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Second chances across the timelines by Natalia

Chapter 1




A.N. This is a present for sesshoumarusama33 one of my most beloved authors. a bow toward her!

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Second chances across the timelines

Chapter 1



 The earth will cradle her in her embrace,

The rain will wash her sorrows away,

The flowers will blossom and gift their all to her

And the moon will watch over her for eternity

Here lies the Miko of the Shikon No Tama

Raiju Higurashi Kagome

Always loved, forever remembered.

The Regal female dressed in a luxurious silver fur that reached the ground, read the words aloud and chuckled humourlessly. The cold wind that tore the last remaining dry leaves from dry branches intertwined with her silver hair creating a maelstrom around her. The female raised an elegant hand tipped with manicured nails that were too sharp for this time and age and tucked a stray hair behind her delicate pointed ear.

Looking at the old grave in front of her she sighed, this time feeling a stifling emotion in her chest. For her emotionless facade, such pain depicted on her face was a rarity. Turning her head around she inspected the quiet graveyard that was secluded behind countless barriers and kept her primary image. To keep so many barriers alive and strong even after so many years...

Ah This one’s son is indeed hopeless...” she trailed off looking at the tall trees that circled the place, their thick trunks obscuring the view, making the place even more desolate and sad. Everything around looked dead and brown, for the place was always depicting the creator’s emotional state. Despite the pain it portrayed, a single bush of silver roses bloomed at the head of the Miko’s grave, creating a sharp contrast with the winter picture.

Looking at the second grave that accompanied the Miko's, the lady couldn’t help but sneer:

You shallow egoistical whelp, even in death you couldn’t help but leach on her.”

With a huff, the person turned around and with a click of her fingers, the scenery around her changed to one of a luxurious room illuminated by crystal chandeliers. With a flick of her hand, the fur flew toward the milky white sofa in the left corner of the room and the female walked toward her office. Treading a hand through her silver hear she combed the long strands and sat down at the oak table. Looking at her phone she checked the date: only three days till Christmas, and five till she left. Drumming her long fingers on the spotless surface, head propped on her other hand, her sharp mind whirled, concocting a plan. Her last one for this situation, because for the first time in her long life she was unsure if it will pass.

A sharp knock at the door tore the thread of her ideas and she answered with a short: “Enter.”

My lady,” the white-haired male that entered bowed deeply, right hand on his chest showing his devotion and respect.

Is that son still not acting?” she asked directly without trailing on.

My Lady, The Lord seems that he...” started the young General unsure how to deliver the news without offending both of his lieges.

Ah... so he gave up...” finished in his place the silver-haired beauty. Her gold eyes dimmed with disappointment and sadness. “Where is he now?” she asked in a tired voice, for once allowing herself to show concern in front of a subordinate.

The Lord is... at the cemetery again,” informed the Inu general, the sadness audible in his voice.

Ah, it seems that is his most favourite place despite its coldness and solitude,” she answered thinking that she just escaped in time, erasing all traces of her presence. “But it is not solitude... for him, her presence still lingers there...”

The general lowered his head, involuntarily remembering all those years ago, watching how his lord suffered in silence. Suffered but still kept quiet, keeping his unrequited feelings in his chest, for the one he loved was no other than his sister in law, the Shikon’s guardian Miko. Being the proud and noble youkai he is, he never acted on his feelings or ever gave a hint of the turmoil in his soul.

My Lady...” he started, taking a few more steps toward the table. He didn’t dare approach too much, even though he was the lady’s nephew, she still was his master. “You should know his Lordship’s character better than anyone. Even though you trampled with the well’s power and derailed it for three years...”

Ah This one knows, This one gave him a chance, This Ladyship gave her a chance to get out of that toxic relationship... Alas... fools in love are still fools.”

Watching her only son looking at the broken relationship of his half-brother and his wife, she couldn’t help but bite down her indifference and disdain toward humans and try to make Inuyasha divorce. It didn't work, the whelp kept suppressing the woman in a one-sided love story, where she was only the replacement of a broken empty dream. The day she started tying her hair in a long horsetail and cut her bangs in a princess style type, was the day she knew that the Miko has lost herself. Paired with the red and white Miko grab, she made a very convincing image of Kikyo.

The Lady didn’t know if Kagome felt any resentment toward her husband that rebuild her, she was incapable of it, but she was sure that deep down she knew and understood everything. She died alone, after a miscarriage, while Inuyasha was chasing some rogue bandits, waving the mighty sword around as one would a club.

Her son was the one that found her. The despair she saw painted on his face on that day while he cradled her bloodied form to his chest, will always hunt her most intense dreams. When Tenseiga refused to grant his wish to bring her back, she knew that even she was powerless to help, for the Miko’s soul was not yet born. What a joke to say that she was a reincarnation... the shine of her soul could be seen miles away when it raised to the heavens. Endless, strong and pure, not a speck of darkness in it only painted in red hues with the pain of her heart. No trace of other soul was visible in the material of her soul. She was a new soul, beautiful and sad.

My Lady, all your efforts, finding sorcerers to meddle in the current of time, sealing the well for three years, tying her to this time for a while... all seems in vain, for the lord is too noble to meddle in her life. He only became her friend in this time, basking in her presence until she returns back,” spoke the male inu, clenching his fist. “As I see it, he would never make the first step toward a romantic relationship with her.”

The Lady blinked her beautiful rich honeyed eyes at him, mute for a whole long minute.

Takeshi! You’re a genius!” she exclaimed raising from her chair and walking with big steps toward the fur on her sofa. It was winter so she had to keep her appearance even though she could walk in the snow even in a satin dress.

My Lady?” asked the inu insecurely, scratching his head awkwardly and trailing after his Lady.

All this time I kept pushing him toward her, trying to change their fate, time be damned and paradoxes be cursed, but it should have been the other way around,” she insisted, her eyes taking a shine he didn’t see in many years after the youkai reign fell.

Seeing as her nephew didn’t catch her hint she spelled it for him directly. “Kagome has to make the first step to shorten the 100 steps distance between them. If she will make the first step, he will walk the remaining 99 even through fire and lava. I have to find her and make her understand!”

But it's almost Christmas and we know she returns around that time after spending the holiday with her family,” her nephew exclaimed and the inu youkai female nodded.

Yes, that’s why This one must hurry! This one still hopes for grand-pups.”

But she is still in love with Inuyasha!” he cried in wonder, curious how will his aunt change a maiden’s heart in three short days.

We’ll see about that,” replied the Lady and disappeared with a flash of silver light.


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