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Unexpected Meeting by ALostChildFromHeaven

Hotspring Surprise

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Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 1: Hot Spring Surprise

The sun had set. The wind blew gently in the spring weather. It was a nice cool crisp breeze with warmth. Summer was approaching, maybe a month away. Over the hills within the field were flowers of white, blue and purple hues. The flowers danced gracefully in the wind with the night sky shimmering. Seems like a pretty nice scenery for an evening right?

Not for Kagome and Inuyasha.

Inuayasha had to say something to upset Kagome as usually.

"You're fuckng hopeless, Kagome! You friggin' missed shooting your damn arrows and on top of that, the youkai got away!" yelled Inuyasha as he looked at Kagome with fury in his eyes.

"Well, sorry Mr. I'm-better-than-anyone-else, but youkais always gets away even when I don't do shit!" yelled Kagome as she picked up a rock and threw it at Inuyasha, but missed.

"Keh! See! You're hopeless! You can't even throw a pebble at me! I bet if Kikyo were here and alive, she would hit me and not miss, because she's perfect and not stupid like you. You're just her damn reincarnation!" spat Inuyasha as he gave Kagome a long glare.

'That's it he's sooo going to pay for saying that!' thought Kagome as she growled with frustration.

"That's it! Inuyasha! SIT BOY!" yelled Kagome as she stomped her foot on the ground. The prayer beads lit up around Inuyasha's neck dragging him face first into the ground.

"Stupid bitch!" grumbled Inuyasha as he lifted his face up and saw Kagome grabbing her bag and her arrows. "Oi! Where the hell do you think you're going?"

"I'm going to take a bath and don't you dare follow me or I'll S-I-T you so hard you'll shit out so much dirt when you realize you aren't in this country anymore!" grumbled Kagome giving him a long icy glare before she continued to walk.

When she got to the hot springs she dropped her bag near the edge of the rocks surrounding the spring. Next, her bows and arrows. She was angry. Furious. Hurt. She was tired of hearing about how perfect Kikyo was and how much better she was from Inuyasha's ignorant mouth. No matter how much she loved Inuyasha she never complained about Kikyo to him because she knew he would go on and on about her. She loved him just for him and nothing more. Kagome was reaching a point where she wanted to give up on being in love with Inuyasha. She knew he wouldn't love her back the way she had loved him. Despite the fact that Kikyo finally rested in peace allowing Kagome's soul to be one again, he still mourned for the dead miko. She was and still is the person Inuyasha loved.

'Stupid Inuyasha. Why does he always have to compare me to Kikyo? I know she's his first love… the one that he wanted to become human for her. I don't care if I'm her reincarnation. I'm not her and I will never be! I'm just Kagome. Ka-go-me!' thought Kagome sighing heavily as undressed herself. She dipped her toe in the hot spring to test the water temperature and got into the water. Sighing once more, she looked up at the sky. She wondered how Sango, Miroku and Shippo were doing. Ever since they defeated Naraku and his minions, a few months ago, everyone pretty much split up doing their own thing. Sango and Miroku decided to go back to the demon's slayer's village to rebuild it. Shippo decided to get some training and learn more fox tricks, but resided in Kaede's village with Kagome when he came to visit her and Inuyasha.

"Oh Sango, Miroku and Shippo… I miss you guys," said Kagome in a soft gentle voice as she closed her eyes slowly. She rested her head against the rocks eyes closed still. Little did she know, someone was in the hot springs with her. Eyes locked on her with a smirk on their face.

The deadly daiyoukai walked gracefully in the forest. Sighing softly, he was grateful to be away from the annoying little imp named, Jaken. Rin was already residing at Kaede, the miko Kikyo's sister. He wanted Rin to get used to living with ningens again. Eventually, she would be of age to look for a suitable partner or mate to spend the rest of her life with. He needed to have time to himself. Time away from his duties before going back to his castle and time from his meddling little hanyou brother whenever he had stumbled upon Sesshomaru's path.

He smelled water close by. 'Hn. A hot spring. Perfect.'

A smirked curled up on his beautiful calm face. As he stilled continued to walk, he stopped in front of the hot springs and smelled a sweet scent. A scent so familiar. 'Hn… the miko is here. What was her name again? Ah, hai, it was Kagome... This is going to be quite interesting.' thought Sesshomaru as he smirked once more. The young miko was interesting to him. She was different from the other ningens he has come across in his life. From what he has witnessed, she was strong for a miko; intelligent, extremely outspoken and fearless for a person. Especially for a ningen onna.

He took off his armor, mokomoko and his clothes and stepped into the hot spring. The fog from the hot spring didn't affect his clear vision unlike ningens, it would. He watched as Kagome sat and looked up at the night sky and talked gently to herself before closing her eyes, resting the back of her head against the rocks behind her. Her luscious black locks up were in a messy bun. Her breast floated gently on the top of the water with her pink nipples perked from the coolness of the breeze. Her calm exterior made her look attractive, or maybe it was the fact that she wasn't complaining like she always had done whenever she was around the hanyou, Sesshomaru calls his brother. Sesshomaru watched the young miko until she decided to move from her spot and come over toward him. 'Hn. Let the games begin..'

Kagome opened her eyes and looked straight ahead, moving her body from the rocks. The fog was slightly going away and she began to swim a bit not realizing that there was an unexpected guest with her until she bumped into something.

"Ow!" cried Kagome as she stood up rubbing her head then heard a person chuckle at her. She looked up and blushed, "S-Sesshomaru?!"

"Miko," he said coolly as he watched her blush. A small smirk curled on his lips again. She stood in front of him showing her woman parts and not realized. 'So she blushes when she looks at me.'

Kagome squeaked and sat down in the water covering her chest. "What are you doing here?"

"Relaxing," he said running his claws through his long silvery locks as he sat there looking at her calmly with this golden orbs. Brown eyes looked back at the golden eyed inuyoukai with flushed cheeks.

"Why? Can't you go somewhere else?" whined Kagome as she stared at Sesshomaru still covering her chest. He had rich gold eyes that made you shiver when you looked into them. Along his eyelids were a strip of magenta. The blue half moon crescent in the middle of his forehead with two magenta strips on each side of his cheeks stood out so clearly. His silvery locks flowed gently in the water and down his muscled tone chest. He was naked with her in the same hot spring and it gave Kagome intriguing thoughts. 'Oh kami… Sesshomaru looks so… Wait! What am I saying? It's Sesshomaru! Inuyasha's older brother! I can't be thinking like that… or can I?' Her brown eyes looked down seeing the silver strip of hair going south of his navel and flushed even more. Sesshomaru was just a sexy daiyoukai and he very well knew he was attractive, never letting the cockiness and conceitedness get to him either. A man who knew how to keep his composure.

"It was the closest to this Sesshomaru, besides this one came to simply relax while on a journey back home from doing errands," answered Sesshomaru in his smooth deep voice causing Kagome to shudder a bit as another smirk rose on his lips. He knew she was watching him and thinking about certain thoughts. The scent was all over her. It made things interesting for him. He wanted to know what else he could do to make her have such devious thoughts of the daiyoukai. 'Interesting... So I turn the little miko on. I wonder what else turns her on…'

'She smells really good... Let's keep teasing the miko.'

'Hn. She does... what brings your presence here, beast?' Sesshomaru thought to his inner beast. It was apart of him and popped up whenever he felt like it.

'The miko... she is away from the hanyou... let the teasing begin!'

Sesshomaru smirked at what his inner beast had said. 'Indeed, let the teasing begin. Now be gone!'

The inuyoukai moved close to Kagome causing her to move back. He chuckled softly as he grabbed her chin bringing her face close to his. "Why are you alone without my pathetic, idiot half-brother, Inuyasha?"

The miko's blush deepened as she stared at his lips. They were full and looked so irresistibly kissable. 'His lips… why do I want to kiss them so badly? Kami, why is Sesshomaru so yummy all of sudden?'

"We got into an argument about his precious dead Kikyo," grumbled Kagome bitterly as she stared at Sesshomaru's lips and then pushed his hand off her chin turning away from him. She could feel herself getting wet. He was turning her on by the smallest things.

Sesshomaru frowned slightly. Inuyasha was a fool. He still mourned about a dead miko that nearly killed the girl on more than one occasion plus almost took Inuyasha's life wanting to bring him to hell with her. When was he ever going to learn that there was another who was alive? Sessgomaru smelled Kagome's arousal get stronger. He chuckled softly, 'I wonder what would happen if I came closer to her with my body against hers.' He moved close to her and pressed his chest against her back. He ran his claws along the right side of her shoulder and softly said, "Do you fear me… Kagome?"

She shuddered when he said her name and closed her eyes as he moved her hair from her neck and licked it gently causing her to moan softly. "Iie…" He was driving Kagome crazy. Him teasing her and she knew it and continued to play along, 'Come on Kagome get a grip! This is Sesshomaru! He's just messing with you... or maybe he could be... he couldn't! He hates ningen! Oh kami but please what else is he going to do? Will he turn me around and kiss me?'

"So why do you move from this Sesshomaru?" he asked huskily with a smirk still on his face as he ran his claws further down from her shoulders near her breast causing her body to respond with her back arching a bit. She wanted his finger to glide across her harden nipples.

"I..." breathed Kagome as she turned around to look at him. She couldn't even answer. He was gorgeous. He stared at her with those hypnotic gold orbs that caused her to feel more numb. Sesshomaru breathed in her scent. Her scent was becoming intoxicating. The sweet arousal had deepened and he could see her face flushed even more with embarrassment, but he wanted to see what else he could do to make her delicacy more wet. 'What a dirty little miko. Let's see what will happen if this one moves much closer to the girl.'

He moved his face close to hers causing her to blush even more. 'Is he gonna... No way! He wouldn't kiss me! You're a ningen Kagome!' thought Kagome as she panicked. She tried to push Sesshomaru away from her only making him pull her body close but no close enough for them to touch.

Sesshomaru smirked and moved his lips to her ear, nibbling gently and said softly, "You are quite interesting, miko."

He moved away from her and watched her facial expression. She looked speechless causing a small chuckle to escape his lips. Her expression was cute. 'So innocent, kawaii...'

"Kagome!" Sesshomaru heard Inuyasha's voice calling out the miko's name. 'The hanyou calls for the miko. He just ruins everything with his dreadful mouth.' He moved away from her as he got out of the hot spring. "I must leave."

"Where are you going?" asked Kagome as she stared at Sesshomaru, his long silver hair covered him from behind.

"Inuyasha is coming," said Sesshomaru as he grabbed his clothes and his armor quickly. "I will see you another time… Kagome."

He turned his head slightly at her before a white light barrier surrounded him and lifted him into the sky and fly off. Kagome watched Sesshomaru leave and turned around to see Inuyasha run toward her.

"Oi, Kagome! What's taking you so long?!" yelled Inuyasha as he stopped in front of her.

"Sit!" yelled Kagome as she covered her chest and sank into the hot springs. "You're such a hentai, Inuyasha!"

"Gomen ne!" cried Inuyasha into the dirt.

She turned away with the memory of them going through her head:

He moved his face close to hers causing her to blush even more. 'Is he gonna... No way! He wouldn't kiss me! You're a ningen Kagome!' thought Kagome as she panicked. She tried to push Sesshomaru away from her only making him pull her body close but no close enough for them to touch.

Sesshomaru smirked and moved his lips to her ear, nibbling gently and said softly, "You are quite interesting, miko."

'You're interesting to me too, Sesshomaru…' thought Kagome as she smiled staring up in the evening sky. 'Until next time...'


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