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All I See Are Stars by Jelly

Great White Dogs in the Ocean Blue

A/N: The song is Flamme a Lunettes by Dionysos. It's a gorgeous duet. Give it a listen. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Inner thoughts are underlined. Thanks for reading.


Another day another attack. Or at least that was what it felt like to her. Then again, that was par for the course when you had half a Shikon Jewel tied around your neck. Kagome notched her arrow, pulling the string taut attempting to siphon through the grunts and roars of battle so that she could center herself. It was an unnamed creature; much like any lower level youkai, it was so grotesque that it couldn't even be attributed to any natural thing on the planet. Not an animal or insect... But she shook herself of those thoughts, knowing any shuddering breath would make her aim untrue.

That well of heat within her chest pulsed as she grabbed for her powers. It had become easier over time. Thank kami. And the flinty tip of her arrow glinted a powdery pink in response, conducting like it always had and always would under the influence of spiritual magics. And unbeknowst to the girl in question that same soft pink lustre fell over her body like a blanket, casting her alight like a beacon in the midday sun. Under that shroud of purity, sun-kissed skin became milky and delicate-looking, dark locks were lifted by astral winds, and... Brown eyes became clearest blue.

My vision's not quite right

but glasses make me look a sight

Enough to give the world a fright

Like a sprite

Wearin specs

He watched the miko squint with concentration, aiming for the abomination that had caused ruckus in the once calm encampment. Sesshoumaru for his part offered assistance, falling to auxiliary role in the wake of more interesting developments i.e. the powers of the most mysterious party member. He had been watching her, finding her manner curious in all ways. She was unlike even the warrior female, Sango. So certainly humanity was not the cause of all her eccentricities. Fundamentally this "Kagome" was an anomaly, and as a dog he sought to reconcile those differences into something that made sense. Something that could be categorized as safe or unsafe. 

To his credit he had made note of the simple things. Her aesthetics were provocative at best and unseemly at their most revealing. He hoped her fashion sense or lack thereof did not influence Rin to desire such unacceptable attire. Yet, to his confusion, she was virginal which was confirmed through scent alone without data from her bashful response toward all advances of either sex. Her physical prowess was in flux, gaining finesse with each new combat experience, which was to be expected. Only through experience did any professional improve. Her personality was... 

If he were any less in control of his bodily function, the silver lord would have furrowed his brows with vexation even at the thought of that female's emotional state. She was like a whirlwind of paradox. He could not label her mentality, but he could say for fact that her will was one of the strongest he'd encountered over his long life time. The fine hairs along his skin stood on end and he took notice of the tell-tale shimmer that was distinctly reiki.

This fight would end soon. It was always of interest to watch her utilize her spiritual gifts for as strange as she was without them, she was also anomalous to her race for he had never encountered another holy human which underwent such drastic physical change when influenced by their own powers. Certainly a dark miko appeared more hag than human from the nature of their energies, but Kagome became... More. He wondered if she knew how very blue her true eyes were.

In the midst of her pink flames, he felt his breath hitch for the moment that arrow would release and finish the fight. One touch would be all it took to end this particular foe. He hadn't even raised a finger to aid, and anyone his hack-and-slash brother could end was indeed very weak. He surmised she was aiming for the stomach, the broadest general area of the creatures body. However, his eyes would narrow, tracking the minutest tilt of the flaming arrow before it was released into the demon's thigh. Of course it still became dust, but why had her trajectory changed in the last moment? He recalled the squinting of her eyes and began to ponder if maybe more than the color were affected by her power. How very strange. He had even more riddles to answer.

Oh, fiery little sprite

Conflagration in the night

Don't play games with your sights

If it leaves you in the dark

She smiled. Shippo had come whooping his joy at her victory, "Great job, Kagome!" Rin was not far behind latching onto her legs with that adorable gap-toothed smile. The ravenette sent a nod to the waddling, squawking Jaken and both Ah and Un for keeping watch over the two children she loved as if they were her own. They'd taken up the guardian posts with little fuss over the last few months, understanding the unspoken honor for what it was. These two were the next generation protectors of all they held dear, and for that they were to be cherished and protected until they took up their respective mantles. Well... Tails for the mischievous fox-boy, and holiness for the flower-girl with the exceedingly pure heart.

She closed her azure eyes wetting them to clear the pink haze that came with her powers, soaking in their love while Sango and Miroku filled the once miasmic atmosphere with gentle conversation and relieved laughter that soothed all the battle-weary souls after a fight. Inuyasha for his part added comedy to the mix with rough-hewned words of affirmation to his comrades... Though his civility toward his sibling was still shaky at best, at least he didn't draw his sword as often. What Sesshoumaru didn't say did just as well in training his uncouth half-kin to use his words as weapons formidable to any caustic remark the daiyoukai could come up with.

Kagome sighed, tuning out the din while her peaceful aura did wonders to clear the air again after the carnage. She wondered if maybe Inuyasha's tongue might be as sharp and silver as his hair by the end of everything.

I prefer life all a blur

I forget to wear my glasses

When I sing or share caresses

It feels good to close my eyes

When he met the miko's eyes again, they were common brown and wide with recognition of his stare. She looked away with the faintest coloring on her cheeks. He often garnered that reaction from her when she caught him gazing. It never deterred him, nor would it ever. Her power once again rested itself in her soul and she became again a remarkably exasperating human woman. It was a shame really, but he understood handicap much better since the loss of his arm. Power did not often come without circumstance. Sesshoumaru would guess that it never came without it actually. Some thorn or other was to be had or discovered in the most unwelcome of moments.

His pride had shown itself to be his own, even well earned as it was. So what then was the cause of the miko's? When she was literally burning in her own purity, even the scent of humanity left her, but when it left her she was as human as the next ningen. Blessedly clean, which was a habit he could thank her for imparting on his child, but human all the same. He could guess at many a thing to be the cause.

Seers were uncommon and usually painfully obvious, being stricken and still in the midst of their episodes. Their blindness was often permanent and did not effect their humanities or lack thereof. So he did not suppose that Kagome could see the future or past. And the nature of her power alone did not suggest a curse. There was not discoloration or imperfection to be found in her aura, which was generally the physical manifestation of a cursed individual's affliction.

To be fair Sesshoumaru was aware of his own tendency to think entirely too deeply on matters. Kagome was certainly human. She simply had a powerful soul, perfectly capable of overwhelming the scent of her flesh when allowed to manifest in any part. Just like any soul. He would admit albeit internally that he could appreciate the opportunity to see a human soul free from petty corruption. He was a male of avid scholarship, changing in ever so slight ways with each new piece of knowledge gained. This strange miko enlightened him in ways he did not know if he appreciated yet. But he would never forgo the opportunity to learn and thus grow stronger when the chance came up.

For instance, Rin had taught him that humans could be worthwhile investments. What they lacked physically in time and ability; they returned hundredfold in earnest emotion and spiritual durability. That information could be saved for a rainy day... If nothing else his strategies for torturing of human criminals could be amended successfully.

But Kagome... Well, she showed him that humans could be beautiful and altogether different from any other creature. He had found over time that 'unique' even came in predictable flavors. Kagome could not even hold that transitory label.  The more he studied her, the more he found, the more he desired to know her... And decided that he would before he allowed her to part ways from him. Sesshoumaru still wasn't certain if that was useful or banal, and only time would tell.

Oh, my pretty arsonist

Let me clasp you close to me

Rip your clothes with my teeth

And tear them into confetti

To scatter as we kiss

Sesshoumaru was looking at her again. What was it with golden eyes? Eyes should not be able to burn or brandish or melt... but Inuyasha's did when he was angry... and Sesshoumaru's did when he was thinking, which Kagome had found that he often decided to do intently while looking at her! As a matter of fact he tracked her and seemed to be perfectly fine in knowing that she knew that he was doing it!

What was a girl to do amongst dogs! Kagome for her own sanity had decided long ago to leave well enough alone. Inuyasha wasn't over Kikyo and that was fine. Kouga, while technically wolf, was betrothed and that was fine. Sesshoumaru... He was-- Well he was himself! And definitely fine... Er, no! No, no! She was done with dogs! And was content to enjoy being weirdly wanted. Until she wasn't...

So she waited until the evening. Just after twilight when everyone was settling in after a day of walking, talking, fighting, traveling, and the occasional stop to smell the wildflowers, and she confronted him. "What's your deal Sesshoumaru? It's rude to stare you know. And aren't you royalty or something?" Her face was flushed. She'd blame the bath that she had had with the children and Sango. Certainly she wasn't blushing.

And he just looked at her with those damning eyes of his, so intent she wondered if he secretly had laser vision. Real lasers were invisible after all. Everyone knows that. And when he spoke, she thought maybe he might comment on her impropriety. He didn't.

"Miko, were you aware that your eyes are blue?" His tone was as smooth and even as his skin. Kagome didn't know if she envied his hair more or his skin, actually. It was food for thought. Not that she was thinking all that much. 


"Blue?" She came back with such an unintelligent response after being caught in those liquid golden eyes that she wondered if the voice that rang in her ears was her own. Of course it had to be. She was the one talking to him after all.

On you and me

"Yes, like the sea reflecting the sky on a clear day," Sesshoumaru replied and found himself wondering if he might write a haiku after this latest traipse through the countryside. He had not taken to the liberal arts in his younger years, but suddenly he found himself inspired to poetry. One of the stranger consequences of his recent miko studies. Of course, his near somber facial expression gave nothing of his inner thought process away.

All I see are stars

Suddenly some days

My eyes lead me astray

Faraway down the street

Until I can't bear to steal

A glance at the sun

Or even look the sky

straight in the eye

All I see are stars

She fought the urge to stutter on her breath at his words and lost, "I-I-I wouldn't know what you meant. I don't often go to the oceans, and it isn't all that clear where I'm from. Plus my eyes are brown." She lamented that more now that he'd painted such a pretty picture for her. She'd like to see just how blue that water was, and dream her eyes were that color instead of their muddy brown. 

I won't let you stray

I'll be your only guide

Let me be your pair of eyes

You'll be my special flame

"Hn." He hummed gently under his breath as he was wont to do lifting a hand carefully near to her cheek and with a snap of his fingers releasing a sharp, potent burst of youki near her nose.

She squeaked like a field mouse in shock and he took the opportunity to smirk victoriously in the split second between her surprised blink and the reopening of shocking cerulean eyes. She continued to blink rapidly, the responding reiki flagging and fading in time with the pleasing color.

Kagome had never mentioned the pink that blanketed her vision always believing it to be a miko thing. Could it really change her eyes though? She'd have to ask Kaede. If anything she would have guessed that her eyes might become completely pink like the red eyes of demon who was about to transform.

"Not so, miko, they are indeed very blue," he turned away at that responding as if he had heard her thoughts clear as day. And Kagome briefly wondered if their conversation had been dismissed so quickly. Right when it was getting good! He never speaks this much. He sometimes did that, and she was used to traveling with him by now. Sesshoumaru was a reticent sort, and that was fine. She was prepared to settle in with the softly snoring Shippo and Rin in her sleeping bag when that flowing baritone cut through the early evening air yet again, "Perhaps this one will show you in the coming days."

There's one thing I must confess

Of five senses my hearing's best

I'll never recognize you by

Relying on my eyes

Now she knew she must have been hearing things. "Did you just offer to take me to the ocean, Sesshoumaru?" Her voice was very expressive and so showed just how incredible she thought the whole suggestion was. Sure, it was absurd, but the fluttering of her heart made her wonder if she were really all that opposed to the proposition. Maybe a little part of her even hoped she might be able to coax the quiet dog into a pair of swim shorts. 

He always waited so long to speak. Then again, she had already figured out that he was always thinking. She was going to speak again when he turned those ever-burning eyes on her and simply said, "Hn."

She could breathe again as he looked away. Why do I always stiffen up like that? She needed to calm down! Where was that dog resolution when she needed it?

"Uh, okay then..." She finished lamely taking the "This Sesshoumaru does not repeat himself, miko" for what it obviously was and choosing to amble off to her sleeping bag.

Smoldering embers

Alone in the dark

We'll raise cascades of sparks

As the clock of my heart

Strikes midnight we'll catch on fire

And blaze so bright

you'll see the light

She settled in with her secretly adopted kiddos and closed her eyes, falling asleep soon after. And when she dreamt of the truest blue ocean and the bright glowing sun above, and burning-eyed glances, and great white dogs, she smiled.

In the moonlit darkness nearby, a certain golden-eyed dog watched, and if he smiled too, well, the stars promised not to tell. 

All I see are stars

Suddenly some days

My eyes lead astray

Faraway down the street

Until I can't bear to steal

A glance at the sun

Or even look the sky

straight in the eye

All I see are stars



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