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Unknowingly Mated by Dani

Chapter 2

Smoothing the front of his kimono, Sesshomaru stared indifferently into the mirror. The black fabric of the kimono caused his eyes and hair to stand out more than normal, and the entire outfit looked impeccable on him, but he would expect nothing less. Tweaking the sash on his hakama one more time, he stared lifelessly at the image reflected back at him. In mere moments, he would meet his bride for the second time. He felt strangely empty at the prospect. From what he recalled she was a beautiful female, but that was it. There was no substance, no spark. She was like all the others, after his position and wealth.

The image of a dark haired beauty flashed through his mind. Vibrant blue eyes sparkled at him, while pouty lips curved into a coy smile. Shaking his head, he sucked in a deep breath. Okay, maybe not like all women. There was one enigma that left him guessing and wanting more. Clearing his thoughts of human woman, he needed to focus on the task at hand. He would never see that woman again. He was sure his future wife would not condone him sleeping with other women. She struck him as the jealous and possessive type.

Leaving his rooms, he made the long trek across the shiro to where his bride would be waiting. Straightening his back, he steeled his nerves for what he about to do. Wearing a mask of indifference, he strode up to the closed door and tapped lightly on the wooden frame. Shuffling and soft, feminine chuckles could be heard within, but he didn’t move, even when the door slid open slowly. Bowing on the floor, the woman who opened the door slowly slid out of the way. Standing on the other side of the room, was his bride decked in the traditional white marriage robes, signifying her purity and mourning. Although, he highly doubted that she was mourning the loss of her family. More like rejoicing in her newly found status.

Cringing internally, he waited for her to take her place at his side. Without a word, he spun gracefully on his heel and headed back towards the front of the shiro, where the ceremony would be held. He could hear the clanking of sandaled feet and the shuffling of fabric as the woman tried to keep pace with his long strides, the ceremonial robes most likely making it even more difficult for her. Stopping at the main doors, he waiting impatiently for the woman to catch up. He could hear her harsh breaths, even though she was trying to contain them, pathetic. Nodding to the guards stationed by the doors, they bowed and slid the large partitions open.

Not wanting his bride to disgrace him, Sesshomaru took slower steps down the make-shift isle so his bride could keep pace. He could hear the soft gasps and awes as they passed slowly through the crowd of citizens allowed to witness their union. Amber eyes scanned the crowd discretely, but of course he did not see her. He wasn’t expecting to. They shared one night and nothing more. That was all it would ever be and she understood that. Good.

Kneeling at the altar, the ceremony commenced and went smoothly. Taking the customary sips of sake at the end, he could feel his whole body shutting down. Life with this woman would be boring, but he would endure. Heading back down the aisle, he ignored the cheers and good wishes, only wanting this day to be over.

Kneeling on the dais situated at the end of a grand receiving room, Sesshomaru inwardly scowled at the crowd filling the space. Nobility and others, who somehow paid their way for entrance, crowded at the tables and along the walls, gossiping and partaking of his finest food and drink. Hearing she shuffling of fabric next to him, his eyes glanced to his side to see his new wife kneel next to him. Her white ceremonial robe changed for a bright red and gold kimono. Ignoring the woman, his eyes went back to the room.

Now that the woman was present, the courtesans slowly approached the dais to offer congratulations and gifts. Nodding when appropriate, Sesshomaru wanted to strangle all of them. They would gain no favor with him, no matter what trinket they placed at his feet. He could hear his wife gasping and oohing at some of the gifts, but he was not so easily bought. Eyes narrowing, the one man he wanted to see least approached the dais.

Bowing as was customary, he said, “My lord, it was a wonderful ceremony.” Turning towards the woman, he bowed again, and said, “Sara, my daughter, you bring much honor to your family.”

Seeing the woman smile and noticing that she was about to speak, Sesshomaru said, “Is that all, Lord Asano.”

Clearing his throat, Asano bowed towards his host again, and said, “Of course, my lord.”

Stepping away from the dais, the minor lord took his leave quickly, not wanting to upset the groom more than he already had. Sesshomaru could feel his bride’s eyes on him, but he cared not. She was not permitted to speak to anyone unless he deemed so, even if it was her own father. She was his wife now, which mean she belonged to him. This was something she would need to learn quickly if she was going to survive their marriage.

Finally, after hours of torment, the sun was setting, marking the end of the reception. Leaving the large hall, he did not wait for his wife. Retreating to his rooms, he quickly shed his kimono and hakama, switching them for a white juban. Closing his eyes, blue orbs flashed through his mind. Growling low, he needed to stop. It was unacceptable for any being to have such a hold on him, especially a woman.

Quickly leaving his rooms, he strode through the shiro with purpose. This would end tonight. Without knocking, he slid the door to his wife’s rooms open more forcefully than he intended. The wood frame knocked against the wall, making a loud bang. Jumping, his wife quickly spun around. Taking a deep breath, she smiled when she saw who was there. Closing the door behind him gently, he watched the woman shed her thin yukata and lie on the futon that had already been laid out.

The image of a dark haired beauty peeking over her shoulder while slowly shedding her clothes clouded Sesshomaru’s mind. No, he would not think of another while bedding his wife. Walking towards the futon, he removed his juban and took his position over the waiting female. She was lying straight on the mattress expectantly, waiting for him to take his pleasure. Taking a deep breath, the image of his shaft disappearing into a warm mouth made him shudder.

His cock was instantly hard, pulsing in anticipation for something that was not about to happen, and would never happen again. Kneeling between the woman’s thighs, he thrust his throbbing shaft into her waiting form. She was dry, but that was to be expected, he hadn’t prepped her, and she cried out when he broke her maidenhead. In pain, his wife tried to crawl away from him, but a loud snarl from her new alpha stopped her short. Tears in her eyes, she forced herself to lie still while he resumed pounding into her body.

Cheeks flush, it was a horrible experience that she wished would end shortly. She was told that it would hurt, but she never thought that it would feel like he was ripping her in half. Whimpering at a particularly hard thrust, he growled at her, quickly silencing any sound she would make. Watching her face carefully, he could see she was in pain, but she remained still for him. He could feel his blood cooling and his length slowly losing its girth. Growling, he closed his eyes, silently demanding the blood to return to his shaft.

Pulling out of the woman’s body harshly, he quickly flipped her onto her hands and knees so she wouldn’t be able to see his state. His cock was only half stiff now, and showed no signs of waking up again. This would not do. Gripping the woman’s hips tightly his claws pierced the skin, making her whimper. Glaring at the woman kneeling in front of him, his mind quickly supplied a different image.

A tantalizing ass swayed before his vision, and blue eyes peeked over a shoulder, beckoning him to enter her moist, waiting sheath. Growling low, Sesshomaru could feel his cock harden again. Thrusting back into his wife, he kept his eyes closed. No noise met his ears but the slapping of flesh, but his mind supplied the mewls and gasps that he sought. Feeling his balls tighten, he sped his pace even more, wishing to spill his seed into that woman one more time.

Snarling, his balls emptied, shooting his cum deep into the woman. Clamping down on the woman’s neck, he bit the juncture of her neck and shoulder, marking her as his. Opening his eyes, golden orbs were met with straight brown hair instead of glossy black, and creamy white skin instead of bronzed flesh. Instantly, his cock deflated, but the deed was done. Standing, Sesshomaru quickly grabbed his juban off the ground and slipped the material over his shoulders, tying the sash as he quietly left the room.

What was wrong with him? Was it normal to think of another while mating with one’s wife? Well, it was an arranged marriage. It’s not like he had feelings for the woman. Although, he didn’t have feelings for the woman who haunted him either. It was just a meaningless rut. One night of pleasure to mark the end of his freedom. That was all, nothing more, nothing less. Pushing the door to his study open, Sesshomaru took a deep breath and walking over to his desk, poured himself a cup of sake.

Sliding the window cover open, he gazed onto the dark garden that lay beyond the wooden walls of his prison. The neatly raked pebbles shown in the darkness, swirling around a soft grass and moss island where a large, flat, stone slab rested under a perfectly pruned, twisted pine tree. He would often spend most of his morning meditating there, relaxing in his sanctuary, but tonight, his mind was in too much turmoil to calm. Hearing the door slide open, he glanced over his shoulder.

Walking into the room, the man smiled and patted his son on the back roughly. Bright, amber eyes sparkled with mischief, when he asked, “What are you doing in here, Sesshomaru? I thought for sure you’d be in bed still.”

Taking a sip of his sake, Sesshomaru gazed back out the window. “I can’t sleep,” he said simply.

Grinning, his father asked, “So, how was your night?”

Humming softly, Sesshomaru emptied his glass, and turning walked over to his desk to pour another drink. Thinking over the question, he held back a smirk. “It was entertaining. Although, I believe my men had a better time than myself. I never fancied pleasure houses.”

Clearing his throat, Sesshomaru’s father said, “No, I meant the night with your wife. I assume you have already done your duty and haven’t left her waiting all this time.”

Grunting, Sesshomaru emptied the new cup of sake in one shot. “It was,” pausing he searched for a word, and settled on, “acceptable.” Pouring himself a third cup of sake, a pair of sparkling blue eyes flashed through his mind.

Wiping the sweat from her brow, the woman took a seat at the base of a tree. Letting out a deep sigh, she was exhausted. She hadn’t been traveling long, only maybe an hour or so, but she felt awful. Taking a sip of water out of a bamboo container, she rested her head against the tree. She’d been traveling for weeks, heading further south, but she was still no closer to her destination.

She’d met plenty of people, all of whom she asked about the valley she was searching for. Some had heard of it, other hadn’t. All of the stories she was told were different. Not one matched the other or were even remotely similar. Several times already she had thought about giving up her search, but determination would always set back in. Every town and city she passed through would remind her why she was traveling.

Although most areas were peaceful, and free from war, there was still famine, sickness and strife. Politics, not matter how minor, ran most communities, and she was tired of it all. Taking another sip of water, her stomach churned when the cool liquid slid down her throat. Groaning, she thought back to her parents and brother.

Her father had been lost in a war. He left with most of the men of her village, and never returned. Her mother was broken after that. Slowly, some of the men who had left for battle began to trickle back into their small village, telling horrible stories of war and battle. The lord that ruled over the land their village was on, was a greedy man. He wanted more and more land, spurring multiple wars. Finally, one soldier returned from battle, telling her mother that her beloved husband was dead.

She was convinced that the only reason her mother hadn’t killed herself was because of her and her brother. They weren’t quite adults yet and still needed a parent’s guidance and protection. Unfortunately, only weeks after news of their father’s demise, a recruiter for the lord’s army arrived, taking all able-bodied men with him, including her brother. Her mother completely broke afterwards. Lying in bed all day, she was forced to watch her mother slowly waste away and die.

Taking another small sip of water, her stomach flipped when the cold liquid hit it, wiping all negative memories from the forefront of her mind. Groaning, she wiped her brow again. It wasn’t that hot yet, but she was baking under her clothes, sweating out all the water she was trying to fill up on. Moaning, she stood, using the tree for support. Stumbling off the dirt path, she held onto a low branch, and tilting forward, lost the contents of her stomach.

Panting, she stared at the mess in shock. She never got sick. Leaning back against the tree, her skin slowly cooled, drying the sweat on her face and body. Taking a deep breath, she felt her stomach settle. Maybe it was something she had ate. She felt fine now, so that had to be it. Drinking some more water, she swished it in her mouth, cleaning her pallet of the awful taste lingering on her tongue and in her throat.

Regaining her bearings, she took a deep breath and continued down the path. She would just be more careful about what she ate for the next few days. Clearly something wasn’t sitting well with her, and she really didn’t want to be delayed for something so silly and preventable. With a new determination, she promised herself that she would find her valley, even if she had to check every mountain.

Sitting in her receiving room, Sara smiled demurely at the women surrounding her. Many of these ladies had served her at her father’s home and she was glad her new lord allowed them to stay with her. It was so much of a hassle retraining her personal maids on how she liked to be dressed or how she wanted her hair done. Feeling the brush glide gently through her long strands, Sara sat perfectly still while the maid finished brushing and pinning her hair.

Giggling softly, one of the maids placed a tray with tea down next to her lady, and asked, “Has my lord visited my lady recently?”

Blushing faintly, Sara wished her maids couldn’t see the action. Her lord strictly forbade any type of paint or makeup however, saying that the smell was too toxic. Hiding her face behind a fan, the maids giggled behind their hands. Whispering softly, one said, “He must have for my lady to blush so.”

Looking down at the tatami mat, Sara frowned behind her fan. The truth was that she had not seen her lord since the night of their marriage. He had not come to visit her once, much less at night for his pleasure. Although, she really didn’t find the act all that pleasurable, so perhaps it wasn’t so bad that he had not been around. She wasn’t sure if she could take it again if it hurt like that every time. Painful or not however, she would never allow another to be with her lord. She was his wife and if he wanted a bed partner, it would be her or no one. Although she couldn’t be with him when he traveled, she was sure that he would not dishonor himself in such a way. Many wives she’d known allowed their husbands to have concubines or to visit the pleasure houses, but she would not risk such. Only she would bare her lord’s pups, no one else.

The smell of tea brought Sara back to the present. Glancing at the cup slid before her, the scent made her stomach queasy. Suddenly, the eight layers making up her jūnihitoe felt incredibly stifling. Raising her fan in front of her face, she fanned her exposed skin, desperately trying to cool off and find relief. Covering her mouth with her free hand, her eyes widened, horrified at what was about to happen. Unable to hold back any longer, Sara bent over, so not to ruin her jūnihitoe, and retched on the tatami mats surrounding her.

Gasps echoed throughout the room. Moving quickly, the maids flocked to their lady, concerned for her ghostly pallor. Calling for the shiro’s healer, they nervously waited with their sick lady, anxious to know what was ailing her.

Moving slowly, the aged healer looked over his new lady with discerning eyes. Her supposed fever was gone, along with five layers of her jūnihitoe. It was possible that all of the layers caused a faint to befall her, but evidence a few of the maids were currently cleaning up spoke of something else entirely. Pulling on his goatee, he was careful of his claws so not to accidentally cut the long strands of hair. Bushie eyebrows furrowed for only a moment, when he asked sagely, “My lady, when was your last bleed?”

The maids gasped, appalled by the crude question. Hiding her face behind her fan, Sara’s cheeks blushed profusely. Thinking about the question however, she realized that she hadn’t had one since she moved to the shiro. Lowering the fan so only the top of her face was visible, Sara whispered, “It has been well over a moon cycle.”

Nodding his head, the healer said, “I believe you are fine, my lady. I believe the unfortunate incident this morning was due to the fact that you are indeed pupped and carrying our lord’s heir.” Excited gasps and squeals pierced the air, hurting the healer’s old ears. Clearing his throat, he quickly brought the room back to attention. “As I was saying. You may experience similar bouts of sickness for the next few moon cycles. I advise keeping an urn or pitcher with you just in case, at least until the sickness subsides. We will know for sure in another few cycles if you are indeed with our lord’s heir.”

Watching the old healer leave her rooms, Sara smiled. Placing a hand over her stomach, she couldn’t wait to give birth to her lord’s heir. Not only would the prestige and honor placed on her be great, but surely her lord to grant her a great favor or gift. Nervous anticipation filled her. She couldn’t wait until her lord found out.


Rubbing his temples, Sesshomaru couldn’t block out the commotion spreading throughout his shiro. He’d heard from several servants passing on the other side of his closed door that his wife was carrying his heir. He knew he should be pleased, but only cool indifference washed through him.

Glancing up at the door opening, his eyes narrowed at his father. The old man was not lord anymore, he had handed the title down, but he still felt that he didn’t need to knock when opening doors. Grinning at his son, he said, “I assume you have heard the news. A congratulation is in order.”

Looking back at the trade agreement he was reading, Sesshomaru said, “It is hard not to know what is transpiring within the shiro with how loud everyone is being about it.”

Frowning, the male watching his son scan over the document set before him. Something was not right. His son’s beast should be clamoring to see his wife and smell the combined scent of the life growing inside her. Yet here was his son, sitting calmly at his desk without an apparent care in the world. How Sesshomaru’s beast was not clawing to get out was beyond him. When he learned that his wife was pupped with his heir, he practically demanded that she stay by his side at all times. Eyes narrowing, he asked, “How is your beast, my son?”

Taking a deep breath, Sesshomaru crossed out a line he didn’t like on the document. “It is anxious to leave here and go patrolling, but unfortunately there is too much to do here, so I sent a small group out yesterday in my stead.”

Taking a seat on the opposite side of the desk, the male said, “You have no desire to see your wife?”

Leaning back on his heels, Sesshomaru searched his father’s face. The old man was getting at something, but he wasn’t sure what. Placing his brush down, he asked, “What are you implying?”

Shaking his head, his father said, “It’s nothing. I am just amazed that your beast isn’t clawing to get to your pupped female, that is all.”

Frowning, Sesshomaru said, “I do not care for the woman.”

But still,” his father said. Seeing that his son was not concerned, the male sighed and gave in. Standing, he walked towards the door and before leaving, tossed over his shoulder, “I hope you will put your feelings aside and at least reward your wife as is proper.”

Watching his father leave with cold eyes, that was the last thing Sesshomaru wanted to do, but it would be dishonorable not to. Damn. Glancing down at the trade agreement, his eyes refused to focus on the words. Growling low in his throat, he stood and marched out the door and to the other side of the shiro.

Opening the door to his wife’s rooms, all commotion inside stopped. Gazing coldly at the women seated within, he said, “Get out.” As quickly as possible, the women scampered out of the room, leaving only his wife and himself within. Closing the door softly, he glared at the woman kneeling before him. Taking a tentative sniff, he stopped a growl from piercing his lips. She smelt horrible, and no sign of a pup was detectable yet. However, if the healer said that she most like is with pup, then it probably is so. The old goat was rarely wrong.

Walking past his wife, he silently opened the door to her sleeping quarters and waited impatiently for her to understand what he wanted. Eyes widening, she blushed and stood. Hands clasped in front of her, she demurely walked past him with her head down. Closing that door as well, Sesshomaru turned and watched his wife stare coyly at him from under her lashes. The corners of his mouth tipped down and his hands closed into fists, causing his claws to dig into his skin. Grasping the woman by the elbow, he pulled her to futon and pushed her onto the mattress.

Lying down, she was confused by his actions. They were both fully clothed still, so perhaps he wasn’t there to take his pleasure. But she couldn’t think of why else he’d visit her. Staring at the woman for only a moment, he knelt on the mattress and pulled at the ties holding his hakama in place. Freeing his member, it’s limp form showed no signs of waking. Moving towards his wife, he stretched her sash just enough to loosen her robes and pull her nagamakama down and off her form. Gasping in shock, Sara wasn’t prepared for what he was doing. Trying to close her legs, Sesshomaru growled at her. Although he didn’t want to do what he was about to do, she would not deny him. It was his right as her lord and master, no matter how detestable.

Lying still, Sara allowed him to maneuver her as he wished. Keeping her head turned away, a pink tint stained her face, running from one pointed ear, across the bridge of her nose, to her other ear. Biting her lip, dainty fangs nearly tore the thin flesh. Positioning himself between her thighs, his cock refused to cooperate. Growling, he watched the woman shudder and close her eyes tightly.

Taking his limp cock in his hand, he rubbed the length, trying to bring life into the appendage. Closing his eyes, instead of his wife lying half clothed beneath him, he pictured another woman. Her dark hair sprawled around her head like a halo, contrasting beautifully against the red and gold royal jūnihitoe that was only to be worn by his wife. Instantly, his shaft hardened in his hand, pulsing eagerly for what was about to happen. Keeping his eyes closed, Sesshomaru trust harshly into his wife’s sheath, seating himself completely within.

Groaning softly, he ignored his wife’s whimper of pain and pictured another woman writhing beneath him, begging for more. Pounding into the woman, he lost himself in his fantasy. This is how it should be. A willing partner, one who wasn’t afraid to voice her pleasure or take control when needed. Panting, he opened his eyes and instantly regretted it. Lying under him wasn’t the dark vixen but his wife. Her hands gripped the futon so tightly that her claws dug into the soft material, ruining it, and her face was contorted into a mix of boredom and pain. Grunting, he could feel his cock deflating. No, this would not do.

Pulling out of the woman, he quickly flipped her over onto her knees. Pushing the layers of her jūnihitoe onto her back, he could no longer see his wife’s face or the brown hair she sported. Quickly imagining the human woman beneath him, he pushed back into his wife, his cock hardening once more to its full length. Gripping the clothed hips, he pistoned in and out of the wet opening presented before him. Hearing a sultry voice in his mind beg for more, Sesshomaru’s head fell back and he groaned.

Feeling his balls tighten, he fell forward, caging the woman under him. Closing his eyes, he growled low and clamped his fangs onto her neck. With one more thrust, his cock swelled and he poured his seed into his wife. Eyes flashing red, a burst of ki left Sesshomaru’s body. Some flowed directly into the woman lying prone beneath him, but most shot out of the shiro like a hot wind.


Trudging around the next bend, the woman groaned and leaned against a nearby tree. Sliding down the rough bark, the new scrapes on her back were barely noticeable compared to the pain her stomach was in. Resting against the large, gnarled pine, she gazed at the scenery below. The path she picked was leading her farther up the mountain and the view was fabulous. Unfortunately, she really couldn’t enjoy it because she was feeling so horrible.

Taking another sip of water, she would need to find a stream soon. She’d been drinking all day. The cool liquid helped calm her upset stomach just enough to keep what was left down. But now she was running dangerously low. Leaning her head against the tree she closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. Taking in slow, deep breaths, she forced her body to relax, hoping it would help settle her stomach.

A warm wind blew through the trees, gently pushing her hair off her shoulder. Brushing the strands back behind an ear, she let out a deep sigh. Opening her eyes, she felt so warm and comfortable suddenly. Her stomach even seemed to be finally loosening and settling down. Closing her eyes again, a small smile flit across her lips. With the pain finally easing away, she couldn’t fight the heaviness of her body or the weight of her eyelids. A nap wouldn’t be so terrible. Hopefully she’d feel better afterwards and be able to continue and find a water source. With that new plan drifting through her mind, she slowly fell into a light sleep.

Sitting on the floor next to the circular window, Sesshomaru rested his arm over a propped knee and gazed out at the dark garden. The moon was bright, making the perfectly raked stones shimmer and slow. Small fireflies blinked over the grass and into the tree, giving the whole space an otherworldly feel. Bringing a thin pipe to his mouth, he allowed the smoke to seep slowly from his lips.

Ignoring the door when it opened, Sesshomaru already knew who it was. Running a hand through his hair, he flipped the long length over his shoulder. “What do you want, father?”

Taking a seat opposite his son, he said, “That was quite the blast of ki you sent out this afternoon. Any particular reason?”

Taking another drag of the pipe, Sesshomaru blew the smoke out the open window. “It was my beast’s doing,” he said indifferently. “I don’t know why he did it, but he has settled and seems to be content now.”

Humming thoughtfully, the male leaned casually against the wall behind him, pulling the long tail of hair over his shoulder so not to pull it. “It is good that your beast has finally calmed. Perhaps it is because you visited your wife this afternoon. That may be the reason for its contented state.”

Sesshomaru’s lips fell just slightly at the corners and his eyes narrowed. “No,” he said, “it has nothing to do with that woman. It only settled sometime after I left her rooms. Wherever it sent my ki must have had some significance to it.”

Still skeptical, his father said, “Still, you should spend more time with your wife.”

Knocking the ashes of his pipe into a shallow dish sitting on the floor, Sesshomaru said, “I can’t stand her scent. She will remain in her own rooms and have access to the east wing of the shiro as is her right. She has been gifted a new mattress today and I have instructed my men to retrieve whatever she desires for being pupped with my heir so quickly. The woman wants for nothing, she should be content with that.”


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