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Ghost by Almakaeva

Chapter 1

A/N: I don't know why, but I had an urge to write this story. I don't know if I've ever written something so heartbreaking, and with that being said, please be gentle with your feedback. At the moment, I think I'm writing this more for myself than anyone in particular, and so I understand if it's not everyone's cup of tea. But if it is, let me know.

A/N: I do not own Inu Yasha or any of the songs that may surface in this fanfic. (In other words, Ghost by Jacob Lee idoes not belong to me.)


It was as if all the vibrant colors within the world had vanished—and instead been replaced with only the blandest hints of grey. The surrounding colors mirroring that of an old television before color had yet been implemented. With such, the appearance of the world before her was diluted of any signs of her former life.

She sighed in despair.

The forest was not as bright as it had been on her adventures. Even the rivers no longer held their typical glint of sparkle. The easily noticeable vibrant sign of life in the village had just as quickly vanished, and the small roads surrounding the town that led to the well were in nothing short of rubbles. Everything was wrong. Turning to gaze at the Sacred tree, she let the tears fall. So much death. So much destruction. All to have saved the greater good. But had it been worth it? Turning in the direction that she knew he would be in, she willed herself to keep her eyes open.

Ghost, I see you standing there.

His silver hair flowed in the wind. The amber eyes, burning into her with an unknown expression. Nodding to her, she released a sob that quickly made what composure she had, vanish. Giving her a knowing look, she knew he was trying not to judge her displays of imperfections. Her traits of being so utterly human.

Still, she didn't care.

Don't turn away, I want you to stay.


But her words were ignored. Turning his back to her in acceptance, he began his journey in the opposite direction of the world. Looking back at her, his eyes seemed to convey a simple message that begged for her acceptance at the events before her.

The screaming sobs that erupted from his request were so unlike her. They were filled with raw emotion, and defiance. That had been her answer. Never had she felt such pain. It was as if her body was being torn apart, piece by piece.


She couldn't.

Ghost, what's your name?

After all, if she was meant to accept such things, he wouldn't be here. If she had been meant to let this pass, her grief wouldn't have felt such a way. Her emotions wouldn't have been so wild. So untamed. No, this would be her strength.

With such a thought, she ran in the direction that he had gone. Blind from the tears that graced her face, she furiously whipped them away and prayed that she had not lost him. And the gods granted her such a wish. The swish of silver hair appeared a few yards away from her. He had turned around, surprised. His expression had given her a cold gaze, but his eyes had something completely different.

Why so surprised? I'm interested...

What was the point in being lost in time if she could not give a reprieve to those that deserved it? But was it possible to give someone such a thing if they were nothing more than a distortion of her own imagination?

"If I must walk outside of time itself, then know that I will."

Staring at those piercing eyes, she gave him the only thing she had left.

Her hand.

Her loyalty.

Her monumental regret.

As if contemplating her offer, his eyes gazed at her blood-stained hand. The emotions that flickered through his eyes were far too quick to identify, but it mattered not. As if understanding that he could not fight her, he attempted to accept what she freely gave.

But instead, his hand merely passed through her.

And with it, her heart shattered.


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