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Love by Crimson Rose

True Love Part 1

Summary: There is the love of your life and love for your life. There's the one that's right for you and the one you want to be right for you. The love of your life will be your weakness for a long time and it’s a love that will never work. While the love for your life is the one that works in a complete way.

Author‘s Note: This will have 2 stories. The 2nd chapter will connect with this chapter. 3 & 4 will go together as well. Everyone in this story will be human. No youkai and reiki users. Hope y’all like it! Also I’m taking a break for awhile from my other stories. At least until after i Go to Japan in October or maybe sooner, just depends on how busy I’ll be. If you have any tips for visiting Japan, feel free to let me know :) id also love to read what you’ll like to see in this short stories.


Spring time in Japan, meant a sea of pink in the sky. Trees filled with cherry blossoms and their subtle scent drifted in the wind with flowers as they broke free as they landed on the ground. The normal hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Tokyo even seemed to slow down a bit to admire the scenery. 

A silver haired man clad in a stylish black Armani suit stood before the steps of the Sunset shrine. One that he had walked many times in his youth. Even at this distance the happy chatter from the wedding party at the top of the stairs, that had yet to begin could be heard. For a fleeting moment, the urge to leave was beginning to bud before being ruthlessly crushed by his iron will. Taking his first step up the shrine as he once did many years ago, not stopping until he was at the top.

Happy guests milling around, greeted his citrine eyes as he made it to the top. It was the perfect setting for a happy day like this one. An outdoor wedding that had been blended perfectly with aspects of a traditional Japanese wedding and an English wedding. 

It was bitter sweet feeling. As his golden eyes looked toward the altar, eyeing the blue eyed groom standing laughing gayly with his groomsmen. What he assumed was his best man, clapping the groom on his back. Nothing but joy radiated from him and anyone could tell. The groom that would be marrying the love of his life, a woman that had been his own love for years. Sesshomaru couldn’t help the jealousy that he was feeling even if she wanted to

“What do you mean she’s not coming out of her room!” A woman with a clipboard snapped. “She needs to hurry up or everyone will assume we have a runaway bride!” 

Her loud yelling drawing Sesshomaru’s attention and drew him out of his inner self loathing. A closer look at the woman dressed smartly in a grey business suit, she must be the wedding planner. Ignoring the rest of her tirade, he quickly made his way to the side of the house that shared the courtyard with the shrine.  Walking to the opposite side of the house where no other guests would venture, Sesshomaru stood before a much beloved tree. One that had aided two young mischievous children then two teenage lovers. Gauging the tree that was next to it, silently questioning if, at his age, he’d be capable of scaling it as well as he used to.

Deftly finding the groves and old handholds he used as a kid then as a teenager, the golden eyed man in his Armani suit began to climb swiftly. Hoping that the small balcony one of its branches would lead to, would have an unlocked door. Slinking his away across the branch, he lunged for the balcony, surprisingly making no sounds to alert the busy guests and helpers around the property.

Pushing the sliding door, he stepped into the pink room. One he had spent many days and nights throughout his life. Shutting the door softly, before making his way to the blue-black haired woman curled up in the bed. Eyeing the beautiful lace white dress on the mannequin, which Sesshomaru knew she would look amazing in.

“Is this the part where I whisk you away and we run off to live happily ever after?” His warm timber rang out in the quiet room. Earning a gasp from the small woman in front of him.



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