to them. They are twins and they've been inseparable since birth."

"Hm, well…Kimora's grades are beginning to drop as well. She failed her science test."

"But, Kimora loves science." Kagome interrupted.

"Well, she only failed because she didn't complete the exam. The teacher caught her drawing."

"Drawing? Drawing what?"

"She's been drawing things in art class that I wanted to show you." He said as he brought a folder into view. He opened it and sprawled the drawings on the desk. Kagome picked one up and studied it. The first one was a picture of Kimora with a big husky man, bald with tribal tattoos on his temples.

"That's Cado, Kimora's sentry." She explained as she picked another drawing. This one was a picture of two houses. In one, was Sesshomaru, alone and the other one had Samara, Kimora and herself in it."

"What do you think that one implies?"

Kagome bit her lip and shook her head. She knew what it implied but she couldn't tell him. She shrugged and placed the drawing on the desk. "I'm guessing it has to do with him being at work a lot."

"It does appear that way but what can you do?" he retorted. "I mean, he's the President of the D.D.C so I can understand."

"Hmph." Kagome said. Well, glad you understand it. "So what are we going to do then?"

"Well, I really hate to suggest this, Lady Kagome but if the girls continue to act this way, I'm afraid the need for expulsion is at hand."

"What? You can't be serious."

"The students here admire the twins. They look up to them. I can't have them influencing their bad behavior on others."

"You speak of them like a disease." Kagome spat. "They're kids. These things happen."

"Not at Inutaisho Academy."

"Which, need I remind you, is their grandfather's school!"

"Which only makes it harder for me to say." He said apologetically. "Lady Kagome, please, I am not trying to attack you here. I watched the twins grow as well and it is hard for me to even say this. I've overlooked a lot of the things Kimora has done the past few months. I've defended her when she vandalized the gym. I've stood up for her against the board when she called in a bomb threat and when she glued the entire classroom to their chairs, or when she blew up the science lab? How about when she added hormones to Mrs. Levy's smoothie pitcher? She grew facial hair in a week and now I have Samara, which is our prized overachiever causing mayhem as well."

Kagome sunk in her chair with embarrassment. She nodded and looked at him. "I'm sorry. You're right. Let me talk to them, I promise you this won't continue. It is…probably a phase or something."

"Well, Christmas break starts tomorrow. They will have two weeks off to relax. Go on a vacation with the family, spend some time together. Hopefully, this will all go over quickly."

Family vacation? She couldn't even get the family together on a weekend. If it wasn't Sesshomaru working late nights, she was stuck with mountains of paperwork. It was that instant that she wondered what moment in her life did she become a workaholic. "Where are the girls?"

"They are with the counselor now. I'll have them come down." He said as he grabbed the phone and paged upstairs.

When Kagome left the office, she met with Haji in the front. He broke away from his stoic expression and glanced at her with concern. "Is everything alright, my lady?"

"Ugh," Kagome sighed as she sat on the steps. Some people looked at her strangely. It could be the fact that she wore a black Prada skirt with a matching blazer and she was sitting on the steps getting it dirty as if it were something cheap. "No, things are not alright. What am I doing wrong, Haji? I'm losing control over them. I don't know what to do."

Haji rested his hand on her shoulder. "You are doing everything right, my lady. They are kids."

"Who are about to get expelled if I don't do something."

Haji didn't say anything. They both looked up when a herculean man walked down the steps with a little girl hiding behind him. She wrapped a strand of her white hair across her face, a nervous habit of hers when she knew she did something wrong. A woman appeared behind them, tall and slender, orange eyes and hair. She bore the same expressionless mask as always, perhaps a demon trait. She walked beside another little girl with black hair and amber eyes. She wasn't hiding. In fact, she walked down proudly meeting her mother's eyes as if testing her. When Kagome scowled emanating all the anger she had conjured up, the girl looked away.

"I am so disappointed in the both of you."

"I'm sorry, Mom." Said Kimora as she poke her head out from behind her sentry. She pouted and hid behind him again.

"Don't hide behind Cado, Kimora. He is not going to save you from me." She scolded and looked at her other daughter. "Samara, really? I can't believe you would do this."

"Perhaps if you understood my intentions, mother, then you would see I had every right to do what I did."

"Your intentions?" Kagome scoffed. "Do you want to know my intentions?"

Samara hesitated and began stomping toward the limo. Everyone else followed behind her. When they got into the limo, Kagome checked her cell phone. She had a few text messages from her boss wondering why she had cancelled her meetings with the judge. She struggled so hard to get an appointment to issue a warrant against a defendant and now she was going to hear it. She saw another text message and was surprised to see it was from Sesshomaru.

'I'm sorry.' It said. She scoffed again. Sorry? Well that was just not going to cut it. She looked up at her daughters who stared at her waiting for their punishments.

"Are you going to tell dad?" Kimora asked.


"Mom!" Kimora cried.

"Mother!" Samara pleaded.

She hated that the very mention of his name had them cowering in fear. He was hardly home and he had more control over them than she ever had. She rubbed the bridge of her nose and threw her phone back into her purse. She looked at them and raised a finger. "No television, No music. Samara, you are no longer to have that sleepover during Christmas break."

"Mother! I've been planning that sleepover for weeks. I already sent out the invitations and the girls at the school are all bragging about it. I can't disappoint them."

"but you can disappoint me?" Kagome glared at her until she looked at her lap. "Anyway, you are staying with your father for Christmas break so you'll both have to pack when we get home."

Kimora tilted her head and looked despondently at her mother. "Why can't we all be together for Christmas break?"

Kagome pressed her lips tightly and looked out the window. It pained her not to answer but what could she tell her daughters. She wasn't sure what she was doing anymore either. Sesshomaru had been consumed by his job that there were nights he didn't even come home. She assumed it to be another woman but he kept insisting that it wasn't and that he'd explain one day. She'd grown accustomed to sleeping in an empty bed that her decision wasn't one that she'd suffer much from. It was the girls that worried her. How was she going to tell them that their mother and father are getting a divorce?


"Hi, I'm here for the secretary position?" said a young woman as she approached the front desk. She scouted the office and looked at the lady tapping away at the computer.

"Lana, your replacement is here!" she called out and the woman cocked a brow. That sounded pretty awkward. She hoped the girl was leaving willingly and not training someone after being let go. A blonde girl popped out of an office and greeted her with a smile.

"Hi, you're Sara, right?"

The woman nodded. "Yes. I am. I hope I'm not too early. I didn't want to risk being late on the first day."

Lana laughed. "That's fine. Actually, Lord Sesshomaru loves it if you're early. He is always working, so the earlier you are here, the better for him."

"Lord Sesshomaru?"

"He's the president of D.D.C, you'll meet him later. He's in a meeting with the secretary of defense. After I show you around, I'll tell you a few facts about him that you'll find very helpful later on."

"Okay." Sara smiled nervously. She wondered who this powerful man was. He was a lord and a president of the largest defense group in the world. She followed Lana around the building and noted the important facts.

"He doesn't like sweets so don't try to bring him any. He loves coffee and the stronger it is, the better. He takes it straight so don't put any sugar in it. He can be a little ruthless and on bad days, just stay out of his way. He needs to have his meetings laid out an hour apart from each other and place it on his desk first thing in the morning. He'll want a quick recap on any updates, try to keep it under a minute, he gets very impatient."

Sara nodded each time, writing it down. She wondered what she'd gotten in to Who was she working for, the devil? The more she described his vices, it sounded like she was going to work with a grumpy old man who will make her life hell.

"Oh, and another thing…no one knows this but because I have to go through his mail and sort it out, I found out accidently. He is going through a divorce so be sure to really stay out of his way the next few days."

"How unfortunate." She said. Perhaps the grumpy old man needs a lesson in life. Be nice to others and nice things will happen to you.

"Oh, one last thing…"Lana laughed. "Don't fall for him."

Sara cocked a brow. Why would Lana make a poor joke like that? Was she being sarcastic? Their attention went towards the door across the room. A man walked out yelling in a foreign language with another man. Her mouth dropped slightly when they were followed by a tall, slender man with long white hair. He was angelic, his face completely perfect. His eyes were like the sun and he posed like a model with one hand in his pocket. He spoke quietly with the fuming man and then walked away.

"Who is that?" Sara asked and Lana looked up.

"That?" she pointed. "That's your boss. That's Lord Sesshomaru."

Sara felt her breath get caught in her throat. "Him? He's….young."

"and gorgeous." She smiled. "That's what you wanted to say, right?"

"N-no, I mean…it's just…I expected to see an old man. I mean, president of the company?"

"Don't underestimate him. He was handed the position by his father and he is really good at his job."

Sara couldn't stop staring. Lana's words had sounded muffled as she followed him around with her eyes. A man walked over to him with a paper and he quickly scanned it and signed it.

"What exactly goes on here at the D.D.C?" Sara asked.

"We are the largest defense group in the world. We kind of do it all here. We help other organizations such as the N.S.A or C.I.A when they come across something of an obstacle. Demons can be very formidable enemies against the humans. We come in to take them down when the laws have been broken. We are also defense contractors and work on the latest weapons the militaries and special ops are using. We send out rescue teams to bring in demon refugees from all sorts of countries, the list goes on."

She stopped talking when they saw him walking towards them and she straightened her posture and fixed her hair. Sara hid behind her and placed her long black hair behind her ear.

"Lana, are there any messages for me?" he spoke. His voice was soft yet strong. He didn't even glance toward Sara and she felt like an inanimate object. The bookshelf to her right was more acknowledged.

"Two messages." She said in a strong voice. She sounded confident. "One from your lawyer saying he wants to meet you before you go through the papers."

His face tensed and he quickly glanced at Sara. She bit her lip and bowed her head. He studied her briefly and looked at Lana. "Who is this?"

"Your new secretary." Lana introduced. "This is Sara. She is training today."

Sesshomaru checked his blackberry for messages and nodded. "What was the other message?"

"The other one is from your wife."

He looked up and glared at her. "What did she say?"

Lana looked down at the paper and tilted her head. "She said to pick up the girls and don't be late because she has somewhere to be at seven."

"Where is she going?"

"She didn't say."

"Right." He looked at his watch. "Cancel my meetings for tonight then. I will be away for the next fortnight. Screen my calls."

"My lord, you have a meeting this afternoon with the Prime minister of Romania and Arch Bishop Giovanni has something important to discuss with you. He asks that you make time for him, he is coming straight here from the Vatican tomorrow morning."

"I cannot speak with the Prime minister, he'll have to understand. We can reschedule-send my apologies."

"You can't cancel, he is leaving tonight." She started to follow behind him after he walked away. Sara trotted behind, confused by what was going on. As Lana bickered on, Sara observed Sesshomaru's strides. He walked gracefully, his skin looked smooth and his suit fitted him snuggly that she could tell he was in good shape. Demons weren't a new thing for her but she'd never seen a demon so beautiful in her life. Aside from his cold rude personality, why was he getting a divorce? If she were his wife, she'd never let him go. 'Don't fall for him.' Lana had said. No wonder. She snapped out of it. This was completely professional.

He got inside the elevator and she looked between him and Lana wondering what had been resolved. She hadn't heard the final decision and scolded herself for daydreaming about her boss's looks. When the doors closed, Lana scoffed.

"Ok, you see? This is the part of my job that I hate. Now I have to call two important men to cancel their meetings and be yelled at in all sorts of languages."

Sara chuckled and tried to change the subject. "So, he has kids?"

"Twin girls." She said as she led her to his office. They walked toward his desk and she handed her a picture frame.

"Oh, they're beautiful. Oh, their hair and eyes are different."

"Well, their mother is human so I'm guessing that has something to do with it."

"Their mother is human? I didn't think Demons married humans, especially those of important calibers."

Lana grabbed another picture frame from his desk. It was his wedding photo. Sara grabbed it and was stunned to see how beautiful his wife was.


"Yeah, trust me. It's no wonder he didn't even look at another woman in this office, no matter if they prayed for it. Heaven knows they all tried. One girl tried to show extreme cleavage and he asked that she dressed more appropriately. He is truly devoted to her."

"Why the divorce? They have such a beautiful family." Sara handed her the picture frame.

"I don't know but I heard him arguing on the phone with her. He is kind of devoted to his job too. He has no choice though; his job demands most of his attention. I'm guessing a girl can get tired of that. It's also a dangerous job, he has so many enemies and he refuses to have any protection. Two months ago, he was on his way back from Austria where he signed a peace treaty. He was followed by a group of radicals and was shot at. The bullets hit and killed his driver and the vice president of D.D.C. His car was pushed off a bridge by the terrorists' van. He almost didn't make it out alive."

"Doesn't he have guards? I mean, surely a man like him has some sort of secret service."

"His entire sentry guards his wife and kids. He claims he doesn't need protection from anyone."

"That is pretty arrogant of him." Sara stated.

"Oh, he is.…"

"I guess I'm not surprised that his wife is divorcing him."

Lana smiled. " No, he isn't always like that. There are times when you see the niceness in him…you just have to look deeply." Her eyes went sad and she bowed her head.

"May I ask, why are you leaving?"

Lana paused and looked down at the picture. She looked at Sara and shrugged with a smirk. "I made the mistake of falling for him." Sara's eyes widened but she said nothing and Lana continued. "It hurts to work beside him knowing it will never happen."

"Well," Sara cleared her throat. "He is getting a divorce."

Lana laughed. "No…that might be what is happening but he won't give up. He truly loves his wife regardless if she is filing for divorce. He still wears his ring and he looks forward to her calls even if he knows she is just going to argue. Let me show you something…" she said as she pulled out his chair and turned on his laptop. She typed in her password and logged into the internet. After typing something in a search engine, she clicked on it. A page showed up and it looked like a picture gallery. Sara leaned in to take a closer look.

"Oh my god, is that him?"she said at a photo of him in a Jacuzzi. A girl stood by him, practically naked in a small bathing suit.

"Yeah, that's him and that's his wife."

"Oh my god….they look so…."

"Hot, I know. It's almost unfair how two people in the same relationship could be so good looking."Lana scoffed. "They used to model together in Italy years ago."

"He was a model?"

"Yep. All the girls in the office have a picture of him either hidden in their desk or as their screensaver. I met his wife once at a party. She is super sweet which made me feel even worse for liking him. When they are together, he is so different. You never see him smile when he is here at work. I worked for him for seven years and I didn't see him smile not once here…but at the party, his wife whispered something into his ear and he smiled and he actually laughed. It was a nice laugh too, he should laugh more often." She sighed.

"You really have it bad for him, huh?"

Lana pursed her lips and looked at the picture. "I guess, I fell for him that day when he smiled. The great things he achieves at work, the dangers that he puts himself in for the safety of his people and his family. He is like his father."

"His father?"

"Yes, Lord Inutaisho. He retired years ago but his father changed the world for the good. He brought equality between races and ended segregation within schools, opened up schools and orphanages for hanyous."

What an ambitious family." Sara stated. "His wife said that he has to pick up the kids, does that mean he is not staying with them?"

"He moved to the manor across the river from the D.D.C, he needed to be closer to work for a little while. I guess he is paranoid about having work follow him home, if you know what I mean."

"How sad." Sara shook her head.

"Yeah, anyways. Let's stop gossiping. I will show you around more about the things you need to do here and what more to avoid with Lord Sesshomaru." She laughed.

Sara took a deep breath. There was a foreboding feeling inside her chest that this was going to get bad. Perhaps it was just anxiety of starting a new job.


Kagome was pissed when Sesshomaru told her to meet him somewhere with the kids. He said he couldn't come to the house and it would be easier if they met him halfway. The nerve of him, he couldn't even do a simple task of picking up his daughters at their house. She looked at her daughters somberly and sighed. Kimora hummed to herself as she drew in her notebook. Samara read a book and occasionally looked out the window nervously. She was very aware that her mother would fill in her father about what happened at school today. The look on his face was something she wasn't looking forward to see.

They arrived at the park where he wanted to meet them. He was standing by his car and walked toward them when Kagome got out of the car after Haji. Kagome turned around when she heard the doors behind her lock.

"Kimora, Samara! Get out of the car right now."

The window cracked opened slightly. "Promise you won't tell Daddy what happened?" said Kimora's little voice.

Kagome growled and knocked on the window. "Samara!"

Samara's eyes poke through. "I'm sorry, mother but I'm going to have to agree with her." Her eyes darted toward her father coming closer and she immediately closed the window.

"Girls!" Kagome shouted and Sesshomaru stopped beside her.

"What is the problem?" he said, his eyes not leaving her.

Kagome glowered at him and rolled her eyes. "The problem? There are many! I am running late so if you can get the girls to come out of the car, that would be great."

"Where are you going?" he said.

Kagome scoffed and adjusted her blazer. "I don't think that's your concern right now. I have a lot of things I need to do that because of someone," she leered at him. "I had to cancel or postpone."

"I told you. I apologized that I couldn't make it."

"Whatever. I don't really want to hear it anyway. Could you please get them out of the car."

Sesshomaru studied her longer and looked away. He leaned down and tapped the window, glaring. The door suddenly opened and Samara came out first. Kimora followed behind her covering herself with her hair.

"Hello, Father…" Samara tried to sound brave but failed miserably. Her amber eyes looked down at the ground shamefully. Cado and Remy got out of the car and stood beside the girls.

"They've been fighting at school." Kagome said and the girls glared at her like she was a traitor. "with each other. They're near expulsion if it continues."

Sesshomaru scoffed. "It is my father's school."

"That's what I said." Kagome scoffed. "but Headmaster Yao was serious when he said if it continued, he'd have no choice."

"Unbelievable." Sesshomaru said under his breath. Kagome cleared her throat when she felt like they both shared a moment agreeing how unfair the headmaster was being.

"Kimora failed her science test as well."

Sesshomaru looked at the girls with a face so scary they tried to hide behind their sentries. He placed his hands in his pockets and cocked his head. "Remy, Cado…take them to my car."

The both of them nodded as they led the girls away. Kimora quickly ran back and hugged her mother and went back to them. Samara stared at Kagome with a look of hatred and walked away. Haji stepped away as well sensing the two were about to engage in a private conversation.

"Anyway, so you said you will take them for the next two weeks, right?" Kagome said. "Of course, I will come on Christmas so we can all be together."

"About that…"he said and Kagome shook her head to get back into the car.

"What now?" she was about to close the door but he held it open.

"I can only take a few days off."

"Of course."



"My father is coming by so it isn't like they will be alone."

"How nice that your father is going to be there but their father won't be."

"You are being unreasonable."

"I can't get into this now. I have a meeting with the judge. If I miss this, I'm definitely going to be demoted or probably fired. Did you sign the papers?"

Sesshomaru felt his teeth grind immensely. "If you'll only be patient and allow me to explain later…"

"I've been waiting for a year." She scoffed and she heard her voice waver. "We don't see you. I sleep alone at night, it's like we are already divorced. I take care of the girls on my own anyway. You're not there when they get in trouble or when they have recitals or projects. Kimora has nightmares almost every night which you have no idea how hard it is to deal with. You are never there. What's the difference if you sign the papers?"

"I am not signing the papers." He said in a final tone.

"Suit yourself. It will happen anyway whether you like it or not."

"Don't do this…"

"I didn't. You did."

She gave him an impatient look and he released the door. She closed it and Haji bowed his head at him before he got into the car. Kagome looked behind her as they drove away. Sesshomaru stood there watching them drive away. She felt her tears escape her eyes as she sobbed quietly. Haji grabbed a handkerchief and handed it to her. She nodded and grabbed it wiping her tears immediately. Not now, she couldn't do this. She had to suck it up. She was about to meet with the judge and she didn't want to look blotchy with blood shot eyes.

"Are you getting the headaches?" Haji asked as he grabbed a bag from a compartment underneath the chair.

"No." Kagome said and waved for him to put the bag away. "I'm fine, really. I haven't even gotten them in a while."

"You have the doctor's appointment tomorrow. "He reminded.

"Haji."Kagome laughed. "You are worse than my mother, you know that?"

Haji frowned. "I was just reminding you."

"Thank you." She sighed as she wiped her eyes dry. She felt a little better and opened the window for fresh air.

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