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Sesshomaru vs the Carebears 2: Revenge of the Bears by Danyealle-sama

Sesshomaru vs the Carebears Two: Revenge of the Bears

Sesshomaru vs the Carebears Two:

Revenge of the Bears


By Danyealle-sama


I don’t own Inuyasha, Scooby Doo, or the Carebears and make no money off this dance in the realm of the stupid

Sesshomaru covered his yawn with the back of his hand as he traipsed down the hall to his pups’ room to check on them. Sure, they had a nanny to help Kagome who checked on them a few times a night, but his pups were normal inu pups and a handful of mischievousness so he wanted to stay on top of anything they might be planning. Though only six years old, they were devious lil’ pups. Since they were bound to plot anything, he wanted to help keep an eye on them.

Making certain to stay silent, he opened their bedroom door and poked his head in. Glancing at the beds, he was pleased to see the two miscreant children soundly sleeping. However, he frowned and narrowed his eyes when he saw each one clutching one of those stupid Carebears with the rest of their collection lined up on the beds and tables by them, seeming to stare at him.

With a shiver, he shut the door. He still didn’t like those stuffed creatures. While he understood what he had was a dream, it affected him enough that he wanted nothing to do with them and glared at Kagome each time the pups came home with one or received them as gifts. Though the pups liked the cartoons and he knew they contained good moral lessons, he wanted nothing to do with them.

After slipping back into his bedroom, he curled up in bed with Kagome. Pressing tightly to his little mate, he sighed contentedly when she pressed back against him. After shutting his eyes, he relaxed and planned to slide back to sleep. If the pups were sleeping as soundly as they seemed, they would stay that way until morning, so he wouldn’t have to worry.

Directing his thoughts to something more pleasing, he soon dozed off.


As he rubbed sleep out of his eyes, Sesshomaru planned to check on his pups once more then find himself a cold bottle of water before going back to bed. Something was niggling him to check on the boys, so he would follow his instincts. They never led him wrong, after all.

However, as he approached the door, his eyes narrowed. The pups were up to something. All those stupid stuffed bears were lining the hall on both sides by the door. He would end this very quickly.

Muttering, he grabbed a blue one by the scruff of its fuzzy neck then put his hand on the knob to start tossing them inside before figuring out what the boys were up to. While they didn’t know the story of that nightmare, Kagome swore she didn’t tell them, he couldn’t deal with this. However, he didn’t manage to open the door.

Like before, the beast clung to him and managed to hug his arm. Letting out a dog-like yelp, he tried to shake it off. As he did, eyes bugging out of his head, he saw the other beasts approaching him, telling him they loved him. It was a living repeat of the nightmare!

Snarling and twisting, he almost danced down the hallway towards the stairs. He would head toward the kitchen and either burn them to death or something. No chopping them apart this time. Though the last time was a dream, he wasn’t going to chance it.

Just as he reached the top of the stairs, the giant stuffed Scooby he bought for the boys was headed his way. Not sure why, he hoped the hero dog was there to help him.

As it was within earshot all he could hear was “Relp!” Then he saw the dog was being trailed by a line of Carebears following him telling him “I love you, Scooby!” The dog blew by him at top speed still yelling for help as the stuffed monster bears followed.

“And you call yourself an inu!” Sesshomaru snarled after him, still struggling with the pile on him. If he calculated it right, there were now more bears than his pups owned, which meant they were growing in numbers somehow. The mere thought of that filled him with more panic. Tripping, he tumbled down the stairs, cursing and snarling the whole way.

Once he landed with a loud ‘OOF’, he began to crawl towards the kitchen, disgusted by all the hugging of his person. They would die when he got there. Not only was there the huge oven, but the microwave. He would find it very pleasing to nuke a few of them and watch them explode into fiery bits!

When he managed to crawl his way into the kitchen, he made his way to the oven. He, somehow, was able to pry a couple off then toss them in the oven. Turning it on high, he slammed the door shut. Giving an evil laugh, he then tried to detach more. However, they seemed to sense their fiery doom and clung to him harder.

Snarling and growling, the mighty Daiyoukai resorted to biting and shaking them, trying to peel them off his cherished person. As he was doing that, he heard the patter of feet. Hoping it was his rescuer, he glanced towards the doorway and whined. More bears! They proceeded to come over and jump on him as well.

Now completely overwhelmed by bears hugging, cuddling, and telling him they loved him, he did the only thing he could think of; yelling for Kagome come to help him. While it would be embarrassing, there was no other choice!


Feeling water splash on him, Sesshomaru sat bolt upright and looked around wildly for the demon bears. However there was only one, lying face down in a tangled heap. Seeing his little mate there holding an empty glass, he clung to her leg, whimpering.

“Sesshomaru, are you okay?” Kagome asked, concerned and worried. “I heard some thumping and found you at the foot of the stairs. One of the boys must have left one of their bears on a stair and you tripped over it.” Kneeling down by him, she began to check him for injuries.

“This Sesshomaru is fine,” he managed to pant out, glaring at the bear. While not certain what he had was a dream brought on by the lump on the head he now had, he wasn’t taking any chances. “I want those cursed bears out of this house!”

Trying to keep her chuckle to herself, Kagome said, “It’s nothing to worry about, I promise. I’ll take them away for a while for leaving the one out.”

“Lock them up so tight that Naraku himself couldn’t get them out,” he growled, not wanting to poke the bear to find out if it was just a dream.

“I will,” she promised, trying to hide her grin. “They won’t be able to get out.”

“Good,” he nodding, knowing the miko could do such things.

“Come on, let’s get back to bed. I’ll get you some ice for the lump then lock the bear up.” She then began to help him up.

“Lock the bears up first,” he groaned as he stood, putting a hand on the lump on his head, wincing.

“I will,” she promised, shoulders shaking. She then led him to the kitchen to take care of the bear before she dealt with him. Only Sesshomaru could have flashbacks of a nightmare fromcenturies ago.


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