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Dogs can love, especially Taiyoukais by Tal


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Chapter One

The hallway he walked down seemed to be endless, looking as if he could walk forever but never find a way out. He remembered these halls from when he was but a pup, walking down them alone. It was quiet then like it was now; a desolate place not fit for any child. Even now, he did not like the restricting kind of vibe they gave off. It was in his nature, to run free.

He would never understand how his mother tolerated it. Speaking of her, he vaguely wondered why she had called him. They rarely spoke. It was unusual for her to call upon him other than for important business matters regarding the kingdom.

Stopping at the door before him, he listened briefly. All he could pick up were two individuals inside. Deeming it safe, Sesshomaru opened the door. What he first saw, was a human? More surprising than her presence was the aura she gave off. A priestess.

Why was she here? His mother detested humans, she hated them. But priestess's she loathed most of all, or rather all holy things.

"Mother." He greeted.

She nodded her head in acknowledgment. In their 600 years apart, nothing had changed.

"Why did you summon me?"

Always so formal to everyone, even to the one who birthed him. It was how he was raised. If she was perturbed by his formalities she did not show it, only giving him a slight smile.

"Sesshomaru." Oddly, he found his instincts standing on end.

The miko behind her moved and he narrowed his eyes. A low growl reverberated from his throat and she froze. He raised his hand, cracking his knuckles in a showcase of who was dominant in this room.

Said miko cast a worried glance at his mother, who merely motioned for her to continue. She did so hesitantly, never taking her eyes off him. She was right to do so, but even that could not stop him. Before she could blink, he had her up against the wall.

"M-Mistress!" She cried out as she tried to pry his hands off her throat. He didn't let go. Hunting and killing taught him that much. A firm grip was necessary if one was set on killing.

His mother glanced at the two. She did not rise.

"Mistress! Please!" Her cries were annoying to his ears, and he reaffirmed his pressure a bit more. Just a little more and he could easily snap her neck, so quick that she'd never know.

Her eyes were slits by now, short of losing consciousness. So preoccupied, he barely noticed when she slapped a sutra on his arm in her desperate attempt to be released. He ignored that, choosing to instead watch her squirm and mumble some words. They were incoherent, with her being close to passing out and all.

And then, he felt the electric current shoot through his body, and in his confusion, let go.

She fell, coughing to the ground, wheezing and eyes watering. Carefully he peeled the paper off, letting it flutter to the ground as it sizzled, purification power burning his hand. That didn't matter; it would heal in a couple of seconds. Or it should have—but it didn't.

The familiar sensation of cells melding to heal the wound never came. He felt his eyes widen and snapped his head up.

The girl was picking herself up, rubbing her neck.

"What did you do?" He snarled, feeling something within him change. That didn't alarm him as much as the fact he was losing his balance.

Soft giggling was the last thing he heard.

As he fell to the ground he saw his mother gently gathering the girl into her arms, the same smile still on her face, crinkling with her soft laughter. He snapped his jaws, snarling in anger since he couldn't move. His body refused to listen to him.

Still, she did not gaze away from him, even when his mother pressed a soft kiss to her temple.


If she had to continue walking any further, Kagome was sure her legs would give out. Despite her better judgment, she let her bag drop to the floor.

As if on cue, Inuyasha snapped to attention. "Hey, what're you doing?!"

She gave him a glare. "Don't you give me that Inuyasha! I'm tired and I'm gonna rest!"

He returned her angry look. "Kagome, you said those words three hours ago! How weak can you be?!"

"Not all of us are part demons ya know!"

"Too bad, not get used to it already!"

He grabbed her arm, ready to drag her.

She shoved him. "Get your hands off me!"

The fact she had shaken him off caused him to stumble, "What the hell?! KAGOME!"

"Where's the bath?" The miko asked calmly. When he refused to say anything, she yanked on his subjugation beads. "Inuyasha! Where is the bath!? Don't make me say it!"

Her threat got him to point to the left.

She walked on by him, huffing and mumbling ways she could supposedly say "Sit" on accident.

"You idiot." Shippo groaned.

"Shut up, Shippo! Go make yourself useful and collect some rocks for the fire!"

The kit made a face before scampering off.

It took her some time to find the hot springs, but when she did, she shed her clothes and soaked in them.

"Ohhh, I'm alive." Kagome sighed, her fatigue disappearing like the steam from the hot springs she currently sat in. She'd only been in them for a short while before she heard noises in some bushes.

"Who's there?!" She yelled, ducking into the water. When she heard nothing, she quietly edged closer to her bow, "Miroku, if that's you I swear-!"

Goosebumps rose along her skin as she yanked the towel, covering herself as best as she could. Part of her regret storming off. It was only when she heard a prolonged whine that caused her to get out.

"An animal?"

Feeling slightly assured, she hurriedly dressed and went searching for the source of distress.


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